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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. right now, two teenage girls in the hospital after being hit by a possible drunk driver. >> and less than two weeks until election day. sheriff joe arpaio is officially charged with criminal >> oh, it might be the greatest carpool karaoke ever. lady gaga and james cordin are epic. we have more of this coming up in the morning juice. i can't get enough of them. >> don't we say that about every carpool? >> okay, best voice, though, seriously? >> no doubt about that. >> yes. >> with james. >> no britney spears lip singing going on. >> no. >> and we'll show you more of
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as we approachk is 02 tool, we want to talk about your forecast and jimmy q is in the weather at schnepp farms. good morning, jimmy. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. nice and cool out here. perfect for a nice bon fire getting abouting on. keeping us nice and toasty here. a lot of events are happening here and we'll tell you what is happening this weekend. that i have pumpkins everywhere and a temperatures today under mostly clear skies, you can see a lot of skies out here and look for a high temperature of 94 degrees above average. okay, almost 10 degrees above average. no record highs but tomorrow, there is a chance we could get to a record high. we have a cooldown and i want to tell but that. this is going to be in the seven-day and we're going to be
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biways and checking the traffic conditions. >> reporter: we're at the intersection of grand avenue and 19th avenue right now and we actually passed a lot of water in the roadway and we getting to turn around and go check that out for you. what you can see are the state fair grounds. folks behind us heading the opposite direction on 19th avenue. so, if you're the state fair grounds, you're going to hit a lot of water on the roadway. try to a void it if you can. i would recommend staying away from 19th avenue altogether. you can use black canyon freeway or 15th a. now, let's get a look at the rest of the valley. some of the things we're dealing with this morning, well, typical traffic for your tuesday morning and we are seeing the 17 southbound pick
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the left lane reopened there. and that is lower because of the crash and all of the folks stuck in that and coming up, we'll try our best to get off and we'll show you what is happening on the local roadways along the way. >> thank you, jen. for the update. 6:04 this morning. two teenage girls are rushed into surgery after being hit by what could be a drunk driver. brian west has new information on 28th avenue and cactus. police. they said that those two girl are going, they had serious injuries and are non-life- threatening. this happened around 10:00 last night behind me. all lanes are open to cactus near i-17 and that were shut down until 5:30 this morning and that is because around 10, four teenage girls were driving when they ran out of gas. two girls got out to push the car up the hill to a nearby gas station and that is when
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and hit the two girls pushing. both of the girls and the driver were transported to the hospital. the driver, we're told, is stable and was at the hospital and the two girls at last check a half hour ago, were still in surgery and we are told they have serious but non-life threatening leg injuries. cactus completely open. again, it was shut down for several hours overnight and opened up about a half hour ago near,-17. >> thank you. it's 6:05 and check the hot headlines. joe arpaio is formally charged with criminal contempt of court and is accused of intensionally violating aned to stop racially profiling latinos. the sheriff will plead not guilty and this comes with less than two weeks to go until the election in november.
