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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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police snag three suspected robbers -- after an overnight chase. team 12's bryan west has the latest in our top story. do you take the i-10 to work? a-dot wants to cut down on your commute time. the details.. coming up in the hot headlines.. and you won't has done with the millions he made from the "harry potter" movies. that's in your morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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weather???toss welcome???adlib juice.your morning that's in movies."harry potter" made from the millions he done with the radcliffe has what daniel won't believe and you headlines..the hot coming up in the details.. commute time.on your to cut down do you take our top has the latest bryan west team 12's overnight after an suspected three three robbers -- overnight team 12's in our top work?on your the details.. headlines.. and you radcliffe has made from the movies.juice. welcome ???toss weather new this morning.. three people are in custody after an are in custody three people morning.. new this new this morning.. three people are in custody after an overnight robbery ends with a police pursuit. team 12's bryan west is on the scene in
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over the next 72 hours the biggest story in the country and likely the world..
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caribbean storm in almost a decade.. hit cuba and haiti with winds of well over 100 miles-per-hour and has pummeled towns. four states are already under a state of emergency. several states are evacuating the coastlines. the governor of florida has activated the national guard. team 12's nico santos is here with how some people from phoenix are heading to help those hit by disaster. an organization called 'food for the hungry' has already had a huge presence in haiti where hurricane last night -- after the 7- point-oh magnitude earthquake back in 20-10. staff from this phoenix- based organization who are down there now are helping in a number of ways beyond supplying food. they're helping with shelterclean waterand the over-all safety of the people there. they're also monitoring the situation for secondary effects like rivers over- flowingand water-born diseases such as 'cholera'. some of the people of the organization actually ?live in haiti. so they,
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threats while they work to help people affected by the storm -- some of whom are just paralyzed by fear. gary edmunds / food for the hungry the the worked in other countries such as the philippinesand nepal. the website is pushing its 'support haiti' campaign right now.there's more information on 12-news dot-com if you'd like to santos12 today checking hot headlines checking hot headlines this morning.. 12 news has learned the identity of the man who died after he was electrocuted at a commercial building in the southwest valley. according to phoenix police.. that contractor was 57-year-old
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accident at the building near 75th avenue and buckeye road. a superior court judge has sentenced a casa grande man to life in prison. luis martinez received more than 283-years behind bars. he was convicted of molesting 10-children over the course of more than 30-years. police have charged two kids in connection with clown threats at mesa schools. one is charged with disorderly conduct -- the other with lying to police. investigators found none of the threats were credible - but they still child's activity. what may seem like a funny post.. email or text associated with a creepy clown can cause fear and exhaust valuable police resources to determine if the threat is credible. the prosecutor who tried jodi arias for murder is appealing discipline handed down last week by the discipline committee of the arizona supreme court. "the arizona republic" reports that martinez is fighting the
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recommended he be placed on probation for one year. a-dot is looking for ways to alleviate traffic on the i-10. the plan is to build a new freeway and use it as a toll road. the freeway would stretch from the i-17 at the durango curve west to state route 85. the state would charge a fee for drivers looking to take the new route for a smoother.. quicker commute. a-dot says they'll be looking into this option for the next six months -- but it wouldn't be until 20-25 that wouldn't be until 20-25 that they have the funding needed to start building. the city of phoenix is converting all 90-thousand of its street lights - to energy efficient l-e-d's - but drivers aren't happy about it. some people complain that the new lights are too bright.. and a new study suggests they may even affect your health. officials say the l-e-d's are 50-percent more energy efficient and will save the city nearly $3- million dollars a year. southwest airlines is holding it's 3-day airfare
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flight.. starting at just $50-bucks one way. valley residents have a number of destinations to consider.. including las vegas.. los angeles.. san diego and more. the sale runs through tomorrow and does not include thanksgiving or christmas travel. for a check of the cheapest tickets from the valley -- head to our website "12 news dot com." we have it broken down by price and destination. faith hill and hubby tim mcgraw make a big announcement and country fans can't contain themselves. the details -- coming up in your hot headlines... security after her scare overseas.. but just how much is it costing her? we break down the numbers -- in your morning juice. 12
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###break### you don't lin manuel- miranda this weekend on miranda this lin manuel-want to miss you don't ###break### ###break###
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you don't you don't want to miss lin manuel-miranda this weekend on saturday night live. the man of many talents will be hosting with musical guest "21 pilots." you can only watch it right here -- on channel 12. headlines.. the concierge who was handcuffed during the kim kardashian robbery has become the key witness in the case. t-m-z reports kim recently had a long phone call with police in which she told them the concierge was handcuffed when he opened the door to her apartment. kim says he was extremely calm despite being held at gunpoint. when the robbers left.. they took him with them and left him in the lobby with his hands still cuffed. faith hill is going on tour for the first time in
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her. country music's biggest couple took the stage at nashville's ryman auditorium for a surprise performance yesterday -- and announced their world tour. the tour will make its way to glendale on july 21st at gila river arena. ticket prices and on-sale dates have yet to be announced. comedian ben stiller got serious yesterday when he revealed he had prostate cancer. stiller talked about his battle on howard stern's show. he said doctors found a mid-range aggressive tumor a couple of years 46-years-old. today.. stiller is cancer-free. it's another weight loss it's another it's another weight loss wednesday here on 12 today. and with the weather cooling down.. it's a great time to get out and run. and if you've wanted to start running.. but wonder how to get going.. we have some tips for you from "rodale wellness." first.. start walking. brisk walking in particular can help build up some aerobic endurance.. not to mention burn a lot of calories in the
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up a notch with hills, trials or stairs. this will stairs. this will help you build leg and lung strength and making running on flat ground seem a lot easier. plus.. the views here in plus.. the views here in arizona are fantastic. and finally.. stick to a schedule. that'll help you meet your goals and it's nice to cross running off the to do list when you're all done wit in your 12 today health check.. a new study suggests ice baths may not be the best way for athletes to recover after intense exercise. researchers took post- exercise muscle biopsies of nine young men - once after a 10-minute ice bath -- then one week later after they warmed down on a stationary bike. the ice bath did not significantly reduce inflammation in the muscles. this may not mean cold water immersion should be ruled out after exercise.. experts
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temperatures or duration of an ice bath could produce different results. wearable fitness trackers are unlikely to boost people's long-term physical activity. researchers followed 800 adults who used fitness trackers with and without an added financial incentive. after six months.. people with no monetary incentive did not increase their activity - and nearly half were no longer wearing the device. the cash reward group did increase their activity at first.. but became even more sedentary it's all about the money in your morning juice -- here's emma with what people are talking about... if you made nearly $100- million dollars -- don't you think you'd spend a little of it.. that's not the case for daniel radcliffe. the actor -- known for his role as "harry potter" -- says he's barely touched any of the money he made from the movie series. that's a little over $96-million dollars..
