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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> welcome, everyone to 12 today. we want to start our newscast with hurricane matthew. this could be the strongest and most dangerous storm to florida since hurricane andrew. it is now a category three hurricane. we are giving you live pictures right now from florida. the national hurricane center says regardless of whether florida gets a direct hit, matthew is likely to produce devastating impacts. in fact president obama has already signed emergency declarations to speed up federal aid to florida, georgia and south carolina now there is
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can do such severe damage. up the georgia and southbound coast and back out to the ocean. millions of, up the response to orlando. snacks and other storm victims. >> right now about 4,000 flight versus been canceled, it is a travel nightmare for in. it could be days before the airlines get back to complete normal operations. so, brian west is live right
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you are monitoring a lots of live shots. you are seeing the feeds straight from the hurricane center there. what's the latest. >> well, as you said, we do have live shots over florida on the left over here, i want to show you orlando. you can see there's still drops of water on the camera lens and it is just shaking but take a look to right. that's daytona beach visibility, this is from an inside with the window closed but visibility out there, it is completely foggy still very windy. if you take a look this is palm tree, and in the wind, what we have been seeing it is moving up, and through georgia and also at south carolina.
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incredibly powerful storm, land and hurricane matthew has encountered, over the past four days, it is a slow march, to matthew is expected to come back up and we are, savannah georgia and south well into last week, from the storm there are 300,000 people in florida that do not have power: we will continue to monitor this storm as it does move north and east. we are live in the new 50s all right center, brian west, 12 today. brian, thank you. now because of hurricane matthew, donald trump and
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florida right now. the campaign versus rush today move staff and volunteers, close offices and cancel events. the clinton campaign has asked for more time to register voters, but florida governor rick scott has said that in an extension is unnecessary. of course don't forget to watch the next presidential debate this sunday night at 6:00. you can watch it live on digital channel 12.2 or streaming on 12 or our 12 news app. watch 12 news at 10:00 as our debate panel weighs in. >> how does this sound in the arizona cardinals get a win. haven't heard that in a while. it has been a few fitzgerald each scored a couple of touchdowns. they won 43-21. ayou have the game they had some words for guys in locker room. . >> he started it second half. it is with the defense and kick off cover. >> yeah. >> everybody on the kick off team has got a game ball.
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game. now i will see you wednesday morning at 8:00. >> happy birthday. >> we were supposed to win the way we won. we ain't suppose today lose two game, dog. we were supposed to do that tonight. >> keep your minds right, while you are on break. don't nobody be that guy and we will see each other wednesday. when we come back though we have got business on our mind. we have got a three game tough opponent, we have to win them. keep that in your mind and on your heart. team on three, one, two, three. >> we need listen to that every morning. that's how we get jazzed up. the cards do not play again until october 17th. they get quite the break. that's monday night football against the new york jet. >> rest up, guys and let's do it again. >> 6:06 is the time. we want to check in with our very own lovely crystal henderson who is live at the state fair, and i am curious to
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excited about, crystal. >> reporter: tram, the cuteness of this ride is killing me. you know how much i love puppies; right. well, let me introduce you to brand new ride, puppy roll. this is so cute. >> that was made for you. >> so later kids will be piling in here and they will be turning this wheel and they will be taking these adorable puppies for a spin. so as you take adorable ride, let's take a look at the three-day forecast here for you. if you are going be play planning a trip to the fair you know what's the best pick. more sunshine than anything, this afternoon and evening but that's about it. we are shooting for a high of 96 which is well above the average.
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on the thermometers, our sky will be changing. it will be partly to mostly cloudy. there's a chanceover a stray shower, spotty showers on your saturday and on sunday tsky also be clearing throughout the day. so take your pick here, the only thing i remembered say, the x factor is tomorrow make sure you have the umbrella on standby. >> seriously, zach and sow wee, we will all be running to that purple roll. >> dizzy but running. >> yes. >> kids and myself included. >> yes. i little bit out there. >> that's a thought. >> it is a beautiful weekend to head up north. take a look at these gorgeous color, drive out of the valley to northern arizona and right now you can see incredible views of leaves changing colors, something we all love about fall. it is your favorite place in all of arizona. this weekend is anticipated to be the peak viewing time at locket meadow, one of the most popular places to visit. and with so in tourists
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forest service is cracking down on where you can park. so be careful. do your home work ahead of time and of course you want to plan it out. but oh, breathtaking. >> i have to do that. >> yeah, you do. >> so, so beautiful. >> it looks nice. >> okay. what's going on in the morning juice. >> before you sit back and watch first at 4:00 right here on 12 new, you have got to check out ellen. today she has -- and chest nut on the show and also has a preview of the >> it is happening that weekend. it is second presidential debate the first one it was most watched debate in history. it is hard to top that but they tried and i think they went too far. >> sunday, it is second presidential debate after an explosive first battle clinton- trump return to the stage, just weeks before the election.
