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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MST

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of the bedrooms. witnesses showed them which house they came from. they found the body of the 36- year-old man. the police saying that he killed himself. not before shooting two little girls, ages 4 and 5. a terrible
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professionals. >> the children are -- the adult male's biological children. just talking about it and was not inside the home. i can't imagine what the officers are feeling now. we're taking care of them and making sure they're doing l. this is tragic alone for the family and community. it's going to be incredibly hard. >> and it's already incredibly hard. one of the neighbors we were talking to on the verge of tears thinking about the loss here and police were saying one of the calls came from the ex-wife of the man who shot the kids. she requested the police do a welfare check out here. we understanded that two roommates are home at the time of the shooting and detectives are questioning them as well. there are a lot of questions unanswered this morning. >> nico, thank you. the time is 6:01 and let's check the forecast, whether you went to the fair this weekend
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it was toasty out. >> you were sweating it, huh? >> yes. and check out the sunrise right now. it's about the temperatures in the afternoon. right now, it's all about the glow on the horizon as the sun gets ready to pop up in 30 minutes and what we have going for us now. 68 degrees here at the 12 news studios and let's say it. we have more of the sunshine coming at you. just no ifs,ands, or butts sixty to 66 degrees for your bus stop forecast there. around sunrise is why where we will find the coolest temperatures crews in with the windows down. 66 to 74 and as you turn around and head home, ac is required here. we max out again, fallling to 84 degrees by the time rush hour ramps up. >> and now a quick check of
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crystal. don't worry. i chose to wear the black today. a lot of us decided to wear red. the color scheme a little bit. as far as your traffic goes here, on your monday morning, we're wide open but for a crash at the 51 and mini stack. i will get you a camera and just a second. first, we're talking about game- day traffic. cake error erroroff at 5:30 p.m. there are huge 10 westbound. you can use mcdowel or buren tonight. the 101 southbound around the stadium, you can use 91th avenue to get to the game or avoid the area at all. if that is on your commute home from work and this sixer-10 at the mini stack. the crash is off to the side. emergency crews are working on this one, but vehicles are able to make it around. take it slow if this is part of
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avenue to scottsdale road is wide open with the 51 southbound and the 101 northbound. tram. thank you, we're three weeks from the election. democrats are working hard to week to turn arizona into a state. bernie sanders is going to come tomorrow to hold rallies for hillary clinton. on wednesday, chelsea clinton will be here and she'll be at a rally at, su at tempe. she's expected to push for early which vote, set for 1:15 p.m. at memorial union. the visit is coming hours before. you can watch it live here on the big 12. covishage starts at 6:00. stick around for an all new blind spot and 12 news at 9 and 10. >> and many believe that wednesday is transfer's final chance to swing the elect. hillary clinton holds a lead over trump, according to the
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in a four-way race, she comes in with 48%; mr. trump at 11%. gary johnson at 7 and jill stein with 2%. and when it comes to analytics, the website 538 gives miss clinton an 86% chance of winning the election. for battleground states, the website gives her a 52 chance of winning arizona and leads in other battleground states, including ohio, pe don't forget, 12 news is arizona's place for politics. trump continues his allegations that this election is rigged. >> the main culprit, the news media. team 12's edward lawrence has more on the story from d.c. >> reporter: donald trump called people representing hillary clinton animals in a tweet after someone fire bombed the gop headquarters in orange county, north carolina. as politics in north carolina turned violent -- . >> a totally rigged election.
