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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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a a heartbreaking story this morning...two burglars on the run... after breaking in a home and killing a family pet. hurricane matthew... bearing down on florida right now...we are tracking the progress of this monster storm all morning..and we are live at monster jam....getting you ready for some fun this weekend... weakened to a category 3 storm but there's no shortage of harsh winds and driving rain in florida as hurricane matthew makes itself known. early this morning...the national hurricane center said matthew was moving parallel to and just offshore florida's east coast...still - they say even if there's no ?direct landfall - matthew will still bring a devasting impact.
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morning...tracking matthew's
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weather topping your hot headlines this morning.. four people - including a 1- year-old - are in the hospital right now after a crash in glendale last night. it happened near 59th and glendale avenues. police are still investigating the crash. chandler police say a man ?we? interviewed about a
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the guy who set the fires. 31-year-old thomas leeper was arrested for setting at least four of the eight fires. court documents say leeper admited to setting two fires. two burglars are on the run this morning.. after breaking into a phoenix home through the doggie door.. and killing the family's dog. police say the men also took jewelry.. electronics.. and a credit card from the house near deer valley road and 33-rd avenue. behind bars for allegedly assaulting a police officer at last sunday's game. hayden green was reportedly throwing rocks at other fans at the game -- and hit a few officers in the process. he is now facing aggravated assault charges. ?? toss to morning juice ?? hurricane matthew - is no joke.
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storm is news anchor shepard smith - wanted to make sure everyone knows that. ??? ad lib over ??? ad lib over ??? ad lib over hurricane ??? ad lib over ??? ad lib over
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ad lib over hurricane video ??? video ??? hurricane video ??? time for your juicy question of the morning. 40 percent of people saying this causes them the most
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we can tell you for a fact.... that tram and jimmy take forever to get this done.what is this?
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time for your of the morning.a survey shows that 60 to 70 percent shows that 60 to 70 percent of men think this exists in heaven.
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hurricane hurricane matthew - dominating the headlines this morning.i spent time in florida covering hurricanes..and i'll share my perspective on what it's like...... it's not all hurricanes though...we are getting ready for fall... finally.a look at the awesome leaves chaiging colors up the next
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in the next north... colors up chaiging
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for fall... getting ready we are
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like......on what it's perspective my and i'll share hurricanes..covering florida covering and i'll share perspective on what it's it's not all though...getting ready a look at the leaves colors up the next ####break########break####
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excited about the state fair that opens today. and our question to you.. what music to you.. what music superstar returned to performing and kicked off a tour at the arizona state fair back in 1970? think about and 1970? think about and guess. we'll have your answer in about a half hour. matthew has matthew has been downgraded to a category 3 storm.forecasters say it's still extremely dangerous.the storm is expected jacksonville and daytona..then move up to the georgia coast and the carolinas.matthew is being called the most powerful hurricane to threaten the atlantic coast in more than a decade // ad lib about covering hurricanes in covering hurricanes in florida - tram
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deep friend tweets.rides that will flip you upside down.and carnival games that you tend to end up losing.krystle
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the susan g komen... race for the cure happens this weekend. but ask any survivors and they'll tell you... support is key.especially when it comes.. to kids. and we are taking another look at the arizona cardinals win san it too early to call this a season saving victory?think about it for a while.we're diving in to that discussion at 6:30.
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thousands hit the pavement every year taking part in the susan g komen race for the cure - among them kids ... doing their part to help fight breast cancer
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the susan g. the susan g. komen race for the cure is happening this weekend... sunday october 9th at cesar chavez plaza i phoenix. join 12 news as we support the race this year. again to register visit komen arizona dot org. we have a packed hour we have a packed hour ahead at six a-m. the details of hurricane matthew are changing by the minute.we are in contact with the national hurricane center... with the storm is doing right now. and we are 31 days away from the just a few hours... tim kaine makes his way to the valley. plus... this sunday trump
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rather than a town hall... one celebrity wants a w-w-e style debate. jen wahl tease plus why our shot of the morning has to do with a big pile of candy's a shot that might strain your eyes.
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