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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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right now on 12 today, police search for a gunman after a deadly shooting in phoenix. a as the losses pile up, how 2016 went from bad to worse for your arizona diamondbacks. check this out. you guys. this is just one of the stories. the golf fan who just had the best day ever. that's coming up in your shot of the morning. >> that's a great shot of the morning for you. 6:00 on the dot. it's the last day of the monsoon. >> and last day of september as well. as we fly through 2016. we have clear skies out right now. a better shot at rain southeast of arizona.
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white mountains up toward flag staff today. but not a lot of rain in the forecast. 91 to 96. partly cloudy on this final day of monsoon. let's see how your traffic is looking with crystal. >> good morning to you. happy friday. we have our eye on a couple fender benders here. but they're kind of no harm. no foul. 17 northbound. this is just before loop 101 another one 17 northbound at 16th street. that's near the split. everywhere else, you're going to find smooth sailing with the occasional tapping on the brakes because it's a little crowded at the 17 southbound before the stack. it looks like perhaps another fender bender off right there. as we throw up the big picture map for you. you can see what we're seeing on the cameras. how it translates on to that map. it's just that, same old same.
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and touch and go southbound on the 17. lye at adot's traffic operation center, back to you. police are investigating a deadly shooting. team 12's jen wall is live with the latest. >> yes, good morning to you. this all started as a shooting last night here outside of the and union hills. and phoenix police spent several hours investigating that. as you can see the qt is back open. and police are no longer on scene. but the investigation into exactly what happened last night still continues throughout the hours this morning. so here's what happened. just after 8:30 p.m. there was a 911 call reporting a man found with gunshot wounds at the qt or outside of it. the man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening
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there. a short time later police found his vehicle and inside of it there were drugs. then between 4:00 and 4:30 this morning. fast forward a few hours. the swat team invaded an apartment down the street from here. and officers say it was in response to a tip. but they were not able to say any more than that. and police are still processing that scene. now, officers were also not able to say if they found anything inside of the apartment. but they did tell us they believe they're looking for at least one suspect. we d identification at this time. or a suspect description for you to report. but we are working getting more of that information. for now, live in phoenix, jen wall, 12 today. it's not 6:03, crime is down across arizona. the county attorney's office reports that our crime rate is at the lowest level since 1963. the murder rate is at an all time low. meanwhile police have found more human bones in south
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commercial yard 24th and broadway. they could be connected to the discovery of a hand and femur found in the same area last week. peoria police are releasing surveillance video of an armed robbery at a hotel near grand and 91st. a man and woman can be seen entering the business. one points a gun at the clerk behind the desk demanding the money. the other walks behind the counter and grabs it before they take off. when you lose a lot of games unfortunately people stop watching. unfortunately, arizona diamondbacks saw their television ratings drop 34% this season. that's according to forbes magazine. over all the diamondbacks rank 21st in 2016 tv ratings. the cleveland indians are seeking their first world series win since 1948. they had the biggest ratings gain at 71%. well folks this is really cool here.
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joined by a special guest tonight. cardinals pro-bowler patrick peterson, he will be in -- he will be the guest conductor this evening and face 66 of arizona's finest musicians and leave them in the star spangled banner -- lead them in the star spangled banner. the nfl showed off their uniforms on thursday. get a load of that when the miami dolphins took on the cincinna dolphins won the internet that fell in love with their all orange look. our favorite tweet of the night, reads simply delicious. take a good look at that picture right there. yeah, a dolphins player photo shopped to look like an orange cream sickle with a bite taken right out of it. if you want a good laugh. go on twitter and you'll have more than just a few. that's fantastic. i want to eat it.