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from the media promoting false stories about him. governor mike pence defended his running mate on nbcs meet the press and accuse said report storers. >> and the way the media is experiencing a hard e of corruption since pence. >> reporter: pence is referring to e-mails from the clinton campaign posted to wikileaks and others. se top of the democratic ticket and said we can't take the hacked e mails as fact. >> we have to be careful about these. since they're part of an effort by russia and wikileaks and they're neither neutral transmitters of information. >> reporter: as wikileaks released transcripts of paid speeches to wall street executives this weekend, clinton has no public events scheduled for now until the
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>> thank you, edward. the red sea is about to rise tonight. the cards host monday night football. 70,000 fans will pack the university of phoenix stadium and our own brian west is out live in glenndale this morning. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, tram. a big night for big red fraps. the red sea is rising here. don't be fooled by the parking lot. i packed, like you said, around 1:30 when the parking lots opened. it's encouraging for fans to arrive from 1:30 to 2:30. and they should plan the routes. if you can take a different loop because, as you know, always bumper-to-bumper hours and since the parking lot opens at 1:30, events are starting that early and the primetime
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the flight deck and big red blue house -- brew house open at 4:00 with kickoff starting at 5:30. and the cards are coming off of a win for the jets and 49ers. they lost three games straight and we're wishing them a lot of luck as they rise here. brian west, 12 today. >> thank you. and let's switchgears and talk about baseball now. the arizona diamondbacks will formally introduce their new executive vice president general manager. the snakes have hired mike hazen. the 40-year-old was working as the gm forward red sox. and that hiring means the team can move on to filling other vacancies, most obviously, the manager spot. many in the baseball world expect the next manager to come from the red sox. >> and sticking with baseball, tonight is game 3 of the morn league championship series. the cleveland indians lead the blue jays two gapes to none.
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and things are getting chipper here. batista implied the series could be rigged and told reporters, quote, all you have to do is look at video and count how many times the indians catchers have thrown pitches over the plate. it's not been many. they are able to do that because of the circumstances i am not trying to talk about because i can't. the indians twitter account troweled sending out this tweet implying the 2-0 lead has nothing to do with empi dodgers are tied at one apiece. this is the only run of the game. adrian gonzalez with the solo homer in the top and second. that was all l.a. needed. kershaw and the bullpen gave up two hits and pay walk. game three is tomorrow night at dodger stadium. for nans -- infas, this game is cheaper. we checked the resale market
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350. that may seem high for you, right? however, that is a far cry from chicago. you see, the average resale price in chicago last night, we're talking just over $900 a ticket. >> my goodness. >> huge! >> and look at what is on the loop here. they have not been to a world series since 1945 and there is a website called ticket city. it said the average ticket price will be $3,500 and box seats will go between 25 and >> i mean i had to say i am a dodgers fan. okay, so it iacs divides house. my husband from chicago, i am from southern california. i have to tell you, they -- man, the folks, the can uns fans -- the cubs fans, wrigley field, there is nothing like it. >> right. >> it's huge. a great, great stadium and that is kind of -- i don't know, as a dodgers fan, you have to go for the cubs a bit. >> you want them to wind. >> yeah.
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>> that would be monumental. >> and you can hear them from the valley. >> there are a ton of chicagoans in the valley. >> and we'll see what happens. >> just ahead, we're talk music. a valley man is ready to go on the voice and why eminem is making his way into your morning juice. >> we're going to get medieval on republicans coming our way and our shot of the morning. you're watching 12 and today. oh! kevin's lunch! freaky fast. fifth time this week.
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welcome back, everybody. to 12 and today. a live look now at a fiery sky. my goodness, that is gorgeous. the sun is up and 6:49 is the time. 68 degrees and into the cool weather while it lasts. we get into the 90s later today. it's time for more morning juice. we're talking the voice. >> and the battle rounds. they continue tonight and we're
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a little faith. faith in me. have a little faith in me. have a little faith in me. >> very nice. blaine long is from chandler. he is on team blake. boy, he can sing as you heard
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transformers is a robot. he plays with it and it's a car. he's learning things and using his mind. but what does barbie do? what does he transform into? a ho. that is it. barbie is nothg that is all. >> oh, man. wow, okay. and he will give her perspective on decision 2016. if she is saying that about barbie, you better watch what she says about trump and hillary. the entire show at 3:00. watch ellen before first at 4. the music the moment you
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it go. you get one shot, do not miss a chance to blow this opportunity. >> such a great song. happy birthday to eminem. he turns 44 years old. >> i know. i didn't think he was that age. >> hing loose -- looks like he's in his 20s. hard to believe his breakthrough album was released almost 17 years ago. which means when the radio started playing his song, my name successes our 4:30 a.m. producas elementary school. wes, don't get mad at me for saying that. i'm just reading who on ur executive producer wrote. tonight take it personally. he slams all of us. >> that makes me feel old. i remember that song from yesterday. >> and come out with new songs. >> see what happens. it's time for the juicy question of the morning. most men have two or four of these and most women have four or six of these. although most of us need one.
