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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> 12news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe, and coop starts now. >> 12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture tonight. >> team 12 is all across the valley cover need to know about. >> threats involving creepy clown images has police on alert. >> and now, some schools are banning clown costumes over the concern. >> water thieves hitting phoenix homes. >> one woman says she caught people filling a water tank with water from her yard. >> a horrific crash. >> but she is not stopping inspiring her student.
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line up for a fake coffee shop in scottsdale? 12news at 10:00 starts now. >> we start with breaking news. the northbound loop 101 in the west valley is closed right now. after dps says a semitruck slammed into a 24-year-old man killing him. these are live images from sky 12 over the scene. there you see that semi there. a number of the on and off ra investigation and the 101 will be closed several hours so avoid this area completely. ourer other big story at 10:00, schools evacuating on alert almost daily as threats using creepy clown memes on social media continue to cause panic. >> the latest hoax in arizona made against the university of arizona monday. dozens of students call the
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>> with three weeks to go until halloween, many worry that it could be the biggest playground for them yet. ryan cody has the latest. >> reporter: it just had to be clowns didn't it? one of the fearest phobias around is now being taken to new levels across the world. whether it is french police arresting an armed clown on the street, or an unusual amount of absences at several phoenix schools over the threat of clown violence. it is epidemic. clowns are running amok in neighborhooded and mind. >> i would probably cry. run the other way. >> reporter: whether it is a school threat or someone creating nightmares on the street. >> a lot of people have fears of clowns so this kind of adds on it more. [ screaming ] >> reporter: easley's fun shop in phoenix has sold clown costumes for 69 years. >> but every halloween, they
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gory. it is hard to say no to that. >> reporter: but with all the clowns on social media, people are changing their mind. >> they joke with me saying this may not be the best year to do scary clowns an stuff. i'm like, you are probably right on that. >> reporter: three juveniles arrested over school threats in phoenix and robbers caught on surveillance video using creepy clown masks. schools have decid clown costumes this halloween. >> as soon as we heard about it, yeah, my kids were showing me youtube videos of clowns running after people. >> reporter: stephen king is tired of all the clowning around. he is the father of scary clowns. this all gives clowns a bad name. right before halloween. >> who knows. they could be anybody for next year, somebody who is very simple and nice and they can
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well. >> reporter: clowns are a big seller all yearlong and there is no reason to show more or less clown masks coming off the shelves than ever before. but it is something they are paying attention to with halloween around the corner an everything happening in the country. ryan cody, 12news at 10:00. thanks ryan. tonight, peoria police are searching for a guy who violently attacked and tried to sexually assault a woman. it happened near lake pas investigators say the man in this sketch target first-degree woman who was working alone at a housing development in the area. she was able to fight him off. if you know who he is, call can cops. >> and a trip to the wildlife world zoo left a woman terrified after a sting ray
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they say her son was in no danger because they have no poison. are water thieves targeting phoenix homeowners? >> that is the story that is circulating on social media. the app is called next door. a woman posted that her water bill had skyrocketed for no reason. >> so, team 12's monique griego decided to investigate and look into it and she has a warning for all >> reporter: convinced that someone was stealing their water, a lot of homeowners went out to get one of these. it is a lock for your spout. you twist it on and you need a key to get it off. after that did that, their bills went back to normal. creeping up to the front porch, it doesn't take much for them to take what they want. >> mine was mostly, i would notice it in the morning, the faucet would be running. >> reporter: at first, robin thompson thought she had
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again and again. confusion turned into suspicion when her water bill went from $60 a month to. >> $160 the following month. almost $200. >> reporter: do people really steal water? apparently yes. next door, an information sharing app for neighbors show a list of feeds for people alerting others to possible water thefts in central phoenix. >> it is personal property theft. you are stealing from the homeowner. >> reporter: jim swanson, the the calls they get. >> it is generally theft from neighbor to neighbor. >> reporter: but not always. >> i heard the faucet go on. it was like 5:00 in the morning. >> reporter: thompson says when she ran outside, there was a work truck parked in front of her house and her house was pumping water. >> they threw the hose in the yard, screamed and drove off. >> reporter: thompson secured her spout. >> i might be able to stabilize at $50 a month.
