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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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new this
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also new this morning --crime te
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nico santos 12 todaychecking yo
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###break### two students and a teacher were hurt when a gunman opened fire at an elementary school in south carolina. one of the victims remains in critical condition this morning -- while the other two have been released. police say the alleged gunman is a teenager. they say he shot and killed his father before going to the school. police have not released a motive for the shooting. tonight.. parents of a slain muslim soldier will be honored by the american arab civil rights league. khizr
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khans received national attention when they spoke at the democratic national convention this summer. the u-s senate voted to override president obama's 9-11 bill veto yesterday. this is the first time that congress has rejected a veto by president obama since he was elected in 2008. the senate voted 97 to one to allow 9-11 families to sue saudi arabia for allegedly backing the attacks. ???toss morning juice mixed emotions this morning after the announcement that disney is re-making one of the biggest animated films of all time -- "the lion king." director jon favreau posted this photo on his facebook page yesterday saying he's excited for his new project. if you'll remember -- favreau worked with disney earlier this year to re-imagine "the jungle book." the new "lion king" is expected to be a lot like
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no word yet on a release date. miley cyrus is opening up about her time as "hannah montana" on disney channel. in an article just published by "elle" magazine.. "the voice" judge claims she was underpaid for the show. cyrus told "elle" she didn't know any better at the time.. and despite what you might think -- her parents had no clue how to handle her success. she claims disney owned her name.. and when miley was released from the company -- she was finally able to be who she wanted to. and if you like miley cyrus -- you don't want to miss 'ellen' this afternoon.. that's because the pop singer will be hosting the show today. ellen tweeted out that she was very sick during yesterday's taping and miley dropped everything to help out. you can catch that you can catch that right here on 12 news -- at 3
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and if you didn't catch this last night -- you are missing out..-- you are missing out.. the fastest man alive -- usain bolt was on "the late late show" with james corden and they did something very special. they got together the entire cast and crew.. and put on a 100 meter race -- even owen wilson got in on it..
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time for your juicy question of the morning. 20-percent of people admitting to eating this. the other 80-eating this. the other 80-percent think it's
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this? what is disgusting. what is this?
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it's no secret that the grand canyon provides visitors from around the world with breathtaking views, and incredible landscapes. and a flagstaff man made it his life mission to paint its beauty and try to capture it's majesty. not on film, and not through writing, but rather on canvas. team 12 photojournali st george heckard got the opportunity to talk with bruce
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adventure.his next canyon, and decades in the about his bruce aiken to talk with opportunity the heckard got the opportunity the heckard got photojournaliteam 12 canvas.
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st george bruce is planning on staying at mount everest for just over a month and a half. he says he'll come back with plenty of stories, and new artwork. amazing beauty secrets with coconut oil. coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products because it's naturally antibacterial and antifungal. so today's d- i-y beauty secret... use coconut oil to shave your legs. it's inexpensive.. naturally anti-microbial.. and smells delicious! plus.. its skin-soothing properties will leave your legs looking
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coming up on 12 today.. he may be in the running for president -- but he can't name a single foreign leader.. the interview with gary johnson that has voters shaking their heads.. the trump campaign admits they lost the first debate.. but they have a new strategy planned for the second showdown... details are just three minutes away. you're minutes away.just three showdown...planned for but they admits theyig
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###break### t new poll numbers.. shedding light on monday's debate --
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are still challenges won and what challenges are still ahead. team 12's ahead. ###break######break### this morning.. we have new poll numbers.. shedding light on monday's debate -- who won and what challenges are still ahead. team 12's
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although clinton won the debate according to the nbc news/survey monkey poll -- two thirds said their opinions of the two candidates remains
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despite this.. top aides and people close to trump admit the candidate's performance was subpar and that he must dramatically improve in his second showdown against hillary clinton. the trump campaign says he was not well-prepared and they're planning to change that in time for the next debate on october 9-th. and this morning.. the trump campaign has announced a return to arizona. donald trump will be campaigning for votes in prescott valley -- on tuesday. the rally will take place at the prescott valley event center -- at 2 o'clock -- with doors opening at 11. sarah jessica parker shares the juicy details about what happened behind the scenes of "sex and the city." that's in your morning juice. ???bryan teases
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y24qmy yvpy phoenix police - investigating an overnight homicide...we are following that breaking news this morning. the first debate is done... and now the real spin begins. we are live in washington with ?where the campaigns stand
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sarah jessica parker - says... whatever you heard about sex and the city fueds?they aren't true.that... in the morning juice... ???adlib welcome jimmy


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