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tv   Mad Money  NBC  September 30, 2016 3:00am-3:59am MST

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to make you money. >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. lc welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. you can always cnt on the banks of the world to screw things up royally, can't you? today, for example, with oil up nicely, a benign set of economic numbers, and there's very visible reputable companies.
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scorcher of a session. instead, the market itself got scorched. dow dropped 196 points. s&p falling .93%. thanks to concerns, some say justifiable concerns, over the solvency of deutsche bank, the largest bank in germany. these concerns had ripple effects all around the globe. whenever we start worrying about there's always going to be negative pin action. the stock is down again today. it's going to play out, and none of them is good. people will fear this huge bank's problems will spill over to others as banks are always lending each other money, and there's a presumption that you shouldn't be lending any money to deutsche bank right now because maybe you won't get paid
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when you look at the bank collapses from the recent financial crisis, they were caused not by classic bank runs that depositors are pulling out all their cash, but because their credit was cut off by other large institutions. we heard there were news reports that was happening today at deutsche bank. in fact, the market's sudden plummet occurred precisely when the stories started spreading about other lenders cutting their credit lines to deutsche bank. that's the real concern here. of course, these stories can be self-fulfilling. you hear these stories? they're much more likely to pull back their credit lines, and without credit, the institution can quickly wither and fail. so scenario one. some were talking about chatter. it's a systemic risk, disaster scenario. some people assume we're facing it.
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if the bank doesn't survive, it would cause a multi-day decline, if not weak decline. still, while the systemic risk of the situation could occur, i don't consider it actually likely because i simply can't imagine the german government would ever let it happen, although then again the lehman brothers collapse. the consequences were so horrendous back then that only a totally foolish leader would let that happen ag here or in germany. however, until we know for sure that there's a deal, the systemic risk is taken off the table, can you expect pressure on all stock markets worldwide to continue. the second possible scenario, deutsche bank needs to raise capital and capital fast in order to meet various demands. something that's bad for the company's current shareholders, but not catastrophic for the financial system. this is a stock-specific risk, not systemic risk. until the money is raised, it will cast a paul on deutsche
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it can continue to instill worldwide fears as it did today, although stocks do get to bounce back when the situation is resolved one way or the other. typically with shareholders coming in with new capital or the governments take a stake in the institution in exchange for cash it needs to get out of trouble. in other words, a backstop that takes the bank's attention off the table and causes a worldwide rally in its wake. that is the more likely scenario tussle with the u.s. justice department where the government claims that deutsche owes up $14 billion for mortgage indiscretions from the great recession. deutsche bank has only reserved $5 billion for legal cause, and they don't think $14 billion is fair at all. the german government understands this dilemma, and i think it stands they're ready to offer deutsche bank the capital it needs. either in return for equity or as a loan if it turns out that the justice department is feeling punitive. why? there's no way that angela merkel wants to see her country's largest bank go under.
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elections are coming up. look, every government and central banker in the world now knows how to save a troubled bank. they all got a crash course. given that the u.s. justice department is the trigger event, i bet the german government comes to deutsche bank's aid. germany dilly dallies, and we have multiple pressures on the stocks of european banks and that ripples around the world. capital like ours did, they were never forced take their medicine. we watched as the italian banks fought with insolvency. deutsche bank is more visible. if these worries intensify, it will initially hurt all our stocks, but the financials are getting hurt hardest. they'll all be suspected of being linked with the troubled european counterparts in a negative way. we saw that today and perhaps will again tomorrow or even through the rest of the week until we get clarity the -- the rest of next week until we get clarity.
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was badly tarnished by the second congressional grilling of chairman and ceo john stumpf over the cross-selling transgressions. until today it stuck with wells. however the way the congress dealt with stumpf made the whole group roll over. it didn't take the whole market down until we heard about deutsche bank. let's not confuse wells fargo's trouble with deutsche bank. the former is a reputational issue. the board of directors can make it go away by ousting john stumpf in order to preservth institution, and, remember, the institution must always be preserved. that's how bankers think. the problems at deutsche bank, on the other hand, they aren't easily going to go away. under scenario three, again be, the most likely scenario, we let the market come down and pick its stocks of high quality companies that have been dragged down by deutsche be bank's creation. it's going to be business as usual once the deutsche bank situation gets close to being resolved. now, i know that things don't fix themselves all that quickly. there's no rush to put your money at work during this crisis.