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wall. goodbye! six-0 indians. >> and cleveland takes game one of the world series behind a power surge from the catcher who belted two home runs. the indians beat the cubs 6-0 and kory can, luber struck out eight of the first 9 batters he faced. the game was moved up by one hour because of a o at progressive feel. the sun is up in cleveland and there might be cold temperatures in the forecast but fans don't care. the starters are for cleveland and chicago and the first pec is at 4 our time. >> and how would you like to be a fan of cleveland sports? and king james right there and the cleveland cavaliers were receiving their championship rings at the home opener and
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during the ring sermon, the king got caught up in the moment. >> at this point, if you're not from here, live here, play here or dedicate yourself to cleveland, makes no sense to leat this point. cleveland against the world. [ laughter ] >> and don't breathe, you're gone and you're dead to me. >> sorry, cubs fans and other nba team fans. >> no kiddin suns in the valley. they will tip off the new nba season against the kings. >> and that's right, nico santos is with the gorilla nearby talking fashion. hey, nico. >> and we are talking about fashion. about ever we get to that, however, i have a trivia question for you. we'll give you the answer the next half hour. the phoenix suns playing the kings tonight. we want to know what do they have in common with each other
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other tonight? we'll talk about it in a bit. and we're looking at some of the fashion and the gear that we have here and before we talk about what people are wearing, we want to talk about the importance of fans showing up and representing the team. it's good for the moral, right? >> it is. >> and you see your colors there as we know and there are somes in the nba that travel strong and that is disappointing. when you come out to see the phoenix suns, how about purple and orange? >> and speaking of that, teams have in common and there is purple in common and we're going to fill the energy and you're looking at the top of the gear they have now and can you talk to us about the stuff you can expect here in. >> and all great new stuff. the first 15,000 will get the purple shirt that is being modeled and that is a nice thing. and team shop is fetchomnology
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>> the game doesn't start for another 12, 15 hours and that i have moves, too and if you're interested in this, come to the game and purchase it. and, of course, the personnel, we are phoenix basketball shirts are free to the first 15,000 people here and there is a look at the group here and that is what we're going to talk about in the next half hour and aside from the game and sport anen want to eat, right? >> and absolutely. and nobody work it. and my gosh. he can -- . >> he can dunk and walk the runway. and -- . >> i am working on the twostep. >> and we'll see you in a bit. >> and i will do a two-step here, guys. >> and. still ahead, did you see it? some folks claim they saw eye ufo and that video that has
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glory. -- [ indiscernible ] >> and i can't lis -- i can listen to this all morning. she might be the world best car singer. watch her perform hits with james cordon in carpool karaoke. coming up next. >> and i am hanging on a moment
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. >> love hearing maroon 5 in the morning. let's check out the morning juice with vanessa. >> and this is no bad romance. we are getting ready to watch james cordon picked up lady gaga for carpool karaoke. she gets into it, you guys, like she's performing on stage. take a look. >> i want your loving and your revenge. you want me to write a -- i want your love and your love is
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i love her outfit. look at that. >> love her outfit and her voice. >> i know. everything is perfect in this and it gets good when he let's her take the wheel to drive him. she recently got her driver's license at the age of 30. can you believe that? she admits her whole dad cried. and she talks about getting the call from the nfl to perform at the super bowl halftime. it's 15 minutes long and amazing. check it out online if you have free time today. all right, so, first comes love and then marriage and then a baby in the baby carriage. russell killson and his wife ciara are expecting a baby. the couple got married in july
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wilson and her second child. the source told e that both want a big family and they didn't waist any time getting things started. >> no. obviously. they got married a couple of months ago. >> and they're expecting and congrats to them. and a recent survey shows the average woman said you should wait 90 days into a relationship before doing this in front of a man? some say that is too long to wait and they do it earlier to see how the guy >> that sounds scary. >> and maybe eat, eat. you know when people go on the first date, they order salads? >> that would be -- . >> and may be they just, you know, wait to eat that steak or burger. >> and you want to share with our viewer when is we went out to get to know each other as coworkers? >> we went out to dinner and they order the great big plates of food and salad and said
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i am like that is mine. i was with my sister yesterday, the same thing happened. they're like salad, no, that is mine. >> that is what it's like to go out with matt. >> and we'll have the answer in a half hour. and we want to get to your realtime on-the-road traffic and there is some problems on the streets near the state fair grounds and that is where we find jen wall. >> and good morning to you guys. we hopped few moments to show you an issue that is going on and this is mcdowel and 21st avenue. and you can see the -- see the westbound lanes of mcdowel are completely flooded and the water is stretching into the eastbound lanes and so vehicles are taking it slowly here. crews have been working on this the last 10 minutes or so, but
