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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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right now, a horrific crash leaves 13 dead and dozens hurt.
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>> larry fitzgerald says he has never played in game like this in his entire career. he's been around for a long time. that's coming up later. what it was like to be at wrigley field the last time the cubs were intersection world series. we found a valley man who was there and after 71 years, he's going back. hear his story only on 12 today. that and mr. 6:01. we start with jim in q at tempe town lake. >> reporter: it's a little mild but out here by the waterer the gorgeous. i don't know. i'm feeling a little guilty. i don't know how many people have run by already. fur, five, six joggers walk going by. what a great way to start. the sun's going to start to come up a little bit more. getting a little bit lighter in the horizon. look at the planes taking off.
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to. ncaa, europe. good to be hear this morning. actually it feels amazing out here right now. just i'm in long sleeves but it's just not cool at all. not cold at all and not warm. temperatures for today, though, little bit different. we have a slight chance of a shower or storm. going to be coming in from behind me from the west northwest. flagstaff a little better chance at rain. we're going to be watching the sunrise minute by minute. beautiful -- more beautiful. we are on i-10 eastbound approaching 43rd avenue. this is quite a different picture than the westbound side. go ahead and take a look exactly what we are seeing. new we're averaging speeds of 30-40 miles per hour here on this end. but with the signs we should be going at 65 miles per hour. so where we are heading is to i- 17 northbound near dunlap. there's reports of an hov lane
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out and see really exactly how long the backup is. probably going to take us 15-20 minutes to get there. now that we're approaching the 17 we're almost at a complete stop here. so a look at the rest other valley because right now we're in glendale into phoenix. and we want to show you the east valley, the knot valley. so far those parts, nice and clear but, again, here out in phoenix and glendale we 10, heading eastbound into phoenix. coming up in the next traffic report we'll hopefully have made it out to i-17 northbound at dunlap. it depend with the traffic, how long it's going to take us. we're ferguson, missouri log babying news this morning here on 12 today. team12's bryan west is here with an update. >> reporter: matt just talk
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investigation and there tar two victims on scene. i want to show screw behind me. this road is blocked off between fill more. there's a car crash into a brick wall. now, earlier about a half hour ago we saw four people standing outside of the house where the car crashed into the brick wall. we're not sure how all of this is connected. what we do know is there are two victims and this is now a helping to block off the road. 10-15 police officers and investigators thatter looking over the crime scene, phoenix police have told us there is a lieutenant that's en route to the scene to give us an update and give us more information. as soon as we get that we will bring it to you. live at first and filmore.
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her this morning. team12 nico santos with the details. >> reporter: there was already a plea deal involving michelle bastian's previous charges. her list of charges is greg. she will be in court today this morning, in fact, for an arraignment on the new charms. court documents show she and her husband planned to kill people in prison including the warden i should say with a bomb. now, investigators believe she related documents. and he's serving a murder sentence in there. investigators found letters from thomas to michelle, as well. he wanted her to send him al qaeda and isil terrorist publications. >> now, the department of corrections also searched thomas' cell phone and they found some of those publications, as well as a handwritten note that detailed exactly how to build bombs. once again her arraignment is later.
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arraignment at 8:30. it's 6:05 let's check the hot headlines. a horrific crash involving 24 cars and trucks. >> it closed the southbound lanes near black canyon city for 8 hours. highway patrol troopers say a tractor fueling of pulling a -- pulling a cattle trailer crashed. four people have moderate to serious injuries. no word on why the truck did not stop. eare expecting an update springs, california. a passenger bus collided with a tractor trailer killing 13 and injuring 31 others. investigators are still tying to figure out what caused that crash but early reports indicate that speed was a factor. >> and denver broncos players and fans are frothing at the mouth because tonight brock osweiler returns to denver.