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are interesting. it brings back the idea of what mark cuban said. we talked about this on 12 today. is the nfl losing a little bit? it has to do gimmicks to get people to watch games on nonsunday football days ? >> over all it's about making the loudest noise. >> the uniforms certainly do it. all right guys still ahead on 12 today, it's not the london bridge. but boy it came falling down. crystal henderson is live at adot with the story be crazy demolition. plus, what do you think are the ten best tv shows of all time? rolling stone has their top ten. let's see if you agree. we'll talk about that in your morning juice. put together some of our top ten forecasts. but today, it's a beautiful day. the final day of september. the final day of monsoon. and we have a big cool down headed your way. i'll talk about you that in the
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two kid decades after the
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america's got talent finalist, sofie. she stopped by the ellen degeneres show today. you can watch as a 15-year-old self taught contortionist, hand balancer, and aerialist chats about how she first learned -- oh my gosh, how she first learned her skill. that's horrendous. there's a picture of you
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toenails that way. >> yeah. that's actually how i normally paint my toenails. and it's kind of how i watch tv. >> we're not supposed to sit as much as we're all sitting. if we could learn how to do that. that would be good for all of us. >> i mean how do you figure out that you can do that. jaw dropping. that looks painful. >> it looks very painful. catch all of her performance and interview with ellen today at 3:00. only right here on channel great job yesterday. speaking of tv shows, this could start a healthy argument at the dinner table or right here, rolling stone is out with what they believe are the ten best tv shows of all time. can you guess what number one is? look at the tv screen. sopranos. rounding out the list, we have the wire, breaking bad, madmen, seinfeld number 5, the simpsons
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family, and number ten, the daily show. that surprised me. >> lavern and shirley and happy days. no friends ? that's a subjective list. >> what does rolling stone know. >> number one, would you say sopranos. >> great show. but i don't know that it's number one. you would say breakingba everyone. this is a good one. some surveys show this is the number one thing you should never say to a woman. see this is what makes me think it's are you pregnant. because this hint. both men and women young and old make this mistake. >> i've done it. >> so chris said no. >> smart man right there. smart man.
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>> obviously when people ask me, are you pregnant, you can get away with it. but i want to dead pan back and be like no. >> that's the number one thing i would think. >> what else? >> because i've heard it happen to other people that even if there's just a slight bump, i won't ask until they say something. >> it could be lunch, you know, it could be a burrito. >> iat answer? >> it's never the obvious one. >> jimmy, you got a guess. >> first of all, i did ask a woman if she was pregnant and she wasn't. remember back in the 90s and those loose fitting. >> is that when you had that black eye. >> i think the other is ask if they've lost weight, maybe. you know. anything with weight. a lot of times they say oh, no i haven't. i'm the kind of guy i used to compliment.
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mouth. so i just hi, that's pretty much it. that's creepy. a couple showers. sunny skies. beautiful weather. 4 for northern arizona. 1 for the valley. 4 for the white mountains. 2 for southeast arizona. it's the final day of september. the final day of monsoon 2016. we pack it up and put it in the box later on at midnight tonight. back into the attic for another year. an we'll have a slight chance of a shower. looking on the horizon toward the south. good morning if you're waking up in the tube. 58 for the dew point. winds, 8 miles per hour. satellite radar, some showers up toward the north. sort of way, way up there just to the north/northwest of flag staff. along the 67. a little bit of rainfall. but there's some pretty good thunder boomers popping down to the south of phoenix, just quiet. a couple showers out there.
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starting to shift. all the moisture is moving off away from the area. almost like on queue. the monsoon is over and now the storms will come in from west to east opposed to from south to north. as far as our monsoon with our days going, this is what we've had so far. a total 2.47 inches of rain. we're down about 3/10 of an inch. 72 right now for fountain hills. temperatures at 68 and 70 for luke air force base. and the kids can enjoy short sleeves all day long for today with a very slight chance of a shower or a storm. temperatures mild to start things off with mostly clear skies. so we have dew points in the 50s. things will slowly dry out. you'll love this seven-day forecast. today we have a very slight -- there's some residual moisture out there. a very slight chance of a storm. 96. clear for the weekend. then a low pressure system, the first big one of the fall
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north. dropping our highs to the 80s for temperatures. emma, just gorgeous. >> it's fabulous. all right. thanks jimmy. when traffic hits, crashes, whatever it might be, crystal is at the place where they hear about it first. crystal, adot has a behind the scenes look for us. >> we are in the know here. we have an update for you. before we jump into the freeway traffic, we have a report of a very nasty crash. this is on 7th street southbound. it's actually shut down road. heading southbound at washington. the crash is at jefferson. this is in downtown phoenix. whether you're on the 17 or the 10. you may want to hop off at 7th avenue instead. and take 7th street out of the equation there. even if you're going northbound, there's a lot of commotion in that area. a lot of first responders, just avoid that area. now, let's talk about what's up with the freeways. and not a whole lot. any fender benders or break downs are all off to the side here. in fact, you have a nice treat
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a really pretty glow on the horizon there as the sun is pomming up. this is the -- popping up. this is the 10 eastbound here at avondale. all of the freeways looking good. a heads up on a few weekend closures. the west valley here, westbound i-10 cut down to just one lane. this is all weekend long guys. so expect a very crowded commute through there. eastbound i-10, that's down to one lane. in areas between perryville road then westbound completely shut down from mcdowell to greenfield road. think about the 60. perhaps mcdowell as an alternate route. and we'll throw up the big picture traffic map really quick for you so you can see where the slow downs are. i don't think you'll find any surprises here. just the usual sluggish drive on the 10 eastbound and the 17 southbound as you're making your way downtown.
