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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> breaking news now on 12news at 10:00. >> hurricane matthew eyeing eastern flor bringing power problems. the category 4 storm bearing down on a collision course with the coast. >> folks in the valley ready to deploy. >> it is a monster. >> right now, matthew is packing winds of 130 miles an hour. and it is 125 miles southeast of cape canaveral florida. >> there is real concern. the destructive storm could produce deadly ocean surges up to 11 feet.
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in the middle of it braving the elements and joins us live from daytona beach in florida with the latest details. jay? >> reporter: i want to give you an idea of the situation unfoaling here right now. take a look. you can see the wind has been picking up. so has the rain. the surf is growing here as well. conditions that make it quite clear, this storm is starting to move in. matthew, now beginning to unleash its fury along the florida coast. >> it's here. >> reporter: violent winds. driving reigns. >> we are already starting to see the impacts and it's a monster. >> reporter: and overnight, it is expected to get worse. 2million people along the east coast have already evacuated in south carolina. governor nikki haley says more need to move to higher ground. >> this is a scary storm. this is a storm that should be taken seriously. we need you to evacuate. >> reporter: airports across
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4,000 flights canceled. businesses are boarded up and shelters are filling up. and in florida, the time to leave is quickly running out. emergency officials warning the danger of staying behind is very real. >> i talked to my detective captain earlier today and i asked him do you have body bags? are you prepared for mass casualties? >> reporter: more than 100 are dead after the island raged through e as matthew turns its attention toward the east coast. yeah, more than 11 million meme right now under a hurricane warning. and, this storm could actually track along the east coast, loop around, less powerful, but still causing problems here early next week. that is the latest live in daytona beach. now back to you. >> jay, look, we heard things like body bags and this storm is an absolute killer and we saw what it did in haiti. i'm wondering, you have covered
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there tonight that people heeded these warnings this time? >> reporter: yeah. i really do. and i think for the most part, those that did not evacuate and there were tens of thousands in this area alone that did. millions along the coast. some are hunkered down not budging in a place they feel safe. and they need to stay there for quite some time, 24 to 48 hours we will see these conditions. won't be power already 95,000 in florida. and that number is sure to grow. >> jay, stay safe out there. thank you. >> thank you. okay, check out this video of a transformer exploding in fort pears florida tonight. you can hear the heavy wind flow there in the background. the storm is moveing to the northwest right now. around as you have hear,
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before making a turn up toward georgia and the carolinas. let's look at the storm on the radar. it is a pretty monster storm. 125 miles southeast of cape canaveral and moving to the west. you can see the rain bands just pushing all of that rain into the florida coastline. and right now, the eye of the storm, the center of it, is starting to show signs of weakening. so, that is a good thing. however, it still could make landfall along the coast tomorrow some time category 3 hurricane. so, we are still talking about a tremendous amount of damage. and, waves that could be over 20 feet, storm surge that could get up to 11 feet in some of the coastal areas. and you can see the hurricane warnings extend from north carolina all the way down the coastline there of southern florida. still a category 4. the winds are at 130 miles an hour. it will continue to push up to the north, maybe make landfall. maybe not. but lit be very close as we head up toward south carolina
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to a 1 before it moves out to sea and kind of meanders and probably stays in the vicinity through the middle of next week. we will send it back to you. >> all right, caribe, thank you very much. two fema urban search and rescue teams ton east coast have already deployed along with two other teams in florida. tonight, fema's arizona team is also on standby. team 12's trisha hendricks is joining us from the live alert center with the details. >> report arizona team is activated they have to lode up and be on the road within four hours. if they fly in, that's a big if, they only have six hours to get ready. >> we would move this entire cache onto the semitrailers out here. and a 70 person team would be activated and brought to this location. >> reporter: arizona task force team one is in ready to deploy mode as matthew churns. >> we are updated regularly by
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deployed at any time. they are third or fourth in line. >> we have mres and it is enough for three meals a day. >> reporter: from sleeping bags and cots to generators that would power their camp in office. >> we have computers. we have printers, everything to actually communicate. >> reporter: including equipment to set up their own satellites and a radio system to operate just like phoenix fire operates here at home. meanwhile, this couple is dustin and shelby are now back from the danger zone. >> we were in jamaica. each storm cloud was more massive. it was like a purple haboob. >> reporter: they were inside their hotel most of it. >> we downloaded the hurricane tracker. everything. we were very worried. we didn't want to not make it home to our kids. >> reporter: in the end, they brought home these sandals neck
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competition. they made the most of it knowing they barely escaped the hurricane. >> it was headed right for it. it literally curved right by it. all the prayers were answered. it feels good to be home. >> we are happy to be back. >> reporter: definitely a honeymoon story they will remember foreverment we will let you know if the arizona team does end up headed to the east coast and what is likely to be a lengthy cleanup process. live in the live alert center, trisha hendricks, 12news at 10:00. >> so watch more exclusive court coverage of hurricane matthew, we are streaming our sister stations from florida. you can see that on let's lighten up here. no carson palmer, no problem tonight. just give the ball to david johnson. the cards running back. a monster night. 185 yards a couple of touchdowns and a 33-21 must win over the 49ers. coop is with us.
