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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  October 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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something i could be concerned about are not. turns out he was in no real danger. they stingray scary no poison but his parents took him to pch as a precaution. as for feeding anymore stingrays luca says -- >> never. >> his mom spoke with the wildlife director today and he apologized for what happened and that the zoo will be picking up any medical expenses that he has as a result of the by. >> it is a very rare occurrence in the eight years that have the touch take it only had an handful of instances like this. the cardinals took off for san francisco without quarterback carson palmer. a concussion is keeping him out of the game. team coverage tonight includes will pets on the nfl concussion protocol. let's start with what bruce cooper says palmer's absence means.
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. >> they are facing a critical road game against divisional opponent san francisco 49ers. the last thing the cardinals and their fans want to hear is carson palmer not been available for the cardinals. if they are to break their two game losing streak and beat the 49ers it is a must gamb -- in a must win game thursday night they will have to do so without palmer. palmer did not even the team to san francisco today he suffered a concussion on sunday when his helmet slammed hard and the ground. the head coach address the matter with the media before boarding the team flight to san francisco. >> carson has made great progress but there's no way i will take any chances with him. he argued a little bit but he is not cleared. he's getting
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will have him back next week. >> the next man up has always been our mantra. it has never failed us so it is some guys opportunity this week to get out there and play. >> in this case the next man up is truce canton -- drew stanton. . as i mentioned earlier this is an absolutely must win game for the cardinals. it is one wh and play lights out and let staton manage the game offensively with a heavy dose of david johnson running the ball and they should be fine and walk away with a win. >> let's consider -- continue our team coverage with will pets outside of the stadium without medical experts determine the severity of a concussion. >> reporter: we wanted to learn
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the. it depends on the severity but some former players say that carson palmer may not have even known he had one. that was the hit that every team dreads. carson palmer's head snapped to the side and bounced off the turf. palmer is out for at least this week. former quarterback to taylor says no one was looking when he played so he's guessing he had at least a dozen concussions. >> sometimes you don't even realize you have a headache because of that you could be thinking your allergies are acting up. there could be 6 million things you are not thinking about. >> reporter: what we he did have is missing time. once lost an entire series of plays after a hit. >> they told me that was a funny had to straighten your facemask because of the.
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is going through examinations every day and questions about his health. he does not come back until he has no effects. >> is a man and a husband and a father and we want them to be all right for his family first and foremost. >> i think it's important to protect the player. this is a game. >> reporter: the chances of the cardinals winning a bit biplane a backup quarterback consider carson palmer. taylor does say it is better to protect carson palmer for the rest of the season and possibly the rest of his career rather than win one game. william pitts 12 news. let's go to the hot headlines as peoria police search for a man who violently attacked and tried to sexually assault a woman one week ago. it all happened near lake was -- lake pleasant parkway. the guy in this sketch right there
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alone at a housing development and attacked and injured her. she was able to fight him off as he tried to sexually assault her. if you have any information please call peoria police. a two-year-old mesa boy is being treated for serious injuries after falling at least 18 feet from a second story window. this happened around 9:30 this morning at an apartment complex near mesa drive. thankfully the child is expected to survive. released from the hospital after being shot last thursday. family, coworkers, and friends gathered at the hospital as he was discharged. the circumstances surrounding last week's shooting that led to the death of one suspect are still under investigation. now to decision 2016 and the race to the white house. >> the next debate is just four days away but the talk to me is still centering around last
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parties may have benefited by tim kaine going after trump and mike pence vouching for his running mate. mike pence spent so much time talking about taxes is expected to be a big issue at the next debate. what did voters think about last night's debate? >> we assembled a panel of voters from both sides of the aisle and we asked them to give us their impressions of the two >> it is true that we do not know as much about kaine and pence as we do about the top tickets. for me it was important to watch this debate and get to know them a little bit more. i am very proud of kaine i think he is very good for the position and should the unthinkable happened he should be able to carry on. >> i like governor kane's response because listening to
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he sounded like a used car salesman. i wrote down the questions that were asked and waited for an answer and he went flying off into outer space. >> governor pants was much softer tonight than senator kaine. when they were talking about the police involved shootings and some of the tragedies that have gone on senator kaine was very cold and calculated. he talked about it like he was going to read about it in a book. i know that they have both in politics so long they lost sight of the people. >> the one thing about kaine that appeal to me almost to the point of going overboard is his soft side. he appears to have the compassion and a passion. that appeals to me because it is not some hardened on the edge politician. >> for me it is what pence said
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all of the stuff that hillary focuses on a step outside of us americans and we need a president that's going to focus on americans first. >> if you would like to be a part of one of our panels just email at the next debate is sunday at 6:00. acute -- you can watch it on a website analysis anderson annette football. without -- we are tracking the latest path of hurricane matthew. the big question is will this monster storms slam into the us east coast. here is today's social sound of question. which spot in arizona makes the list of awesome aerial views in
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at 6:15. why hundreds of people waited in line at a fictional coffee shop in scottsdale today. we will take you inside the fan frenzy and repeal what the hype
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right now hurricane matthew is targeting the be homeless tonight. it is on a track that is expected to target florida and the carolinas in the coming days. >> people along the coast are being urged to leave their homes and have inland. at least 11 deaths have been blamed on the storm. hurricane matthew could become the first major hurricane to blow ashore in the us since hurricane wilma in 2005. >> matthew has already hit the caribbean pretty hard especially in haiti. one local organization with a presence in haiti since the 2010 earthquake is working to get haitians back on their feet. nico santos shows us how you can help as well. >> reporter: hurricane matthew turns streets into rivers and destroys people's lives. it's happening thousands of miles away but some here are
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>> reporter: food for the hungry has volunteers and they are not just providing food.. >> making sure people are safe and finding potential victims of the disaster. >> reporter: they are surveying areas hit hardest for potential hazards after the rain. >> we monitor the situation. there are often secondary effects everything from rivers overflowing to waterborne diseases. right now cholera becomes a major issue. >> reporter: some of the people involved actually live in haiti. this is new video they shot as the water level started to rise so they themselves are facing the risk of mudslides and other threats will they work to help others during the storm. >> they become paralyzed they try to secure themselves and their family and they are looking to make sure they are
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>> reporter: the website is pushing its support haiti campaign right now and your contribution could help restore their lives. >> we can turn it into food and shelter and clean water. people in the valley could really help i donated. we have people on the ground and people ready to respond. beyond that please just keep them in your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: nico santos 12 news. >> there's another organization called feed my starving chil t information on both of our wet -- both of those foundations you will find on our website >> we will keep talking about hurricane matthew and the latest statistics. right now we have windy sustained at 115 miles an hour. it's a category three hurricane and is barreling through the bahamas. here is the path it is expected to take. it will intensify as we head
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of southern florida. as it nears the coastline of florida it will stay a very powerful category four hurricane with winds up to 130 miles an hour. you can see just off the coast at cape canaveral a category four hurricane it will loop around back off the coast of south carolina as a category two so it will weaken a little bit with winds still very strong and powerful at 105 miles per a lot of rainfall is expected. here is a look at a computer model showing you the heaviest rainfall and white would would -- which would be right off the coast of charleston. computer models will update as we get a little bit closer but for now there are hurricane warnings all throughout southern florida stretching up to the northern peninsula.