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adot was going to be tearing down the old state route 89 bridge over hell canyon between prescott and ashford. they said bye bye bridge with a big bang and it was all caught on camera. there's something about the flash, the blast, the collapse that makes us all want to stop and stare. then you've got to see it again from seconds to come crashing down, hours of prep work. before the blast, crews had to corral state route 89 traffic headed for the new bridge right next to it. because the original 1950s hell canyon bridge no longer met federal and state standards for truck traffic, it had to go. but not without making for some great tv. the new bridge opened in june.
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it everyday. live at adot's traffic operation center, back to you in the studio. all this week, we've had amazing beauty secrets with coconut oil. >> it's used in a lot of natural beauty products because it's naturally antibacterial and anti fungal. today's diy beauty secret. use it as a cheekbone highlighter. surprise surprise. sweep a small amount of organic coconut oil on top of your makeup and leave it alon glowy. tomorrow is october 1st. the countdown to halloween is officially on. our countdown to trivia question for you, what did americans spend $300 million on last year for halloween. take a guess, answer's two minutes away. you think you're so good. why don't you try it. a rider cup fan challenged by the pros. what happens next is our shot of the morning.
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6:22, welcome back to 12 today. i hope you're off to a great start on this friday.
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let's get back to that trivia. all eyes will be on halloween. our question to you, what did americans spend $300 million on last year for halloween? ladies and gentlemen, last minute guesses. >> candy corn. >> decorations. >> i'm sticking with pumpkins. >> the answer is you are all wrongment somebody said this earlier. pet costumes. >> 6:23 is the time. are you ready for halloween fun? speaking of which. or enjoy a beautiful night of ballet under the stars. here are things to do this weekend. ready for some spooky fun? head over to spook tackular mini golf. play 18 holes with scary guests and decorations. the seasonal fun kicks off
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that may be cheaper. ballet under the stars ? it's free tonight at beardsly park. bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the performance at 7:00 p.m. and come to one of the biggest cycling events in the valley. the tour de fat at tempe beach park. saturday from 11:00 a.m. to noon. the bikes, games, fans, shows, and beer goes from noon to 5:00 p.m. fun you guys, you're shot of the morning rocks. that moment professional golfers call you out. folks, stop what you are doing. you have to see this. the rider cup is well under way in minnesota. and one man got a little unruly. david johnson heckled some european players over a put they couldn't make in a practice round. so they challenged him for him to try it out.
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[ cheering and applause ] if you can talk the talk, this guy walked the walk too. he made the put and the crowd went crazy. in your face. get this. justin rose even placed a 100- dollar bet on this put, gave it to the fan after he >> if you play scramble golf, you watch other people do a put. so when you're the third, the fourthings or the fifth person to step up there to hit it. sometimes you see that line and you know which way to go. i guarantee he's watching what they were doing. and there's no pressure. you're not supposed to make it any way. >> there's all the pressure in the world. you're there with progolfers. everybody's staring at you. >> that guy is probably three sheets to the wind.