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available for 10 to $20. a simple and effective investment that keeps thieves away and money in your pocket. >> doubling that bill may mean that they don't pay the light bill or they don't get the extra groceries that month. >> reporter: the city also says people should check their bill for usage spikes and read their meter. for how, go to monique griego, 12news at 10:00. today is world teacher's day. tonight, we have an exclusive interi a beloved cactus high math teacher is talking to us about the day her life changed forever. >> she never talked publicly about the crash that left her quadriplegic now. trisha hendricks joins us now with her emotional story and also her message. >> reporter: guys, i sat down for a one on one interview with erin snyder, she opened up about the day her spine was
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>> boy, i remember the first impact. we were hit twice. >> reporter: erin snyder's life changed forever. this was the scene on i-10. >> we stopped because there was an accident in front of us in the hov lane and a car hit us from the side. >> reporter: she remembers waking up in the car. >> not being able to move my hands or legs. >> reporter: that is all she remembers. >> i woke up in the hospital. >> reporter: erin's mother and several family members were also passe was struck. they suffered injuries but erin's was the worst. she was left a quadriplegic. all along, this cactus high school math teacher fighting to recover. remembering the lessons she has been teaching her students for years. >> you know, i would never let my kids give up a class. so, i can't really give up either. >> reporter: there are difficult moments. >> like at nighttime. i have to be turned. every three to three-and-a-half hours. >> reporter: she is able to get
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down. >> if i shut my eye, i wouldn't know i had legs really. >> reporter: she is hoping to at least be able to move her hands again some day. >> i believe everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: the support of family and friends and her faith are helping her to get through each day. >> you have to do the best you can with every day you are given. >> reporter: the biggest lesson she wants her students to learn for what she has gone through. >> you can't take anything for granted. >> reporter: now, from here, erin will have to have ys regular basis. insurance will only pay for so much. she is also in need of a special kind of van she cannot afford. to help with those expenses just go to trisha hendricks, 12news at 10:00. all right, thank you so much trisha. right now, more than 1500 airline flights are being canceled through friday because of hurricane matthew. according to flight
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today. and the website says over 1,000 flights have already been canceled in the u.s. tomorrow. the most affected airports are miami and fort lauderdale, florida where people are being urged to leave their homes and find shelter. as for sky harbor, it looks like at least 11 american airlines flights going to and from miami have been canceled for tomorrow and friday. and at least one flight was canceled this saturday. so, before you go, call ahead. if you are planning airport. meanwhile, taking a live look right now here across the valley, you can see storms are pretty quiet here. as we look here at the track of this storm, matthew right now, a category 3 hurricane. winds are still at 115 miles an hour. the storm is moving to the northwest at 10 miles an hour. so, pretty slowly there. it is going to barrel through the bahamas tonight. and then as we head into
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the coast at a category 4 and closer as we head into friday at 8:00 a.m. just off the coast there. so it is possible there could be a landfall here somewhere off the coast of central florida as a strong category 4 hurricane with a tremendous amount of damage. it will continue up northward, a category 3 and looks like maybe possibly getting close to another landfall around charleston as a category 2. then out to sea as category 2 as well. we meanwhile, cardinals quarterback carson palmer missing practice again today and as a result, was ruled out for thursday's game against the 49ers. >> palmer didn't pass the nfl's concussion protocol after hitting his head on the turf in sunday's home loss to the rams. >> but he is not experiencing any headaches which is good news. he didn't, however, make the trip with the team to san
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and has more. >> reporter: coop, good evening and welcome back to the bay area. playing the 49s at home has not been easy for them. by the way, the cardinals only have one win on their season. >> 1-3. everybody that believed in us, they don't believe in us no more so it is just us now. >> reporter: that us against the world mentality is back. too bad carson palmer is not back for this thursday show down. >> there is no way take any chances with him and he argued a little bit. but he is getting much better. >> reporter: palmer is still not clear to play after suffering that concussion. >> next man up has been our mantra. it has never failed us. this is the opportunity for some guys to get out there and play. >> reporter: drew stanton is the main guy and tomorrow will be his first start since 2014. >> he has a great understanding of the system. he knows it better than anybody because he has been there the
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prepared. every time you step out on the field, you have to prove yourself. that's the mindset i take. >> reporter: the cardinals have to prove they are much better than their record says they are. they can't afford another loss. only 12 teams in nfl history that started the year 1-4 have made the playoffs. kickoff, 5:25 tomorrow after the game, flip over to 12news for your complete cardinals post game coverage. in in santa clara with the cardinals, cameron cox, 12news sports cardinals have ten games before their next game. a monday night home clash with the new york jets. a game they expect palmer to be ready for. we continue with more stories you can't miss. >> hillary clinton reveals what she really thought about the epic snl skit on the presidential debate. >> i did see it. >> it is a fake coffee shop in scottsdale, so why did all of these people wait in line for hours? >> they post cell phone videos of themselves on youtube.
