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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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obey the laws of time. look at them, they don't even obey the laws of gravity. denny's all-new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes. day or night. >> you're watching 12news, winner of the rocky mountain emmy award for best evening newscast. >> 12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture on this thursday night. >> up first ... a police officer caught on camera jumping fences to catch an alleged crook. >> tonight, that officer tells us what it was like to chase the suspect. >> only on 12news, video you have got to see as a truck plows through a brick wall. the homeowner is talking to just one station. risky rescue, a man trapped in a precarious position in a pipe. >> decision 2016. >> michelle obama inspiring
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visit. >> and one family's special connection to the first lady. >> cardinals getting ready for sun night football. >> will carson calmer play? >> the valley heat makes us all sweat. but there is a way to stop the sweat with one minor procedure. 12news working the stories you are talking about. 12news at 10:00 starts right now. >> our big story at 10:00 tonight, a tempe police officer relives the day he chased down a burglary suspect. the unpredictable moments captured on his body camera. >> now, that officer as you saw raced through backyards hurdling over fences. he refused to give up the chase and finally caught the guy by the back of his shirt. >> kevin kennedy spoke to the man and he joins us now at the live alert center, kevin, what
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everything slowed down, his training kicked in and he focused in on the suspect. the only thing he was thinking was don't let him get away. >> on your back. >> reporter: that is how it ends for devin best. this is where it starts on campus. wanted for burglary, detective andreas >> everything slows downful you hear your heart pumping pretty quick. >> . >> reporter: both running down the street. guess what is coming? a five foot gate. >> i saw him and i said let's do this. >> reporter: the suspect up and over and molina right behind. >> you are expected to adapt real quick during the unknown. >> reporter: a quick spill, then back up and over again. this fence about six feet.
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situation as fast as possible. >> reporter: molina barreling through, not over. >> i put my body into it and went through. >> reporter: now in an alley, heart pumping, dogs barking. >> i heard him breathing heavily. i was hoping he was going to gas out before i do. >> reporter: the end about to come. molina is there. >> i pushed him to the wall. got him to the ground. >> reporter: this chase lasted 31 s minute where everything could go wrong. >> it is dangerous. >> reporter: he arrested him for burglary. catching his man. just another day as a tempe police officer. now, i don't know if you could tell, but when detective molina jumped that first fence, he tumbled and landed on his rear end. he reminded me how fast he was at getting back up and tracking down the suspect. we are live in the live alert
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also tonight, we are tracking three more hot headlines across the state. all of them caught on camera including thieves stealing a french door. a truck plunging into a pool, and a man getting stuck in a pipe. take a close look at the security camera video. a man and a woman brock a window to get in this home and they stole two antique french doors, window sashes, an antique desk and two tables. you saw first on 12news at 5:00. come take a look at this. you can see a woman plowing through a wall and into a pool near 77th drive and glendale. the homeowner telling just one station the three kids and two adults were inside that house at the time. >> i looked in my house. i hear some noise out of the window.
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inside my pool. that was just ... they took care of them. somebody comes to help them. >> no word on how the woman behind the wheel is doing tonight. now to gila bend, a man stuck in a pipe is going to be okay after getting stuck in a pipe at a power plant. mc overhead pipes fell, trapping him. developing now, a phoenix couple making a heartfelt plea to mind the man they say stole their dogs and then dump them in a park. meet wrinkles and chacha. they think they got out when the housekeeper was there. they are service dogs trained to help with anxiety.