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a reporter in the u-k.. that he just doesn't spend a lot -- but at the same time.. he is grateful for it.. because it means he never has to worry ?and? it gives him immense freedom when it comes to his career. and speaking of a career -- we're thinking financial advisor is definitely something this 27-year-old could get into. after getting robbed of nearly $10-million dollars.. kim kardashian has ramped up security - but it's certainly costing her. "e news" broke down just how much ki her family safe these days. right now.. kim and kanye have at least 30 security guards outside their place in new york ?at all times.? it's estimated that because of the added threat level -- these security guards are getting paid $150 dollars an hour - each! that comes to nearly $110-thousand bucks a day. time for time for your juicy question of the morning. the
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times a week. the average woman will do this three times a week. what is this?
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this year on "make a difference day".. 12 news is once again partnering with the "be a leader foundation" and their community event "taking steps towards college success." joins us park in downtown phoenix from 8 a-m to noon. students and parents will be able to learn about organizations.. programs and scholarships available to arizona students.. then take those steps toward college success and make your way to the convention center where you can visit with over 200 universities. all of it for free! for more information on our make a difference day project - and to sign up go to 12 news dot com.. highlight features at
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you'll find a link there with everything you need to take part. and if you can't make it to our event ... there are many others happening around the valley - to find one near you head to make a difference day dot com. still ahead on 12 today.. do you hate working out alone - but don't have anyone to do it with you? coming up at 5-15.. we have more weight loss wednesday tips that will make exercising more fun. arizona - proving to be a swing state as donald trump makes his ?6th? trip here. said - ?plus? more on the vice presidential debate. that's all just two minutes away...
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if you haven't registered for this weekend's susan g. komen race for the cure - it's
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happening on sunday at cesar chavez plaza in phoenix. arizona dot org for more dot org for komen arizona just go to phoenix.plaza in cesar chavez sunday at happening on it's too late.cure - it's not too late. it's happening on sunday at cesar chavez plaza in phoenix. just go to komen
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more komen arizona phoenix. cesar chavez it's cure - it's not weekend's registered ###break### away...just two that's all debate.presidential debate. that's all just two minutes away... ###break### if you haven't registered for this weekend's susan g. komen race for the cure - it's not too late. chavez plaza in phoenix. just go to komen arizona dot org for more information. now to decision 2016.. donald trump -- telling a boisterous crowd in prescott valley yesterday - if hillary clinton didn't like the way he used the income tax code.. she should've changed it herself. he said he knows the income tax laws better than anyone.. and can overhaul it to benefit working americans. he said that's unlike clinton -- who never worked to change them
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her supporters use them to their advantage. the republican nominee also jumped on a bill clinton speech... trump also claimed the u- s is being "infiltrated by terrorists" through immigration.. and called hillary clinton the "ringleader of a criminal enterprise" that has corrupted the government. he's scheduled to hold two rallies today in nevada. last night.. tim kaine and mike pence faced off in the first and only vice presidential debate. team 12's steve handelsman has a
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in the next debate -- donald trump and hillary clinton will go head-to-head for the second time. that's happening this sunday at 6 o'clock. get full coverage before.. during and after the debate -- right here on 12 news. still ahead on 12 today.. hello kitty isn't just for kids these days. the new product hitting shelves -- that you might want to try. that's coming up in your morning juice.
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???bryan juice.your morning coming up in that's want to might shelves -- that you might want to try. that's coming up in your morning juice. ???bryan teases
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hurricane matthew - tears through the caribbean and is on its way towards the u-s.
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to an end... and a shocking revelation from comedian ben stiller...he says.. he had prostate cancer...and he's talking about the controversial procedure that saved his life... ???adlib ???adlib
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???adlib weather this morning a hurrican morning a this morning a hurricane warning is in effect in florida.hurricane matthew could strike the united states in less than 48 hours.this massive storm is closing in on the bahamas and has already turned deadly after devastating parts of hait and 12's nico santos explains how some arizonans are heading towards the storm... to offer help. people of the valley really waste no time -- jumping in.. to help people in need.this time they're taking hurricane


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