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today go to houston. ditching the broncos. the linebacker marshal summed things up by saying brock's return is quote, we just want to kill him. >> hits the upright. it's no good. have you ever seen an nfl game like this? that kick is uglier and uglier the more you watch it the cashed nasty, seahawks. 6-6. team12 has you covered this morning beginning with mark curtis and vanessa. >> reporter: on the surface if the cards would have won last night here at university of phoenix stadium you would come away saying what a brilliant effort by the defense. and it was. but when you miss an opportunity to put your nemesis
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team that had beaten you three times and miss a chip shot field goal that's what stings. y was absolutely frustration. >> larry fitzgerald who as, you know, had been a cardinal talk abouting surrealness and whackiness of this tie. >> i've never played in game, i mean, 200 games plus, you know, including playoffs i never played in game as crazy as this one before. yeah, it was -- it was pretty crazy. >> coming up i hour just one station giving all of you there an all access pass to what happens on the sidelines when that 2 minute warning is given. really stuff that to don't want to miss. because it's interesting to say the least between the players and the fans. >> we look forward to that in a half hour. thank you from the field. big question this morning, is this the last straw for bruce? do the cardinals cut him mew of
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missed one here. blocked one in regulation. >> n, that's not going to happen. wine look out there, it's one of those who's out there that's better? i don't think there anybody better. against the patriots the officer was part of the issue. he got let go. this one hitting the upright is really dead smack on him. try thank you do too -- try to do too much and pulled it. they blocked one earlier so as a kicker that is in your head. but then the other side the same thing happens. that was actually an easier kick to make. he yanked it and missed that, as well. pressure does get to these guys. even though form ter players get upset about kickers when it comes down to that. >> a lot of people asking that question. and guys, that leads up to our 12 today trivia question. besides last night, how many cardinals games have ended in a
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arizona. take a guess. jay taylor don't look that up on google. >> 71 years later he'll be in the stand to see the cubs play in the world series. >> the valley fan who can tell you what it was like in 1945. hear his amazing story coming
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good morning to you. welcome back to 12 too. here's vanessa. see sings, she acts and today she's dishing to us. she talks worth worker with justin trolls and the two decide. justin's talent are just too much and emust be stopped. >> like, come on. >> there's nothing he can't do. >> he's a jerk. he does -- >> how dare he? >> everything. >> everything he does. >> he plays golf well. >> does he?
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adorable. >> is there anything he can't do? >> no, nothing. >> you have to ask him if he's 5 there's anything he's bad at. >> i'll find something. use we have to take them down. >> because i don't believe that there is. >> so also talks about her 1- year-old daughter. ellen has a very special gift for her. catch it all right here at 3:00. so would you like to see harry doyle -- excuse me in is circulating to have bob euchre to prerhea place him on the world series it's just a bit outside. he tried the corner and missed. >> fitting tribute to his famous harry doyle character in major league but highly unlikely to happen. that would be great. i'm sure a lot of fans would love that. now, it's time for your juicy question of the morning. after we see this real quick.
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squeeze the most. earlier we said it was produce, right. then we also said matt was something was stress releaving. yeah. what else do you squeeze? >> besides the charmin. >> pillow? squeeze the pillow. >> got it. >> ketchup, mustard bottles. you squeeze those. >> in that case i'd sa toothpaste tube. trying to get the last little bit out of that. >> i think those are too easy. it's got to be something that's, you know -- no. >> people squeeze it pop a it. . they don't squeeze it. >> not supposed to d that. causes infection. determine tollgists will tell you that. let us know what you think we'll have your answer coming up. a quick check of your on the road real time traffic with jen wahl.