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>> sunglasses is good. i know that, discount shoes, right. >> and a lot of people were saying shoes. you need more than one. >> e-mail accounts, shampoo, best friends. let us know what you think. >> right now, it's 6:18 and check your roads with jen wall. go cards. >> yeah, hopefully they have a win today. as far as the cardinals go, they're going to roadways this afternoon and evening. we have brian west live out there. you want to avoid the i-10 westbound, the 101 southbound from about 3:30 on. this is a look at i-10 and the mini stack. we had a crash here earlier. that is moved off and vehicles are just fine. the rest of the valley is clear. we don't have anything to report. if you're heading out of the door, you can expect nice, cool
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rush-hour slowdowns as we're closer to 7 and 8 this morning. for your drive times here from careen week -- queen creek to 7th street, you can hit 60 miles an hour and the 202, red mountain and santan wide open here taking 15 and 20 minutes to where you need to go and now to crystal for a look at your monday weather forecast. >> we're refilling on it all today from the co the sunny and warm afternoons and we're getting it kicked off here with a fiery sunrise. i think that is mother nature's way of saying go cards. do you see all of the red. in that glow now? looking good and that current symptom is 67 degrees. something very special happens today. we actually drop the average high temperature to 88 degrees and that does not mean the
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the trend of the 90 degrees nonsense and have been doing it since october 5th. look at the headline at the bottom of your screen. right now, this is the 37th warmest since 1895. at the pace we're on, we're going to be climbing in that rank. all right, let's look at the big picture here. windy in the high country today. the high pressure takes over and this weather pattern is just really locked in. all week long if the's going to ship the all of the storms and at shunt all of the storms and the passing clouds to the north. a glancing blow and we get nothing but sunshine and above average warmth. perhaps you will enjoy your lunch alfresco. 81 degrees by 11:00; by noon, 84 and closer to the 90 degrees territory at 1 and let's get you ready for tailgating and a pair of 8s there at 1:30 at the
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90 degrees territory. by then, we'll hit a high of 91 degrees and after the cardinals have won, 80 degrees for the drive home, light winds and pay beautiful evening unfolding. in the high country, we'll have the gusts up there. today up to 35 miles an hour and tomorrow, up to 25 miles per hour and wednesday, we knock off about 6 degrees and the overnight lows into the mid- 30s. for the valley, there is no ifs, ands, or butts about it and we have more heading your way each and every day. the allergies will be a problem. nothing but that unlimited sunshine overhead every day. matt. >> and thank you, crystal. and they're still killing my eyes. next, do you know how many tattoos the person sitting next to aught work might have? there is a tidal wave of tattoos at your job and you
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it. >> it's october meaning the pumpkins are flying.
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. good morning to you.
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gorgeous morning. and our question to you, nearly 35 million pounds of this halloween treats are produced each and every year. what is the answer, you think? >> i'm still sticking with candy corn. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's ump ken pie but tram mai was right. >> it was ranked the worst candy. >> the second worse. eat it. >> i never heard of anyone do -- anyone doing that. >> i am with you, too, girlfriend. >> you're nibbling on it like a chipmunk. >> and savor. students launching pumpkins into the air like catapults. >> in the name of learning. high school teams competed in distance and accuracy, competition at the great pumpkin farm near buffalo, new york. get a load of that.