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it is a crisis. the truth is most of the stocks that got hit today have nothing to do with deutsche bank or germany in general. first, the oil stocks still managed to go up big. why? because of this potential opec agreement agreement to cut back production. i think it smacks of desperation. as long as crude goes higher, the right oil stocks will keep rallying. more on those later. what else? three companies, different companies all very different industry reported great numbers. pepsi co, conagra, and -- conagra, it's food company. that shot up $3. not much of an opportunity. pepsi co, a large capital stock got held back by the overall market. it initially rallied with a couple of bucks on a fabulous quarter. ended up closing a measly 38 cents. that's the kind of opportunity i want you to buy into if it goes down tomorrow. it has fantastic management. much better than any other stock in its category. i think it would have been a
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the deutsche bank story. totally extraneous to pepsi's business. i don't have time to list all the different stocks i like to tell you about if there's a market-wide selloff. we're going to be in for some more pain before we get the gain most likely from fiscal stimulus. let's not hurry. my suggestion, stick with companies that support good numbers. stick with pepsi co, as we have in my charitable trust. goes down tomorrow? simple. buy it. but the bottom line is you need the deutsche bank situation gets more disconcerting the longer it lasts. least until it gets resolved. hopefully in a way that only hurts deutsche bank shareholders and not the rest of the world's stocks. jimmy in tennessee. jimmy. >> caller: hey, jim. big orange boo-yah to you from good old rocky town. >> back at you, partner. >> caller: hey, thanks. my son and i have been talking stocks, and he is especially interested.
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is interested in aerospace. we were wondering at a play on kind of the anticipated growth in global air traffic coming up, would it be better to go with an aircraft manufacturer like boeing or a leasing company like erekat. >> you take a long-term view, and the answer is boeing. i love father-son talking about stocks, watching "mad money." that is a victory. i saw that at bucknell, parent weekend. mother-daughter watching, father-son, watching. love that. boeing. dave. >> caller: dr. cramer from the windy city and the home to wrigley field and the winningest team in all of major league baseball. >> congratulations about that because i am rooting for them. go ahead. >> caller: the chicago mercantile exchange, or cme, has recently expanded their market into clearinghouse derivative transactions. a rules change last friday now allows asset managers to place their collateral directly into the cme's clearinghouse rather
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acquisition of the banff exchange. how do you see it? >> bullish. one of the three stocks i really love. the exchanges are on fire. i want you done a buy, buy, buyer. mark in texas. mark. >> caller: good afternoon, mr. cramer. >> how are you? >> caller: very good. big old houston, texas, boo-yah to you. my question is about hilton be a special session on a reverse stock split. so far -- i don't know if it's two, four or six, how they're going to split it. i have 100 shares, and i'm not sure how to play that because when they split that, that will be an odd lot because it's under 100. >> right. >> caller: i don't know how to play that.
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i'm not a fan of it, and i think you should sell it. if you want to be in a situation, you want to be mgm or the mgm real estate investment trust. plain and simple. that's how i look at it. the banks sure know how to spoil a rally, but now that we've laid out the potential scenarios, plan accordingly. don't be too hasty. look for high quality names like pepsi co and they can get lost in the shuffle. that dropped too. "mad money", i promise my opec to cut oil production was a wall street buying today with oil prices holding on to gains. should this be fueling to change your portfolio? concerns over slowdown in china have hampered markets for months now, but there are signs that times, they are achanging. sifting through the facts to find the top ways to play a potential turnaround in the people's republic. one thing you can't miss, the ceo of cisco comes here to talk about cyber security, the internet of things, and a whole lot more, including a nice yield. that's ahead.
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money." follow @jim cramer on twitter. send jim an e-mail to "mad money" at or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something?