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of tinking is put and the -- sinking the put and the whole crowd going crazy. it's like he won the rider cup. still ahead on 12 today. get your motors revved up this morning nascar hall of fame driver rusty wallace stops by to talk about the chase for the sprint cup. >> i know you are so stoked about that. matt. your cute and cuddly video of the day right here. seriously. cannot get enough 23 panda cubs. say hello world as the kids say these days, it will give you all the feels.
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today, last day of september. and the final day of monsoon 2016. we put it away.
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4 for northern arizona. slight chance of storms up to the north. today, 91 to 96. last day of september. and it's going to be a beauty. i can't wait to tell you about the seven-day forecast. it's biscuits and gravy. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. now let's go live to crystal and check your friday traffic. good morning to you. you know that sun glare might get you this morning. look at this. first of all, you have a big slow down. then that bright burst of sunshine greeting you on make sure you grab your sunglasses. also look at this one. 17 southbound heading toward the downtown area. hard to see traffic there. it's a little sluggish there. but certainly a bright wake up call this morning. let's throw up the traffic graphics for you. you can see this picture here. i don't think you'll find surprises. all the same spots you would expect at this time now that we're a half hour into rush hour. seventh street southbound is closed for a nasty crash of cars upside down there.
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jefferson. so pick another street downtown to use instead. perhaps that seventh avenue. hop off the freeway there without issue, back to you. busy friday. crystal, thank you, emma. a gruesome discovery of human bones found in south phoenix. nico santos is tracking this top story for us. >> reporter: the remains were in a skeletal state. pretty gruesome discovery. found in a commercial yard. like the broadway and 24th and avenue. officers think it's likely tied to the discovery of human remains from about a block from here. last week. near 25th avenue. officials saying witnesses showed officers where the remains were found yesterday. and it's really not known if it was buried or just tossed into this commercial yard. but officers confirm they were human bones. now may remember in july human remains were found in a sewer
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those were found after people living nearby complained of plumbing issues and a phoenix water department employee found the body parts and called police. phoenix police are trying to figure out if these are connected. in south phoenix, nico santos, 12 today. new this morning, police are doing another investigation, this one near 43rd avenue and union hills. jen wall is live with what we know from there. >> good morning to police have been working on this for hours. after finding a man with gunshot wounds last night around 8:30 at the qt near 43rd avenue and union hills. a call reported a man found with gunshot wounds. then he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say he later died there. a short time later, police say they found his vehicle and inside of it, a lot of drugs. between 4:00 and 4:30 this morning the swat team raided an
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the qt. officers say it was in response to a tip. but they were not able to add any more than that. and they're still processing the scene. now police were not able to say if they did find anything inside of the apartment. and they are looking for at least one suspect. we also don't have a victim identification yet. live in phoenix, jen wall, 12 today. hot headlines this morning, a six-year-old is in the hospital after he was hit by a car. this happened near cactus. we don't know the boy's condition this morning. only that he was air ed and under went surgery last night. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. chandler police are looking for a man who they say fired a gun inside of this goodwill star near ray and alma school road. we are told employees saw the man inside the store when they showed up for work. there's a picture of him here. they immediately left and called 911. it's now 6:33, a man will
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strangling his family's dog and putting it in a barbecue smoker back in may. patrick thompson became upset about his 17-year-old daughter's t-shirt saying it had to do with the devil. he reportedly burned the shirt in the smoker first then threw the poodle in with it. a dog stuck on the roof of a phoenix home for five days. now safe and on solid ground. animal care and control officials say that the homeowner had been feeding the chiwawa mix and giving it water down. no one knows how it even got up there. we're told the pup names rufus is about three years old and will be taken care of at the west valley animal care center until his owner is found. luckily, he's a lucky dog. yes, he is, that owner has some explaining to do. 6:34, more morning juice with emma. >> quiz, who knows what ll cool jay stands for?
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rico knows. come on. just go ahead and knock me out. apparently the youth today, don't know what ll cool jay stands for. i'm looking at you. >> we know him as ll. >> current millennial who doesn't know about the love for cool james. ladies love. come on. the rap icon and actor joins the ellen degeneres he talks about his love for reading and going back to business school and competes with ellen in a game of guessing what ladies love besides cool james. >> ll mm, a stripper with a heart of gold played by channing tatum. >> ladies love magic mike. >> there it is. >> you let me have that. >> i was a second behind you.