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oh my goodness. >> >> sometimes in news rooms, people have different opinions that can lead to little tiffs. they always see eye to eye, matt they ys forecast. i don't even think the news director has ever disagreed on anything. conservative host, megan kelly. clearly supports hillary clinton on her showweek. she accused both trump and clinton of doing soft ball interviews like clinton sitting down with mary j. bliege and
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handty. trump did talk with kelly, when someone on twitter told handty to stand by his colleagues, he respond window sure, when they stand by me, unquote. >> well, after the little feud, megan kelly then tweeted this picture out saying we're irish. it is complicated. >> it does remind me of being. it is complicated. >> so cute. >> let's get you to the a survey show that is 60 to 70% of men think this exists in heaven. okay. here we go. the percentage is much lower for women. now, jay taylor, since you were sandwiched between two women, be careful with what you say. >> yes, yes, yes and i mean we're still, i mean, i am blown away that it is 70% because anything you would want should be there. so how do you narrow it down so
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watch tall football without being interrupted. >> endless football maybe. >> oh. >> i thought about something generic like the golden gates, something like that. >> yeah, totally. >> okay. >> angels. >> angel, victoria's secret angels. >> there you go. >> that's in my dreams too. >> it could be. it could be. >> ahead on 12 today, it is fun friday, and we're having a blast right here. no one has more fun than this show here. we will head back o with crystal at the arizona state fair and also, while at monster jam. we are right in front of scab bi doo. expect to see high flying acts with all of these trucks and we will get the engines revving
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>> congress graduations on the new baby girl. we're all superproud of you. in the spiritof testing out some food items that would be good for babies. i highly reck men chocolate puddling. i can't wait to -- recommend chocolate pudding. s0q what wait to see you and the baby. >> he's sweet,. >> is kevin pregnant. >> he might be. one of his cravings. [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you, kevin. you are the best and also, the weirdest. who is ready for some big trucks doing big truck thing. >> love it.
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phoenix stadium, monster jam is back in arizona. we are ready get loud and dirty this morning. i can't wait, jen. >> this is going be so much fun, so loud inside of the stadium. we know kids from across the valley. they're showing up here this weekend, only one show this weekend and they had to bring it back because it is sold out last year in january so this year we're standing in front of scooby do and we h amazing driver. this is bailey. tell our fans and viewers some things you will see this truck do this weekend. >> it is all about excitement, extreme, everything, come and see the show, everything is different with monster jam. if you haven't seen nit person n real life you need be here because you will see the biggest sky, the fastest racing and most exciting free style you have ever seen. >> i am so excited to come out and check this show and take my
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going to learn how to change a tire. so this thing weighs about 800 pounds, and it blows my mind, how quickly can you change this tire. >> we change about five or ten minute. >> and the tires go flat during show, just something that i never really even expected. why don't you give us a walk through and show me how it is done. >> all right. tell me what you are doing right now. >> i will line tup tire over the next to the truck here. >> all right. >> i will lower the jack after i line it up right. >> no big deal. i mean it is only 800 hounds and five feet tall. that's nothing i my way to work. >> so this happens during the show. you said you get ton of flat tires at times and the drivers just kind of have to stop everything and you are there to help them out; right. >> yes, yes, we are. these happen i would say three or four times every other show. >> all right x. so you can see he's lowering the truck and what is next here? you are kind of lining up the gear. i am not world's best tire changer as you can see. i have to call triple a if
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up on the actual wheel. i am going to take jack and pick the tire up. >> and i will raise it right in line with it. >> just like that. he makes it look like it is so easy. okay. so while he's doing that i will get bailey back on here and bailey, how long have you been driving? what does it take to become a monster truck driver. >> i have been a driver for three years and it take ace lot more than being able to drive the truck a lot of mental and physical capability to i actually went through monster jam university training and i was taught actually how to maneuver this 11,000-pound truck. so, practice makes perfect. i have a lieutenant of seat time, and i just -- i love to tear it up on the track. >> absolutely incredible. we can't wait to see your show and you can see we almost have the tire done, guys the live shots are usually about one to two minutes long. that's all it tyke change this the show does start tomorrow at