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on a day that turns us will i very fast, as i said, it's worth every worth focussing on the high quality stocks that you can buy at any market. what really makes me like cisco, the reason why we learned from my charitable trust, which you can follow along, is because the company's efforts to get itself back into the growth mode, they seem to be working. they posted a 3 cent earnings beat off a 60 cents basis, slightly higher than expected revenues and expanded margins, the forecast for the next quarter, it was a bit more conservative than some of the analysts have been looking for, but that's okay. on the other hand, they also
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eliminated 7% of its work force, and they plan to reinvest in the faster growing divisions. there was even chatter that cisco might be interested in buying imperva, a cyber security company. obviously can't talk about who they might buy, but we can talk about that area. it's rallied 15% for the year. did a good job of hanging in there today, but i bet there's more room to run. let's take a look with chuck robins, the ceo of cisco, to learn more. welcome back to "mad money." have a seat. >> good to be here. >> i have to do a little bit more of introduction than i usually do. we know john chambers for many years, and you have been running cisco for a while. tell us the different. >> i think, jim, first of all, it's great to be here. as i think about what's important for us going forward is, first of all, the industry and everything about the environment in which we operate
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has, which requires us to move faster than we ever have and embrace more transitions at one time than we have in the past, and we have a tremendous focus not only on taking advantage of these transitions, but also transitioning our own business to what you talked about with iot, with software, cloud, security, and i think we're just going to have to do it faster than we ever have. >> now, everyone from a previous hearing knew you were in switches and reuters. not that they knew what those were, bule now we think of you as cyber security and we think of you as the backbone of the internet of things. not necessarily of the internet, although you are still very powerful in the internet, and we think of you as a company that has got a different kind of revenue stream. you've got something called deferred revenue. you may be doing better than you look. >> well, as we look to the future, first of all, our customers want to consume our technology differently than how they have in the past. they want to buy it as a
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they want do buy things from the cloud and buy collaboration as a service, security services, and we also want to transition our business to be more predictable. our investors would like to see more predictable in our revenue flow. it actually is great because both of those two things actually. >> the reason i point it out like that is because you really boosted the dividend, something you did that was kind of like a flag that you planted, and it may look like without people understanding deferred revenue that that was a risky thing. you have epileptic of cash, and that dividend could go higher. >> from a capital perspective, we're sticking to our commitment to deliver over 50% of our free cash flow back, and we did raise the dividend pretty significantly this last year, and we also have leveraged our
3:19 am
our capabilities through acquisitions in the securities space and the cloud space, and if you look at the companies we bought, every one of them has aligned against the business model transition or towards the new growth area that's important to us in the future. >> well, i mean, we have the rumors of imperva. i know you can't comment on rumors, but the idea of putting more money in cyber security is something you believe in. >> absolutely. our security business grew significantly. our deferred revenue within securityw we announced a new next generation product in the fire wall space, and we added 6,000 new customers to that platform last quarter alone, and so as the internet of things takes off and as enterprises become more distributed, there's no perimeter to defend, so what the network, which is where our core is, has to play a much more important role in defending these enterprises, and so you
3:20 am
and i think over the next year to two years one of the key differentiators we have is integrating security deeply into the reuters and switches, which is -- >> not putting them on top of it. >> both cases, actually. >> look, last week we had yahoo with a big hit, but we also saw -- there was a piece, big security bug affects hundreds of thousands of cisco devices. i mean, is just nobody immune? is this something that obviously -- it's not the luck of the draw. how does it work? >> any time you're in the technology arena, g to have vulnerabilities, software issues. it's how you deal with those that's most important. we released a patch where are be i think one of the issues is one that we have known about for a while and have released pachds -- patches on. how we expect to operate with our customers is when they find vulnerabilities, they report them to us, and when we have patches, they release those. it's irresponsible to release information about a vulnerability before you have a patch because then the hackers know where the problems are. it's part of how we operate, and
3:21 am
expanding every day. >> right. >> and we're in a very good position to lead in this market. >> okay. talk about the world. you have had, a big deal inco. europe has been good. china. cisco always does great geographic breakdown. where are you doing well? >> we've seen strong performance over the last, say, year in a few countries in particular. india has been incredibly strong for us. u.s. has been steady. mexico has been pretty strong, although last quit we talked about it. china we had three quarters of growth in a row, and then weakness in the last quarter. we'll see how that plays out in the future. then we've got, you know, brazil has been obviously an issue relative to the geopolitical dynamics. russia, et cetera. we saw good growth in australia, good growth in japan. i think that the thing we deal with is that all the dynamics, you know, the technology transitions are tough enough.