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>> my guess was ladies love matt morrow. but i guess not. >> you're a oner in my book. catch ellen today at 3:00 on channel 12. and oh boy, have you seen this? cubs fans, if you do not win at all this year, you can blame this guy. radio station teamed one a tattoo parlor to see if any cubs fans were willing to get a 2016 world series champions tattoo before the playoffs even begin. one guy was willing and here it is. itds catch phrase, curse broken, 2016 world series champions. i mean would you ever? in talking to jay taylor, he's still upset he has the big cardinals on his lower back. 2017. you never know. i don't know. let's get your juicy question of the morning everyone. some surveys show this is the number one thing you should never, ever say to a woman. both men and women, young and
6:37 am
guesses. >> i still love chris' answer, no. >> you're wrong, honey, i'm right. >> outside of are you pregnant? are you married? or single? >> what is it? here we go. >> you look tired. that's awful. it's the worst when you really put together a great outfit. when you feel nice and someone says are you really tired? you >> you look a little tired this morning. >> it's been a rough week. >> guys can't get it right any way. there's nothing we can say that will make a difference. if we say it it could be wrong. >> they take it out of context. andtail take whatever you say to be an insult and not a compliment. >> lies work all the time. >> we try to be caring and understanding, honey, are you tired? >> you dress for women any way,
6:38 am
need? and you're right. be supportive of us. that's all we ask. >> or you're sleeping on the couch. still to come on 12 today, nascar greats. rusty wallace is in the studio. who wants to go fast. we're going to talk with him about the big race coming up at pir in november. we'll talk about the track, talk about his career, and much more. and do drivers practice those scripted post race speeches that you do?
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z24qmz zvpz o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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rusty wallace wins the advanced auto parts 500 for his 55th victory. >> that was his final victory in one nascar championship. and was inducted into the nascar hall of fame. now he's a host for nascar radio. he's in the 12 news studio this morning. good to see you. >> nice getting up early and coming by and listening to what you had to say this morning. it's pretty interesting. >> and that's just the tip of the iceberg really. when you look back at the win
6:42 am
>> when i didn't win that race, and i'm up there in victory lane, all excited. the thing that was so cool is that all the rest of the competitors started coming up to congratulate me. the guys i was beating up all day long were congratulating me. they knew it was a big race for me. it was my last year. >> do you miss being in the cars. >> i do miss being in the car. that's all i did my whole life is drive these things. i've raced at in tracks. one at delay. i had a great car all day long. a handful of laps left to go. it started raining. and i told everybody, i thought it never rains in arizona. but it rained that day. >> it rains just a couple weekends a year and it's usually always nascar weekend. you talk about nascar coming back to the valley. the can am 500 in november. you raced here plenty of times you won here. i know they changed the track since you've been here.
6:43 am
curves do for drivers and fans ? >> i think the change of the design of the track has been a good thing. it lets the drivers have more room. they changed set ups quite a bit. a lot of people used to show up at the track with the same old samuel design car and set up. that's changed because of the design of the track. primarily as you exit turn two and go down the new back straight away. so it's a big change. it really is. >> driver safety in the spotlight. it always is. but particularly now, earnhardt jr. is out for the season. is there anything nascar can do to make the car safer or is this a consequence of being in a car that goes that fast. >> they all ready have the device that goes behind your neck and hooks to your helmet and tethers your helmet. if you have a frontal impact your head won't fly forward and brake your neck. but the biggest thing is the safer barriers. if a car hits the wall, the wall will move.