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pit passes where you can come and meet all of the drivers. you can get autographs, get the trucks and something else that we should mention too is the clear bag policy is in effect tomorrow just like the cardinals games and just like the asu games. leave the diaper bags and giant purses ahome. >> so glad you said that. yeah. thank you. >> let the fun begin this friday. deep fried treats, rides that will flip you upside down and losing. >> no kidding right. >> crystal henderson live at the fairgrounds, what are you going to show us now, crystal. >> oh. >> kettle corn. >> if you couldn't tell i'm the queen of the fair, this is what you hold when you are royalty here, but tram, emma, this is the moment you have been waiting for. >> feast your yous on the cheeto covered corn and deep fried butter? oh my. we have it all coming up. >> but first let's talk weather and break down your state fair
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going here at noon. that's when everything opens and by the way, tickets are only $2 before 5:00. get here early, the sun will be shining and warming up quickly with a high around 96. some clouds building in late ere on tsun setting at 6:04. >> let's talk about race for cure forecast. mild throughout the morning there's a slight chance of a stray shower sunday morning so keep that in mind. partly cloudy and warming up into the 80s by the time things for the forecast highs today across the state, not only upper 90s here, but we are seeing warmth down toward tucson and yuma. 82 for sedona, flag staff and upper 70s for presscott. 7-day, the only x factor we have to throw is in for your saturday. it is breezy. there's a 30% chance to see some spotty showers and other than that temperatures barely change the next 7 days and we have got more sunny days than
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we're here with domenic. my mouth is watering. i see the forecast. what's craziest thing you have got here. >> the craziest thing we have got is the deep fried pumpkin pie or deep fried chocolate covered marshmallows, but tram, we got superfun stuff and we know you guys love to eat back there at the studio. >> so this year, bacon wrapped pork belly. we also have it we dip nit corn dog batter after it is done. a break out roasted corn rolled in flaming hot cheetos. >> deep fried -- of course here is deep fried mar. that's all on the outside, and i will pass it over alicia with authentic mexican. >> yeah, so back down here we
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we have the gash doe at thats, the nachos surprise and we know that there's a large party coming to fair, all of your family meboses that's why we have the nachos supreme. they have gab moe lee tpico the jalapenos and we have the hot sauce, not mild but hot and we have our gortidas. they're corn made, the sour >> this is deep fried but. i can't do that. i'm lactose intolerance. >> all right. >> what do we have that's not. >> pumpkin fly sorry to be a buzz kill. >> oh, guys, guys this is-ingly okay. ready. >> big fat bite. >> look how cute she is. >> so good. >> wait. this is -- oh my gosh. >> it is like melting and creammy, and. >> i know. >> i tell it.
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there with the mexican food as well. >> i am getting acid reflux just watching it. >> we will need some times but it is so good. >> i can't. oh my gosh you guy. >> that will make you give birth. >> absolutely. >> that's where i am going. i am heading there. >> the corn of the cob the flaming hot cheetos. >> coming up next your shot of the day, americans buy nearly 20 million poundsover candy corn each year, but in three minute, how candy corn and an
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you don't put lighter fluid on a gas grill, do you?! he's about to set himself on fire. freaky fast. bam. ? can't stop loving you! ? genius!
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>> we want to get to your trivia question. we're all excited about state fair. it opens today. so our question to you is this. what music supersta tour at the arizona state fair back in 1970? oh. >> i am guessing willie nelson. >> okay. >> emma. >> i have no clue. >> okay. >> let's show you the answer. >> no. >> oh my gosh, the one and only. >> no way. >> 1970. >> elvis presley. >> what a shock. >> what a shock is right. >> he played to a sold out crowd of 13,000 that year. >> wow. >> it is so funny, that's one
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she never saw elvis in concert. >> i know. let's go to your shot of the morning which is all over facebook and twitter right now. >> yeah. this one involves candy corn and a yellow m&m somewhere among this big old pile of candy corn is a yellow m&m as we creep toward the cameras. >> yes. >> we are trying to look. >> where is it? do you see it? can you find it. >> let's zoom in. >> i don't see it. >> oh, right here. >> that one. >> no. >> this one. >> is that it? >> i don't there. >> no, you keep pointing to different spot. >> i can't see it. >> i can't see it either. i have no clue. >> right here, no right here, right here. >> oh sitting on top of the -- >> it is sitting on top. >> you found it. >> there's no way that would ever be found. >> you need to be on the green screen with it. >> bottom right hand corner of your screen. >> it is yellow on top of yellow. >> there you have it. shot of the morning right after
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surrounding hurricane matthew tstorm is slowly dancing up the eastern coast of florida. >> plus a busy morning for phoenix firefighters, crews are forced knock down a couple of fire. >> no carson, no problem, a huge win for our arizona cardinal, jay will break down what looks good, and what looks
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welcome back everyone. right now we want to go -- go straight to hurricane matthew. we have been watching this very closely, hundreds of thousands of people are in dark, at least 300,000 people without power.