3:22 am
economy that exists, the geopolitical dynamic, all those come into play as we look at our business around the world. >> chuck, just where is cisco versus where it was, say, in large numbers. 10% to 15%, 20% growth behind you. 5%, 6%, 7%, within reason, when all these things play out? >> i think we can grow faster than we are right now. >> you said that. you were very tough on yourself in the conference call. >> i have. i expect that we should continue to improve our execution in general. better at our own core execution. i think as we look at our -- the core products as we drive analytics out of the network and drive security deeply into the network, i think that business -- we have the opportunity to strengthen it. our security business obviously has been doing well. collaboration has been doing well. as iot begins to accelerate, you know, the jasper acquisition gave us the largest commercial
3:23 am
>> i interviewed meg whitman recently, and she was saying, listen, our business is really starting to carve up cisco's business. the enterprise business. i said chuck isn't here to say anything, but how are you guys are going at it, and they're getting some wins. how do you respond? >> well, you know, if any given quarter there are competitors who might gain share. we have competitors that in some cases will get ahead of us in a certain area. our history would suggest that we actually catch them and leapfrog them, and, you know, we're pretty confident in where we are. we're confident in the architectural value of what we do for our customers. i'm very confident that in the long run we will win. >> okay. you've got $66 billion in cash. a lot of it overseas. how do you get it back here, and what would you do with it if you had it? >> we clearly are continuing to remain committed to our capital strategy that we've talked
3:24 am
attractive. we've continued to be inquisitive over the last 12 months. we've been vocal that we need international tax reform so companies can repatriate those funds so we can make investments hereby. i'm optimistic that perhaps in 2017 we can get something done, and that will give us the option of using it in ways we've talked about. >> last question. wow, one of these big telco companies places an order with cisco and cisco's stocks jumped. are those days just gone? >> i this i that we still have big orders, but we have a big revenue line as well. >> right. >> i think that the internet of things and this digital transformation that's occurring, there's 18 billion devices and people connected to the internet today, and it's going to 50
3:25 am
the more value we help bring our customers. i think there's a bright future ahead. >> i agree with you. you know i think i stock is so cheap of these big technology companies. it's probably the cheapest i follow. that's chuck robbins of cisco. "mad money" back. coming up, could the world's most populated country be ready to roar? some of the world's biggest friends are making a big push in the people's republic. what does the state of china's economy mean for the markets that you are invested in. find out when "mad money" returns. when it's time to potty train...
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as far as i'm concerned, this november opec production freeze, it seems like a final act of desperation on the part of these petroleum producing countries. not some sort of lucky deal that everybody is going to make out of well one.
3:28 am
breaking back down below 40 under its own weight where i think it was clearly headed. one week ago today instead of 47 and change where it closed. think about it. think about it from their point of view. once again, going to the opec meeting this week, we heard from the saudis. they weren't going to cut back unless iran cut back. iran had been threatening to raise its production from the 3.6 million barrels a day up to 4 million thanks to the addition of foreign capital. i say it's possibly a -- the saudi oil ministry specifically exempted iran as well as nigeria production freeze agreement. that leaves the saudis no choice but to cut back themselves. their own prices would most surely crater. remember, both libya and nigeria have had a lot of bouncing back to do because they've had the production shut down by rebels. this is really a math question. libya was producing 470,000 barrels per day two years ago. that figure had recently fallen
3:29 am
a day before the insurgents cut its production. the iranians are going to 4 million. perhaps in a matter of months. by year end opec was on track to produce about one million additional barrels per day versus what they were pumping in august. 33.2 million barrels, their current production, was heading to 34.2 million without some sort of deal. an extra million barrels of supply would have crushed the oil market, probably taking it below 40, close to where all this stuff happened before we now, why do i think the deal is more talk than action? because if the production target beginning in november is 32.5 million to 33 million barrels as stated yesterday, but iran, libya, and nigeria aren't part of the agreement, then who the heck is going to cut back the 1.2 million barrels of oil to get back down to the top part of this opec range? i don't think the saudis will give up that market share. they've said they won't. the iraqis aren't cutting back.