6:44 am
wall, that baby hurt. now you hit that barrier, and that baby gives. it'll move like a foot. your body feels 40% less impact than you used to feel. >> take some of the energy out of the crash. >> the energy dissipates more than it ever has and that's saved a lot of lives. >> you rolled your car a couple times. do you feel ramifications alabama. the car went over end. me and the late dale earnhardt senior were in a big wreck. the car came out of the sky, came straight down, and i broke both my wrists. right now i have a pin in my wrist from here to here. i got that left in there from 1992. why haven't i taken it out? it doesn't bother me. and it doesn't go off in the
6:45 am
>> if that's the worst thing that happened to you after that crash. you're doing all right. the speeches, i want to thank everybody, the number two miller light car. do you practice those? >> a lot of the speeches roll of my tongue. nowadays it's so big time important to mention your sponsors the pr guys will stand in front of the driver with a card. hold the card up and the driver, you can watch hi he'll say i'd like to thank good year, chevrolet, this guy, that guy, and he nails every single one of them. and you're like how did he figure that out. he's reading that queue card. >> you just won that race, your tired and your adrenaline is pumping. >> you have to have a lot of confidence to have the queue
6:46 am
>> nascar great, rusty wallace, thanks for coming in. he'll be back for the races at pir, the weekend of november 12th. thank you, appreciate it. >> we want him to come everyday. my gosh, you are the sunshine of the show. >> fabulous. all right crystal. so rusty's off the roads. that means everybody's going slow. >> we have an update. follow me over here. this is a great update. good news if you're about to hop on the 10 eastbound this crash just past 35th avenue. was blocking the hov lanes. good news there again. it's going to be the usual sluggish drive on the 10 eastbound as we typically expect. you can see it at this 27th avenue camera. as well as 83rd avenue eastbound. the sun glare will get you here in the valley in the high country, it's been foggy on some of the highways and by ways. heads up there. i want to draw your attention way up there on the 17.
6:47 am
southbound to the 10 eastbound at the stack. this crash was blocking the left lane. it's now all the way off left. you can move by there. but it's certainly having a domino effect. it was seen slowing traffic basically hitting the brakes. back up at greenway. that's where it gets jam packed southbound on 17. that will take you to camel back. maybe hit the gas pedal. before you hit the brakes at the stack. if we throw up the traffic graphics, you'll know what i mean. this is typically rush hour with the slowing all over the place. stop and go on the 10. you know the drill here, basically any after math from any of these crashes, going to you going a little extra slow. i also want to talk about the weekend travel advisory. we have it pulled up here on these four flat screens here. so you can see in the east valley, i want to let you know, 202 red mountain, this is headed eastbound. closed from mcdowell to greenfield road. the 60 might be a good alternate route for you. as well as mcdowell.
6:48 am
taking place here on the 101 to break those down here. loop 101 southbound is narrowed to two lanes near chaparel as well as loop 101 northbound on and off ramps. and starting at 10:00 this morning, the onramp to head northbound on the 101 at shay boulevard will be closed. seek out 90th street or cactus in the mean time. back to you. thank you crystal. >> jimmy, over to you. you know, matt smile so much. matt you should have been a racer. >> i wish. >> any ways folks here's what we have. sunny skies, bright conditions over here and today is the final day of monsoon. absolutely. so gorgeous, gorgeous conditions over here for today. lots of sunshine on top of that. here's your monsoon meter. we have a 1 for the valley. a 4 for northern arizona.
6:49 am
for today, 91 to 96 degrees. big weekend. big football weekend. teams are starting to settle in to see who's doing better and the division is starting to set up all ready. a lot of football, cards are in town this weekend. i'll be out there tailgating. we also have a big festival at saint george church. taste of the middle east that's happening this weekend, incredible food out there. tatum and shays where it's located in central phoenix. showers up toward the north, really quiet. final day of monsoon, it ok weekend. next week it's looking completely bonus out here as we have dry skies and great weather. you can see with that satellite and radar, wonderful, wonderful, a couple showers, sara vista, a little rainfall on top of that here. a couple showers as well. and of course monsoon, this is it. final day. we've had 2.47 inches of rain. total, we should be at 2.71. we're down a little bit.
