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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> thanks for staying with us. could the new led street lights turn residents into a bunch of insomniacs? >> doctors warn they could contribute to everything from distracted driving to obesity. monique griego has been looking into it. monique? >> reporter: the old street lights have a yellow color. these will look a lot whiter and a lot brighter. >> that was like a star right in your face. >> reporter: neighbors getting an early taste of led lighting. the city testing brightness levels ahead of of a plan to convert the street lights to
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>> reporter: complaints of the lights being brighter are popping up in u.s. cities who have already converted. a new study calling leds a potential health risk for those with sleeping disorders. >> this >> reporter: long term exposure can lead to insomnia. city leaders cite increased safety due to improved street visibility and saving money. >> that's a positive thing. >> i don't see it providing security unless it jumps down to save somebody. >> reporter: they recommend keeping the lights as a warm
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the phoenix city council has to approve the brightness. for more, go to and click on this story. monique griego, 12news at 10:00. breaking news now we have to tell you about. a man in his 50s has died after being hit by an suv. now, this is all happening near 35th avenue in van buren. sky 12 over the scene a little bit ago. investigators say the victim was not us the sun. let's go to decision 2016. donald trump telling a boisterous crowd in prescott valley if hillary clinton didn't like the way he used the income tax code, she should have changed it herself. >> he says he knows the codes better than anyone and can overhaul it to benefit working americans unlike clinton who never worked to change them because her supporters cruise them to their advantage.
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as well. >> president bill clinton came out and told the truth about obama care. this was yesterday. he is absolutely trashed president obama's signature legislation. he said it is the craziest thing in the world. these are exact quotes by the way. these are exact quotes. i'll bet he went through hell can you imagine? >> trump also claimed the u.s. is being infiltrated by terrorists through immigration. >> team 12's ryan cody has reaction from arizona voters. >> reporter: not an empty seat in the house tuesday afternoon for donald trump's visit to prescott valley. about 7,000 people packed the prescott valley event center to watch him speak. but it was just as exciting outside as it was inside. >> donald trump!
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wire. we are 35 days out. and, uh, you know, maybe now they are starting to think, let's hear ha he has to say and what she has to say. and compare the two. >> he scares the crap out of me. he really does. his racist rants, his hatemongerring. it is terrifying. i don't want to see that in our country. >> reporter: this was likely trump's final visit to the grand canyon state leaving arizona voters with a d polls in 35 days on november 8. ryan cody, 12news at 10:00. >> thank you very much ryan. meanwhile, rolling is showing the clinton trump race here in arizona is still very much a tossup. as for rival hillary clinton, she spent the day in pennsylvania trying to remind suburban republican women about the past week. in this moment, that she had with a 15-year-old girl. >> i see with my own eyes the damage donald trump does when he talks about women and how
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should take care of yourself, but, we are not all going to end up being miss universe. i hate to tell you. >> clinton will be in the nation's capital tomorrow night for a fundraiser while trump will hold two rallies in nevada. but, tonight, all eyes were on the vice presidential candidates during the vp debate in virginia. democrat tim kaine and republican mike pence tangling from the very start defending the running mates and savaging their opponents. >> you trust hill president and commander-in- chief, but the thought of donald trump as commander-in- chief scares us to death. >> he has employed tens of thousands of people in this country. >> and paid few taxes and lost a billion dollars a year. >> tangle number two involved donald trump apparently not paying decades of income taxes. >> he used the tax code just as the way it is supposed to be used. >> so it is smart not to pay for the military? it is smart not to pay for veterans? >> another heated moment
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americans. >> he has called women slobs, pigs, dogs, disgusting. >> that's small potatoes compared to hillary clinton calling half of donald trump supporters a basket of deplorables. >> well, it was a fight until the end on immigration, trump, and putin, clinton, and isis. the next presidential debate is this coming sunday night. and tonight, we invited a panel of arizona voters down to the station. some republicans, some watched the debate together. at the end, i asked them this question. what if something happened to the president? after watching, who would you rather have in the white house? tim kaine or mike pence? >> i have found a new appreciation for kaine. >> i want you to know that we need to operate under wise counsel. it appears that our navy is smaller. that doesn't mean that we are
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small, but we can do more these days with less. >> that is what for me was important to watch this debate to get to know them a little bit more. i'm very proud of kaine. i think that he is a very good position. and should the unthinkable happen, he should be able to carry on. >> okay, i like senator, governor kaine's response because he had an edge. listening to pence was like duck and sounded like a used car sales man. i wrote down the questions that were asked and waited for an answer and it went flying off to outer space. we have to work with our allies. you can't go around bullying people and from pence's response, they just want to be bully. >> i was texting with a friend. he is a hard core hillary supporter. we were joking on the republican wearing a blue tie and the democrat wearing a
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governor pence was much softer tonight than senator kaine. when they were talking about the police involved shootings, kaine was very cold and calculate. he talked about it like he was going to read about it in a book. governor pence came across like someone who has held executive office. i know the senator has as well. but, he has been in politics so long, i think he lost sight of the people. and i think governor pence showed he understands it is about people. in those moments president, we would want someone to step in and take over. >> interesting you make that comment. the one thing about kaine that has appealed to me, almost to the point of going overboard, though, is his soft side. he appears to have a compassion about doing things so that does appeal to me. it is not some hardened on the edge politician. my mother always taught me one thing. it is one of the few things i remember all my life.