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and you can see even city buses are taking it extremely slowly and this morning, what you want to do is completely avoid mcdowel if at all possible around 21st avenue and you can use is thomas or van buren and this is getting pretty high and stacking up significantly here just in the last few minutes and so as far as the rest of the valley goes, we are not ei this time. we do know that places like the 10 eastbound from glendale into phoenix are jamming up, the 51 southbound and the 17 southbound. the 60 westbound and for the most part, both 202s are clear this morning. we'll keep you updated on what is going on live here on the valley streets. >> and live breaking news there. and realtime traffic on the road. and i have to tell you, i was out where you were two weeks
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their pumpkin and chili festival. so much fun. are you making s'mores now? >> and that is what we're doings now -- doing now, learning the art of s'more makes. and we're having a blast getting ready and i'm telling you, you mentioned. look at the dog there trying to get the s'mores. no, no, no. and just a great day. and weather is gorgeous on top of that really nice and i will look for the numbers like this and 94 for today. the mornings and nights will be really, really beautiful as well and the day is on that toasty side. the good news, we're seeing 80s on the map but the tailent of the seven-day forecast. and that is going to be good and and you can get out and do the bon fires and such and that is pretty nice. and we have a lot here and what
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i am seeing pumpkins as far as the eyes can see. fire pits and dogs. >> we have so much fun here and this is our last weekend and this is an amazing event. if you haven't been out, you need to come and see it. we have amusement rides and shows and bon fires at night with marshmallows roasting and harrieds, corn mazes and fewerworks. an incredible event. >> and tops of parking as well. what type of food >> i have to tell you my wife has done the most amazing food. we have chili, three different kinds and grilled pizza and there is succotash, pulled pork and hot dogs, hamburgers and goes on and on and some of it healthyed if, too and fresh. >> and what is the cost? >> $18. you can get discount tickets for $15 per person and on
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coupon and that is a great opportunity to come and save money, too and there are a few extra charges. the train is extra and pumpkins and food is extra and everyone cludes entertainment and rights. >> and when does it start? >> we start at 10 in the morning on thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. >> wow, really? and the gates open. hours here and this is a place to come and make all kinds of wonderful family memories. >> i want to med tate if you don't mind. how many cookouts do you have when the doors are closed or you're with the wife and throws this should be a great place to get your thoughts together and head on out here. we'll have a preview of more food and cooking coming up in the next half hour.
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the choo-choo train ride. and it was so, so great. >> did you mean is to say it's show much fun? >> like the s'mores. >> still ahead, the always funny will ferrell dusts off his george w. bush impression and weighs in on one of the major scandals of the election. and you don't want to miss this. >> and put on your basketball thinking caps, boys and girls. the phoenix suns open our season tonight. and what did go the anymoreila do before he became the sun's mascot? the answer is coming up in two
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oh! kevin's lunch! freaky fast. fifth time this week.
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good morning to you. welcome back to 12 today and jamming out to 21 pilots on this wednesday morning.
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phoenix and let's get to your 12 today trivia and we're out with your phoenix suns this morning and our question is what did go the gorilla do. what was the job before becoming a mascot? >> i guess gymnast. >> and that is good. any ideas? >> a cheerleader? >> no. >> a male cheerleader? >> he delivered singing telegrams. >> oh. he got the job with surprising fans and players with a song during the game. everyone loved him so much, that is how the gorilla became the sun's mascot. >> what a great background. >> yeah. >> from singing telegraphs to -- telegrams to flipping all around. and time for your shot of the morning and get ready to lol. will ferrell reprise heads impression of george w. bush
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central. before they started a segment called voter's voices. george, i mean, will wanted to make a statement about a recent bus incident. >> and thank you. first of all, chris, i would like to say something about me cousin billy bush. he's 99 in the mews a lot lately. him and that disgraced company pin donald trump. and talking on that bus and i -- i just want to thing. we bushes don't act like that, okay? we have standards. and we're raised a certain way. and we would never under any circumstances ride a bus. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh and he goes on to say when you're a bush, you ride in a limousine or a jet or a monster truck called
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>> and acts like him. >> perfect acting job. >> and to the t. >> so funny. >> and maybe after that, snl can reprise that roll error for the weekend. >> and can you imagine? >> would be great. and we have the meat and they're adding to the menu. this morning, ashy's wants to know if you would like a deer meet sandwich. >> and forget net flicks and chill. it's about netflix and pill. you won't believe what they doll for entertainment in the future and.