3:30 am
pumping full out. the u.s. is stabilized. it's one million barrels per day lower than its peak. it's about to go higher because of cheap production costs. announcing the november agreement now opec managed to keep the price from plummeting, which is exactly what would have happened. that's what this is all about. what could actually make me change my mind? make the production freeze work. well, here's the shocker. it's econ 101. higher demand. until we get that -- we are nowhere near getting higher demand -- it's in the interest of all the producers to have oil go higher. they talk it up. they announce phony yields. they do whatever they want. that's why i am calling it a desperate action to keep prices from falling again. opec can't reveal the details because there are none. don't get too excited about the action in oil. you want to profit off of it? go to the oil companies in the united states that have continued to lower their cost. pioneer, eog, anadarko, parsley.
3:31 am
they would be the beneficiaries of anything that keeps oil in the 40s, which this statement might have done. bottom line, remember, by november we'll know the production target probably can't be hit, and the alleged deal can't prop prices up without a big and improbable pick up in demand. don't bet on any big changes in the oil market. the smart money says that this move runs out at $50. huge production from the united states will come right back on-line. alan in new york. alan. >> caller: boo-yah, professor cramer. >> caller: i currently have 4,233 shares of kinder morgan ami in my 401k. i am up 4% on my cost basis. this week several analysts upgraded the stock with a 15% to 25% up side. i have two questions. first question is do you think i
3:32 am
something like bristol-myers with a better dividend and more up side, and question number two is if i keep the shares, where do you see the up side to be, if any? thank you. >> i was going back and forth with rusty brazil. i wouldn't touch -- i wouldn't sell kinder morgan. it's still oversold from where it was. i'm not crazy about it because of the dividend cut, and that bothers me. however, i would say that the stock is undervalued given the fact that oil has come back. walter in utah. walter. >> caller: hello. how are you, jim? >> i am good. how about you? >> caller: good. i just want to give you a great american boo-yah, and thank you for looking outs for the little guys. >> that is the point of the show. thank you so much for saying it. thank you. >> caller: all right. let's get down to cliff natural resources. clf. >> i hate bad balance sheets. bad balance sheets make it so i
3:33 am
when i'm nervous, i can't pull the trigger. therefore, i cannot anoint cliff's as a place to be. listen up, thank you for the kind comments, though. the only thing opec can distort more than the price of oil is the reality. the recent rumors of production freezes will do little to stop its supply and demand issues, and i don't expect its move to last long. stick with the companies with a low cost of crude. now we have so much more "mad money" ahead. i'll tell you the potential we have in china could be good news for your portfolio, and which stocks could feel the impact. you cannot miss this. then, do you have what it takes to survive the unknowns of this market? i'll be the judge of that when we play am i diversified, and a cyclone of wall street edition in an electric, electric, lightning round.
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lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> while this market has been glued to things like the election, what the term reserve might do, or where the price of oil is heading, or now the woes of deutsche bank, something very
3:37 am
i'm talking about the resurgence of china. lately we've been woman barred with science that the chinese economy seems to be coming back to life. for those of you who remember what things were like when the people's republic of china was booming, it's clear this could be a huge, yet not talked about deal. why isn't anyone talking about it? i think everyone acts like china is still decelerating or maybe even stagnating because that's is spinning us a very different story now? what if i pointed out the it american companies with big chinese operations are starting to say some very positive things about the land of mao? at a certain point it starts looking obvious that china could be in rebound mode, and that's a huge deal. china is not just the word's most populous country. it's also the second biggest economy on earth and the second biggest consumer of u.s. exports, which explains why i think it's so important to address the apparent pickup
3:38 am
macronumbers. the bloomberg index has begun rebounding off its lows, rallying $2. copper is needed for new construction and infrastructure building. now, copper has been trending lower for years as the chinese economy has slowed down from its previous growth rate. a pick-up in copper, that suggests we could be looking at a real pickup in china. there's bulk goods that make up a huge percentage of chinese imports. it's getting hammered for years, but it clearly bottomed this february and has been roaring back. generally in the past month. this is one of the best measures out there. it's giving us a positive read for the first time in a long time. it's not just the big picture indicators. we've heard from a host of companies that do big business in the people's republic. many of them have been extremely positive. take nike. it got slammed yesterday because