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was for them tonight. >> without question. mark. there is absolutely no doubt about it. if the cardinals don't win tonight and go to 1-4, historically, only 6% of the teams make the playoffs after a 1-0 start and you touched iten mark a little bit. the san francisco 49ers are dead last. so feed david johnston the ball and take advantage of weakness. turning points happened on the opening kickoff in the third quarter where the tight end strips and recovers a fumble giving the cardinals a ball at the 49ers 14-yard line. the cardinals would cash in the tun when david johnson finds it breaking a 7-7 tie giveing the cardinals a lead they would never relinquish. 157 yards rushing. how about drew stanton? managing the game, in carson
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two touchdown passes. both going to larry fitzgerald. cardinals win a game they absolutely positively had to have. 33-21 the final. our cameron cox was sidelined for the game and joins us live from santa clara with the post game reaction. cam, take it away my friend. >> reporter: coop, i love your excitement. that is exactly what the cardinals are feeling right now. no carson palmer. down two starting offensive line men with their backs against the wall. the cardinals said they are done yet. bruce arians says we are not desperate, we are hungry. two interceptions and a safety. drew stanton was solid and dave johnston put his team on his back almost 200 yards total offense. two touchdowns, so, d.j., how does it feel when everything is clicking? >> i feel unstoppable basically. with the guys, especially with the help of the guys blocking. the tight end receiver. and, obviously, the o line.
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on the field. you just don't see that too often. he is truly special, truly a special player. >> that is what we expected of him the whole time. he doesn't have to do it all. just take what is there. he left a few yards out there. but you know, big third down catch. everything he is capable of doing. >> my whole goal of this entire day was to come away with the win. we did that. and you know, i feel very good about accomplishing that goal. >> his defense need a game like this. >> oh we played with rerentless effort four quarters. >> when i say you are leading the nfl in sacks now, what do you say? >> it's a blessing. at the same time, i want to focus on winning. i'm happy because my little cousins can see that. i'm the type of guy who moves on quick. it feels good of course, but i have to move on and keep focusing on winning. >> reporter: you heard me right, marcus is the nfl leader in sacks right now.
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offense to defense. and boy, that special teams really played well. the cardinals now will get five days off. they will get back to work on wednesday. their next game is a tweak from monday. monday night football against the jets. live in levi stadium, cameron cox, 12 sports. >> thanks a lot cam. great job out there. and a big day for the cardinals. i mean, ten turnovers the last two weeks. lost both of the games. zero turnovers tonight. three take aways. 17 points. need we say anymore? you know how that goes. let us know what you think of the cards big game by chiming in on our 12news facebook page. bold bandits caught on camera accused of doing the unthinkable to a family dog. >> only on 12news, an explosive use for firearms practice may become a tool for terrorists. >> what is being done tonight to keep you safe. >> ben affleck's soon to be ex
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down to jimmy. >> plus, we have sarah paulson. it is is a great show. steve higgins is watching. don't change the channel. >> tomorrow, only on 12news at 10:00. >> does fracking, drilling for oil, and gas, cause earthquakes? that is tomorrow only on 12news
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>> let's take a look at headlines across the state tonight. two burglars are on the run after breaking into a phoenix home. they came in through the dog door and killed the family's beloved pet. these are some photos we are seeing of phoebe. police say the man, this guy is the one who took the jewelry. electronics and credit cards from the home near deer valley and 33rd avenue. he was seen on a security camera after the credit card was used the next day. >> even those things that
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know, that is meaningless next to knowing that phoebe is gone. she was such a presence in our home. she was just so much fun and always right there. very playful. very affectionate. and we just miss her all the time. every day. >> the family is obviously devastated and hopeful that someone watching will recognize the alleged thief, call phoenix police if you have any information. and chandler police say a man we interviewed about serial arsonist in his neighborhood is apparently the guy who set those fires. police arresting 31-year-old thomas leaper on charges that he set at least four of the eight arson fires. they are investigating right now. court documents say that leaper admitted to setting at least two of the fires. and when we talked to him in september, leaper told us he was terrified for his family after finding a neighbor's house on fire.