6:50 am
96 degrees. slight chance of a shower. saturday and sunday, 95 then incredible weather for next week. and of course for sunday, sunday, we're talking about football, and 95 degrees. take a look. i want to show you appropriate and inappropriate gear here. this is our floor director rico gonzales, this is not appropriate. this is appropriate. this is great. patriots playing as well. so they're fighting all ready. i'm telling you, this is going to be great. back to you guys. >> i don't like either of jerseys. if it doesn't say fitzgerald on the back, i don't like it. 6:50 is your time. fun friday. time to rewind before we unwind this weekend. >> from juicy questions of course our favorite, to dancing clowns, let's look back at the week that was on 12 today. >> the average woman takes a little bit longer. here we go. a hint. the result of doing this can leave a good or bad impression with other people.
6:51 am
>> that could leave an impression. i'm having surgery to turn my inie to an outie. he he. >> he's so much more fly than i am. >> right now it feels amazing outside. but we're on i'm looking for some storms. straight ahead. >> poor jimmy q is asleep on a yoga mat. it's a place each of us visit on a daily basis. >> that's different. one time i cog caught him sleeping in the photo room. >> i've caught him sleeping in the weather center. >> that's right. wow. there's so many places to choose from. >> you can go ahead and tell me what i'm supposed to do here.
6:52 am
hoist yourself up. perfect like a pro. wrap your arms around. grab on with two hands, head's back, knees open, spread those legs. from here you hook right and leg and you're free to let go. there she goes. >> good job. >> scientist in the making. >> look at her little brother. >> once again i know we showed that in the last half hour. can i try this? is it going to burn my mouth? >> it's going to be hot. but go fo let's see. that is delicious. it has a good kick to it. it's like having a jalapeno margarita. except you get caffeine. caffeine, good, a little buzz, good. >> the instructional, is it under hand? >> dog treats. that's funny. guilty. you have?
6:53 am
>> are you a fan? >> no. that's why i'm bringing it up. >> we have the weirdest show ever. >> my take away, matt and jimmy have eaten dog food. >> it tastes like card board. watch the show all week, you're going to laugh with us. or at us. probably at. we have the most adorable video of the pandas. and your weekend weather, it's looking good. in just two minutes.
6:54 am
6:55 am
oh! kevin's lunch! freaky fast. fifth time this week.
6:56 am
5:56 time for one final check of your weekend forecast and friday one here's jimmy. it's a great day. the weather's going to be just incredible. today we're going to start out with temperatures mainly in the 70s. mainly dry. there's a slight chance of a storm out here. you don't need to throw your arms up. it's going to be a great day. and 96 degrees for saturday/sunday. 95 with beautiful weather. look at this. biscuits and gravy. monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. in the 80s, tram. >> so, so nice. we end with this.
6:57 am
weekend than this adorable video. i just want to hold them all. i mean can you handle the cuteness folks ? 23 panda cubs made their big debut yesterday. they were recently born at a sanctuary in china. as you can imagine, they drew a huge crowd. precious. just like a litter of pandas right there. >> seriously. i want a pet panda more than anything in the whole world. >> until they're a >> oh my gosh. >> i'll take that one and that one. >> final take aways. >> today it's a final day of september. and monsoon is over. we kid finish off a little behind. but now we look forward to fall and the holidays from here on out. >> yes, i know. >> matt mar really has a guy crush. rusty wallace. >> i love nascar. he's so likeable and personable. >> he really was the sunshine.
6:58 am
here. he's if charlotte. he's up really, really early. the nascar drivers use queue cards after they win a race. >> i was torn. i was going to say dogs can fly. we have to figure out how that dog got on the roof. but patrick peterson. you have to do it with the inflection. cardinals should be the time. >> i'm going with 30-14. >> oh. okay. >> we hope you're right. thank you so much for watching 12 today. remember 12 news is always on. and your favorite social media apps. have a wonderful weekend everyone. have a great day. we'll see you later in a half hour.
7:00 am
good morning. was it avoidable? federal investigators combing through the wreckage of that deadly train crash in new jersey. the engineer released from the hospital overnight set to be interviewed today. was it human error or mechanical problem? charge of the investigation. doubling down. donald trump on a twitter tirade this morning. attacking hillary clinton for her support. a former ms. universe, alicia machado. as a major american newspaper that's never taken sides before tells its readers, don't vote for trump. intensifying. hurricane matthew strengthens to a category 2 overnight. will it impact the u.s. next week?


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