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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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jimmy john's right now on 12news, three officers hit by a driver on purpose. today the driver faces a judge. and striking gold at the box office again? we will talk about that. it is national coffee day.
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this is literally the best story of the morning. stay with us. the morning juice is coming up. >> it is a great story. a beautiful view as we look outside. >> it is almost like a painting out there with the low clouds around the area. you can see the cathedral basilica. chase fi we have not had heavy rain but we have had consistent rain all around the region for this morning. for national coffee day. it is a mini cup. >> is that from your american girl doll? >> it is. >> give that back to felicity. >> it is delicious. 81 degrees, scattered showers.
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four. a few light to moderate showers this morning. >> the windshield wipers might come in handy here and there on your ride to work. right now, the headlights are strung out on the east -- looking at 83 avenue. that is the busiest stretch. hit and miss slowing on the 17. and the 10 westbound. look at the east valley -- looking good let's break down some of these numbers. ten eastbound, 20 miles per hour. that is the average. from the 101 to the stack. we just saw an update here on 17 17th southbound. looks like we're in the moderate slowing zone from the stack, to the split. in the 40s, about a half-hour drive from 303. smooth sailing here. you could even kick take it into cruise control. >> thank you.
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investigation. brian west is live near tenth avenue and buckeye with this terrifying story. >> reporter: definitely terrifying and a gruesome discovery for phoenix police. they wrapped up their investigation a little over an hour ago. the family of the victim was out here gathering belongings from inside the house. they came across the street and told me that the victim -- that the victim is to me price. phoenix police gave us an update. they say welfare check. she had not seen them since monday. and this was unusual behavior. officers came here around 10:00 last night and found he was the victim of a gunshot wound. officers say nobody else was in the home and the investigation is ongoing. they are hoping to update us with information later this morning. if we get any information, we will pass that along. live at tenth avenue, brian west west.
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apartment complex near broadway after two people were shot. we're live with the very latest. >> reporter: it shows violence overnight keeping the phoenix police department busy. they responded here about 10:00 last night after a call of shots fired. it happened after an argument between two groups of men at this apartment complex off of broadway and 48th street. were able to show them or two men suffered gunshot wounds. one of the men had a non- life- threatening injury. the second was in was considered -- was considered to be in serious condition. two men were arguing. they heard gunshots. officers reported that the area was checked for suspects and additional witnesses. they eventually came up short. the victim that suffer the more
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condition. police telling us this investigation is ongoing. we understand no arrests have been made. and there is no suspect description available. >> thank you. we have new details on a phoenix police officer involved shooting. this happened tuesday night. police tell us it started as a drug sting operation and ended when a man ran into a crews are. a man remains in the hospital in extremely critical condition. and a passenger in a vehicle has been arrested on weapons charges and an outstanding warm it -- warrant. and the maricopa county -- lost his office. sure if joe arpaio fell and broke his shoulder outside of the property three years ago. he claims the owners were negligent and should have known about the dangerous conditions.
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joe arpaio was on a walkway that was not dangerous. and small game hunting season in the high country. this includes rabbits, quills and squirrels. officials are reminding people to be extra careful when outdoors. official hunting season starts in late october. you can visit our website at it is 6:06 a.m. let's talk about the best video of the day coming up in the morning juice. >> first off, taking the day off. who is filling in for her on her talk show? none other than pop star and a voice coach miley cyrus. you would think that would be unlikely. but it works. her guest today, sara jessica parker. and the woman affectionately known as sjp talks about her return to tv in the talkshow
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jessica parker play a hilarious game of 52nd rule. the fastest man on the planet is making post- olympic appearances from coast to coast. last night he stopped by the late late show with james corden for a little race. and it is the best video of all time. check this out. >> in lane one, james corden. late-night host and self- proclaimed fastest man in the world. lane twoai gold-medal winner and actual fastest man in the world. in lane three, always wilson, national treasure. and they are off. usain bolt taking off. and james corden slipped out of free. and owen wilson is in there somewhere. >> usain bolt won. james corden -- 100.
