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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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good evening, up first tonight we're fog breaking news. phoenix police have discovered skeletal remains. this is the same area where human bones were found about a week and a half ago. at this point we don't know if the two discoveries are related and police have yet to identify who or what those bones belong to. it is now a race against time to get some answers. and to get those answers, detectives will go through a sophisticated process that hopefully will bring closure to
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>> on this true crime thursday, kevin kennedy gives us an exclusive look into the scienceover bones. >> reporter: there's 206 bones in the human body. many of those very similar to animals. every year in arizona, hundreds most are found but is sometimes that person is never seen again. >> part of what we do is look for people that have passed. >> reporter: one of those cases involved an elderly man from buckeye last seen december 31st, 2014. his story unique. >> it's like a puzzle. you're putting together a puzzle and when you're missing parts of that puzzle it makes it extremely frustrating.
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complete. his vehicle found in 2015, then in january of this year, a rancher discovered some bones in the desert. and search teams were called in. >> we come across a bone. our training tells us this really looks like it might be human. >> better on this -- >> reporter: classes like this one at midwestern university help search members and first responders tell the difference between animal and human repains. >> they're very similar. very similar anatomy professors and visual comparesons between animal and human bones, searchers learn what to look for. sometimes the differences are subtle and not easy to recognize. >> the animal bones are typically heavier and bigger. >> reporter: seeing and touching a critical part of training. these are radius or arm bones. one from an animal, the other a person. >> when they start decomposing they have a lot of exact same chemical reactions that happen.
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in both. but humans have more than animals do. >> reporter: colette falco is part of the search team with her partner. >> the point of this class is to learn the differences between b identify them on the field. >> reporter: an open case now closed, but more people are out there missing and finding them remains a priority for all those involved. >> reporter: 50 people including some canines took part of the class. if crews on the field can quickly identify human remains the identification process can start much sooner. in the live alert center.
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first on 12 news. a man caught on camera after police say he exposed himself to a young girl in her own backyard. >> the girl was playing in the yard when the guy you see on your screen right there sort of ducking behind the fence hopped over that fence and pulled his pants down. >> william pits is in the newsroom with the disturbing details, will. >> reporter: phoenix police are looking for this guy. it's a little grainy but can tell a neighbor's surveillance camera caught him right before he went into his backyard and exposed himself to kids. >> this man that was in our backyard. >> reporter: no man was supposed to be there he apparently hopped a fence from a near by alley. >> he told me that he had just taken down his pants. >> reporter: the man was gone by the time kendall got outside but she was terrified. >> i got everybody in the car and i just wanted to flee. >> reporter: the crime that residents say started plaguing
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home this week. it feels more real today i will say that much. it feels more real than it's ever felt. >> reporter: no one can point to one reason. some people blame the light rail. the city has outreach programs to help them but the city can't just get rid of them. >> i'm not of the mentality that we have to shoo them further out and pretend they're not there. >> i double lock my doors and i set my alarm and i wonder if this is going to am going to broken into. i hate that, this is my home and i want to take it back. >> reporter: shannon mcbride heads a group called 19 north. it plans to revitalize the area by bringing in businesses and watching each other's back. >> it's us taking pride in ownership. i think that's what's going to deter crime and bring beauty back into the area. >> reporter: that's something kendall never thought it would apply to her.
