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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  October 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> reporter: anna miles per hour was then as mrs. c. in the classroom and one of the things she was most proud oh of, a patchwork quilt mid of student art. she carefully pieced it all together and it hangs in the school's hallway. and tomorrow will be the first day student also be back in class since the passing of mrs. c. the principal says there will be guidance counselors available for students and staff. now, the contreras family is raising funds for the funeral and we posted that link on our 12 n in the news room, 12 news. thank you so much. now new at 5:00, phoenix police have identified the father they say shot his two young daughters before killing himself sunday night. the 36-year-old and his daughters, the 5-year-old audrey and 4-year-old all died on sunday night after the shooting. and he and his wife were separated and 12 news has uncovered court documents
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protection filed by the girl's mom back in june. she claimed then her husband held her in a choke hold and refused to let her leave the home with her daughters threatening harm because he, quote, can't live without us. she also worried because her husband had violent tendencies. the girls are the younger siblings of the local boxer mendez. the family is now collecting funds for the girls' funerals. now to decision 2016 and candidate donald trump has been to arizona six times to campaign, democrat hillary clinton hasn't spent a lot of time in the southwest. >> but that changed today while clinton isn't coming to arizona herself this week, she does have a lot of support beginning with the former presidential candidate senator bernie sanders who just wrapped up a campaign event to draw support for clinton in flagstaff.
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science. [ applause ] and she understands that we need to aggressively transform our energy system. mr. trump, on the other hand, believes that climate change is a hoax. >> they're going to work together to help ensure that our college is free, that our broken justice system is fixed taxer we pay attention to >> it has become very polarized, so i think that people on either side are very passionate, so i think that will provide a lot of turn out. >> a lot of this election season has been mostly about the social aspect, and not really about the true politics behind the candidates that we have to choose from. so i think that were bernie just made it clear that we need to focus more so on the policies and everything that hillary and trump want to put into police and really focus on
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aspects. >> sanders heads to tucson later tonight. chelsea clinton will be at asu tomorrow and then the first lady michelle obama is heading to phoenix on thursday. meanwhile, clinton took off for las vegas earlier today that's where the third and final debate will take place tomorrow night. usa today is reporting major donors to clinton's campaign were lobbyists for microsoft, exxon and mobile. and others who pressed a department. clinton spent the weekend and monday off the trail preparing for the debate. and the republican presidential candidate donald trump is not taking a break from campaigning. he headed to colorado springs for a rally earlier this afternoon where he implied the presidency could be stolen saying the election could be rigged at the polling booths. trump also spoke at a rally just about an hour ago in grand junction. >> we're going to deliver real,
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thing, and we are going to end the government of corruption, which it has definitely been, and we're going to drain this swamp in washington, d.c., and that's what it is. >> well, social media is filled with questions from maricopa county voters wondering where their early ballots are. the ballots were sent out last week, but a lot of people on the early voter t waiting, not so patiently, at their mailbox. team 12 political insider did a little digging today and found out that even our top elections official doesn't even have her ballot either. bram? >> reporter: so i have received facebook messages, posts, e- mails and calls from people wondering where their early ballot is. and joyce is one ofs to people. i saw her post this morning about that. why are you so upset about
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i think, you know, all i'm seeing now is my friends from friday, saturday posting their selfies with their ballot, talking about that they got to cast their vote. and so i want to cast my vote, too. >> reporter: and this is the office, the top elections official. she's going to tell us where your ballot is, are you okay with that? >> that is lovely. >> reporter: okay. let's go. joyce, meet the county recorder. >> it is a pleasure. hell season going to explain it >> reporter: we have the date of telling you online that your ballot was mailed from your local post office on the 17th. that was yesterday. so i am assuming that you're looking at it today. i'm assuming the same thing from me because i haven't gotten mine yet. so i am in the same situation that you are. >> reporter: wait. you haven't gotten your ballot yet? >> i haven't, no. >> reporter: can you get one here and take it home? >> no. the post office told us at the beginning of this election year to all of the election people around the country that it
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for delivery. >> what else to say is a picture is a thousand words, right? >> reporter: and so joyce and helen will probably get their early ballots today. now, about those u.s. postal service changes, a u.s. p. s. spokesperson told me the post office did not change its delivery standard for ballots from three to five days. they say it remains one to three days. the county recorder's office dropped off its million plus ballots in two the recorder's office disagrees with that. also, let's go up north where the election officials mail mailed out early ballots with a return by dit of november 18 that is 10 days after election day. a spokesperson says the employees never double checked the date of about 2,500 ballots that are affected. those voters are getting a letter with the correct date for returning the ballots. it is november 8. some advice from the post office, mail in your early ballot at least a
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so november 1, halloween, get it in by then. >> it is amazing to see, especially considering all of the issues that voting has had in our state, to see things like that, november 18. you would think they would double check. >> you'd think they'd double check after owl of the mistakes. it is mind boggling. >> that is a good way to put it. >> thank you. and remember, the final presidential debate is tomorrow night. you watch it live here on 12 news. coverage starts at 6:00. and then you can stick around for an all new blind sp we'll have a body language expert, and also reactions from our exclusive voter panel. all right. let's now switch the topic and talk about the arizona cardinals. they are a team full of great potential, we know that, and now we have our very own coup. i have to ask him after watching the game. it sure did not feel like the cardinals were going back to the play that we're used to. don't you think so?