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shed. all while learning valuable math and science skills and life skills like working together. the winning launch for the distance category sent a pumpkin sailing an impressive 483 feet. oh, my god. that is far. wow! >> and you don't want to get hit by one. it will skosh you -- squash you. >> that is good. grab a fork and twirl. >> today is national pasta day. the day all things and noodles. in case didn't know, spaghetti, torta line, and others get the names of the pasta. olive garden will offer pasta lovers unlimited servings of their fast pasta combinations for did then -- $10 and that runs for a month ever you can't make it today or make your own like tram did last night. ingredients are simple. this is homemade. >> yes. >> flour and water and egg if
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tram likes to cook. have you ever made homemade pasta from scratch? >> and you have to add olive oil to that, too. no, i have not made homemade pasta. what i make is homemade marinara sauce. >> okay. >> so good and simple ingredients. question for you, do you use a spoon when you twirl? when you eat the spa getty? >> i cut it. i eat it [ laughter ] >> i need to have a different conversation on someone else on this. i'm talking to the non-food eat herer. you cut your spa getty with a knife? >> i like the noodles, the rigatoni. i am not a big fan of ling weenie. >> okay. >> and to each their own. >> am a really that crazy? >> yes, and weird. >> so, your arizona cardinals want to make it to the superbowl, they almost need to
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the two things that the team must do to get a victory. >> see what happens when you don't use a spoon. it might be a time for holiday shopping. a new survey of how much we will spend. >> if you're like tram, you like to take pictures of your food. >> yes. >> this morning, what you the two about your food may reveal a lot about your health. >> die all of the fatty foods.
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. right now on 12 today, people finally return home after a massive inferno in the east valley. >> after weeks of repairs, two glendale schools will finally welcome back students. >> is it the end of facebook? snapchat could soon be king of social media. >> and we'll get to those stories and much more in just a moment. first, a horrific shooting de valley. the killer, their own father. nico santos is in west phoenix with the top story. >> reporter: this morning, i can't imagine what that discovery is like for police officers who were told having a tough time with this one today. some of the neighbors now, that the sun is coming up, scratching their heads and maybe saying they didn't hear gunshots or anything at all. in is an active crime scene. the phoenix police department
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near broadway and 91st avenue. the detectives spent much of the evening and overnight in one of the upstairs bedrooms where the bodies were found. the original 911 call about shots fired and witnesses had to show off which home it came from. when they entered, they found a 36-year-old man dead. he killed himself but not before shooting two little girls, ages 4 and 5. a terrible discovery. one young girl was alive at the this is a double murder suicide. we understanded the man's ex- wife called 911 asking police to do a welfare check on the children. it's not clear how she knew it happened but that it was not here. there is not much information in terms of 911 calls in the past, but we know that there were two roommates the man was living w inside the house at the time it happened and detectives questioning them
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>> thank you for the update. and now to your hot headlines this minute, we have new video to show you the chaos after the truck drove off a bridge and went into a crowd of people in southern california this past weekend. you can see the driver of the truck pulled clear of the wreckage. people were killed when that truck flew off of the coronado bridge and fell 60 feet into a crowd in the park. two are from here in chandler. the with dui and manslaughter. and the spot in the spark where four people lost their lives was lit up last night. the community leaders gathered to hold a prayer vigile. and just a matter of hours, two schools closed for safety reasons in glenndale will reopen to students. a recent improvement project
6:34 am
and chandler schools. construction crews have been making the need of repairs the past few weeks while students attended different schools. >> and students have been allowed back into the homes. the investigation revs up into what sparked the inferno. -- inferno. it took 150 firefighters to destroy it and that is near gil pert and guadalupe roads. twenty people living nearby were displaced because of concerns levels. no injured were reported. >> and the developer who currently owns the metrocenter mall wants to clarify reports it's to be demolished. they said it will look different but will not be raised completely. instead, the plan is to turn it into office space and housing. no word on when construction might begin. and let's get a quick check
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>> reporter: official sunrise here is happening in three seconds, two, one. and 6:35. that is the official sunrise. and we're looking at a current temperature outside of the 12 news studios at 67 degrees. you know what? the workweek is picking up where the weekend left off. so that means we're going to keep the sunshine around and the above-average temperatures every day this week. so, don't let this morning go if you're getting the kidos ready, make sure they have the layers going on. we're talking between 60, 66 degrees and into the valley neighborhoods. then, warming up into the 90s by this afternoon. and for your morning rush hour, from 66 to 74, there are windows there and on the way home,tonno to84 and back to
6:36 am
than normal this afternoon. the cards are hosting monday night football. the fans will head to the stay under-- stadium in six hours and brian west is there and is live in glenndale with what will will happen. hey, brian. >> reporter: how's it going, tram. good morning. big night for reds fans as the cardinals take on the jets. all happening here at the university of phoenix stadium. like you said, it's going to be heavy traffic and crazy parking for monday night football. now, fans are era arrive as soon as the lots open and encouraged the first two hours to get here. 1:30 to 3:30. season ticket holders and game holders should plan the routes and they encourage fans. if you can take a different proroute from the i-10 to 101, you know hours before the game is bumper-to-bumper traffic. and there are events that start early. at 2:30, the flight deck and big red brew house open.