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>> reporter: she probably saw this guy ontenth avenue and dunlap. if you know this guy, call police. here are more hot headlines all across the state right now. first a 6-year-old little boy hit bay car while riding his bike in el mirage tonight. >> reporter: we don't know the boy's condition only that he was air lifted to phoenix children's hospital and is in surgery right now. the e investigation. peoria police releasing surveillance video of an armed robbery at a hotel near grand and 91st avenue. a man and woman can be seen entering the business just before 3:00 a.m. one of them points a gun at the clerk behind the desk and demands all the money out of the register. the other walks behind the counter and grabs it before they take off. >> chandler police are looking
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inside the goodwill store near ray and alma school road this morning. the thrift store and surrounding area was evacuated while police searched for the suspect. we're being told employees saw the man inside of the store when they showed up for work early in the morning. they left immediately and called 911. a good year man will spend six years in jail for strangling his family job and putting it in a smoker in may. he reportedly burned the t- shirt in the smoker first, then threw the poodle in. >> there should be some movement at city hall certainly before this young man has to file a lawsuit to get it for them to do right by him. they've got a few days at least before they get served. our other big story tonight. the 19-year-old who says police forced him to eat marijuana or go to jail is now threatening
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violating his civil rights. civil rights activists jared mopett doing most of the talking this afternoon at city hall. but the alleged victim did speak. ryan cody was there and ryan what did he have to say? >> reporter: you remember three phoenix police officers lost their jobs over this incident last week. but that 19-year-old wants more retribution saying now he wants even more. >> they told me to eat the marijuan >> reporter: edgar castro is not happy by the choice given to him by police during a traffic stop earlier this week. >> i asked them several times, do i really have to eat it. after i ate it. i hat to call the sergeant over. as soon as they left, i asked mcfadden if was under arrest and they said no. >> the actions of these former
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speeding, broken glass, no registration, no license, and suspended plates. and they were all dismissed. >> reporter: but the incident is not over. castro now threatening to sue the city for violating his civil rights despite having an illegal substance in the car. >> frankly i don't know if he's even currently being charged >> you admitted there was marijuana in the car. >> no what we said was he was made to eat marijuana on the side of the street. >> reporter: but actually, a few minutes earlier. >> cops searched my vehicle. found a gun, and marijuana. >> the two would not mention what they wanted specifically from the city to avoid filing that lawsuit. their stories conflict quite a bit. the resignation of those three phoenix police officers was not enough for castro to move on.
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cody,12 news. taking a live look outside right now from our downtown roof cam on the eve of the final day of monsoon 2016. and for us here in the valley it looks like we're certainly wrapping it up tonight. that's just for tonight. we still have chances in our forecast but monsoon 2016 going out with a bang today in south eastern arizona. we had numerous storms. graham county out in tucson. we had severe thunderstorms warning in effect there but all of that is staying away from the valley tomorrow we're going to continue with a lingering chance. warming up into the mid-80s there as we head through the noon hour. continuing a 10% chance of rain at least till 3:00 p.m. an we're drying out and in the clear for the weekend starting tomorrow evening. we'll take a look at that seven day forecast coming up in just a little bit. mark, vanessa, back to you. >> together we'll make america great again. i'm donald trump, and i
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donald trump's campaign a seize and assist letter demanding they pull this tv ad that shows the republican insinuating that the government is supporting trump. the trump campaign should seize and assist immediately. and mike pence will be squaring off with tim kaine. the following saturday kaine will be in phoenix for a private fund raising brunch.
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phoenix for a campaign event this saturday. more decision 2016 coverage heating up here in the valley as the race for maricopa sheriff turns into a legal valley. pencon says he's suing sheriff ar says the campaign might be over before a court can rule. paul penson opened his news conference with a flat out denial. >> there's never been a time in my life where i hurt, harmed any woman or child including my former wife. >> reporter: sheriff joe arpio attack ad claims his democratic opponent assaulted his ex-wife during their divorce in 2003. arpio ran a similar ad in 2012
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penson's ex-wife issued a sworn statement that the ad was inaccurate and misleading. >> penson laid out a bait for arpio and arpio took the bait are. >> the arpio campaign has every right to look at police reports d public what they find in those records about paul penzon. >> it's unlikely the case will be decided. >> what you see with these dualing press conferences is both of them trying to try this in the court of public opinion. >> reporter: the arpio attack
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worked as an on air law enforcement expert for 12 news before he ran for sheriff. the beer made with waste water. would you drink it? >> dog on a hot tile roof and he was up there for five days. >> and the rumors about lady gaga confirmed her huge announcement. >> now here is jimmy. >> vice president joe biden my guest. music from metallica. do not change the channel, it's good. tomorrow only on 12 news. >> strange sights are appearing in other parts of the country. and we're taking you there. >> that's tomorrow only on 12
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c1 it is our omg photo of the night. a dog stuck on the roof of a family home for five day days is now safe and on the ground. we're being told named rufus is 5 years old and will be taken care of until his owner is found. new tonight, water as we all know is a very precious commodity for all of us here in the desert. >> as our climate continues to change it becomes more and more valuable even our waste water. >> so local arizona breweries are tipping their glasses to the idea of making batches of beer from purified waste water.