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impactful weather in arizona. we have dry conditions and high clouds starting to creep up from the south that will moving toward the end of the week. we are at 87 degrees at sky harbor. we topped out at 90 so we were three below the average. 104 is today's record high temperature. we are not expected to be anywhere near record anytime soon. that is all because of a trough of low pressure over the western us. that typically keeps her temperatures below normal and very pleasant. gh towards friday. we will see a slight increase in temperatures and on saturday we are anticipating a little weather disturbance to move in. most of the moisture will stay in new mexico and texas but we will have a slight chance of rain on saturday. here is a look at the forecast. we bump up to 94 degrees on friday and saturday we have a 20% chance of rain with a temperature of 91. 93 for race for the cure. next week we will see the
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i can't even go to the grocery store without getting yelled at. >> why would as fantasy football league gurus draft the best tight end and football. all we are asking is that you get yourself completely healthy now that tom brady is ck tom brady is back for the patriot so it is wise for some of you fantasy football league of owners to start adding some of brady's weapons to your roster. chris hogan developed a really good chemistry with brady during training camp. another player that is configured to benefit is james white. he is prolific at catching the ball on the backfilled. let me get used to my sleeper
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i have two of them. both play for the steelers and both are wide receivers. one of them is former chandler high school standout marcus weeden who caught a touchdown pass in sunday's win over the chiefs and the other is fellow receiver;'s who hauled in six passes against the chief. they should get more play time now. you know what to do. >> so brady is back this week. >> back after a four-game suspension. >> will they be out there with air pressure gauges? >> that is so wrong. >> what did i do? >> i want him to come back and stay back to go >> at least they were 3-1 without them. >> unfortunately one of those wins was against the cardinals.
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right now it is weight loss
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it is world teachers day.
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your favorite teacher was when you were in school and why they had such an impact in your life. if you have a picture you can sure that as well. it is also weight loss wednesday. there are all sorts of ways to try to stay trim. >> according to the experts you should focus on three main areas. in your diet make sure that you are reducing the amount of sugars and starches that you are chowing down on. shedding about extras 10 pounds. >> try eating more protein and vegetables. things like berkeley, spinach, kale, and brussels sprouts. >> if you are choosing an exercise to focus on make sure you lift weights at least three times a week. if you cannot lift at least to a cardio workout of some sort. >> it is hard to tell the difference between sugar and brussels sprouts.
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>> in a blind taste test nine out of 10 people did not notice. >> it is amazing what eliminating sugars can do. one of our colleagues husband's has cut 85 pounds by cutting out sugar and walking. >> it's amazing. if you have not registered for the susan g, and it is not only a great cause but it's a great place to get your walk on. it's the race for the cure ha you can go to commandeer -- come in arizona.or for more information. are omg video of the day is
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coming up at 6:00 flu season is right around the corner which me >> one valley doctor says it's especially important this year. >> the biggest symptom that we see is the body aches and that will hit you like a ton of bricks. coming up at 6:00 find out the three big changes this year when it comes to protecting yourself and your family during flu season. in an exclusive interview with 12 news for the first time tonight a beloved cactus high school teacher talks about the tragic crash that left her
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her family is only on 12 news tonight at 10:00. now let's go to the omg video of the day. a massive rescue operation saved a horse stuck in a mud pit outside of philadelphia. crews on the ground and the air helps pull the 1700 pm clydesdale named cyrus from the sticky mud. it took four hours. tonight he is sleeping off the sedative but he is expected to >> is that kind of like quicksand? >> thank you everyone for watching. >> get the latest news whenever you want it on
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tonight, catastrophic course, as hurricane matthew takes aim at the u.s. new emergency evacuations from florida to the carolinas. millions bracing for a potentially devastating blow. spy secrets stolen. another alarming breach. a man from the same company that employed edward snowden accuse of making off with a huge classified stash. fire danger, concerns about the replacement phones from samsung after another smoky scare on board a plane. tale of the tape. what donald trump's running made denied on the debate stage. versus what trump actually said. and the price you pay for prescription drugs, a big fight over some of the most popular medicines from everything from arthritis to cancer. customers could be forced to pay


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