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prepared to wake your children up out of bed in the middle of the light because of a fire. >> investigators are saying leaper set that fire. he is now being held on four counts of arson. only on 12news tonight, you have seen the videos. people shooting at cars, trucks, and more, and watching them blow up. >> it is because of an over the counter compound that is st >> it may look fun, but as matt marrow shows us, that could be a tool for terrorists. >> reporter: it is strong enough to blow up a refrigerator and send the roof of a pickup truck sky high. even blow a small car to smither owns. this dangerous explosive is not tnt or dynamite, but tannerite. it was created to shooters
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target from a long distance. it is sold in two containers, needs to be mixed and hit with a high caliber rifle to explode. it is so stable, not even a direct flame will ignite it. you have to use a pound, half a pound per shot. but when people use a lot more ... >> oh! >> oh baby. >> yes! >> reporter: that explosive power exponentially increases. >> it's a fun product. >> reporter: but not when it is used incorrectly. this man in georgia stuffed with it earlier this year. when the blast blew off half his leg. >> call an ambulance! >> reporter: but that's not all. a federal law enforceable official tells usa today traces of tannerite were found on one bomb of a terrorist attack in new york city last month. that should come as no surprise. the department of homeland security has issued several advisories about exploding targets and the fbi even sent
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tannerite or reactive tactors can be used as explosives for i illicit purposes. >> they will find a way to do it if they have ill intent. >> reporter: they may have found a way to do it be tannerite. it is virtually unregulated and aimed at target practice. not hurting innocent people. all right, we are counting down to jimmy now with less than 15 minutes to go until here on 12news at 10:00. >> one of his guests will be ben affleck. >> that's right. his pending divorce from jennifer garner is a trending topic in hollywood. according to in touch, ben's mother is pleading with jennifer to halt the divorce proceedings and make the marriage work.
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>> ben took to twitter with his costar on the accountant and they were dubbed banana. >> you can call us banana. also, i like it when people call me anna banana. they don't do it because they think i hate it but i like it. >> i'm okay with that. >> all right, so ben is coming up on the jimmy fallon show. guess what else kicks off in talking about. the arizona state fair. yes. and, team 12's ryan cody spent the night watching crews test all sorts of daredevil rides. >> okay, but to get to the important stuff ... >> yeah, this is important. >> this is the important stuff. ryan, did you sneak in some of that fatty fair food? >> reporter: did i try the food. what kind of reportedder would
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the food is one of, if not the main attractions at the arizona state fair. so, those vendors are getting ready for opening day. so, too, are the guys who make sure all the rides are safe so they can get ready to open the fair as well. on the eve of opening day. >> it's a city on wheels. >> reporter: the lights are on, the speakers are up. and all 72 rides are through inspection. >> there is not midway that i will not let my grandchild ride. >> reporter: barry has been here testing every ride. >> we finished about 30 minutes ago and we are ready to open in the morning. >> reporter: it is the last stop of the year for these rides which are actually stored in phoenix during the winter. >> this carnival left la. the worst roads in the country coming from california to here. a lot of stuff happens on the road. very seldom do we have a failure while they are running. >> reporter: unless it's a
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>> it is hot. >> at least it's on a stick. >> you put everything on a stick because you are on the fair. >> reporter: you might want to sit down for this. deep fried chocolate covered marsh mellows. a state fair first. >> you can't beat that. it is like the campfire and the carnival all rolled into one. >> reporter: if you can dream it, they can fry it. pop tarts, snickers, nutella. it's all here. >> every good diet says you can have one cheat day. >> reporter: wve but, hey, the fair only comes once a year. when is sun comes back up, it is opening day. obviously, there is nobody here now. but that is because gates open tomorrow at noon. then saturday and sunday at 10:00 a.m. that will be like that through october 30th. the fair is closed on monday and tuesday. now, to find ways that you can save some money, and coming to the fair on admission, head over to the website,
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12news. >> i thank you. but we have no fair food here. >> no fair food. >> there is no thanking ryan. >> no ryan. thanks for nothing. [ laughter ] >> thanks for hooking us up. i'm going to go. i'm going to try it out for the first time. >> you will love it. it is an awesome, awesome fair. we have been talking about this hurricane tonight. our hearts just go out to those people because there is just nothing they can do now. >> i know. just imagine, there is no sleeping tonight. anywhere there. along the east coast. so let's take another quick look at what is happening wi again, a category 4 hurricane. winds at 130 miles an hour there. and, you can see that eye wall. the good thing though is that it does show signs of weakening as it gets a little bit closer to the coast. but again, that may not be saying too much because it could still be a category 3 making landfall possibly somewhere along the florida coast tomorrow. meanwhile, back in arizona, we have been enjoying some really gorgeous weather. same thing goes for tonight.