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a car hit chacha leaving her with injuries to her head, leg, and eyes. >> my heart was broken. when i saw that. i was like oh my gosh. her eye was completely out. you know. i had to keep it with my hand to keep it inside. >> well, the couple hopes someone will come forward to help them find who ever did this. now to decision 2016. presidential election. the candidates and their biggest supporters are on the trail with michelle obama stumping for clinton right here in arizona. >> team 12 coverage of her visit in a minute. but first, donald trump and hillary clinton shared the same stage once again in new york. just one night after their knock-down debate. >> but this time, it was for a good cause. the al smith charity dinner a tradition among presidential candidates and a lifesaver for
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needy children they help. the candidates taking some sharp elbowed shots at each other in good fun. or was it? >> no one looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4. maybe, a 5 that she loses the torch and tablet. and changes her hair. >> this is the first time ever. ever. that hillary is sitting down and speaking to ma for it. >> trump is headed to north carolina. and, pennsylvania tomorrow while clinton will be in ohio. now, all of that coming after the first lady's valley visit. tonight, you are getting the best coverage. up first, team 12's political expert brahm resnik with michelle obama's fiery words against trump. brahm? >> reporter: first lady michelle obama capped the clinton campaign's one week
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relentless attack on donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] first lady michelle obama was a rock star. >> hillary has comprehensive policies to help people. her opponent? has tweets. you decide. >> reporter: mrs. obama's mission, firing up the crowd for hillary clinton and shutting down republican nominee donald trump. >> we have a candidate whose vision for our country is completely and utterly lacking in hope. >> reporter: the trump campaign michelle obama's visit reminds people in arizona that hillary clinton has not been here in over seven months. it is no wonder she is phoning it in with arizona voters given her support of open voter and increasing syrian refugees and pay to play corruption scheme. mrs. obama ended her speech with a message for hope. >> a hope for this country that we love so much.
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don't let anybody tell you any differently. >> reporter: both donald trump and hillary clinton are expected to make visits to arizona in the final furious two-and-a-half weeks of this campaign. brahm resnik, 12news at 10:00. >> thank you brahm. one glendale family who attended the event is er last year met the president. joe dana has the story. >> reporter: it was at this time jarvis johnson, a father of two, was camped out on the sidewalk of the the phoenix convention center. he wanted to be first in line for michelle obama's speech. more than that, he wanted to some day be able to tell his kids they were held in the first lady's arms. >> and so, i'm hoping that when first lady obama comes that she will get to hold my son. >> reporter: that is early this morning. fast forward to this afternoon.
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equal. >> reporter: the first lady gives a rousing speech. then jarvis gets his wish. that is michelle obama holding his son micah. and that is jarvis celebrating. then michelle takes the two- year-old daughter genesis. jarvis capturing the moments. >> she came down, talked to me. we had a good conversation. she was telling me she heard that her husband had kissed my daughter and she said she wanted to kissso last year, during president obama's visit to the valley, this determined dad managed to strike a meeting with the president. once again, he was first in line for the speech. >> it means a lot. because, it is not every day that we get to meet the president of the united states. and, or the first family. for them to come down here, for me to be front and center that is just awesome. so i take that kiss any day of the week. >> reporter: the president kissing a baby from the crowd. it is an american tradition
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century cans say their son or daughter took part in. fewer can say the moment involved a president and his first lady. jarvis and tanasha want these images to be source o inspiration. >> i want them to know, with them being children of color, that anything is possible. >> reporter: and, michelle obama, michelle obama actually knew about jarvis' determination to meet her before she even started her speech. apparently, early this morning her team saw jarvis interview on tv. so, they knew that they wanted to make sure he had a moment with the first lady and it was a success. in downtown phoenix, joe dana, 12news. >> what an honor, thank you very much joe. the cardinals on sunday night football this week right here on 12. the big question, though, headed into the biggest game of the season, is carson palmer healthy? team 12's cameron cox has the answer. so? >> reporter: well, caribe,
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he has not practiced much or at all this week. very rare. palmer was limited in practice. yesterday, was a scheduled day off for the veteran. that is normal. but back to back days of rest is not. palmer suffered a hamstring injury late. after the game he said he is fine. just cramped. larry fitzgerald. should we be concerned? >> oh no. he's fine. he is in the meetings. he is talking. he is communicating exactly ha he wants to be done on reps mentally. if he is able to go on sunday, we will know he played at a high level. >> larry says he is fine. i trust him. david johnson is playing at a high level recently. so much so, fans are calling for a nickname nor d.j. and i think we have a winner. i'll show you in eight minutes. all right, thank you very much. listen up cardinals fans. you can win two free tickets to see the sunday night football game. in glendale live and in person. just by watching 12news.