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ready to approach thomas. we are seeing a few more in this part of the valley. heading to reports of a crash near i-17 southbound and durango where the left lane is blocked. so some of this backup that crew see here, of course, is flush rush hour. may be the residual effects of that. there's also a crash that i mentioned, i-17 northbound at dunlap. the hov lane was blocked. we decided to turn back round because this looked like it had a little bit u in this part of phoenix. so let's take a look at the map of the rest of the valley. so far your monday morning commute is pretty good on the east side. we're not seeing any huge backups or slowdowns for you. no crashes yet. just the typical slowdowns as you are heading out the door. but stay with us because we are out here checking out your valley roadways all morning. we will keep you updated if anything changes. for now let's send it over to jimmy. he's at tempe town lake and
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sunrise this morning. >> reporter: oh, you know what, i almost don't want to ruin the shot with my face sitting here. the so beautiful out there you the can see as the sun just starting to come up. the light still across tempe town late. lot of bicyclers out here and this is a great way to start your day off plus it's always a little bit cooler along the walter. so a nice le we'll take it because the water temperature's a little bit cooler lets deto the radar. we have some showers up towards the north around las vegas. we'll have a chance of showers for flagstaff about a 30, 40% chance of rain. apache, navajo county a little bit better. south central arizona a 20% chance of rain. i predict wherever tram is that's where the rain's going to be because she just washed her car.
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just to mess things up there. temperatures for today, about 87-92 with a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. rain later on in the day. looking pretty dry, southwest 5- 10 miles per hour. 7-day forecast, 92 degrees. tent% chance of rain on tuesday. same, then, of course, by thursday open up to 96 degrees. so warmer than average for next 7 days, unfortunately but good west here. >> but take a look at the bridge here still lit up nice in blue. oh, so beautiful. great to be out here. >> i'll tell you the breeze coming off the water is just delightful. back over to you, tram, matt. >> quite jealous. get a couple laps in in the water while you're out their. >> reporter: you would. i'm not there yet. >> all right, thank you, jimmy. 6:18 still ahead, it's been 71 years since the cubs played
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players and their fans. >> i was just a youngster and my brother was, too. i'm going to try to get tickets for the 7th game of the world series and you kids can come with me. >> make sure screw stick around for this. a valley cubs fan who was there in 1945 and thanks to his family he'll be there again this year. his incredible story next right here on 12 today. i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves,
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babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
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welcome back to 12 today 6:22 this monday morning. traffic starting to stack up. real time on the root with jen wahl coming up in minutes. let's get to your 12 today trivia and yes, we're going to revisit the horrible game last night. besides last night, how many cardinals games have ended in the tie. tram t. >> i'm saying zero. >> mr. taylor. >> two. >> jay says two, vanessa said two, as well i. cannot actually believe this.
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are you more surprised that i'm right or that i. >> that you're right. well actually i am surprised you only guessed one answer s. because use of usually you say it's zero, two, six, or 10. >> isn't it rare to begin with. that's why i said no, i've never heard this. >> let's hope it does not happen, again, cards. on to baseball world series kicks off between the chicago cubs and cleveland s the valley home for spring training. the indians have not won a world series title since 948 they have played in two back in '95 and '97. for the cubs it's been 71 years since a world series appearance. it's 108 years since they actually won the world series. >> unreal. that's why this is such a huge deem. it was back in 1945 the
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actually -- series and we actually found one fan who can tell you what it was like to be at wrigley field back then. >> andy was no alone he was there with is a brother. they are headed back to the series, again. new at 6:00 this morning, 12 today has their heart warming story. >> my dad is in this line. >> reporter: sometimes. memory of one day. >> october 1945. >> reporter: can live with you. >> ticket office opened at 8:00. pie dad got here morning and a real cold chicago october morning. >> reporter: even seven decades later i. was just a yappingster and my brother was 2. we were in grade school. dad said hey, i'm going to try to get tickets to the 7 t game of the world series and you kids can come with me. >> for phil and his brother frank nienstedt life long cubs fans that day was a wednesday. the boys just 11 and 14 years old. >> since then, they've been
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another world series. so to say phil was excited the cubs crunched a spot is putting it lightly. >> they wanted a little bottle of champagne. >> yelling, screaming up and down jumping. >> reporter: he was elated thinking you could watch the world series on tv. >> just kicking around ideas. and it came up, you know, we should send phil and his brother to chicago. >> reporter: the entire family, cousins included pooling together to raise brothers now in their 80s to go to the game. >> says that you and my brother who's in san diego coming over wednesday night, and we're going to fly in on thursday morning together. >> reporter: they lost the '45 series this time phil doesn't seem worried as long as he'll be there. >> finally after all these years, we finally got a chance to have some real excitement
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me chills i. mean, that has got to be just it's a once in a lifetime experience, you know, obviously back in 1945 for them. but to go back 71 years later that is so incredible. get this we also did some googling to find out how much the tickets were back then. the answer, $7.50 for box seats. less than 10 bucks, folks. >> the average around, about $4000. so my husband from chicago, his buddy is -- he actually bought tickets -- this was before the cubs were going to go to the world series. he spent four grand. okay, after it was, you know, they're going, those tickets are now worth 12 grand. >> oh, my gosh. not surprised. >> these are bleacher seats. >> most cubs fans never thought
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>> and that's why obviously this far going that dry spell, i many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> so man, if you can afford it, go for it. >> that's a small car or your kids' college education for a baseball game. still ahead what gives in glendale the cardinals and sea hawks tie. what jay taylor thinks their chances of making the playoffs are as we move forward. >> do you want to fact check the just ask alexa how amazon's latest toy is helping you get to the bottom of it all.
