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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 p.m. starts now. tracking the big picture tonight attack and crashes his car into a lake. family pets go missing and one e. valley neighborhood. they think someone might be stealing them. this man reveals to his son that his mom died of a drug overdose. should it been -- have been filmed? >> and we are counting down to the tonight show with jimmy fallon.
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of the cardinals game tonight. 12 news at 10:00 p.m. starts now. a 12 news exclusive. a dramatic scene after a car plunges into the water. the driver had just suffered a heart attack and was trapped inside. for a few minutes it didn't look good. >> that is until a witness decided to jump in and help. >> ryan cody due to that hero out >> reporter: more often than not the good in our community tends to fall through the cracks. but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. this intersection in chandler is the location where a few weeks ago one man was in the right place at the right time. he showed the good inhumanity by doing the right thing without thinking in the blink of an eye.
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think about it every time i drive by this spot. i was coming out of the gym across the street and i hear the thump of a car going over a curb. there is a white suv that went into the lake. i jump into the lake as fast as i could. i could see the man was foaming at the mouth. he was either having a seizure or a heart attack. so i ran back to my car and got my tire right broke through the window again when i jumped into the lake again. i ripped open the window and pulled his foot off of the accelerator and started doing chest compressions. that is when the police officer arrived and they jumped into the water as quickly as they could. between myself and two other officers, we pulled him from the car all the way to the side over here. and then we lifted him up onto
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here. the paramedics took over and immediately you could see was starting to resuscitate. this is a great example of how important and valuable the support of our police and fire department and paramedics is. so many people take them for granted but they did not hesitate to jump in the water and save this man's life by resuscitating him. my hats off to the chandler police department, the chandler fire departments and those around the world. the man saved that night is doing just fine tonight. he did decline our request for an interview and at this time has yet to reached out to the
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we need many more examples of this to show how good our community can be. ryan in code base chandler. back to you guys. right now we're learning the father that took the lives of his two young daughters had a history of violent. the discovery was made late sunday night in a neighborhood near 91st on broadway. the sisters had been shot to death and e himself next. jared mendes was arrested in 2006 four assault, making threats, and intimidating someone. in 2013, he was again arrested for assault. that case was dismissed by the court. records show his wife, his mother, got an order of protection against him in june and she had called police
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welfare check on the girls. there were two other people in the house at the time of the shooting. they have been taken it -- in for questioning. new video tonight showing the chaos after a truck drove off a bridge and felt 60 feet onto a crowd in southern california this past weekend. for people were killed -- four people were killed. you can see the driver of the truck the active duty salyer -- sailor has been charged tonight. this is a 26-year-old man being rescued from a chimney. he told firefighters he locked his keys in the house and was just trying to get back in. his feet were touching the floor but then he got stuck for several hours. only on 12 news tonight, a
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up hope that then there is a possible sighting of the dog in their own neighborhood. >> could it have been stolen by someone they knew? we have more and why they think it may not be the only dog involved.>> reporter: two dogs have disappeared two years apart. yelps coming from a trailer in this home. heard but almost never seen. tonight there are new suspicions as to why. said that is this lady saw us walking down there she yanked the dog inside. >> reporter: her dog disappeared in june. we heard the dog start barking ferociously at the fence and we went outside and snoop was gone.
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to sleep . it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: four months past and no sign of snoop until saturday. they saw a dog they believe to be a snoop around the corner. the owner is one who groomed neighborhood pets including one of hers. she refused to let her see the dog. she said well yeah but i've been boarding him for three months and i'm not giving him back. >> reporter: sheriff was called. they told her she would have to take the woman to court. the deputy calls it a civil matter in his report. >> even if i have his papers and medical records and pictures to prove that it is him . he said it is something that a judge will need to determine. >> reporter: watching everything unfold was kelly, another neighbor with a missing dog. >> reporter: he was in american
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>> they just picked him up and took him. dogs are family members. >> reporter: we did try to speak to someone at the home and no one would answer. according to the sheriff's report the woman had had the dog for four months. todd has no plans of giving up. we did as the sheriff's office why they cannot investigate the they told us they will get back to us. animal control is also looking into the property because of conditions that were reported. now to decision 2016. today show host billy bush has been fired. bush was suspended on october 9, two days after contents of the 2005 tape were
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no word on the details of the terms of bush's settlement. the 44-year-old said he was embarrassed and ashamed and thanked his family and colleagues for their support. trump's wife, melania trump, blamed bush for the excess hollywood tape. >> she >> reporter: they described it as locker room talk. is that what it is to you?>> it is like to donate -- two teenage boys. they should behave better, right? >> he was 59. >> sometimes i say i have two boys at home. i have my young son and my husband.