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day. that is the life of an athlete. that is the life of a professional track athlete. sundays it comes. some days it doesn't. >> you are losing. >> this is so good -- james got his entire cast and crew -- and apparently owen to e of this. the whole video is so good. check it out online. we tweeted it out this morning. james corden -- just sells it every single time. >> so creative. so brilliant. love his skits. let's get to the juicy question of the morning. 10% of people say that they will ask someone about this on the first date. here is your clue. if they don't like the answer, there are will be a
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never ask about this on date number one. so what do you think it is? >> my facebook is blowing up. one man says, how long was your last relationship? what do you do for a living? boxes are brief? how much they make. how many sexual partners have they had? >> check please. >> or >> that has to be a joke. crazy. still ahead, what can't you use coconut oil for? surprising benefits. guess what, we have rain to talk about. only two more days until the monsoon is finally over.
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thank you. we're getting jacked up on caffeine for national coffee day where you can find your favorite cups of cold brew
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welcome back to 12 today on a muggy morning. showers around the valley. we will talk about that in a minute. if you love coffee and caffeine, today is your day. it is national coffee day. some of us need a cup or two or five spending our morning at the refuge talking all about coffee and helping others. >> reporter: good morning. the average american drinks three cups of coffee a day. at 12news, we probably triple the average. this morning, talking about all kinds of coffee. not only that, we can throw a little spike in your coffee. some liquor -- joining me is john strong. he is the general manager here.
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mexican coffee, which sounds absolutely delicious. >> it is very good. we thought -- we put some espresso as well as the cayenne syrup. and homemade chocolate sauce. basically we will put our espresso in there. we will stir it up a little bit. and float some textured milk just like a latte else. and there you go. >> can i try this. will it burn my mouth? >> that is delicious. it is like having a jalapeno margherita. >> so caffeine, good. a little buzz, good. all the proceeds do go to
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all of these cups of coffee are going to be free today. john says they are expecting to give away about 200 cups of coffee -- all for national coffee day. which is why we are here. tell us about cold brew. ii know what is trending. >> it is a cold process. it removes the acidity. you get a nice bold coffee flavor. very high and caffeine. takes a little time to make. but it is very smooth. >> it delicious. and finally, all the proceeds go to catholic charities. do you see all the items in the back? those are all made by refugees. they even sell t-shirts here. these particular t-shirts i have -- going to help folks who are human trafficked in thailand. these shirts cost $20. you can get a cup of coffee, get some delicious food. they have muffins and everything goes to catholic charities and good causes around the valley.
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3003 cups of coffee at the refuge. that all starts at 7:00 this morning. let's get a quick check of the traffic. it is 6:15 a.m. >> i love that. why not stop for coffee this morning. we're looking at a little more of a crowded commute on the 101 eastbound between the 17 and 51. what is new? breaking that down for you. the 51. overall, a 20 minute drive from 75th, just got still road. if you look at the big picture, this is what it looks like all the time. long lines on the 10 east on. touch and go on the 10 westbound from that 202, to the 60. and the spot on the a.d.o.t. camera, showing the orange and yellow. let's get you ready for the 7:00 hour drive. about 45 minutes, busy in the east valley.
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60 westbound. especially as you get close to the 101 and on the 10. it looks like on the 17th southbound, not too bad until you get downtown. still tracking speed sensors in the 10s there. put on the thinking cap. the question is, which is the longest arizona highway in the high country. is it over the colorado or over the yuma river in buckeye? the answer coming up on 12 today. good morning everybody. it is thursday, the eve of friday. a lot of clouds outside. and the visibility is pretty good. we have some showers on and off. a couple morning showers. not a lot of measurable precipitation. a great way to finish off the monsoon. a couple more days left. today and tomorrow. eight for the white mountains. a better shot at rain over the
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the sunshine holds off the heat. i want things to go slow. we have the cool season and the holidays moving in. before you know it. let's slow it down. a couple showers to the north. and buckeye, a little rain fall coming to your area too. some pockets of green and a couple yellow. heavier rain could be coming across the 10. light showers around glendale. a little valley. scottsdale, 101, to indian bay northward -- and toward fountain hills, some light showers. like we were talking about, buckeye -- showers. and he lived and coming to the north, will give buckeye a chance -- and now gila bend and coming to the north, will give buckeye a chance for showers.