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some of you are getting canal water, some of you are getting ground water. >> but whether we realize it or not, some of it originated here at the local water treatment plant. beer masters like bill hoff knows one thing. >> you can't make good beer with bad water. >> reporter: long before the beer reaches a rolling boil then a cool pour from the tap, commercial brewers take a local water and filter it down to a water back up. so if i'm going to be doing a let's say a scotch ale today i could build the magnesium chloride. >> but that's tap water. are brewers really up to the challenge. >> i haven't heard any indication that this is going to taste significantly like water. it's going to taste different
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>> reporter: beer masters like dustin haser feel that using repurposed water for your next cold beer may be a little closer than we would all like to think. >> i think maybe once you come to the realization that you're always downstream from somebody, you're already there. so you're already drinking it. >> no. >> it's got a real hoppy taste. >> the earlier this >> what were some of your nicknames for that? >> you said budweiser. >> he said something close to budweiser but change out the d to something else. >> wow. with friends like these who needs enemies. time to talk cardinals. they're 1-2 in the season. cam, what is a plan to turn
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carry your weight. do your job especially on offense. please someone make a play. the cardinals host the l.a. rams on sunday try to avoid their first 1-3 start. we heard the motto. good teams don't lose three in a row. but this week they had a message. we need more followers. so did everybody fall in line? >> yeah, we had a couple of guys fall in line. >> there's nobody getting overly upset or angry. we just need to come out and put a good 60 minutes of football told together. >> follow the leader. kick off 1:25 on sunday. asu is off to a four will have -- 4-0 start. they can make it 5-0 this saturday. many around college football believe this is just an
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can be. >> i can do a lot better. as far as blocking and making myself a good overall receiver. i want to be the type of receiver to catch anything that's in my raid -- radious. if it's headed my catch it. >> love the attitude. that's just four td short of the record. dj foster had 10 in a game back in 2011. i know hard to believe. another week of friday night fever. no one covers high school football like we do. a.s.u. prep joins us in studio. and paradise valley at arcade
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week. that music just makes you want to dance. >> nobody does it like q. >> he's got a good groove. this morning was perfect. >> it was great, right. >> had some coffee. feelings like fall right. >> we've been out of our monsoon pattern for quite some time. but we're going to go ahead and officially just finish off the season on the calendar. so tomorrow is the official last day. here's a look at the satellite rato close out there. in fact, a lot of those cloud have even moved out as well. today it was definitely an active afternoon in the south eastern portion of the state. we had severe thunderstorms warnings out in tucson all of that is starting to quiet down tonight as you can see. all that moisture there pushing into new mexico around silver city. up into arizona's high country. not much happening here either this afternoon. few showers around the grand canyon. those are starting to dissipate
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northward. we have one little more wave of energy that's going to be moving up from the south here and working with the moisture that we have as we head into tomorrow and then that's going to be about it. we're going to wrap up this kind of moist wet pattern that we've had here for the last few days. tonight we're sitting at 84 degrees out at phoenix sky harbor. winds right now are fairly light. across the valley we have lots of 70s out there. it feels pretty nice out there. you probably have your windows open i'm sure in 77 in cape creek. 76 currently in gilbert. it is 78 right now if you're out in surprise and peoria still hanging out to those 80s. next time you will see the monsoon meter, a four in the white mountain with a two in the mountains. as for tonight partly cloudy. we're going to dip those
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70s tomorrow we're going to warm up into the mid-90s. pretty typical for this time of year. there's your weekend forecast it looks great. we're going to see lots of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-90s so pretty normal. next week we have a bigger treat as those high temperatures dip into the 80s. take a look at that. it's going to feel nice and cool and we'll see plenty of sunshine all the way through next thursday. coming flagstaff really means to one player. >> the rumors about lady gaga are true.
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cam this trip isn't all about basketball. >> you're right. you have to have some fun during training camp. leave it to dela. he's been asking fans on twitter the best night spots
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might as well hang out with the college kids. >> good thing you're hazing the rookies. they've been getting off easy. >> it's over, it's over. asu basketball gets going soon. white didn't meet academic requirements and will sit out the season. the to contribute immediately. he will sit out this season. and this heckler was asked to make the putt and he sinks
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she will be performing during the super bowl halftime show in february. >> that's right nfl, pepsi and the singer and actress making the announcement official today. the game will be in houston this year. >> you'll remember lady gaga sang the national anthem at last year's super bowl. the grammy winner has a new album coming out next month it's called joanne. her next hits include bad romance, poker face and of course born this way. >> don't go margo robbie will be joining jimmy fallon on the tonight show with jimmy fallon right
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chick this out on late night tonight with seth myers you will notice a 12 news shout out on the far right corner of the screen. that's the 12 news mug. he'll be drinking out of our mugs, we're not at liberty to tell what he will be drinking out of it. >> there it is, news 12.
10:32 pm o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests,
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z24qoz zvpz y24qoy yvpy [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- margot robbie,


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