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that's how i saw it, yes. >> she said accusations of sexual misconduct against her husband are lies created by his opponents. meanwhile drop called -- donald trump called the election rigged . three big names are coming to arizona this week to rally support for hillary clinton. bernie sanders, chelsea clinton are making stops in our state. sanders will be in flagstaff and tucson on tuesday, and chelsea clinton will be at arizona state university on wednesday. the first lady is coming to phoenix on thursday. bringing pressure is dave johnson. dave johnson off to the races! he will score!
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and the cardinals. they win over the new york jets tonight, 28-3 . cooper is here to break it down. >> reporter: let me say this. the cardinals were given a desperate jets team. we are guards right there. he got the job done protecting carson palmer. he opened up calls for dave johnson. let's single out number 73, the other guard on the team who also protect carson palmer, who was not sacked. a job well done. let's check in with dave johnson
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he will do the rest, 185 total yards and two touchdowns on his last game against the 49ers. he is arguably the best all- around running back in the game today. without further ado, cameron cox was sidelined at the game. he has the action. >> reporter: you said it best, just give him the ball and let them work. carsonme he was a little dehydrated and was cramping in his hamstring. he did say something that stuck with me after the game. we are lining up and we will run the football whether the other team knows it or not. dave johnson is the first cardinal players to have eight rushing touchdowns to the first
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to describe the performance of dave johnson today? >> it is fun to watch. i have never seen anything like it. >> i love dave johnson. >> any time dave johnson gets the ball i am screaming, that's dave johnson! >> this is a heckuva defense to run against and i thought we accomplish it. i am very proud of the two guards for stepping in. they must a block three or four guys. >> when you are running down the sideline with dave johnson, you almost beat him to the end zone. >> it was awesome. we just wanted to finish every play. >> the way our line is helping, blocking their tight end and receivers is making my life a lot easier. whenever you can run the ball it makes carson's life a lot easier. if i can continue to do what i can to get the arts, it will help out.
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back in football, no doubt. also his favorite high school teacher traveled all the way down from i will just to watch him run and put on a show tonight and boy did he. the cardinals had two back-to- back 13 yard touchdown drives. next week they play on sunday night football. cameron cox reporting. back to you guys. next sunday it is the ca sunday night football. we will have special pregame coverage starting at 3:00 p.m. coverage starting at 3:00 p.m. and after the game we will have 12 sports overtime to talk about live postgame coverage from the stadium. 12 news at 10:00 p.m. continues with more stories next . why did a dad record himself telling his son that his mom died of an overdose. the video is sparking outrage
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menu at starbucks. and bernie, chelsea and michelle obama will be rallying voters in arizona. more on that coming up after the break. and coming up tonight we
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th and perhaps controversial story of the night. an ohio father recorded and posted moment he told his eight- year-old son that his mother died from a suspected heroin overdose. >> he said he did it to serve as a wake-up call to those addicted to drugs. >> but many are criticizing the decision to make such a private moment public. take a look.