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morning at 6:00 a.m. for your chance to win those tickets. >> a cop caught on dash cam opening fire. learning his fate. >> the punishment for a teacher caught dragging a student by the hair. nintendo's new gaming console. >> only on 12news, the new procedure that can help you stop sweating. >> and, we are counting down to jimmy. >> ben affleck is here for kid theater and we have sarah pallsen, music fr steve higgins is watching. do not change the channel. >> tomorrow, only on 12news at 10:00. >> it has been five years since jesse shockley's brutal murder. her body has never been found. we are deep diving into the case that tugged at the valley's heart strings. that's storm only on 12news at
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>> now to more hot headlines. a texas police officer will not face charges in the shooting death of the man who shot him. new video shows the cop on a regular patrol when he sees two men scuffling. turns out, an apartment building saw the suspect trying to break into cars at a nearby garage. after they wrestled around on the ground, the suspect pulls out a gun and shoots the officer in the torso. that is when the officer returned fire, killing the man. was caught on video dragging a special needs child by the hair has been fired. cell phone video shows the special ed teacher dragging the girl across the floor of the gym. the superintendent was also placed on administrative leave. and tesla making a big announcement tonight about the future of driverless cars. they say all new tesla vehicles will now come with hardware to make them fully self-driving. the ceo releasing this video
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capabilities which include the test lamonts parking all by themselves. well, three consumer watch stories developing right now. >> first, the u.s. government confirmed another death due to the rupture of an air bag made by takata. a 50-year-old woman died last month in california while driving a 2001 civic. it is one of those vehicles that has been recalled. >> this is the 11th known fatality air bags. wells fargo has lost its accreditation with the better business bureau. it is part of the scandal of employees opening millions of fake accounts without customers knowledge. and nintendo has unveiled its newest gaming console. it is called the nintendo switch. it is a six inch switch tablet with two detachable controllers
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mobile and stationary gaming. >> it launches in march of 2017. well, for those of us who live in the valley of the sun, being sweaty is just kind of a part of living in 100 plus degree temperatures. >> i'll say. but what if you couldn't control that sweating? what if it didn't matter if you were in a cool building or standing in an icebox? >> that is what one police officer has dealt with his entire life. matt mauro has the story you >> reporter: to say sweating incessantly can be an inconvenience is an understatement for one texas police officer who has found a solution. benjamin tried everything to get rid of his excessive sweating but none of it work. that was a problem for the recent san antonio police academy graduate. >> gripping a weapon, the steering wheel, when you are
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>> reporter: the physical symptoms were one thing. but the disorder affected him mentally too. >> i would have sweaty hands and i would think about it and it would make me nervous and i would get more sweaty. >> reporter: he found out about a surgeon's unique procedure for curing hyperhydrosis. >> i developed a technique miniaturizing or making less invasive a technique carrying signals from the brain telling certain parts of the body to sweat. >> it is like a wire going from the light switch to the light in the ceiling. precisely able to cut the wire, the light goes out. >> reporter: he only needs one incision to get the job done. >> just imagine going from wet to completely dry. and, it affects almost everything you do. >> reporter: some insurance companies cover the procedure.
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but he says the end result was worth the $6,500. >> my only regret was waiting so long. it has made a huge difference. matt mauro, 12news at 10:00. >> thank you matt. and we are counting down to jimmy with just 15 minutes to go until the tonight show kicks off right after 12news at 10:00. >> tonight, guest star oscar winning actor ben affleck and there is a rumor surfacing on social media involving m taylor swift. >> well, fans are wondering if these two megastars are in the mood for a couple of rebound romances. the speculation started after ben shared that he introduced his two daughters violet and sarafina to the singer and said it was like god came down and walked on water. >> he says the speechless children didn't say a word. they were totally frozen. sorry though, no romance.