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a car slamming into your wall that is not the way you want to wake up on a monday morning but it is what one family is dealing with right now. there is a deadly twist to this. >> only in 12news your up close behind the scenes look at the 2 minute warning on the field. >> what the sunday night football cameras won't show you. >> and let's just say bill
6:31 am
a very good weekend. >> along with a lot of other cubs fans. we'll get to that and more. it's gorgeous, 73 degrees and jimmy is out enjoying it at tempe town lake. jimmy everyone's up running and walking this morning. >> reporter: a lot of joggers out here and why not? you have e nice breeze coming off the water. almost free air conditioning. even the ducks are having a great time. give it another month it will be cy morning. but pretty quiet out here. asu is not working on the crew team as of yet. pretty soon the season will kick in. temperature for today, unfortunately, we will start to warm up but the morning's still comfortable. high temperature mainly in towards the 90s. we'll check that radar and the 7 day, that's all coming up with the chances of rain. over to jen wahl, how's it looking out there? >> reporter: not too bad at all jimmy.
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shots out here. we're at i-17 southbound and 7th street. we checked out the crash that i told you about. and thankfully it has been cleared. so this morning i get to join iny with a beautiful sunset shot and a look at your traffic as we are approaching 7th street, driver here, photographer chad is going 50 miles per hour. so no issues on this part other valley. were we are going to head is i- 10 eastbound at 7th street where the hov lane is blocked for a crash. map of the valley. we still do have another crash on the i-17 northbound near dunlap. or where the hov lane has been blocked for that. throughout the morning we'll continue to keep you updated. letting you know if anything changes. it is now 6:32 we have been following breaking news right here. live near 31st avenue and
6:33 am
a brick wall. >> reporter: well, tram, we just talk to a lieutenant with phoenix police that this is being investigated as a double homicide. this all taking place behind me. you can see just about a block north of us 31st avenue and pierce there's a car that's completely crashed into a brick wall. we're not sure how the events are connected but i can tell you 31st avenue is shut down. we're also told that this is going to be until 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. now as i'm looking, the caution tape right here they are pushing it down because the mobile command unit. we're just going to pan over. this is how the investigation is going to start taking place as they piece together what happened. we're also told by phoenix police that another lieutenant is coming out here to give us an update and tell us initially what they think did happen leading up to the two people, double homicide that took place
6:34 am
pierce and 31st avenue. it's now 6:33 a florence woman set to see a judge involving terrorism charges. from right here in arizona. isn't live with the news. >> reporter: michelle bastian has an arraignment for those same terrorism charges. she was arrested last week for commission of conspiracy to commit terrorism. her husband is in jail right now. they both planned to kill people in that prison investigators believing she sent thomas terrorry of related documents by disguising them as legal paperwork. the they served warrants at her work and at home. the search shows that testimony mass wanted her to send him al cue of chi da and isil publications. the department of corrections also searching thomas' cell phone. >> they found some publications and documentations and handwritten notes that detailed
6:35 am
court this morning at 8:30. testimony continues in the bridge gate trial. bridget kelly expected to retake the stand. she was the deputy chief of staff to chris christie. members of the staff are accused of closing lanes on the george washington bridge as revenge lee mayor. closing arguments on wednesday and could go into thursday. hillary clinton and donald trump just said on the campaign trail is as easy as saying alexa is that true? there's been a skill to the amazon echo that lets you fact check anything they say. it is not perfect, though, you have to sit through a lengthy in the dug and mention major