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run
6:29 am
man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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. right now on 12 today, two teenage girls trying to help end up in the hospital after being hit by a possible drunk driver. >> and do we need to call will smith or the tower at sky harbor for answers? where lights in the sky have people talking about aliens this morning. >> and you don't have to like baseball to like this. why taco bell wants to give you a free taco. good wednesday morning, everybody. let's get to some breaking news
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morning long right now. two girls are rushed to the hospital after being hit by a possible drunk driver. brian west is trafficking down information from near 28th avenue and cactus. brian. >> reporter: just a incredibly horrible story that happened overnight. cactus is completely open in both directions and i have to tell you until two hours ago, this was completely shut down while investigators were how ther -- out here. and phoenix police told us that i have four teenage girls, age 15 to ran out of gas on 28th avenue and cactus. two girls got out of the car to push it up the hill to a nearby gas station and that is when another car with a possibly impaired driver came up behind, hit the two girls, pinning them in between both cars. both of the girls and the driver were transported to the hospital. phoenix police tells us the drive her minor injuries. the two girl his serious but non-life-threatening injuries to their legs. and again for the morning
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and if you're heading to work, we won't be impacted. and we know the girls were in surgery starting late last night and into early this morning. >> and we hope they're okay. thank you. and. sky harboriarity is getting a face lift to improve customer service and reduce ingestion. the phoenix city council approved a $950 million plan to add gates to terminal 4 and extend the sky train. the proj with existing passenger fees and other airport revenue and bonds. it's expected to be completed the next five years. >> and some valley residents claiming they spotted a ufo and several people in the east valley supported us videos of the unusual lights. and most of the reports happened in the queen creek area from 6 to 6:45. and how will fans react to this one? the golden state warriors, the
6:33 am
their home opener and they got blown out. and they didn't just lose but dot demolished by the spurs. and leopard with a career high 35 points to lead a 129 clobbering of the defending western conference champions. durant scored 27 and. >> whoa. >> that was bad. >> no kidding. >> and no one saw that coming. and hope things why better tonight. the phoenix suns 10 off a new nba season >> and nico santos is live with more and this time, we're talking food, right? >> we are. i need to you hold on to your apsit for a second. i give you a trivia question the last half hour and that is the phoenix suns and kings playing against each other tonight and what else do they have in common? >> an ex-prominent member of the team back in the day and in
6:34 am
now the mayor of sacramento, and we're talking kevin johnson perhaps? >> and she got it right, can you believe that? >> i know. it's hard to believe. >> and there is an extra rivalry here and there and let's get into the real reason we're here and we have chef clancy with us and a number of things here and who knew that sports could get so gourmet and -- . >> this is our health and wellness inspired dish this year. this is the chicken and doughnut slider and we're going to sell this at fractured froon and downtown chicken. this is a cake doughnut with fried chicken, maple glaze, bacon and a couple of extra bacon strips on top to make it fun. >> please tell me you will have a stretch or standby to roll me out of here. sounds like it's going to be real heavy. >> absolutely. >> and we have some suchy.