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correct, especially offensively where the cardinals consistently shot themselves in the foot with a number of momentum-killing penalties. but they did win and have now won two in a row open convenienting their -- in a row evening their record. and number 31. >> reporter: first and 10 from their own 42. the jets showing blitz and bring pressure. it is david johnson. a he will score. touchdown, arizona. >> and david johnson was a beast in the running game and carson palmer was efficient throwing the ball. in tend the cardinals had a balanced approach on offense with 35 running plays and 35 passing plays. so is this the beginning of a new approach on offense. >> that is the way we want to play. it has always been the way we wanted to play. we run the football and play
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there. we really haven't changed our philosophy at all. i think we're finding out a lot about ourselves each week. >> and sunday, it is the cardinals and the seahawks on sunday night football. oh, yeah. the game is on us. we have special pregame coverage starting at 3:00 on 12 news, and then after the game watch 12 sports tonight overtime for all of the live post-game coverage from the stadium. and coming up in just a few minutes, todd graham's pointed out his program for cheating. thank you so much. 12 news at 5:00 is just getting started. up next, new clues on what may have caused this massive fire in the southeast valley. plus, the search intensifies after the surveillance photos are released showing a man and woman who the police say stole thousands of dollars from an arizona diamond store. time for today's social
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this year's best winter holiday destination ? we'll reveal the answer ahead at 6:15 on 12 news
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welcome back to 12 news at 5:00. as we take a look at our hot headlines developing. >> we begin in the tucson area where the hunt is on for a couple of bold burglars. a man and a woman seen in these surveillance photos are accused of break ing into the trinity diamond store by throwing a rock through the front glass door friday afternoon. while investigators are not telling us exactly what was
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steal merchandise worth more than 11,000. if you have any information on this case, call the sheriff's office. >> at least five have been forced out of their apartments after an overnight fire at this complex in tempe. the units are equipped with a sprinkler system which helped douse the flames and now there is also water damage. people living in those two units are staying elsewhere tonight. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> let's go to gilbert where the police and fire officia interest who may be connected to this massive infern offense at an apartment complex under construction over the weekend that fire happened near gilbert road. the witnesses recorded seeing a young man wearing a maroon asu sweatshirt and also dark gym shorts in the area at the time of the fire. >> thank you, guys. another picture perfect evening out there across the valley. take a look right now at our live cameras spread throughout
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much a clear shot in every single direction. we still have daylight, but the sun will begin to set here in about 40 or so minutes. things go really good out there a couple of us hanging on to 90- degree temperatures. that would include phoenix and tempe. it is also 90 currently in queen creek. >> 85 in mountain hill. deer valley, 86 degrees now. peoria at 87 so the evening is going to be perfect. so maybe dinner out on the pati temperatures in phoenix will be at 87 degrees. we'll hang on to the 80s and we make the dip. clear skies out there and overall we're expecting to see very calm wind so what can we expect for the rest of the week? generally speaking, we're going to be dry. so from time to time, we'll get a little breezy, especially up the the high country. we're going to keep those temperature as little bit above
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little warmer than what we're expecting this time of year. and then by next week we could be talking some slight rain chances for us here in the valley. as you can see, though, there is no rain in sight. we have clear skies all across the state. and even as we widen out to look at the entire western u.s., you can see that it is mainly the upper states here. we're talking parts of montana. idaho here. even wyoming where some of the higher elevations are seeing some more wintry weather. convenient snow there. unsettled. so that system will continue on pushing through the mid section. it will be followed up by another one here towards the end of this week. that one, too, will ride up and over this ridge of high pressure that is keeping things nice and dry for arizona, but it will be that next system coming in for the beginning of next week that will actually bring awes little bit of moisture. take a look at the temperatures across arizona. 30s for flagstaff.