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figure salaries doing it. >> the first look inside the home of prince. forget the baby eagles, who, or what is that thing walking in the background? >> and we are counting down to jimmy. >> ashton kutche are is my death. it is is a great show, do not change the channel! it's good! >> don't go anywhere, 12news at 10:00 will be back in 60
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>> here is another hot headline. we are getting a look at the an arizona man who stole an employee shuttle. nobody here was hurt thankfully. at a hearing today, 47-year-old norberto eden was ordered to stand trial on seven felony charges. he is now facing more than ten years in prison if he is convicted. >> well, we are counting down to jimmy fallon with about 15 minutes to go until the tonight show kicks off right after
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stars tonight will be ashton kutcher and issa ray. >> she stars in a web series called the misadventures of awkward black girl. >> there is big business in youtube videos, even the fake ones. >> reporter: there is the great white shark. the i cannot believe you are that close to a tornado. >> this is absolutely crazy! >> fail. lion payback. [ screaming ] >> reporter: all of them, fake. conjured up by australian company wolshad for an experiment to get 205 million views. will is this doozy in denver uncovered by our sister station
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windshield only to be posted to youtube by the owner of expensive car rental place and covered by media international. >> it is a big fat lie. >> they got their videos seen by a lot of people. >> reporter: annie scot riley. >> is there big money in viral videos? >> there can be. youtube stars, the ones who make videos all the time, they make plenty of money. you get paid for every view partner. >> reporter: while it appears to be big bang for your buck, it may not always be the best marketing approach. >> according to forbes, the top paid youtube star pulled in $12 million playing video games. >> wow. >> we are in the wrong business.
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business. oh my goodness. well, in a new interview on the campaign trail, hillary clinton tells extras aj calloway her thoughts on saturday night live's debate spoof. >> i have to tell you, i have to, i saw it. i saw it on delay. but i did see it. and, i will tell you, when kate mckinnon came out with the walker i thought i was going to fall off my chair. she makes me laugh anyway. she is so funny just naturally. she was amazing. i wish i could do the jumps, the splits, the somersault. i have been working on it. >> i get you can. you are pretty agile. >> i may pull it out and let you see it. >> the next debate. >> oh my gosh, the next debate. cart wheels. what do you think? >> you might as well. >> oh my gosh. [ laughter ] >> she also said she thought alec baldwin's trump performance was amazing from his look to his scowling face. >> baldwin did kill it.
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all right, back here in the valley, hundreds of people waited in line today at a fictional coffee shop in scottsdale. >> they did. and this is all for fans of the tv show and fan favorite gilmore girls which is coming back on netflix. to celebrate, netflix transformed hundreds of coffee shops into the shop on the show. >> team 12 takes us in. >> i'm here lutz diner. >> reporter: no cell phones. please. in honor of gilmore girls' 16th anniversary, fans got to experience an iconic part of the show. >> to be honest, they did a good job with the barista. some of them are wearing the blue cap back wards. and the plaid.