3:39 am
slow, but it's in the u.s. one that management didn't like to acknowledge, which is a shame. the company increased by 15% year-over-year or 21% on the currency basis in china. in particular footwear in a power up, 25% in currency. that's strong. whatever you might think about the chinese economy, chinese consumers are happy buying lebrons and air jordans. in fact, china was nike's strongest region. on the conference call, the nike brand president, said something illuminating. he told us, "just recently the china retail market became the world's largest market eclipsing the united states and with our impressive growth there, we continue to feel confident about the successful strategies we're executing." then nike's chief financial officer talked about the big push they're continuing to make to increase share. nike may be in denial about the u.s., but they have clearly got their eye on the ball in the
3:40 am
how about starbucks? another u.s. company. had a seemingly weaker than expected quarter when they reported back in july. that was the u.s. they're making a killing in china. going to be the biggest area. howard schultz, the ceo of starbucks, has made a huge bet on the people's republic. he had nearly 2,300 stores in the latest quarter, and in over 100 cities across china. it's just scratching the surface. they are opening a new location per day. with almost all that growth that suggests consumers in china are feeling flush. even the guys running starbucks sounded surprised by the strength of the chinese business. how about yum brands? we like that one too. it's splitting by the end of the month of october. it's going to be a gigantic chinese business separation at
3:41 am
that chinese exposure is kfc. we learned during the current quarter, at least so far, kfc has been putting up low doubling digit same-store sales and that represents a massive acceleration. i can hear you say yum, starbucks, nike, these are all consumer companies. now, by the way, also pepsi as we pointed out. china was strong for pepsi. now that the latest deceleration that has been the industrial side, forget pepsi co or yum. starbucks, who cares. nike. how about the capital goods? you know what, i hear good things here too. i think it's so critical that cap pit ar, caterpillar is doing much better in china. see the break-out in that stock? it's all china. it's been getting slammed. cat's total machines increased. something no one is talking about. despite being down double digits everywhere else, considering the big earth-moving equipment caterpillar makes, that's a powerful sign for the part of the chinese economy that many people think is languishing. it's not just cat. earlier this month cnbc's own delivering alpha conference, the
3:42 am
management pitched a stock called tech resources. tck is the symbol. it was one of his favorite names. here's a company that's low cost miner mainly of copper and zinc and the thing that's used to make steel. all the commodities are controlled by chinese demand. that brings me to the essence of bishop's great idea. take a look. metals fundamentals, that metal prices are going up. in order to believe that metal prices are going to go up, you have to believe that china's demand is improving, and for that i do believe we hit an inflexion points on metals. >> obviously a big money manager believes that a metal rally is with the chinese rally. the pick-up in chinese demand for the metallurgic coal.
3:43 am
year to $18 and change of today. our country particularly, in kind of coal that you use for steel production has to be viewed as a sign that china is getting stronger. personally i think resources has run too much. i'm a little uncomfortable chasing it. if you are looking for a pin action play, the railroad they use to ship this stuff overseas is canadian pacific, and that's cheap. i like the rails here. let's not forget the conversation thavi one e-commerce platform. that was also at delivering alpha. we know that alibaba's stock has caught fire, and here's what cy told us about the chinese consumer. >> this new generation is they are not going to save up all their money. they're going to consume. they have good earnings. wage growth has been very, very good in china over the last ten years. the year-on-year wage growth in double digits. i'm quite positive in the long
3:44 am
>> do you know that stock jumped 10 points in that interview? you could hear our entire chat, which was obviously very important to the stock with joe cy by going to delivering what a home run interview. here's the bottom line. for roughly a decade china was the engine that powered.locomotive of global growth. it's now slowed down, and that's had a major impact on most of our exporters, to say nothing of the natural resource companies that became dependent on chinese demand. there's been a number of signs that points to the fact that china could be picking up steam. it's something we are now going to talk about for another three months. it's an incredibly bullish development. stay with cramer. i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away.
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>> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you hear this sound, and then the lightning round is over. are you red skee-daddy? let's start with hamed in new jersey. hamed. hamed? >> caller: hi, jim. i have a question about chicago bridge. >> too related to energy. i'll have to say don't buy. >> don't buy. >> let's go to cody in texas. cody. cody? >> caller: boo-yay, jim.