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answer. hits the upright it's no good. how in the world? >> john ryan few hold. and he misses it. that's impossible. >> oh make gosh. >> that's. >> i'm telling you there's something in this building. >> there must be. it was a dramatic and wild ending to a frankly boring football gail in glendale. cardinals tied the see seattle hawks. the th you covered from the field to the locker room and who of to what's next. mark curtis and vanessa ruiz joining knew of you from the field here of. >> what a bizarre game it was here last night as the cads have a chance to put away the seattle seahawks in overtime. a thrilling game but it winds up finishing in a type which is really rare. especially during the regular
6:37 am
cameron cox giving other the complete brakedown. >> reporter: yeah, cameron it was a crazy bizarre night at the university of phoenix stadium. >> cardinals seahawks hawks 6-6 high. cardinals move up and down the field all night long. and in the end they walk away feeling like a loser. >> it's cuff to digest talking with players in the locker room they don't know who to explain it. a lot of them wanted to keep on playing. coaches in general t this all the time. special teams mistakes will kill you. that's exact d'exactly what happened tonight. >> in overtime particularly. >> there were three of them besides the ones in overtime. >> in overtime. here it is chandler the chance to send everybody home happy here. >> the chip shot. >> he hit the upright. a chip shot field goal indeed can't believe he missed that field goal. seattle had hey chance to win
6:38 am
are you kidding me? i dob want to give a couple shoutouts. cardinals defense. >> that's the biggest positive moving forward. >> they were lights out. another shout out to david johnson a career high 41 touches for 171 totters. he was the man. that's it for coop and cam. well, meanwhile bruce airian's not very happy with his kicking team and for obvious reasons. we with him after the game. >> you played 1 hell of a football game and our kicking game let us down a little bit. >> hits the uprate. it's no good -- upright. it's no good. >> they've been carrying us for a couple weeks. and, you know, we left three field goals out there. just frayed trading blow for blow and really just a fist fight.
6:39 am
that way. >> never played in a game as crazy as this one. >> don't change the channel yet. the 2 minute warning looks a lot different than it does tv. >> you'll see what we see when we get ready to come out here and d this right now. >> guys, we'll have that coming up. don't go away. >> we are looking forward to that. still ahead on 12news. a big weekend for one of the most famous cubs an than a world series berth. >> do you know the answer to the second juicy question. these art three things that people squeeze the most. what do we like to squeeze? let us know.
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little cf for you in the morning right here on 12news. 6:42the time. let check account morning juice. here's vanessa. oh, yeah, that music gets us going in the morning.
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>> sit back and turn on channel 12. tonight's two hour episode of the voice. >> do you know tim mcgraw and faith hill. >> i feel like i'm worthy to hug you. >> you're not but i'll let you. >> okay, i'm sorry. >> fan girling out. i love it. >> as you see right there country superstars faith hill and tim mcgraw will p. m. right here on 12news. so turned out to be quite the weekend for bill murray on saturday his beloved chicago cubs punched their ticket to the world series. and last night here he road the top prize for comedy. he won the mark twain award. congratulations to him. and new it is time for your juicy question and the answer
6:44 am
three things art things that people squeeze the most. number5 is handles and number 6 is balls. so what are the other top three things. >> i'm going for confidence, toothpaste or mustard. baby cheeks. >> baby cheeks i got kids' butts on my facebook. sierra min. >> the answer is. >> toothpaste, condiments, and fruit. >> you guys are right for the of our answers together. >> hodgepodge of everything. still ahead on 12news ever wonder what the view from the sidelines is like. you're about to find out what we saw as the wild game between the cardinals and seahawks unfolded on national tv from glendale intersection auto can't stop the feeling, that plus jimmy is taking in the sunrise at tempe town lake where the view is just spectacular. we have your work week forecast
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little jam right here from justin beer. very nice to wake up to. beautiful sunrise at 6:47. this week we are working to save you money.