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of up to 100 miles per hour, are being reported along the florida coast. a lot of people chose not to evacuate, some of them are dialing 9-1-1, asking for help. emergency responders can only take their names and check on them once the hurricane has passed. a destructive storm surge in excess of 10 to 11 feet is possible for parts of florida, georgia and south carolina as well. >> it is incredible. new this morning, we have video coming in to our news room a hurricane plane. this video taken from the cockpit, it show it is plane flying into the hurricane, to give meteorologist an idea of its size and strength, this is going to be the big story across the country and it will last all weekend long. florida, georgia and southbound
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destruction. >> what are you seeing and tracking. >> we have a lot of live cameras, and 600,000 without power and they have suspended all tolt for roads allowing people to get out of the area. this is the projected path that's expected today. this is the radar hurricane has been headed since early this morning as you can tell it is just southeast of daytona beach. i will show you live fixtures over here: you can tell it is very, very foggy and the balm trees are blowing the storm has been downgrade today a category three but don't be mistaken this is the most power you have
6:33 am
a decade. has already hitten 478 people tbiggest threat is -- >> that is the projected path is expect today bring detruckive conditions. we are talking from florida to south -- river, south carolina, and this includes major cities orlando and jacksonville savannah, george and charleston as it makes its way up through the niece to southbound and it is expected to downgrade but it is bringing a lot of strong winds and precipitation to that area and we will continue to monitor this live at the news alert center. brian west of 12 today: displaced: this involved a --
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involve window fire when unit 50s lived on scene. the fire was spreading to the other three connected apartments, though the attic, the initial apartment where the fire started was a complete loss. >> another fire office at a house. crews telling thank you fire started in a bedroom when yentas lived, they were able to control the spread of the fire and limit the damage to the bedroom and thankfully, no injuries. >> more than a dozen tribe also receive nearly $7 million in federal grant funding. the arizona u.s. attorney announced on thursday that money has been warded he say it is grants will increase safety. late they are afternoon, democratic vice president usual nominee, tim kaine arrives in phoenix attending a fund raiser tomorrow morning also a new poll in arizona shows clinton
6:35 am
the polls come from insights, arizona has been a reliable republican state but the 2016 race here is really as to up. >> got a quick reminder for you, susan g. komen race is happening that sunday at the plaza in phoenix. join 12 thus as we support the race this year: you can register at komen >> it is now 6:25: let's when are you going ride that fun ride, crystal? >> that is coming up pretty soon. i can't wait. we will take you atop of that brand new spiffed up ferris wheel ride: we are standing by at one of more than 70 rides at the arizona state fair: it is all underway today, starting at noon, we juan to see you here. it is only $2 to get in before
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and that lemonade stand. that's probably the best thing to do. let's look at the forecast for today: 96 degrees, wall to wall sunshine to start things off. you will see a can youal of clouds kind of moveing into the skyline this afternoon and evening, tomorrow a 30% chance, to see spotty showers around the valley, the thermometer readings not going to change that much, if you go in the mid 90s zone, and on sunday and then skys are clearing speaking of sundays. you can actually buy a solid wristband so you can ride as in rides as you want. thursday and sunday. so, really cool stuff, and yes coming up we are taking you
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fitzgerald. johnson ran for two scores. it is a very, very good morning for the red sea. think need to get better. with us, joining us is jay taylor, once again, and jay, let's talk about it. let's start with the turning point of the game the opening of the third quarter seemed to change everything. >> it sure did. when you can get a turnover on fumble to get a quick score, that really set that tone in the second half, and propelled the team on to victory that they had. >> if you look at the game, they had i think it was four turnover, they led the two first turnover ins first half led the touchdowns as well some this is what you want out of your offense, take the opportunity, pound it in, and pose your will on a team and make them just go away.