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cloudy skies today. 92 degrees. cooler than average. we will be hotter than 95. -- we will not get hotter than 95. ninety-two today. flagstaff, 62. parker, 93 for the high temperature. the seven-day forecast, 92 today. scattered showers. maybe a storm around. a better shot sedona. showers slowly start to dissipate by friday. and the first weekend in october, sunny skies. the morning school. next week, in the 80s. doesn't get any better than that? >> it looks good. >> all this week, amazing beauty secrets with coconut oil. >> coconut oil is used in many beauty products. it is naturally antibacterial
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it is an expensive. it is antimicrobial. and smells delicious. it is skin soothing. so it will leave your legs hydrated. it is national coffee day. we're live out at the refuge. as all of you morning people grab your cup of joe. we got you wondering though, what country produces the most coffee each year? and how much is that? think the answer coming up in two minutes. was it divine intervention or just pure athletic ability? tim tebow makes this shot around the sports world.
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it is 6:23 a.m. hope you're having a great start on this thursday here on 12 today. let's get you to the trivia on this national coffee day. most of us love a good cup of joe in the morning. what country produces the most coffee each year and how much is that? any last last-minute guesses? >> brazil. i don't know how much they produced. >> columbia. >> you are correct. it is brazil.
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year. do you know which country produces the second most amount of coffee? >> i guess to four wrong. >> . >> i said vietnam. >> that is correct. >> that would not have been on my radar. >> more than ecuador. more than the african nations too. to all of you that doubted tim tebow, take a look at this. the former heisman trophy winner steps up to the plate for the first time at the mets instructional league and hits it out of the park. the first time at bat. this happened in his first organized baseball game since his junior year of high school. haters are going to hate. but you have got to respect this athleticism.
6:25 am
>> under the gun. the first time -- everyone looking at you. everyone is judging you. every move. every swing. he kills that. >> this is an instructional league. >> this is not even aa baseball. >> but will this put more pressure on him? and it is aa. >> not even aa. it is below aa. >> i have been pitched a major leaguer. that ball is the size of a bayer aspirin when it is coming at you. >> there was a tee there. >> [ laughter ] he went one, for six. the next times he was up for bat, he did not do that. >> i love tim tebow. i loved what he did for the football program there. this morning, looking at
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armored car guard. taking off with $56,000 in cash. the latest on the search. one of the fbi's 10 most wanted fugitives. ? ? [ music ] ? ?. >> folks, believe it or not, this has been trending worldwide for days. if you have not heard of it, we will introduce you -- for the first time to possibly the most ridiculous morning juice. work it, emma. >> the dance is catchy.
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tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. z24qoz zvpz
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right now on 12 today, three officers hit by a driver on purpose. today, t d >> and striking gold at the fox office. disney announces the remake of a classic. ? ? [ music ] ? ? gangnam style. >> you know what, we might have to kiss this song goodbye. we have the next one. it is in your morning juice.