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me. this morning we have a look at the new stock trading app that allows you to trade for free, we have that story this morning. >> reporter: good morning. money saying geek fix for you. all about saving money when it comes to investing. many of you may trade stocks on popular services like this. and if you do, every time you make a trade, you're spending anywhere between 7-$10. that could really add up. there is that and it's your smart phone that could help. it's called the robinhood appch an app for trading stocks. it allows you to trade any stock you want. the dips here, there are n fees. zero fees with this one. and it's very easy to use. you can download it for android and ios. upload your information, make a deposit to put your money into
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would with any other app. it's no ate tablet app. and it gives you market information, as well as notifications about the companies that crew trade in. it's the robinhood stock trading app. trade for free by downloading it from your apple or android app store. have a great day everybody. on on 12news we are giving you an all access pass to your arizona cardinals. >> you know the 2 minute warning can typically be an intense time for the teams but you get a little breather but last night here on the field it became even more intense because it sort of became obvious that this game was going to go into overtime and could have gone either way. all the fans biting their nails, literally hoping the cardinals could pull out something in the last couple minutes. >> we're going to give you a behind the scenes look at the final minutes of game from our vanderbilt in point. -- vantage point. >> right now the cards are up
6:50 am
strong. so we're going to stay positive go cards. we can do this. we can d this. go cards. >> this is crazy. seattle just tide in the overtime we now go to su the next team that scores wins this game. let's hope it's the cards. >> what art odds the cards miss a chip shot field goal in overtime. seattle comes down the field looks like they have a chip shot field gel to win it and
6:51 am
>> a loss pretty much have killed the cardinals' chances of winning the division. they didn't lose but the tie also hurts and it's almost as bad in the end as a loss because now they have one less game to catch up with the seattle seahawks. >> . >> so now the arizona cardinals are heading east to take on the panthers next week. >> that will be very interesting. that's going to do it for us out here in glendale at the of the of phoenix stadium. back to >> great look there from the sidelines. cardinals have lost two games at home and tied one. whatever happened to this thing called home field advantage. jay taylor is it a good thing that they're playing on the road to play carolina. >> i remember back i think it was 2008 the new york giants didn't play very well at home and played well on the road. we know that ended with a super bowl. they've built such an advantage
6:52 am
take advent of it. -- advantage of it. >> they d go on the road they're playing carolina panthers not the same panthers team that they got blown out by in the playoffs last year. cam newton will be there. can they contain him? >> i do not see a shutout. you're going to get the team coming off a bye week. a game against the saints that is should have won that a lost at the tail end of it. in that type of situation the because they'll be hungry. there's still a chance to climb themselves back into it. cam newton is such a powerful runner so this defense will have a much tougher task because that front is much better than seattle. certainly wishing the cards the best. 6:52 let's check your traffic with jen wahl with your real time on the road traffic.
6:53 am
thomas. and from here to about the 143, it's going to take us 10 minutes this morning. here's a look at exactly what we are seeing here in this live drive. not too bad, averaging 50 miles per hour. but we just drove by a crash. i-10 eastbound at 7th street the left lane is blocked. and it's definitely stop and go in that area. lets take a look at the maps of the rest of the valley to give you an idea of what your commute will be. if you're coming or chandler, maybe scottsdale, glendale, then far northwest, we have nice roadways. so it's been a pretty good morning so far as far as the traffic goes on this monday morning. we will continue to keep you updated as they change. but let's send it o ever to jimmy at tempe town lake. >> jimmy we are hoping for a cooldown. >> reporter: you know, we're waiting for one. looks like it's pretty moderate.