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bill clinton banned partial birth abortion if you remember during his term. hillary has never been in favor of partial birth abortion. so, that really got me heated up. the last time i looked and correct me if i'm wrong, but our military cost us approximately 80% of the budget of the united states. how much more do you want to build it? >> really interesting sitting we so appreciate them coming down. to watch more of our full coverage of the debate and donald trump's visit to prescott valley, head to and click on the decision 2016 link at the top of the page. now to a story you will only see on 12news tonight. >> we all know, or most of us know that kim kardashian makes millions of dollars sharing her life. but this time, she may have shared just a little bit too much. >> the reality tv star giving a
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leading robbers right to her hotel room. >> so tonight, team 12's charly edsitty has three steps to keep you safe. sharing photos, renting cars, and charging your phone at the airport. >> reporter: some say it may have been this photo showcasing a multimillion dollars ring up loaded to the socialite's instagram page that may have enticed the thieves to strike. without her ring and flanked by security, kim kardashian french authorities say five thieves disguised as police bound and gagged her and made off with millions in jewelry. her social media accounts under scrutiny for sharing way too much. something cyber security expert michael cokenhower says most of us do without realizing. >> the level of detail captured when you take a picture with your cell phone is incredible. >> reporter: it takes a few clicks on a computer to find a
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associated with cell phone pictures. >> the latitude and longitude of where the picture was taken is associated with every picture taken on a cell phone. >> reporter: they can be input into google maps generating a location. worrisome if you are snapping selfies in your bedroom. >> you will see this zooms in to exactly where our office is on 16th street. >> reporter: it is just one of the cyber threats when using your cell phone that most people have no clue about. another one, in the car, with the blue going to return that rental car and take your phone and walk away. but a lot of that information is still stored in the car's computer. >> reporter: information like contacts, ole mailings, texts, and gps locations may all be vulnerable. >> the next person who is not even a hacker may get the car and find all of this wealth of information you left behind for them. >> reporter: and be careful. the next time you want to charge your phone at the airport. they are convenient and helpful when traveling.
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deliver you power, but it also gives a data connection to that device as well. >> reporter: and if you don't know what is on the other side of that connection, you can't guarantee the safety of your info. and use a wall plug when charging your cell phone or have a portable battery charger so your information will not be compromised. charly edsitty, 12news at 10:00. >> unbelievable the kinds of thin you are basically not safe. >> not safe. no. i did think about this a couple of weeks a. i mentioned it to you earlier. i thought these kardashian girls are sharing way too much information. i don't want to say, you don't wish anybody gets robbed but you can kind of see the potential there. >> when you are flaunting multimillion dollars rings. >> think of renting a car and using the blue tooth because you are trying to be a safe driver. and you have just set yourself
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stolen. >> yeah. it is nice to have the conveniences but we have to think about how we are using them. staying safe. >> give us your thoughts. we want to know what you think. you can weigh in on our 12news facebook page. a fake mom hiding a secret in her stroller. >> only on 12, the car seat feature that could help save your baby's life. >> what arizona sports teams would have could have should have done this weekend. >> want to look ten years buy a dog. >> and why one dad had to pay $39 just to hold his new baby. >> guys, we have john goodman. olivia newton john. music from empire of the sun. don't change the channel! >> don't go anywhere. 12news at 10:00 will be back in
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>> here are hot headlines across the country tonight.