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i'm nervous for how this will be stuck in everyone's head for the next 80 years. >> interesting song. we will see the longevity of that. right now, not a lot of longevity with rainfall. today and half of tomorrow. then we will start to clear out. it is appropriate. two more days of monsoon. today and tomorrow. and it is all over with. light wind, cloudy skies. the clouds rappelling as far as heating. it is a four on the monsoon meter. we do have showers out there. a little bit of rainfall. nothing heavy. over buckeye, a couple showers moving into that area. >> a few sprinkles on my ride into the 12news studios. you might have to use the windshield wipers as well. clouded up at the 101 eastbound -- right at the 17. a fun fact -- this is called the north stock where the david
6:31 am
that. -- seeing modest slowing on the 17th southbound. a spot of orange pure on 67th avenue. a sluggish drive all morning long on the 10 eastbound. seeing things pick up on the 10 westbound from the 202 -- just before the 101. in the 30s on 75th avenue to the 51 basically. we are also continuing to very slow drive on the 10 eastbound. forty minutes, from the 303 to downtown. phoenix police are working a homicide investigation. we're live in tenth avenue in buckeye with the latest. >> reporter: phoenix police just wrapped up the homicide investigation. the family of the victim has been out here overnight throughout the morning gathering belongings. they came across the street a
6:32 am
his name is timothy price senior. there was a welfare check done on him. neighbors had not seen him since monday. this was very unusual behavior. officers went and around 10:00 last night. they found that the victim was a victim of a gunshot wound. officers say nobody else was in the home. and the investigation is ongoing. again, the family is out here gathering belongings. they do not wish to speak on camera for obvious reasons. they do tell us he was a loving father and grandfathe buckeye buckeye, 12 today. also, crime tape surrounding an apartment complex overnight near 48th street and broadway after two people were shot. we're live there now with the very latest. >> reporter: as we understand it, the latest from the phoenix police department this morning is that this all started last night as an argument among four men before someone pulled the trigger. this happening about 10:00 last
6:33 am
and as a reference to shots fired -- that was the 911 call. witnesses were able to direct the officers to the two men much effort gunshot wounds -- the two men that suffered gunshot wounds. one was in serious condition. witnesses said they found four men arguing. somebody pulled out a gun and started shooting and ran off. officers said they check the area for suspects, and witnesses and evid in serious condition is listed now in stable condition. the investigation is ongoing. as we understand, no arrests have been made. there is no subscript -- there is no suspect description available. it is 6:33 a.m. checking headlines. the man accused of running over three police officers with his car at a gas station is scheduled to have a court hearing. phoenix police say the suspect, mark payne, is homeless and was intoxicated at the time. and an overnight house
6:34 am
street and goldberg. the house is a total loss. nobody was hurt. and tempe police are sending out an alert this morning looking for a missing juvenile. a 17-year-old went missing yesterday afternoon. and has a diminished mental capacity of an 8-year-old and walks with a limp. he was last seen wearing a dark color t-shirt, blue jeans and black and white nike shoes. true crime thursday. the story that has captivated the country and baffled federal investigators for more than a decade. >> if there ever was an all- american guy, it was jason derrick brown. he grew up with the rich and famous and southern california and have a hollywood good looks. charismatic charm and athletic an adventurous spirit to fit
6:35 am
>> in reality, it wasn't. especially after november 29, 20 -- 2004. >> about five shots fired. >> the shots rang out at the ahwatukee theater. and they killed an armored car guard, who was just 24 years old. the cold-blooded killer was caught on camera escaping with $56,000 and the bicycle a ditch. >> the fbi said the man that killed four cash was the social i, jason derrick brown. his fingerprints were on the bicycle and he was seen on this surveillance video in the lobby of a motel near the movie theater on the day of the shooting. and a few weeks before that, atf showed a .45-caliber handgun in salt lake city. >> he said, what is the most powerful? he was very air again.
6:36 am
against lead to grieve and eventually murder in the valley of the sun. about 12 hours later, jason derrick brown is still on the run. and the american boy is now one of america's most wanted. >> after the murder, fbi agents say jason derrick brown went to his sister's house in southern california. just as they were about to arrest him, he escaped and they have not seen him since. he is on the 10 most wanted. they are fe his arrest. it is 6:36 a.m. let's check the morning juice. >> i apologize for this ahead of time. some of you parents at home may have seen this already. for those of you that have not, is taking the internet by storm. get ready for the most ridiculous song you have ever heard.
6:37 am
pen. i have an apple. i have a pen. i have pineapple. pineapple pen. apple pen. pineapple pen. pineapple apple pen. ? ? ? >> we are not kidding. that is really it. it is 45 seconds long. that is the song. this guy is a singer/comedian. the pineapple apple pen10. he posted this five days ago on facebook. more than 60 million views. well over a million shares. it is being called the next gangnam style.
6:38 am
? [ music ] ? ? ? ? gangnam style ? ?. >> no other reason to play that then to let our producer relive that. [ laughter ] apple pen will exceed the views of gangnam style on youtube. i still cannot believe they got the 2 billion on youtube with this song. it is so catchy go. the other one, not feeling it. you do kind of want to dance to it. >> i could be shaking it in the club to the pineapple pen song.
