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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a big day in a big day in politics.. first lady michelle obama is in town. why democrats are pushing so hard to turn our state blue.. plus.. it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas.. the largest tree in the state is on it's way to anthem - today! ?another? willy wonka movie. will this one do better than the 2005 bust? ???adlib welcome
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???adlib weather checking your hot checking weather???adlib ???adlib weather checking your hot headlines. first clowns - now zombies? this morning.. police are looking
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mask while robbing a convenience store in scottsdale. they say he threatened the cashier with a hatchet.. took cash - then went back later and stole cigarettes and other items. i-40 is back open in both directions near flagstaff after a deadly crash. the department of public safety says smoke from a controlled burn nearby led to limited visibility on the interstate. but it's not clear if that played a role in the crash. did you see this? a dramatic emergency landing in oklahoma city - the plane its nose. officials say the nose gear failed to deploy. eventually the plane's propellers - which were grinding into the concrete.. caused it to stop. today.. investigators are still trying to figure out how ?this? happened. a gas explosion in portland, oregon sparked a four-alarm fire. at least eight people were hurt - including five first responders. police say a contractor doing work in the area ruptured a gas line and reported the leak. fire crews evacuated the
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mission this week -- to turn the grand canyon state blue. tuesday.. bernie sanders - campaigned in flagstaff and tucson - for the clinton campaign... and yesterday - chelsea clinton spoke at a-s-u.. telling students her mother's debt free college plan would make it easier for americans to earn a higher education degree... today.. michelle obama wraps up the list of high-profile democrats in the valley this week. team 12's jen wahl has the details on her visit... the first lady will talk before a huge crowd here at the phoenix convention center this afternoon.michelle
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sanders this week. and arizona is the place for both candidates to hit hard because polls show the race is a toss up.right nowhillary clinton is up five points over donald trump in arizona.this according to a new arizona republic morrison cronkite news poll.clintonsupported by 39 percent of arizona voterswhile trumphas 33- point-nine percent.only one democr last 68 years.that was bill clinton in 1996. ???jen tag???doors open as early as 1130 amand mrs obama is scheduled to speak at the phoenix convention center at 230 pm.stay with 12 news
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stay tuned - because after 12 today.. donald trump's running mate - mike pence will be on "the today show." he's expected to talk more about his thoughts on last night's debate. we're still more than two months away from christmas.. but a little - or should we say huge - piece of holiday spirit is already starting to creep into anthem. team 12's bryan west is outlet malls with more...
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ris up red sea. ris up red sea. ris up red sea. we need your help, cardinals fans. ?and? in return.. you could
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as if the last remake wasn't bad enough - a new willy wonka movie is in the works. vanessa and i have the details - coming up in the morning juice. 12 today is back in three minutes.
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?wrong way crash?driver crashed head into another car ?i-17 and carefree highway?17
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?traffic being diverted checking more of your hot headlines.. former fox neha coming back to television - but probably not in a way he'll like. a miniseries about ailes is currently in the works. the director of "spotlight" is already on board as well as the producer of "the purge." the series will be offered on a select number of channels - but they have yet to specify which ones - or ?when? the series will hit airwaves. earlier this year.. ailes was accused of sexually harassing multiple woman who worked for fox news. n-b-a star derrick rose has been cleared in a lawsuit
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of three men accused of sexually assaulting the woman while she was passed out. they claim it was consensual but the woman's attorney says she was too intoxicated to give consent. they plan to appeal the ruling. cleveland indians fans cleveland cleveland indians fans are on cloud nine this morning. the team is going to the world series for the first time in nearly 20 years. this afternoon - they'll learn who they'll go up against. it comes down to the cubs or the dodgers. this sunday.. the arizona cardinals take on possibly their greatest enemy - the seattle seahawks. and we need your help! we need you to join team 12 in another matchup -- the great hashtag battle between cards and hawks fans -- to answer the question -- which team has the best fans? and right now -- we're behind! so all of you cardinals fans have to help us out! all you have to do is show your spirit by tweeting or instagraming shots
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-- using the hashtag bird gang. and get this -- you could win two free tickets to see the sunday night football game in glendale -- live in person -- just by watching 12 just by watching 12 news! watch 12 today -- on friday morning for your chance morning for your chance to win! ???toss morning juice despite so-so ratings.. n- b-c continues to produce live broadway shows - but they're looking to turn that around this december with "hairsray live." and this morning.. we are getting our first look at the cast.. check it out..out.. kristin chenoweth posted the official promo pic to her instagram. stars like ariana grande.. derek hough.. jennifer hudson
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live" airs on december 7-th. th. gene wilder gene wilder died less than a month ago died less than a month ago and they're already talking about a ?new? willy wonka movie. warner brothers is planning a pre- quel to the originial movie. si hired on saturday night live - is currently working on the screenplay. the movie will focus on wonka and his adventures ?before? charlie came around.
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marvel has released its first teaser trailer for the sequel to "guardians of the galaxy." it may be short - but the trailer gives us an idea of what the main characters are up to. chris pratt returns to his role as star lord - who appears to be having some lady problems with gamora - played by zoey saldana. bradley cooper a v back as the loveable "rocket raccoon" and "groot." time for your juicy question of the morning... a recent survey found this is the biggest turn off for millennials when it comes to relationships. what is this????adlib
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this? ???adlib ???adlib
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weather weather ???adlib weather still ahead on 12 today.. who won last night's debate? we check in with
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candidates' performance. did donald trump just threaten to break a more than 200-year-old tradition? what he said - or rather ?didn't? say - at last night's debate that has a lot of people concerned. 12 today is back in three minutes.
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what happens after election day is quickly becoming just as important as the election itself. at last night's third and final debate - donald trump left people on the edge of their seats when he refused to say whether he would accept the outcome of the election - win or lose. this comes after weeks of trump claiming the election is rigged against him. trump's running mate - mike pence as well as his
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accept the voters' decision come november 8-th. it has been a tradition since george washington to keep the transition of power - peaceful and professional. of course - everyone is wondering who won the debate this morning.. the trump campaign says donald - the clinton campaign says hillary. we won't know what voters truly thought for a few more days - so in the meantime.. team 12's ryan cody caught up with an award-winning debate coach from right here in arizona. here's who he thinks was on top of their game last night. tim cornwelltim cornwell arizona debate coach of the
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we'll be diving deeper into the debate throughout the show. and you don't want to miss what likely voters had to say in our panel. that's coming up at 6:45. still ahead on 12 today.. do you remember the runaway pumpkin that went viral last year? well it's coming back! we've got the video and more - next in the morning juice. ???jen teases
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the race for the white house is anything but normal... this morning the world is talking about two words:"bad hombres" plus... popping the bottles. believeland is back.we are the only station with a reporter at the baseball playoffs.and
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sequel to this viral story. ???adlib & toss jimmy


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