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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a traffic nightmare for valley commuters.. as police shut down part of a busy freeway.. plus.. the n-f-l discovers a new way to fine players. 12 sports insider jay taylor will talk more about that.. and the internet is back at it again after last night's debate. in your morning juice. ???adlib welcome ???toss weather
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a major traffic alert for valley commuters this morning - after troopers shut down part of the loop 101..
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near 64th street with what is going on - and how to get around it... this morning.. a 9-
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this morning.. a 9- year-old girl is missing from mesa. team 12's nico santos is live with what's being done to find her and how
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and just a few minutes ago.. we learned police are looking learned police few minutes and just a and just a few minutes ago.. we learned police are looking for another girl - who went missing yesterday from phoenix. tim-goy dak is 8-years-old. she's about 4-feet tall and weighs 65 pounds. anyone who has seen her - should call police immediately. checking your hot headlines.. yavapai county officials have arrested a man for allegedly murdering his pregnant wife. 41-year-old kenneth blair was arrested in prescott after he called
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been accidentally shot - but he later admitted he got upset with his wife and shot her. their two kids were home at the time but were not hurt. a man is in critical condition right now.. after he was shot yesterday morning. it happeend near 37-th avenue and camelback road. police say it appears two men - both carrying guns - got into an argument and one of them fired shots. a mountain biker is recovering this morning after he had to be rescued sunday morning. fire crews say the 54-year-old man was hurt when he wrecked his bike. it happene a to be taken down the mountain by firefighters. what do you think is the most romantic city in arizona? according to "travel and leisure".. it is tucson. leisure".. it is to "travel and leisure".. it is tucson. the southern arizona city made the list for 20 most romantic cities in america.. tucson making the cut because of its options for golf and horseback riding.. as well as a good bar and restaurant scene. talking sports now..
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england patriots' q-b tom brady returned to the field after a four-week suspension. brady went 28-of-40 brady went 28-of-40 passing for 406 yards.. three touchdowns and no interceptions. 12 sports insider jay taylor joins us now. jay - could this be brady's jay - could this
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the n-f-l will enact a the n-f-l the n-f-l the n-f-l will enact a new league policy this week involving social media. from kick-off to an hour after the post their own videos to social media. they can only re-post n-f-l owned videos on twitter and use snapchat. if they don't follow the new rules - they
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still ahead on 12 today.. it's money saving monday.. and today we've got a way you can ditch the gym membership - without missing a single fitness class.
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what people online noticed - that you didn't. that's in your morning juice.. 12 today will be in two minutes..
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###break### ###break### it was a it was a special morning in downtown phoenix on sunday.. for a very important cause. thousands of people showed up for the 24th annual susan g. komen race for the cure event to fight breast cancer. team 12 is a proud sponsor of the event and our own joe dana was among those out there meeting some of the
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runners... inspirational of the of the inspirational runners... this year.. the organization raised $750- thousand dollars.. and online donations are being accepted through october 31st on komen
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?? traffic ??
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traffic this morning.. matthew is no longer a hurricane - but it continues to create serious problems for the southeast.. as it swirls away from the coast. right now.. north carolina is north carolina is feeling the brunt.. as rivers top their banks and flood the state. but they're not the
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damage stretches across five states. ???adlib ???adlib weather
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morning juice???toss morning juice???toss morning juice if you if you watched the second presidential debate last night -- you are aware that a star was born.. no.. we're not talking we're talking about "the fly"... during the debate.. a pesky fly would not leave secretary clinton alone. it landed on her shirt - even her face. online trolls were joking that they would joking that they would rather vote for the fly than either of the candidates on stage last night. donald donald trump did not escape the internet either. he also became the center of attention - when he appeared to lurk behind ms. clinton as she answered a
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whole thing made people very uncomfortable and they took to twitter - calling mr. trump all sorts of names.. including a creeper. now time now time now time for your juicy question of the morning... 60-percent of people have this in their wallet right now. although most of them admit they don't use this. what is this?
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it's money saving monday and today's tip involves free fitness classes. ditch the gym membership - and stream fitness classes online instead. some sites charge a small fee - but it's often cheaper than an in-person class. check out "yoga today".. "daily burn" and "gaiam t-v" cheap classes. no topic was off limits at last night's debate. we've got the top takeaways when 12 today returns in three minutes.. ###break###
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saturday saturday
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saturday saturday night live kicked things off over the weekend.. with trump's open mic debacle. and that was just the first of many zingers - hurled at trump. host - lin manuel host - lin manuel miranda had a few in his opening monologue and weekend update's - colin jost and michael che dedicated most of their segment to the election. it certainly was something s in saint louis, missouri. the second presidential debate got heated - both candidates hurling personal attacks at each other. team 12's steven handelsman has a recap
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the deadline to register to vote is just hours away. if you haven't done so already - you can go online and register. we have a link on 12-news-dot-com. early voting begins this wednesday. still ahead on 12 today.. she's the queen of halloween - heidi klum giving us a sneak peek of her costume and more.. coming up in the morning juice. ???bryan teases ###break### teases???bryan teases
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a deadly police shooting along the loop 101 in north scottsdale...we are live with the latest. police in mesa... looking for this missing 9 year old girl this morning. and some are calling it the nastiest debate they've ever seen.we're recapping the fight between donald trump and
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