6:38 am
wasn't much and did the things they need today do. they found a way to win. now they just have to back it and you learn from their mistakes because there were some mistakes with earning that game, drew was off a bit. he dropped a few balls put the running game was strong and the defense was strong. to make everything else work well. >> when you talk about the defense, is this what we should expect every single week. i the number one defense in the national football league and dialing up the blitz and bringing the pressure: they did that, they're getting that interception. that's when this defense and this team does well. when they're able to flour suspicious create the turnovers and pressure sacks and i think matthew playing close to fine: you will see defense being a lot more aggressive. >> it is 6:38 now. let's talk the morning juice, emma. >> all right. we start the juice with something a little different. politics. >> trump versus clinton part
6:39 am
just jump on twitter, people love to argue back and forth on how the media skies everything. >> this morning, sit about being fair, or is it about ratings? no one can argue that donald trump brings more eye balls to the tv than hillary clinton. a new study this morning show that is the three biggest cable news outlets spent more time covering trump rallies live last month than they did for fox msnbc or cnn they all showed more trump rallies. in total he got 6 athousands of unfiltered rallies on the air compare today 49 hours worth of clintons rallies. now, getting off politics here, and into celebrities, this is the juice after all, jennifer lopez and anthony are back together. not romantically but
6:40 am
record. it is a spanish language next month. the album will come out next year, both lopez and anthony is said they're excited about working with each other put they make no reference to their failed marriage or, you know, two kids they have together. >> this morning, we are learning that snap chat could be going public. the wall street journal report that is the parent company of the popular messin this deal could value snap chat at $25 billion. and if you are looking to find someone to follow on snap chat, check out brian west. he's part journalist and part struggling comedian. this morning is one of the best. >> thank you to jay taylor who makes a very nice appearance on his snap chat. we are just saying you have to check it out. let's go to the juicy question of the morning everyone.
6:41 am
of men think this exists in heaven. what exists in heaven. >> you know,. >> it has to be something you wouldn't think. this is au jus city question. >> mens only bar. >> [ laughter ] >> i mean it is hard for me to fathom because you are saying that it is like, you are suppose today get anything and everything you want when you get to heaven. so it is like, to limit it to one thought, it blows >> baseball. that's funny. >> it was close to sports but i would have thought foos ball more than baseball. >> of course you think foot football. >> it is the number one rated sport in the united states. tim to come, who's ready for
6:42 am
rich history. the culinary delightsover greece. >> we have a new way to get you to work this morning, beat rush hour in a monster truck, how about that? we are talking monster jam. after the break the show hit it is valley tomorrow, and it is
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> i am really, really embarrass
6:45 am
university of phoenix stadium is going to be loud, fun and yeah, it is going to get at this time dirty. three thing that is jen just love. >> she's live at the stadium this morning. what's up, jen. we got to climb up into the truck just a few minutes ago, an incredible view up in graver digger and we have it here with me this morning and tell us about what this iconic vehicle is going to be doing this weekend. >> well, grave digger has been around 34 years. we love coming to phoenix arizona, glenndale. it is known for one thing and that's destruction and i promise you i am going bring it. >> okay. so expand on this destruction. i mean we see the coast ghosts on the front and all kinds of things.
6:46 am
but the fan favorite is free style. it is like taking comic books and watching them do amazing trick, free style, usually we end up with a crash or two. >> okay. so something that i think is really interesting monster jam truck, we started doing back flip sos i promise there will be one or two here or maybe even more. >> i asked him, is it scary he said no, so the show starts on saturday at 7:00 p.m. now, tickets are still available but they go out fast because we know it completely sold out. there is also a pit party tomorrow, from 2:30 to 5:00. this is say great time for the whole family, guys. before we second it back to the studio, we are going to get scooby do referring tup engine
6:47 am
loud, high powered action that you are going to get to here. >> that is sounding good. >> oh yeah. >> >> let the fun begin. >> we have rides, concerts and three weeks to make lasting memories. the fair starts today. >> crystal henderson is live at the state fairgrounds. are you on the magnificent ride right now? >> yes, okay are you ready? roll that ride. we will take you up atop the iconic ferris wheel here at the arizona state fair and as we make our way to top and before we show you the view, let's go to 7-kay forecast.