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touch magazine. >> that didn't stop people from coming up with a cute nickname for the couple including swiftleck and benlor. >> really? >> no comments. no comments. >> i think ... you know. some of those nicknames. like, bennifer, that worked. swiftleck? not so much. >> what do you think caribe? >> no, they absolutely do not work. either of those. let's talk about changes in the forecast. lately. kind of seemed like it was going to be a while before rain came into the forecast, but that may not be the case starting this weekend. first, though, let's talk about how things turned out today. 10 degrees above the average this time of year in phoenix. we were not that far away from hitting 100. we were 97 today. so we have cooled down tonight. it is 81 degrees in phoenix but a lot colder up in the high country.
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point. we are will 3 in greer. 47 in winslow. it has been the high pressure ridge keeping us so nice and warm lately. but we are about to see the pattern change. as you know, we have had storm system after storm system moving into the pacific northwest. because of that high, they have just been moving right over us. but, our highs are going to start to get nudged off to the south and to the east. starting this weekend. by a deeper top of low pressure moving into the pacific northwest. that will help to arizona. look, you can see the clouds and the rain chances are already moverring into the state. so here is what the weekend looks like. saturday, 97. we will see a pretty good deal of sunshine. but then sunday, is when you are going to start to see the clouds increasing throughout the day. and then ultimately, that will lead to about a 20% chance of rain. beginning about 5:00 or so on sunday afternoon. then, we are going to up the chances up to 30 on monday. and then you will see the temperatures sliding down into
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vanessa, cam? >> all right, caribe, thank you very much. all right, let's go back to the cardinals because why not? besides the health of carson palmer, the other big question this week, and i know that we were talking about this earlier this afternoon, what is a really good nickname for cardinals running back david johnson? >> we all had trouble coming up with one. this is becoming a nationwide search for the perfect nickname. fans have thrown out all kinds of names. and david johnson has seen them all. >> i have doing interviews. every has been asking me about the nicknames but it is so tough coming up with a nickname with david johnson. d.j. smiles. that's a good one. but man, that's not intimidating enough. >> what about moses because he makes the red sea rise? [ laughter ] >> that's a good one too. but, it has to stick. i don't think i need one. david johnson is good with me. [ laughter ]
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goliath. the d-train. many have tried but i think we have a winner. hey, i got this e-mail from ten- year-old ethan. i had to share it. hi, my name is ethan. i'm ten years old. i heard about the david johnson nickname. i was thinking about d-day. the general, he had to come on the boat and encourage and fight with the soldiers. the americans won the battle. so this is why i think he should be called the general. a third spring running back it and we made it to the championship game. he is amazing and dominates and is the general. ethan, i thinky are amazing and i truthfully think you are onto something. >> and i would have to concur. all right, we need you to join team 12 in another matchup. it is called the great hash tag battle between the cards and the seahawks fans. all you have to do is show your spirit by tweeting or instagramming shots of you, your family, or friends all
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and use the #birdgang. the 12news family continues to grow. meet emma jade's new daughter
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>> all right, time for our 12
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have not won a pennant since 1945. clouds are everywhere. game five, series is tied. not anymore. neither is the game. addison russell here. two run shot in the sixth. cubs never let the lead go. they win it 8-4. they have two chances to get it done in chicago. game six is saturday at 5:00. mike smith is out day day. louie dominguez. he gave up four goals before the thinker period. he was pulled in the second. coyotes have given up 12 goals in the last few games. at the islanders tomorrow night. vanessa? >> all right cam, thank you very much. it is time for our omg video of the night. a dallas woman is not letting cancer and chemo get her down. >> though, she is battling a
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she sent a message of hope to many with her dance. ? [ music ] ?? >> that is an incredible spirit. dressed in her hospital gown as you see, with medical tubes attached to her, the woman dances to juju on that beat with her friend during a chemo session. she posted the video on facebook with a caption saying we want to show the world that dag best medicine. we wish her the very best. don't go away everybody. ben affleck is on the tonight show in about six minutes right
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america. i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
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>> finally tonight, big husband on the arrival of their daughter beverly. >> she is gorgeous. she made her debut this morning weighing in at seven pounds four ounces. 19-and-a-half inches. a beauty. >> you can see big brother eli super excited to say hi to his little sis. goodnight everybody. >> have a great night. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ben affleck.


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