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the morning. 10% of people say that they will ask someone about this on the first date. here we go for another hint. the answer could decide or help decide what kind of restaurant you might go to. >> it has to be related to money. >> we had a lot of people guess that. what are some of the others? >> past relationships. >> nothing to do with th >> how much money -- >> that was it. >> somebody on my facebook said -- how much money? and we all laughed like -- that is so crazy. no way. 10% would have the nerve to ask that? >> i would not even ask that to a friend i have known forever. >> you know you wonder it.
6:40 am
please. >> wait for the second date. >> still ahead on 12 today, it is no tricks. but for millions, it is a trade. how many americans are already buying christmas presents. and another movie classic is getting a reboot. "lion
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6:42 am
6:43 am
what a wonderful phrase hakuna matata. >> it means no worries, for the rest of your day philosophy. hakuna matata. >> that is right. >> the lion king is being remade. >> disney's all in. posting this photo on facebook yesterday. excited for the new project.
6:44 am
dollars since the release in april. the new lion king is expected to be a lot like that. no word yet on a release date. ladies, oh my goodness, yes or no to this remake? >> my initial reaction is no. because the lion king is near and dear -- >> don't touch it. >> i cannot count the number of times i watched growing up. this is so important to me. however, i said the same thing about the jungle book. and i saw the remake. and it was so good. >> it was beautiful the way they did it. >> how will they do this remake? at least in the jungle book, they have a human character. this is all animals. how are you going to make the
6:45 am
-- there are so many remakes. i'm tired of the remakes. can we be original? >> but you did like the jungle book. >> it was really good. i was not expecting it to be good. i had low expectations. and it turned out to be a great movie. >> just for the curiosity factor in and of itself. >> the original is so good. >> it really is. i was disney. my first job out of high school. >> who did you play? >> simba. i cannot imagine them redoing it. if you don't redo these movies -- will your children or our children know about some of these -- what we call, classics, without them coming back to theaters in one way or another. >> it's just not the same these days. >> let us know what you think. hit us up on facebook or
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6:45 a.m. let's get a check of the traffic. >> reporter: are you ready? of the love to collect your answers after i read this question. which is the longest arizona highway bridge. is that a, b, c or d? facebook, going with d. >> how about you guys? >> my first answer is b. >> that is it. >> you are cut off. >> i will say yuma. >> i >> cindy is going with c. the twin bridges that carry the loop 202 over the salt river are each a mile-long making it -- the longest highway bridge. >> that was too easy. >> it can't be in the valley. >> nice job my c guessers. better luck next time. i'm proud of you far -- for
6:47 am
here. taking a look at the big picture. a couple of accidents on the 202. that must have just happened a second ago. heavy traffic on the 101 northbound just past the 202. things are slammed on the 10, westbound and eastbound. i was looking at the cameras wondering what is up heading eastbound. there is a tow truck to the side. that maybe left over congestion. fifty-one, 17 -- everybody getting in on the rush-hour i would say about a half-hour drive on the 10 westbound -- all of these updating in a couple of minutes. slow speeds in the 50s past that 101. and between gilbert road and 101 101. getting ready for the o'clock drive, slow on the 60 westbound the closer you get to that 10. otherwise modest slowing. thirtys, for 51 southbound.
6:48 am
101. 25 miles per hour here and there there. >> the live camera in flagstaff -- for the national weather service over there. look at these low clouds. completely and clouds. if you were driving through and did not know the topography of arizona, you would probably keep driving. some clouds and showers in the high country. there you have it. little ck along the 17. a few pockets of rain along with the bradshaw mountains in prescott. the high country, a few showers. the monsoon goes today and tomorrow. only a few days left before it is said and done. getting done around midnight, we pack it up. it four, for the valley. three, for southeast arizona. and eight for the white mountains. showers continuing to stream all the way toward phoenix and
6:49 am
just gorgeous across the mountains right now. a lot of clouds and showers. a couple light showers around right now. coming out of buckeye. so if you are in glendale, peoria, you can expect rain to fall -- coming toward your area. not heavy rain. just thick clouds. a conglomerate along be 85 and gila bend moving into that area. a few wet eighty-seven today. partly cloudy. a 40% chance of shower activity. and as the monsoon counts down, we really need rainfall. we are behind. 2.71 is where we should be. we are at 2.47. we're pretty close. cooler than average today. temperatures will be bringing the low-pressure.