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canyon. and 77 for sedona. prescott you're at 76 degrees. hello bend your high tomorrow is 93 degrees. we'll top out at 92 here in phoenix. we'll warm up there as we head to thursday and friday. and then our weekend, looking clear and on monday we bring in the 10% chance of rain and things are looking pretty good for us. by tuesday, we are back to sunshine. is there some cheating going o at asu? let's go to coup now for that story. >> thank you a year ago oregon and washington went to great lengths to hide hire sideline signals when playing asu at sun devil stadium. both opposing coaches accused todd graham and his staff of, quote, diligently working to steal signs. well, those same allegations has resurfaced as
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washington state cougars. the head coach mike leach unleased a tirade of allegations against the devils, and today todd graham responded. >> reporter: well, i think they still steal signs. >> how we do things here, we take a great deal of pride. >> they have a whole command center that is designed around this stuff. >> let's make this perfectly clear, we do everything that is by the rules. >> you have to keep an eye on it because they'll steal signs and they're pret it, and it is like breaking the enigma code with them. >> i'm not going to get involved in things like that that are ridiculous. >> i think we have to do a full investigation. >> when you speak about our integrity and we take great pride in that. >> that is a very unsavory practice that they have, and so
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we take great pride in how we do things here, and. >> very open and honest about how we do things here. >> we'll have to keep an eye on that because that is certainly the reputation. >> we take a great deal of pride and integrity. >> my thoughts i'll keep to myself and you can imagine what they may be. >> ridiculous. >> after hearing absolute outrage. >> it is an outrage! >> we heard this thing -- as i said, we heard this same talk last year, the pac-12 scorches investigated and found no wrongdoing. look, if the asu coaches or any coaching staff for that matter can pick up on plays that are big signaled in from the sideline, that is good, smart coaching. heck nbaseball, players and coaches look for signs to steal all the time. there is nothing illegal or
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with asu. now,ive detills are using technology such as audio or video to steal signs, then that is illegal and you have a big problem on your hands. but, again, asu was cleared of any such doings. so mike leach, bring out your big sideline suits to hide your signs or device a different system if you feel that is -- insecure about the matter. but, please, don't bring up this same old rhetoric year after year. if you can't prove anything wrong your mouth and play the game. i'm so sick and tired of it. >> ouch. >> just like that. >> and you go. >> and if asu has this reputation, there would be specific reasons for it. >> if asu was stealing signs, it would be so their advantage. they would be great. but they are one of the worst teams defensively, and so if they're stealing signs, they're doing a bad job. >> that is the problem.
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why. you hear them saying they do, but not i don't y. >> coop, always a pleasure, my friend. >> and i'm tired of hearing this stuff. >> when you see mike leach, i don't want to be around. >> i second that. the lineup of the coaches for "the voice" has been unvialed and find out who is staying and who is going. >> plus, why being a bookworm could help you live longer when 12 news at 5:00 returns.
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today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
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we can already give you a glimpse of the next season. >> that's right. in february, gwen stefani will return as a coach. she'll be joined by adam levien as well as alicia keys. she has apparently enjoyed it enough to come back for a second straight season. >> it is time to turn back the clock tuesday and if you love reading, we have for you. according to men's health, bookworms are 20% less likely to die an early death, yes. talk about turning back the clock. researchers at yale say people who read a lot can better fight off dementia, have better focus and think createtivelily. if you're prone to stress, reading can help lower those type types of hormone which is can help you sleep better and lower your blood pressure. and the experts found that
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good to know. and all right, everybody. what does beyonce have to do with the video of the day? we're going to tell you that is coming up next on 12 news at
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we have all read them, the click bait headlines that always turn out to be completely false. coming up on 12 news at 6:00, tips to outsmart those phony new stories.
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it is simple. it is a click. >> expert advise so you know you are getting the right information, especially online that's coming up on 12 news at 6:00. now let's go to the omg video of the day, and we're going to show you the lieutenant dante digs of the stafford county, virginia sheriff's office. as you see there, wow. performing some cool moves. he'll be on beyonce's formation. the routine formed during a pep school. there, as you can see, the lieutenant got the crowd going! look at this. yes! break it down! i love seeing those. >> i love that. >> thank you, everybody.
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tonight, stop whining. president obama blasts donald trump's unsubstantiated claims of a rigged election, accusing trump of trying to cast blame and discredit the vote even before election day. tonight, inside the strategies both sides are set to deploy on the eve of the final debate. exclusive. richard engel with the american commander ading the air war on the isis center of power in iraq. his warning to the west, victory there could unleash terror here. assassinated. shocking footage as a judge in the el chapo case is gunned down while jogging in broad daylight. and a killer new drug, taking young lives, twice as powerful as heroin and legally available on the web. a warning for parents


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