6:37 am
at 4:00 and at 5:30. the cards are coming off of a win over the 49ers while the jets have lost three games straight. so we're are wishing the cardinals the best of luck as they take on the jets tonight at the university of phoenix stadium. after tonight's game, you can, of course, watch the cardinals again on sunday right here on channel 12 for sunday night football. live in glenndale, brian west, 12 today. >> and thank you. we'll have the keys to victory in a moment. and first, a quick check of the >> and we will talk traffic in just a moment. and i want -- we have wall-to- wall backups going on and looks like things in chandler and e- 10 westbound, and that is one of the slower -- slower areas for the morning commute. the i-10 eastbound at 83rd avenue. for your game day traffic, kickoff is at 5:30 p.m.
6:38 am
you are driving in these areas because of work. you're going to want to use mcdowel or van buren on the i- 10 westbound. on noonth avenue and 91st avenue. instead of the 101 southbound around the stadium. and for what is happening now, e-10 westbound at chandler boulevard is wall-to-wall traffic this morning and doesn't look like any major crashes in the area but we big slow downs. thank you very much for that update. and new information on 12 news now. the fight begins to take back mosul. ash carter, the defense secretary, said the start of iraqi operation is a decisive moment in the campaign to deliver a lasting defeat to the islamic state group. the offensive to draw the militants from iraq's second largest city will be the toughest battle since the u.s.
6:39 am
about 12 u.s.-trained iraqi brigades will be involved in this operation. and today, the obama administration is lifting the decades old $100 limit on cuban rum and cigars and that is part of a new round of executive actions. there is one catch, though. you can't order cuban cigars online or have it shipped to the u.s. starting in the trial of a former penn state coach. mcchoi's child sexual abuse. mccreary lost the job after the accusations came to light and claims school header -- leaders punished him for helping prosecutors and defamed him. >> a trial against rolling stone magazine is underway today. a university of virginia administrator is suing over her portrayal in an article detailing a shocking gang rape at a fraternity.
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. >> get them to pay it for me. >> yeah. >> and snapchat. i am not sure how to use it. >> i use it but with the kids? >> yeah. >> and all right. and this is probably not news to most of us. if you have a tattoo, you may want to cover it up at the office. one/3 of 18 to 44-year-olds have at least one tattoo, even though more people have them, they are still often discouraged in the workplace and that reconstructant to higher employees with a visible tattoo. okay and some people would say personal expression, right? right. >> and when in roam. >> exactly. >> do what protocol. >> if the person writing your paycheck said don't show your tattoo, don't show it. in two minutes, we're coming back and talking about zombies. the walking dead will highlight your morning juice. >> plus, it will be number one
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why the first five minutes of the game could decide if they win or lose. we'll talk with jay taylor
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connecting with my friends. love it. connecting with some sketchy guy from a blocked number who just called saying he's with a tech company that needs remote access to my computer to block a virus he detected?! really? hey we hear you. that's why aarp created the fraud watch network. to help you protect your family with information on the latest scams, so you can spot fraud from a mile away. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp".