6:48 am
tfair opens at noon, 96-degrees is the high. a 30% chance of showers tomorrow, otherwise partly to mostly cloudy, it clears up on sunday we have nothing but sunshine each and every day for next week. all right. bring it back out here live and get a load of this. the beautiful sun popping up over horizon, hello, downtown phoenix where the fair, man, more than 70 rides here, seen 90 food vendors, just so much to enjoy, of course, the concert that is will be happening here. we have got 18 days of fun- packed day 50s head of us, and chris lopez is here with rcs and tell us ability this ride that we are on. >> we are on the big wheel. it is 33-meters so about 105, 106 feet in the air and i think you should come back everyday
6:49 am
the traffic. we're in the perfect location, you have got the 17. you have got the 10. at 19th and mcdow come back and do it. >> look at this wall to wall sunshine. >> i know. yeah, oh it is guy, 10 eastbound looks slammed right now but you can get in on this view too today, starting at noon and all weekend long. fbi way if you get here before 5:00, tickets are just $2. >> live at the >> i lover it. >> cool. >> how cool is that. >> the moment we have been waiting for. >> it is time to enjoy some baklava and get your -- >> opa. >> yes, yes,. >> the phoenix festival is in opportunity to share the rich history culture and culinary delights of greece. >> it is happening today through sunday at the holy trinity greek orgeat cox cathedral this morning just a little taste of what you can experience. we have sandy, ted, this a major thing for arizona for the
6:50 am
the state. people ask me tall time where to go to get greek food. come to greek festival. >> what's the food people have to get when they go. >> they have to it is -- that's how you say it. you have to come and get a gyro. you have to get this. we have lam shape. it is slow roast window gash click lemon and tomato sauce. our green beans slow roasted chicken and then our grandma in greek, they make thousands of pieces of pastry that are sold
6:51 am
baklava, -- what else do you want to know. >> it is all fantastic. it is made with, there's a lot of butter. there's a lot of hundred and nuts and all the good stuff. >> a lot of love. >> a lot of love. >> a lot of greek love. >> a lot. you can start the day off right with some greek wines and we have market, you can come and do shopping, t-shirts, jewelry and ted will show you a featured thing that's one of the most popular things as far >> yes, this a very hard salty cheese called -- so we slowly melt it down and then we will throw some brandy on it, lemon juice and top it with oregeno. >> let him do his thing. >> yes. >> ready?
6:52 am
and bethny homes just west of the 51, today, tomorrow and sunday, and from 5:00 tomorrow and sunday we open at 11:00 a.m. >> that's okay. >> that's all right. >> i will teach my kids to do this greek food. >> you put it on fresh greek oregeno. live greek performance all weekend long every hour on the hour. >> yes. >> there is something for everybody: it is a blast, you guys. >> can we just say minus the
6:53 am
>> olive oil, lemon use. >> what butter, what cheese. >> my favorite memory i love greek food. when i was 14 chicago we had dinner at a greek restaurant. we asked the waiter what's your name: he said -- >> we love to share our culture and food and show off our cooking. have the food, and the -- it is authentic costumes and authentic music. it is good stuff. >> i want to go. >> happening that weekend, biggest one in the state. you have to check it out. >> yes. >> [cheering and applause] >> weter and traffic before you head out the door. >> this is so good. >> where is it.
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6:55 am
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>> and i just want to say that girl, this not your first rodeo. you got this. you are a pro. so, again, congratulations and i cannot wait to meet your sweet, baby girl. so make sure you bring her by the station asap. >> i have to tell you, you both gave me the best advice going into having eli. >> what was that. >> you told me about the fourth
6:57 am
that stuff. >> yes. >> and i would have problems with you know, feeding and stuff like that. i would text her and she would come back with like novels on what to do and whatnot to do. it is the best. >> so nice. >> seriously, we are going to miss you. you are our bright spot in the morning. >> yes. >> get out. >> we are so excited. she's still cooking and nice and cozy. no. >> she made the statement i am done. let's come on out now. >> seriously. first baby girl. >> yes. >> eli, does he know what's going to happen. >> not a clue: neither do i: neither of us. >> it is going be two of you. >> i know you were concerned because it is like oh eli first born. there's something else about
6:58 am
special about having a baby girl and that mother and daughter relationship. it is like no other. so enjoy this time. you are just going to lover it. >> we can't wait to see her and meet her. we will hopefully sent brian west in the delivery room. snap chat and all of that. >> this is say little parting gift matt and me got you. >> just a littling. >> can i open it now. >> i have to. >> you can read the crash later. >> that's from matt. >> this is from >> oh my gosh, so sweet. >> right. >> and this one i just -- >> i wish they made this for adult. >> yes. >> because it is like butter soft. >> oh i love that. thank you so much. >> you are so welcome. we will miss you, girlfriend. >> a adore you. this is the best. >> from the executive producer. is it something really awkward. >> we will keep opening then. >> have a wonderful day, everyone.
6:59 am
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