6:50 am
tomorrow, we start to clear out. the first weekend of october, sunny skies. next week, just gorgeous and beautiful. >> thank you. it is 6:50 a.m. let's check the headlines. police say the teenage boy arrested after a shooting at a elementary school shot and killed his father at home first. one adults and two students were hurt during the shooting. one student is in critical condition with a gunshot to his leg. another shot in the foot. and a soldier. the parents of a slain muslim soldier will be honored today. this will be in dearborn, michigan. they received national attention when they spoke at the dnc this summer were they slammed gop nominee donald trump. despite this, top aides and people close to trump admit the candidate's performance was subpar. and that he must've
6:51 am
second showdown against -- he must dramatically improved in his second showdown with hillary clinton. they say he was not prepared and they are planning to change that for the next debate october 9. >> hillary clinton is reaching out to hispanic voters across the country. her campaign released a new ad in spanish featuring first-time voters. the hispanic vote could be a very key factor in some states like arizona. a new report from the arizona hispanic chamber of commerce admits -- hispanic voters are expected to vote. >> donald trump will be in prescott. maricopa county joe arpaio and -- the sheriff has raised $725,000 in the last month alone. a campaign-finance report
6:52 am
total of $12 million in contributions in the course of this election cycle. most of joe arpaio's campaign money comes from donors living in other states. 34 million americans have already started holiday shopping. can you believe this? that is 14% according to credit 1 million americans say they are already done with shopping. what is funny about this -- three quarters of the group said that they are the early displays in the stores. they are annoyed. but they are still going to shop. >> make up your mind, people. it is time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. please join 12news as we support this race. this year, october 9. you can register right now on it is 6:52 a.m. do you want to score a free cup of coffee today? we will tell you how an two
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6:55 am
a look over the valley. hope you are off to a great start. >> the radar is going off with a little bit of rainfall.
6:56 am
toward flagstaff, it looks really beautiful. getting the clouds to pop a little bit. looking at the seven-day forecast. mostly cloudy skies. 92 degrees today. if the clouds linger, we will stay in the 80s. should be really good. a 40% chance of rainfall. light showers around as well for this morning. i'm loving it. this is great. two more days. the october. if you love caffeine, it is national coffee day. out celebrating at the refuge. >> she is having a good time. i think she is drinking and eating. go to dunkin' donuts. pick up some hot coffee to commemorate the 66th anniversary. that is if you don't want to go to the refuge. krispy kreme fans, get a free
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if you are on the road, you will get one free cup of coffee, small, cappuccino or tea. using a coupon available at the pilot flying j's facebook page. >> love national coffee day. i cannot believe the pineapple song. is that all the rage. i got us thinking -- what are the most annoying songs? psy's gangnam style. >> and remember this one. >> i have never heard this song in my life. i'm the only one? >> yes. >> that was a huge take away for me. >> for all of us.
6:58 am
traffic trivia today. the loop 202. the bridge that goes over salt river is the longest in our state. >> and ellen degeneres is sick. she called in for help from miley cyrus. she did really good. today at 3:00. and tim tebow trying to make it in major league baseball. a home run his first time of to that yesterday and the minor minor leagues. >> the instructional leagues. >> even when 0-5. >> i'm >> i love tim tebow. and people asking on the first day, how much money do you make? that means there is no second date. >> no. >> takes a lot of nerve to do that. >> crazy. >> and your coffee stays in the cop. not the studio floor. we're going to slip and fall. we'rewe are always on >> do you want to listen to this?
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good morning. breaking news. a crowded commuter train has crashed into a station in new jersey. reports of serious injuries. interviewed by police overnight. the teenager now being linked to the murder of his own father as a community honors the heroes who prevented an even bigger tragedy. they put their lives on the line to protect them. >> the results are in. our new post-debate poll shows the majority of voters think hillary clinton won as sources


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