6:35 am
and this is standing out here to me. it looks tasty. >> we have kona grill if the building here, awesome and a couple of different rolls, including the crab crunch roll. and to the side, this is a ahi wonton tuna crisp and wasabe aoli. >> and food, you can get good food and for a good cause. we have the full-court nachos with the basketball bowl. a portion of this goes where? dollar to every purchase to son's charities. >> and perfect. and you can get this and feel less guilty and they're doing it for a good cause and i want some of this and tell me about this and what is it made of? >> and this is dave's dog house. and where's coming into the arena and bringing in four gourmet hot dogs and this is a mac and cheese stuffed dog and
6:36 am
on top and a great, great item. >> and looks amazing. this take work. i will send it back to you and tram and this is just for you. >> yummy. get in there. >> and going to give us a thumbs pup? >> and -- uh-huh. >> and i am drooling. matt's hurling. >> it looks good. >> and tell the truth. still ahead, what would you think if you saw a semi full of beer driving itself freeway and it actually happened. watch bud riser make history coming up. >> and would you eat a deer meat sandwich?
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we blindfolded dale and told him to find the chicken with no antibiotics. the thing is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. how's it going, dale? workin' on it! some chicken companies try to get you to spend more money
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at sanderson farms, we don't believe in gimmicks like that. well, how'd i do? no antibiotics to worry about here. hmmm...that was easy.
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. we're waking up to rhianna and dj calvin harris for you
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all of the songs. >> i know. >> you feel it. >> and all right, the pulled talented anna kendricks joins the ellen she today and talk about the struggles before her career took off after pitch perfect and talks about what it's like dofilming trowels with justin timberlake and may have found something he was not good at. >> and they explained instagram story to him and like the ultimate dad. how does this new fangelled -- and he's also really into the 3- d version of trowels like i had not seen it and he was like you got -- it's like it's coming at you. i'm like are you a time traveler? i know what 3ds. >> and you can catch all of the if up in her interview with ellen at 3 here on channel 12. and okay, you guys.
6:41 am
you think. ashy's logan, we got the meets will include venyson in some sandwiches and it will be offered in states where there is a large deer hunting population. and it will be served on a bun with crispy onion and berry sauce and i don't think we have it here in arizona. i know we have some deer opportunitying. >> oh, dear. >> and that was a good one,@. and it's time for the juicy question of the morning and the recent survey shows the woman into a relationship before doing this in front of a man? some women wait longer and some don't. >> and what do you think it is? >> what do you think, matt? >> cry. >> okay. >> cry. >> sarah has a good guess, introduce to the family. >> oh. think about that. >> and it has to be longer that know that. >> i wait longer. >> yeah? >> okay. >> and see what the answer is.
6:42 am
before then. >> yeah. >> and it's great. >> and you will like them either way, right? >> yes. >> and you will like them with or without and it's better they see you without make up first, right? >> yes and then you're like bye. >> and you run or do something outside. >> lately. >> and there is no makeup involved, shouldn't be, at least. and you don't have to be the him manager to buy the most expensive stocks on wall ultimate beer run. budweiser makes history by shipping brews in a semi without a driver. yikes and maybe kind of. you're watching 12 today.
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. waking up to some imagine dragons for you this morning and 69 degrees is the time now. and this week, we're showing you simple apps to help you save.
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he's more on the story. >> hi, everybody. i'm greg d and talking about stock ownership. your kids might be familiar with companies like amazon, hasbro, walt disney or alphabet, which is google and you may have thought about buying them a share of amazon and order to do, that you would have to spend $800 for one share. that is really hard to do for some folks. there is a company that will help with you that called and this company allows you to buy portions of shares with their website for their app and this is how it works. go to and find the stocks of companies you would want to give as a gift to kids, friends or relatives. maybe ben and jerry's or amazon or apple or burger king and you don't have to buy the full share. just give 50, 75 or $100 worth of that share. the app is also great. you can download it for ios
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purchases and give thes through the -- gifts through the app and give portions of stock until they add up to bigger and bigger inavenue havements and if you're not tech savvy, you can buy stockpiled gift cards wherever they're sold in the 50 or $100 increments and give them that way instead of cash or a gift card. these are investments and not savings accounts, so the money can be made and lost. make sure you talk to a financial advisor before and new at 6:00, you're going to want to stop what you're doing and check it out and the future is here in the beer business. 52,000 caps of bud make -- cans of bud made history. technology eliminates mistakes caused by tired drivers but many worry the technology could
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that it delivered a lot of beer, do you think this is a cool side? >> a little freaky. >> and freaks me out. i know there is human error, right? >> yes. >> however, this is like what happens. you don't have control over it and what if something malfunctions. >> right. >> and of course humans are not perfect and you can control the imperfection, right? you don't drink behind wheel and you're not texting. you can be sleep deprived and that can be helped. when it comes to technology, i am sorry, things go wrong. >> yes. >> and we see it with our cell phones and tablet and camera the with everything. things are bound to go wrong at some point or north. >> andnings --nings never go wrong. you're out of your mind. >> and what do you think? >> on the other hand, though, what is going to go wrong more often?