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cell phone. >> reporter: 200 cafes across the country transformed into a real life luke's diner. including two shops in the valley and one in tucson. and even though it is not the real thing, fans waited hours for a chance to go inside and order a cup. >> two hours and 15 minutes probably. but, it was worth the wait. [ laughter ] >> reporter: common cafe was one of the shops chosen by netflix to hand out signature cups >> i was not expecting this many people to show up. >> reporter: hundreds showed up and she hopes once they go back to commonsy, some of the fans will keep coming back. in scottsdale, dee dee gatton, 12news. >> you have never seen it? >> i am going to get hate mail. i have never seen it. >> i'm shocked that you have never seen gilmore girls. >> have you? >> no, i'm not shocked. [ laughter ]
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facetious. >> you are a regular viewer? >> it is her favorite show. she watches it all the time. >> no. but i do know as we just saw there, it does have quite the loyal fan base. >> yeah. >> yes indeed. good day for a coffee. a beautiful day outside. >> i know. it is getting nicer out there. yeah. the mornings are getting really nice. my chair is turning. i can't get it let's look at your current weather conditions right now. that's a look across the city. and the temperature out at phoenix sky harbor is 78 degrees. it is really nice out there. it is calm. and some of the high clouds have cleared out since earlier today. here is a look at current temperatures around the valley. it is gorgeous. way out east, 69 degrees. gilbert, you are at 69. it is 72 in deer valley.
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radar. and, you can see, we have very quiet weather here over the desert southwest, there is some rain moving into the pacific northwest. but, we just have the high clouds scrolling up. they will be back again tomorrow. as we head into friday. so, for the meantime, we are still going to stay under this trough. that is up to the north of us. it will keep our high temperature below normal for tomorrow. that is one more day. and we will see warming as we head into friday. and then saturday, it is when we see a little disturbance move up from the south and you can see it is clouds there on saturday. chance of rainfall along the rim. and also, down to the south, but so far, it looks like most of this moisture is going to stay off to the east of us. but again, we could see light stuff here across the valley on saturday. it looks like that is the only day we are going to see the moisture. then it starts to move out by sunday. all right, tomorrow, 63 in flagstaff. 72 in prescott. pay son, 73. 89 casa grande. in phoenix, 89-degree as well. so, still several degrees below
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and the chance of rain moving in saturday. and a great forecast for the susan g. komen race on sunday. the suns welcome the jazz to town for preseason game number two. and, we find our mvp of the night. in the mets giants playoff game.
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>> all right everybody, let's check in with coop for his mvp of the night. your executive sports producer is not happy with this one. >> that's right. jeff snyder is a huge big-time mets fan and he has probably trashed all the tvs in his house now. that is because his mets are going home after falling to the giants tonight on a 9th inning three-run home run off the bat of connor gillespie. but my mvp of madison bumgarner. a complete shut-out. this guy is sick clutch money during post season play. his post season e.r.a. is now 0.50, the lowest or best excuse me in baseball history. all right, tonight, close tore home, the phoenix suns at home against the jazz in preseason game number two. and, the suns get a balanced attack with six players scoring in double figures led by brandon knight. but the jazz walk off the
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>> thanks coop. some prince fans will be payable to tour paisley park this week since the late singer's home and recording studio received a temporary permit to operate as a museum. they will only be given to guests who bought tickets between now and november 15. >> we have an exclusive behind the scenes tour for you. >> when i was walking around, almost felt a certain reverence if you will. would he have wanted that or would he have wanted you to feel like you are in his house? >> oh, i think he would like you to feel that you are in his house. definitely. this is my house. and, welcome to it. >> on every stage prince ever played on all the way through the super bowl and the rock and roll hall of fame. >> these are the third eye girl sunglasses he was wearing on
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>> all right, well, later during the interview, prince's younger sister said her brother planned out much of what the museum looks like right now. >> cool stuff. >> well, in just a few moments, here is a question for you. did big foot make a cameo on a nest cam in michigan? our omg video of the night
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>> now, for our omg video of the night. a potentially legendary photo bomber has stolen the spotlight from an eagle clip. >> it is fake. while the baby eaglets are peeping in the nest, something big and furry walks be some think it is big foot. >> we want to know what you think. let us know and make sure to share this omg video. >> it's fake! >> it is clearly real. that is big foot for sure. >> what do you think? >> goodnight everybody, see you tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ashton kutcher, issa rae,


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