6:54 am
lake, beautiful. the temperature of the land right next to the water is pretty consistent. so that water can act as a big evaporative cooler. great breeze this morning. so it's phenomenal out here. more other inland areas cool, comfortable but definitely not the world kyle. sunrise coming up a little bit later. every day. so sun popped up at 6:00 home right now our in the morning. here's your forecast for today. an isolated chance of a storm for today. meaning most people will not see rain i. always say tram is beg to get rain today because see washed her car. wash your car you're going to get that sprinkle to mess up the wash job. remember same chances for tonight through the first half of tomorrow. then sunday half of tomorrow we start to clear out on thep day
6:55 am
flagstaff area. 2011 you love up towards prescott, bradshaw mountains, maybe a little bit rain. but here in the valley only a 20% chance of rain meaning about 80% of the people here will not see any rail. but off towards the back you can see the clouds. we have clear skies the high strait us clouds but if you go way off to the back that ware we have clouds. until that tram, matt i don't w have been out here and brought the kids. the grass is gene and it feels wonderful. >> when the dam just reopened we went out there. it was so much fun and it really is spectacular. >> never gets old out there. one final check of your hot headlines this morning. i-17 north other valley is moving smoothly again this morning after a horrific crash involving 24 cars and trucks closed the southbound lanes for 8 hours. highway patrol troopers saying
6:56 am
rear earning and side swiping 20 tree cars. >> medics took 17 people to the hospital four by air with moderate to serious injuries. still no word on why that truck driver did not stop. >> a 3-year-old in surprise is in the hospital this morning aftery dresser fell on her yesterday. she was air lifted in critical condition. stay tis in show toppling furniture in the home causes dozens of deaths in the u.s. >> family and friends the two young girls killed by their father. he also took his own life. the victim's mother divorced her husband this summer and filed an order of protection in the past. we put a lynn talk their gofundme site at welcome back once again tram. what's your take away. >> my take away the next time i go shopping i want to take use of you guys.
6:57 am
you feel touch, try on, squeeze, don't squeeze the charmin. i'm so impressed. normally it's dreadful for you guys. >> it's about how you feel. sometimes you have to be in the mood. and sometimes i don't want to be near a store s. specific items. >> so i'm going of only going to shop for the tvs and electronics. >> certainly things, yes. >> my take away is a bill congra little boy running around at 2:00 a.m. >> wonder what zack does at two in the morning. >> better be sleeping. >> we got ties with cleveland and chicago. >> all the fans but i really want to sing bring charlie sheen. the whole staff cast from major league, just bring them all. >> that would be monumental. >> just bring them all i think that would be awesome.
6:58 am
prices, in clevelandary the series starts you can get tickets for $700. chicago, $2200 are the cheekest. parking passes at 250-300 bucks for a parking pass. >> die hard cubs fans they are going to be there. >> you talked about how you would scalp those tickets. our friend of thundershowers bought them for $4000. they're worth 12. no. >> everybody can make eight grand buy a big screen that's what you're going to do. >> no, no. you're going to miss that opportunity. >> you got major bills to pay. >> it's the experience of a lifetime. >> you can pay for your children's public education. you can why a car. that is d it for today. 12news is a always on witness. your favorite certainly media app. go to the world series.
7:00 am
good morning. time running out. a new poll shows donald trump now 12 points behind hillary clinton with just over two weeks to go. top republican strategist karl rove saying a win is unlikely. >> i don't see it happening. >> trump not giving up. >> we are going to win back the white house. >> clinton sounding confident. >> i debated him for 4 1/2 hours. i don't even think about responding to him anymore. >> so is it over or can trump turn the tide in the next 15 days? horrific crash. speed and driver fatigue possibly behind a tour bus accident in southern california that left 13 people dead, and 31


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