3:49 am
to the bottom of it. let me do more work, okay, because that was worrisome to me. i need to go to chris in nevada. chris. >> mr. cramer, boo-yah. what's your opinion of symbol cece. >> i happen to like industrial figures. it's not just the name of my daughter, their symbol, but i think this is a growth business. let's go to isaac in pennsylvania. isaac. >> caller: thanks, jim. an >> absolutely. >> caller: i'm calling about console energy. >> this is up 130%. it was a short squeeze. sell, sell, sell. >> i want you to sell it tomorrow. let's go to michael in texas. michael. >> caller: jim, boo-yah here from austin, texas. >> i wish i was there. what's happening? >> i'm looking at soda stream. >> just look. don't go. this is a very promotional company. i don't like promotional companies, but i need to go to jerry in new jersey.
3:50 am
>> caller: yes, i'm here. >> go up, jer. >> caller: my stock is century link, ctl. >> jerry, jerry, jerry, you're reaching for yield. we don't reach for yield, on "mad money." we would rather be in verizon or at&t. let's go to david in virginia. >> caller: a united states navy retired boo-yah. >> right back at you, partner. >> tell me about waste management? >> the stock has to stop going david steiner, come on, man. we do have that almost 3% yield, and i like the business very much. i say buy. i'm taking one more. we're going to bruce in virginia. bruce. >> caller: first time caller. my stock is tam -- team atlassian. >> i don't know the stock. i have to do some work. do some work on team. i don't know team.
3:51 am
there's -- there's an i in i don't know. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. aro. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. ? look up at a new day...? hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip. i absolutely love my new york apartment,
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whether it's the fed, opec, or the latest in the series of events for financials -- i'm looking at you, deutsche bank -- you're never sure what forces will play games with the market. just think how terribly you would have been hurt if you owned too many financials? that's why we play on my diversify. this is where you tell me your top five holdings, and i'll let you know if you are diversified or whether you need to mix it up. @meadowmanm. let's take a look at this. automotive company, kroger's, bank of america, trinity, railcars, and nike. we know that that's consumer. auto, retail, supermarket, bank, industrial, and consumer, but this time apparel. that's perfect. ? hallelujah ?
3:54 am
duffy in my home city of philadelphia. duffy. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. go, birds. i got five stocks for you. chesapeake, rite-aid, clovis and general electric bringing up the rear. >> all right. this is tough. general electric, okay, that's diversified industrial. so far so good. clovis oncology that's a speculative company. swap out of that, i would rather you own walgreens. we are going to throw both of them out, believe it or not. what we're going to do here is we're going to put to work -- i look at this, and i look at this, and i look at this. i'm thinking maybe how about a johnson & johnson.
3:55 am
we have to get something -- let's do lockheed martin. that one is coming down. i'm looking at that for my charitable trust and pepsi co, and then i would feel much, much better. that's got to happen. that's too much concentration. alan in georgia. alan. >> caller: boo yeah, jim, from georgia. >> how are you? >> caller: not too bad. i'm a transplant. i might have been your neighbor in the last six years. i moved from pennsylvania. allentown in bethlehem. >> no more than ten minutes from you for a very long time. what's up? >> caller: i wanted to check on my five stocks to see in i'm diversified. >> sure. let's play. >> caller: constellation brands, northrop drummond, lowe's, walt disney, and i use sirius xm radio as my fun speculative stock hoping for a takeover target. >> bingo.
3:56 am
modello and corona. casanova, fantastic tequila, very good. pacifico, people think it's a premium brand, but it costs very little in mexico. drummond, disney entertainment. sirius, a cable company basically. lowe's retail. retail, beer, defense, entertainment, and -- well, i don't know. we'll let it happen. we're going to give him a pass on that. that's fine. not my fave, i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. all right. no more surprises.
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i always like to counsel caution when it's a foreign bank that is causing our problems. they're more opaque, we don't really know what's going on. that creates a level of fear that is often tantamount to making decisions in panic. i urge you to be calm about the situation over there in deutsche
4:00 am
i would like to say there's always a market somewhere. i promise to find it just for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow. i thought we were going to die. i didn't think we were going to get out. >> i heard these terrifying screams coming out and shrieks, loud shrieks. people just screaming for their lives. >> harrowing keeps at the site of a deadly commuter crash in new jersey. now the focus turns to what caused and how could it have been prevented. another newspaper breaks tradition as donald trump changes tactics and decides to get personal. >> we have a situation where we have a president who was a disaster and he was ultimately impeached over it in a sense for lying. so we'll see whether or not we discuss it. >> plus a european fatal rendezvous with a comet.


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