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children when it slammed into the dominican republic bringing the total death toll to eight. it slammed into haiti and cuba packing winds of 145 miles an hour. tonight, parts of florida are now under a hurricane warning. and the state's governor is warning people to prepare for a direction hit. here is a new twist to what is becoming a common crime. a package thief in san francisco pretends to be a mom. surveillance video shows the thief pushing a dog in a baby stroller as she case neighborhood. then as you can see, just running up the stairs, grabs the package and throws it back in the stroller. >> this just into the news room. a care giver from kentucky has been arrested after police say she was caught on camera abusing a four-year-old child who has down's syndrome. heart defects and epilepsy. a nanny cam shows the woman sitting on the child while changing his diaper and there you see it. it also shows her swearing at him.
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will only see on 12news tonight. >> new tests of infant seats include several with a new safety feature that is common in europe. but, it is just now making its way into the united states. >> our partners at consumer reports tell us how this technology helps to keep your baby safer. >> here is called 12 for action. >> reporter: for the 40 years consumer reports have tested car seats, a lot has changed from the seats to dials. all of this has drastically improved child safety. the latest is the load leg. >> it is a support extending from the base of the seat to the floor making it more stable and safer for the baby. >> reporter: consumer reports updated the ratings of rear facing infant seats that offer the best fit for children under one year old. the four tested seats with load legs received consumer report's highest crash performance rating in assimilated crash
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shows how similar seats from the same manufacturer performed with and without the load leg. though both performed well. the seat with the load leg has less forward motion than the one without it. >> in our crash test, seats with the load leg resulted in almost a 50% decrease in head injury risks to the dummy. >> reporter: though it adds a step to the installation. it was easy to use. but you will pay a premium for this new feature. seats that include a load leg nd prices ranging from 250 to almost $400. while consumer reports says that all seats are safe when used and installed correctly, seats with a load leg feature offer an additional margin of safety. consumer reports warns that not all american cars are designed to work with this new style of car seat. if you are considering an infant seat with a load leg, check your vehicle manual for any restrictions.
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now costs more to put a child in day care full time than it does to pay for college. >> that is crazy. according to the think thank new america, the average cost for full time day care for children up to four years old is $9,600 a year. that is now about $200 more than the average cost of an in- state college tuition. family who's earn a little more than $53,000 which is the national household median income spend at least 18% of their income to ensure their child is cared for while they are at work. and parents who struggle just to earn the minimum wage spend two-thirds of their income on child care. >> that is crazy. i'll say it again. >> it is. so it is like you are paying for college double because you need college. >> i can't imagine the parents who have to work so hard just to be able to put their kids in day care because they are
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work. >> oh boy. well, the launch of facebook's new feature marketplace, yeah. it didn't really quite go as they planned yesterday. >> turns out, users were able to post drugs, animals, adult services, weapon, and even body parts in the new section which violates facebook's commerce policy and commune standards. >> facebook says it is working to fix this problem. hopefully. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> let's hope. have could have should have. has there ever been a more perfect time to complain about our arizona sports teams than right now? the d-backs are firing people. the cardinals an sun devils lost games and their starting quarterbacks and the suns just benched one of their highest paid players. bruce cooper joins us to talk about everything and coop, let's start with the d-backs. would they be better off without tony larussa in the
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>> i will tell you just that. no. they would not be better off without tony larussa. the man knows more baseball than almost anyone in and around the game today. he only had two years with the diamondbacks before they decided to strip him of his power and authority to run and build this team. i know analytics is a big thing in all of sports right now. but, tony has that rare eye to recognize talent and you just can't replace that. look, the diamondbacks had a miserable season, and a horrific season by shelby miller had a lot to do with that. i'm telling you, whoever comes in next will benefit from what larussa has already started. >> the suns announced devin booker will be their starter at shooting guard. and they have a $70 million player, brandon knight, now u coming off the bench. could they have handled that situation better? >> uh, no. i don't think they they could
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he only played a handful of games before missing the rest of the season because of injuriment they gave him a $70 million contact during that off season. but the injuries caused him to miss most of last season opening the door for devin booker to step in. he is now a fan favorite and regarded as the face of the franchise. so yeah, knight's lack of health helped to create this situation. >> and coop, a decision will likely be made on carson palmer before he gets on the plane to san francisco tomorrow. even if he concussion protocol and he is cleared to play, should he? >> you know, i really struggle with this one. but no, he shouldn't play. there is just too much history of past players not properly taking care of themselves after being concuss. the league has pulled millions of dollars and paid off millions to players who suffered from the effects of a concussion. yeah. time to show that a player's long-term health is more important than putting that player on the field to help win a game.