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. wax, everybody. to 12 today. it's 6:44. time again for your morning juice. the walking dead apparently
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walking dead. >> the zombie dram is -- drama is renewed for an 8th season. season 8 will premier late next year and kick off with the drama's 100th episode. >> wow. >> i don't know. i don't understand the whole zombie craze, you know, but people love it. >> i get scared. i would be afraid to sleep at night after that. >> didn't you get dressed up as a zombie at one time? >> yes, i did. there was a zombie show and let me that was pretty funny. >> be careful on the roads. >> speaking of dressing up, still in the market for a halloween costume. this is ridiculous. you have the opportunity to tap into political fever for halloween. the site is selling a sexy, undecided voter costume. hmm, look familiar? it's inspired by ken bone. obviously, it looks different. the costume includes a smaller red sweater, fake mustache and
6:46 am
it costs $70. >> right. >> cut half of it off. >> yeah. >> so who is ready to feel old this morning? >> oh, no. >> i hate it when we talk about the age. luke perry is no longer in high school. you could say he's moving to 90250. yeah, apparently he's on the cover of >> yeah, he does. >> fifty years old k you believe it? if that is what 50 looks like, my goodness. looking good. >> exactly. and dillan mckay grew up and is thinking of retirement. 25 years ago, he was on the cover of 17 and teen beat magazines. >> i wonder if women have that magazine back at home. >> oh, my gosh. maybe. >> you know. that was the hottest show. >> everyone loved it. >> i did, too.
6:47 am
collection. >> okay. and it's time for your juicy question of the morning and answer. most men have one or two of these and most have 4 and 6 of these. are useful and some for decoration. i hope my answer is right. >> what was that? >> i said sunglasses. >> and not a comb. >> and let's see what it is >> wow. >> i have tub on the bed. >> i used two. >> on the left and right side. >> i have a million pillows. i have like 10. >> exactly. >> and it's all that comfort. >> yeah. >> let's see how comfortable it is driving into work. >> don't fall asleep on the roadways. nice and comfortable. that is a good term to use this morning.
6:48 am
stadium. the cards kick off at 5:30 p.m. the 101 southbound, also the 10 westbound through phoenix and into glendale. expected to be jam packed this afternoon. avoid the area if you can, around 3:30 p.m. all of the way through. the commute this evening is going to be a complete mess because of the cards game. as far as the rest of the valley goes and your morning commute, we don't have any sticky spots just like that. we had a crash eer since been cleared at the i-10 eastbound and 51st avenue. it was blocking the right lane on-ramp, but now, that has been moved away and the red is still in the area here just because of typical rush-hour drive times. i-10 eastbound, the 17 southbound from the 303 to the split are both in the yellow zone. for now, we're going to send it to crystal for a look at your monday forecast. >> and well, rise and shine. because the sun is officially
6:49 am
get you here. it's a beautiful morning here and going to be a fantastic day. you know what? the cardinals are playing here at home. with weather this nice, let's tailgate, right in and breaking down the forecast, a pair of 8s and make sure to cart along the fans or misters. it might feel warm in the direct sunlight. the kickoff is above the territory and after the cardinals won, i thi forecast, a temperature of 80 degrees at 8:30, the light winds, clear skies. high pressure has our name on it and with ebb and flow in the atmosphere, it's still going to control the reins of our forecast. the pattern is locked this and windy in the high country the next few days and that is the only hiccup in the forecast.