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up to the north. the weekend though is going to bring about some changes. and we will start that late tomorrow. so, we have a disturbance that is going to be moving up from the south. and, tracking its way across bringing some moisture with it. starting tomorrow night, tomorrow about 10:00, we have a 20% chance of rain. so that may be important if you are maybe headed out to the state fair or something and plan to stay late. saturday morning, 78 degrees with a 30% chance of rain. and then, saturday evening, we 20% chance of rain and a temperature of about 86 degrees so that is really all you need to know about the weekend. other than that, sunday looks good. so, we are at 94 degrees. we will see gorgeous weather for the susan g. komen race going on in downtown phoenix. we will be covering that live on 12news in the morning. temperatures a little above nor mall. but we will stay dry all the way through next thursday. >> thanks caribe. now here is a preview of
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after the news. is. >> kid theater. >> this next one was sent in by steven. he is eight years old. ly play the role of boy and you will play the role of dad. >> hi dad. >> hi ken. i'm working. >> i know. do you want to play baseball? >> no. >> what are you working on? >> the stock market. [ laughter ] >> 12news sport is sponsored by
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>> all right, it is time to check in with coop. with the scoop. oh yes. for his mvp of the night. and it has a little bit of that cardinals red and white to it doesn't it? >> you better believe it does. no doubt about it. earlier in the show, we talked about david johnson, larry fitzgerald, and drew stanton. let's give it up to the two interceptions. a safety, and seven quarterback sacks on the night. the first one came late in the second quarter with the cardinals trailing 7-0. the interception gave the cardinals offense the short field. they were able to cash in and tie the game just before the half. defensive coordinator james boettcher making big plays helping them get to a much needed win tonight. >> all right coop. you are going to love this. if you like rock, stay tuned.
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punk rock band green day performing tonight. >> but before that, we have caught our omg video of the night involving a head banging dog. >> of course we do. the internet lives for videos like this. take a look. ? [ music ] ?? ? [ music ] ?? [ laughter ] >> okay, i have officially melted right now. this viral video has viewed nearly 20 million times so far. and hello, of course. look at it. >> awesome. >> wow. >> what a great dog. that is my favorite video of the day. >> yes. i would have to agree. >> all right, don't go to bed. we are back in less than three
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>> coming up friday morning on 12 today, it is time to have fun. >> let's get loud and dirty. we are live checking out the action packed monster jam. plus, fried food and fun. crystal will be out enjoying the fair and baklava for everyone. the greek festival. >> and one thing men believe exists in heaven that women disagree with. >> probably more women. come join us tomorrow morning. the fun begins at 4:30.
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news. hurricane matthew inching closer to the florida coast. the eye of the dangerous category 4 storm is about 100 miles southeast of cape canaveral florida with winds of 130 miles an hour. the national hurricane center says matthew may make landfall in a matter of hours. even if it doesn't, matthew is still capable of catastrophic destruction. team 12 tracking the path all night long. the latest on and also tomorrow with tram mai, emma jade, and krystle henderson. >> that is really a scary storm. >> it is time to hunker down. stay safe. sending everybody in the path of matthew a lot of prayers. a lot of thoughts. and, we will see you next week. >> yeah. >> all right,. >> have a good night. >> bye everybody. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ben affleck.


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