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>> i'm with you coop. thanks. all right, let's check in with caribe. we have two situations. beautiful weather here, but i feel bad for the folks in the east coast. >> they are already getting ready. you can see the hurricane warnings issued for the miami, florida area. other areas along the coast there. we are talking hurricane matthew which is moving right over the eastern tip there of cuba. it is still a category 4 hurricane. winds right now at 130 miles an hour. this is going we head into tomorrow and then take a look. by thursday, getting dangerously close there to the coast of florida, and then eventually moving up to the southeast coast. it is possible for another landfall there into florida. we will be watching it. but right now, take a look at futurecast as rain bands with the storm move into the florida peninsula. by thursday, they barrel through the area. and eventually, possibly making landfall along the southeast coast again with a lot of heavy
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meanwhile, here in a as, we are going to continue to see really nice weather. right now, we have a dry westerly flow. a lot of sunshine expected for tomorrow, we may see a few clouds start to move in as we head into thursday. buttings overall, we are just talking below normal temperatures in the morning and in the afternoon. we are sitting at 75 degrees. winds are light at 5 miles an hour. we will dip all the way down to 62, cool degrees by tomorrow morning. tonight here in phoenix, 33 in flagstaff. mo degrees. nice weather all across the state. very few 90s . phoenix is 88. we get up to 93 friday. then the weekend brings some slightly cooler weather along with rain chances. just moments away, our mvp of the night revealed. >> plus, billed for holing his baby after birth? the viral receipt getting
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>> all right, we are back and it is that time of the show when we check in with coop for his mvp of the night. coop, who you dot? >> well caribe, so many of us grow up dreaming of shining in the last moment. the diving catch. or that home run to win the world series. well, tonight, let us live
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jays outfielder edward encarnacion. sound please. >> double plays. oh! oh. the drive to deep left field! and, the ball game is over! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh yeah. got to love it. edward encarnacion with a walk off three run homer in the bottom of the 11th lifting the jays up. they move onto rangers. edward encarnacion. my mvp of the night. vanessa? all right coop, sounds good. it is turn back the clock tuesday. >> we have one simple thing you can do to look a decade younger. >> i love this. just, buy a dog. get a dog. rescue a dog. scottish scientists say owning a dog can turn back the aging clock giving you a physical activity level that is equivalent to a person ten years younger. >> supposedly, the results are the same regardless of how much
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canine companions boost mental health as well. >> researchers at saint andrews university say on average, dog owners have lower levels of depression, and anxiety. >> amen to that. >> don't go anywhere. the tonight show is up next
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explore your treatment options with a team of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america in phoenix. one of only six hospitals in the country to be recognized by the joint commission for lung cancer care. we have a well-orchestrated team to help patients be treated well. we have tremendous technologies that allow us to treat patients in a very accurate fashion. the evolution of cancer care is here
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>> all right, finally tonight, listen to this. an itemized bill, a mom and a dad received after the birth of their newborn is going viral
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>> the dad posted the image of the hospital's bill. under the headline i had to pay 39.35 just to hold my baby after he was born. it shows several services you likely expect during a c- section, but the bill totals out to just under $13,000. >> one charge in particular got their attention. >> skin to skin after c- section. the dad wrote the nurse let me hold the baby on my wife's neck and chest. even bo a few pictures with us. we had a positive experience. we just got a chuckle out of seeing that on the bill. >> what? what? [ laughter ] >> exactly. thank you. [ laughter ] >> what? [ laughter ] >> typo perhaps. >> no. no. no. sadly, no. all right, everybody, 12news is always on. >> get the latest news as it happens no matter where you are on and the 12news app. and your favorite social media
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