6:49 am
crashes, crashes where people get hurt every morning. >> but they can be avoidable. >> they're not. >> face it. they can all be a voidable and they're not. >> right. >> and that is why we have them. it may not eliminate them but make it can reduce them. >> and you can see -- can say that with a human driver, too. >> and i say there is no human driving that vehicle, i am going fast to pass it. >> and you will crash it because you're worried about the driver. >> and you could have avoided it. ee notice get a check of the realtime on-the-read traffic and jen is out and about and not too bad now and how's everyones? good morning, matt and we're seeing a huge issue that is off valley highways and right now, we're on mcdowel and this is at 21st avenue and this water has been pushing out of the area the last half hour and we
6:50 am
water main break. the westbound lanes, there are police vehicles here and cars are coming around the area and definitely don't recommend doing that and it's becomes a dangerous type of a situation. you have eastbound vehicles colliding here and going very closely here to westbound vehicles. and so, take it slow and avoid the area if you can and that is thomas and van buren are and let's look at the rest of the valley traffic now and i could-10 westbound at warner, there was a brush fire and that is now out, doesn't seem to affect traffic and southbound 51 at northern, there was a crash there. the right lanes are cleared and there might be residual effect of that, too and for the most part, we're expecting the typical delays around arizona avenue and into tempe and
6:51 am
southbound getting closer to phoenix and the 101 northbound into scottsdale also starting to jam up. again, this morning, avoid mcdowel if that is your commute around 21st avenue. right near the state fair. you want to use van buren or thomas instead because of what looks to be a water main break. guys? >> and what a huge mess out. there. it's 6:51 and jimmy q is out live of what is now an annual tradition for my so nice out, there jimmy. >> and the pumpkin and chili festival. they have all kinds of stuff. little pumpkins. we were in the main pumpkin patch and it's a full-blown farm out here in east valley. beautiful,well worth the drive and nice and cool in the shade. the sun is coming up and going to be a nice day. temperatures will be warmer than average the next few days and might get to a record high tomorrow and possibly. here we go.
6:52 am
for today; 96 for tomorrow and lower 90s, a tad cooler for the weekend and then by halloween, we're going to get into temperatures mainly about 89 degrees and that you can't beat and carry, are you pumped up? >> and i am pumped up. >> i want to eat that and talk about this and this is starting on thursday. >> okay. >> thursday through sunday and it's thursdays and sundays, 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and fridays and saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and it opens at 10:00 a.m. and we have a lot of school children coming on thursdays and friday morning. and a good time to come is 1:00 and you have the free park to the south. >> okay. >> and that is an 18 dollars admission and 15 if you go to any frys grocery store and thursday, a two for 1.