6:50 am
forward. in fact, your allergy report, more of the same, unfortunately. blame the rag weed. today, right now, 67 in phoenix; we're seeing that same reading here at the 12 news studios. upper 50s for prescott and sedona, chilly, flagstaff at 49 and 52 at the grand canyon. perhaps he's bringing you his leash and wants to go for a walk. 66 is the orde seventy by 8:00, nine, 74, sunshine each and every hour. today, something special happens. we drop the average high temperature to 88 degrees and that does not mean we playing by the rules today. we're tacking on 3 degrees in phoenix. 79 for sedona; kingman, 78; lake havasu city close to 90 degrees. the seven-day forecast, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and beyond. that sun's going to be shining
6:51 am
temperatures. matt. >> thank you. the arizona cardinals are hosting the football. the jets jar in town, a homecoming for the quarterback. ryan fitzpatrick is a valley native and went to the high school. this is back in the friday night fever days before going on to play at harvard. we expect him to leave up to with a loss. 12 sports expert, former arizona cardinal himself jay taylor is here this morning. what do they have particularly on defense. >> and they got math -- the running back and need to stop the run. if they want the defense to be successful against the past, which they are when they get teams pinned back, they have to know is to the run. we know the jets are struggling with the passing game. fitzpatrick is throwing a lot of interceptions. you want to make them try and squeeze the ball in and let the defense play. >> and talk about the offense, the cardinals are averaging 25 points a game and the offense is struggling. the jets have the number two
6:52 am
does that concern you the all, especially with carson palmer taking a week off because of the concussion? >> it concerns me but they have to stick to it and run the ball and make the front 7 to commit itself to take advantage of the secondary, weak for the jets this area. and that is going to be a tough task. when you look at the front seven, they have guys. >> right. >> not scoring in the first quarter. around, you end up losing, okay. starting off fast and taking the air out of them and puts your team in a better light. it allows the second, third, and fourth quarter to be more successful. >> and you can say this about any team on any week. michael floyd has to hang on to -- michael floyd has to hang on to the ball. >> get him start side a good thing. with john browning, letting them catch the slants.
6:53 am
tonight? >> i think it's going to be a close game, 28-24. >> cards? >> cards. >> stick around. it's 6:52. a final check of weather and traffic before heading out to start the day. next here on 12 today. first, light check in with "the
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i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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welcome back. it's 12 today. 6:56 on this monday morning. i hope you had a great weekend and you're off to a great start. a final check of the traffic. >> all right, guys.
6:57 am
valley. we haven't had any major issues so far. on your monday morning, things are picking up this afternoon, especially tonight. avoid the i-10 westbound through phoenix and into glenndale. also, the 101 southbound if that is your evening commute. use mcdowel, van buren, 99th avenue or 91st avenue because the kickoff is at 5:30 p.m. for the arizona cardinals and we know it's go -- it's going to be a mess with the game on top patience this afternoon and evening. crystal. >> and today, we're on pace mass max out at 91 degrees in the afternoon. for now, we're starting off with scratch basically at 67 degrees here at the 12 news studios. we keep it the same. there is a modest increase on the thermometer by late week into the weekend, which is above average, but each and ever day, you can count on that sun shining. >> and looking good.
6:58 am
morning, chances are your youngest kids may not know the beatles. this holiday season, they can have their own yellow submarine from leggos. they introduced the toy to mark 50 years since the release of the song. the box includes 550 pieces and maybe figures representing john, paul, george, and ringo. the set will sell for 50 to 60 and will be available come november 1st. and we all live in a yellow submarine. right? >> it's a red submarine today. to win. sporting the cardinals red and my earrings. sharing the love with our jen wall who has the same earrings. go cards. jay tailors 28, 24. i will say a bigger spread. 32-24. >> 32-24? >> yeah. >> and hope they win. that is all that matters. >> yes. >> and doesn't matter what the score hits. cards wristband, too and red shoelaces. 12 news is always on >> and you have to sport the
7:00 am
good morning. good morning. out on a limb. donald trump ratchets up claims the election is rigged. surrogates each his own running mate apparently not on board. >> i accept the results of the election. >> after the republican headquarters is fire bombed trump points the finger at animals representing hillary clinton. are his accusations making impact. our new poll numbers are in. breaking overnight, backed by the u.s., iraq launches a massive offensive to retake mosul from isis. the largest operation against the terror group ever. richard engel is live with one


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