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>> how? >> from drugs. >> [ crying ] >> this video has been viewed more than 34 million times. >> the official cause of death will be determined pending a toxicology report. >> that father says he is recovering addict himself and is defending his decision to he says this is the realization and reality of our disease. i had someone record the so the attics of children can see the seriousness of this epidemic. >> just watching that, it is incredibly disturbing. >> it really is. there are no words to express how i feel about that. let's switch gears now. the cardinals game tonight took on a special meaning for group
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field to inspire others to get checked early. among them is jennifer dunn who is currently undergoing treatment. >> reporter: she is five months into her battle with breast cancer. she is not waiting to inspire other women to get themselves check. >> my great hearts desire is that there is a busy woman who looks up all the women on the screen, or who is in the stadium who as a result of this decides to do herself exam or make an appointment. >> reporter: she is the wife of alex done and she knows the difference that early detection can make. >> that means anything. any kind of change. >> reporter: she found a lump during a self exam.
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healthli happened. i had no signs that this would happen to me. >> reporter: the experience has changed her outlook on life. >> i think i am up -- a different kind of mom. i spend more time noticing what they are doing. >> reporter: their family rally behind their mom and all of them shaved their heads in support. >> it was going to be a big change for me. i had lots of really dark crazy curly hair and then these oregon have a bold mom for a period of time. we did it as a family . it was fun and really difficult at the same time. >> reporter: even the support of friends and family is helping them through this tough time. >> her network of friends and family flying in and people raising her hand trying to help however they can has allowed us to kind of get through this time period. we are counting down to
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tonight show kicks off. we have and exclusive sneak peek of what courtesy. maybe one day we will be
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[ laughter ]>> the guest star tonight is miley cyrus. earlier she popped into the today show with rock idol, joan jett. her coaching strategy is there to win the voice. we don't go over every single note. we don't care about at they hope their advice as coaches sticks with the contestants. check this out everybody. starbucks evening stores have a new handcrafted drink that mixes espresso and craft beer. it is called the espresso cloud
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espresso over ice with orange pieces and vanilla. new tonight, a top restaurant in arizona might not be one you expected . it looks like adrian's in mesa takes the top spot on the review site of yelp. the mexican food restaurant is listed as the best eatery in the grand canyon state. it has a five star rating. chains were excluded from the ranking. it is one of the rough. you don't hear a lot about it but it does get great reviews. speaking of wonderful things, we cannot complain, caribe, about our weather . >> reporter: it is absolutely outstanding. just look at the skies tonight. wonderful across the valley. hour temperature is 70 degrees with dew points at 44 degrees.
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winds are at 3 miles per hour. very calm out there. chilly in the high country. 41 at the grand canyon. 62 in winslow. down in tucson it is 71 and 76 over in yuma. clear skies all across the state. the four corners region is dealing with relatively quiet weather . it is the pacific northwest where it has be most active. we continued to see system after system pumped into the pacific northwest and bypass arizona. then it goes into the northern plains after it bypasses us. you can see this one pushing through the great lakes. you can see this entire three quarters of the country is dealing with nice and dry weather . it will also be very warm. in texas it could be just about
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the high for dallas tomorrow is 89. 92 in corpus christi and atlanta at 88 degrees. tonight across the valley, temperatures will go down to the 50s-60s. tomorrow high temperatures 87-91 with a lot of sunshine. we increase just a little bit on thursday and friday with a high of 94. the weekend looks good with dr. steady in the low 90s.
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get a good look at the number one reason why you don't play with drones. rose. -- gross. his thick -- pinky finger last week while fixing his strong. the blood was running uncontrollably tonight. the blue jays manager came out to complain about the blood and forced the him powers to remove power from the game. but the indians bullpen prove
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and allowed only two runs. the indians win the game 4-2. the cleveland indians are now just one win away of advancing to the world series. ? ? [ music ] ? ? chandler's own blaine long is "the voice" tonight . sadly, he did not advance to the next level. he did leave it all out on the stage. you can catch another episode of "the voice" tomorrow night at 8:00. a don't go away. coming up tonight we have the tonight show with jimmy fallon
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finally tonight, our omg photo today. meet daniel. he is an emotional duck that was allowed on the flight to support a passenger worried about flying. >> he is certified for his emotional support services despite not being able to fly himself. goodnight everybody. see you tomorrow.
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you think denny's new pancakes are only for breakfast?
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uffier, tastier, better pancakes. day or night. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guest -- miley cyrus,


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