6:53 am
and show them what type of tricks does this dog do. >> i can get my dog to run wax,way and to not come bag and to eat too much and this is included? >> this is included. we have three different shows and have pig races and the jimsy time travelers, a story teller with a blacksmith and you have all of the amazement rides and we provide marshmallows for roasting and two corp mas and extra costs on the pumpkin patch and train ride. >> okay. >> and you had i barn burnt down. >> we did. >> and it was our farmhouse and we're excited. we have been doing weddings there every weekend and people continue to make memories. >> and what this food here? and this is our pumpkin and
6:54 am
>> and we have a regular meat chili and veggie chili and we have gluten free options. >> and i need a spoon. i have to try this. >> is this your famous type of chili? >> this is famous. >> and -- judge that is already. the two-second rule. it landed in a pile of something and who cares. oh,. >> and so good. >> do you love >> we do about 60,000 bowls of chili a year. a month. >> wow. >> and i love your pancakings, too, by the way. >> and this is great being here and this is your festival? >> yeah. >> we have to get matt out here, too and that i have giant almonds, patches out here. >> and i am sure they do. thank you, have fun out there. 6:54 and check your hot headlines once more. a valley mom accused of beating her oldest daughter years ago is back behind bars this time
6:55 am
melissa lloyd and michael dugger are accused of beating the nineteen-error error -- 9- and 10-year-old daughters and melissa's oldest daughter said the accusations are not true and her own case was not as severe as the court made it seem. >> and mcso is looking for the suspect in the shooting death of a baby horse killed near the salt river. the six-month-old was found shot and mutilated a few days ago. two other adult horses were injured and they are healing f information leading to an arrest. >> and another day and another presidential poll. a new arizona poll by monmouth university gives donald trump a 46% to 45% lead over hillary clinton. that poll surveyed 400 people and this is opposite of some polls last week that have clinton ahead in our state. and trump is taking a break from the campaign trail to officially open his new hotel in d.c. two years ago, trump
6:56 am
there today for the ribbon cutting after the official opening and press conference. he will continue his campaign in another battleground state, north carolina and bill clinton will be in north carolina as well and hillary clinton is staying in north carolina to rally voters. there. and trump's oldest son is to go into a rale. and donald trump jr. will speak to millennials about the importance of the 2016 election and set to take place from 2-3 with doors opening at 1: it's free to go and we have a link on our website, and justin timberlake wanted to make sure you vote. it's illegal in tennessee to use your phone inside a polling place. fortunately for him, they're not investigating the matter but using it as a reminder of the law. if he was charged he could have ended up in jail for 30 days. >> capacity exactly and this
6:57 am
the company's ceoed that movies and television shows will be obsolete and thinks drug science will be the future and years from now, people will take a pill to entertain themselves. he's the pill go ahead take on you a trippy movie journey. we have seen it of about, the 19 sicks. >> and was he taking aile with this announcement? >> he might have been. >> and we can doritos taco at taco bell thanks to francisco lindor. he won everyone a free taco be claimed november 2nd. >> and congrats. the phoenix suns, their home opener is tonight and they take on the kings at the arena and ten offis for 7:00. don't forget the first 15,000 fans get free t-shirts. >> and that is nice that is nice. >> and he'll work on that.
6:58 am
there. >> and my takeaway at schnepp farms. you still have about a week left or so and for that. kip and chili festival and that is so fantastic. seriously and this year was our first year going there and we're making that an annual tradition. >> and after seeing that food, i want to go for sure. >> and our congrats is to ciara and russell wilson, t together. >> and my takeaway is the blasted water main break near the fairgrounds, prevented us from getting donuts and our jen wall had to stay there. and go get them today only, though. >> or get them for us. >> and i can. 12 news is always on >> and have a great day,
7:00 am
good morning. the battle for florida. trump and clinton making last-minute pleas in the sunshine state where a new poll has trump up by two points. >> you put her in as president, you're crazy. >> donald trump is attacking everything that has set our country apart for 240 years. >> as those accusations of trump's inappropriate conduct with women lead to this candid exchange. >> you are fascinated with sex. >> you know what, mr. speaker, i'm not fascinated by sex. but i am fascinated by the protection of women. >> this morning trump's campaign manager joins us live to talk about it all.


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