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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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right now on 12 today -one person dead.... several others..on the run.we are following this story out of tempe... pursued by the police...and you just can't do without that in-n-out animal style burger. what one guy on the run did yesterday in the valley is going viral this morning. and we don't have to like him.. but we do have to give richard sherman credit for his ... awesome halloween costume. that's... in your morning juice...
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happening right person is dead and two suspect are at large after an early morning 12's nico santos
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video going viral across the country this morning of a driver going through in- and- out while being pursued by police. team 12's bryan is live this morning in
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checking hot headlines this morning - and we have a heartbreaking heist to tell you about. someone... stole three someone... stole three puppies from the arizona animal welfare league! the suspect... captured on surveillance video.. taking the pups to their car. it happened near 40th street and washington. a-a-w-l says the puppies are 10-week-old cattle dog mixes. they all have infections and are at sk treated soon. officials say they will not press charges if the puppies are returned quickly. this morning we are learning that the arizona center will be undergoing renovations.the shopping center sits downtown at the corner of third and van buren streets.according to the phoenix business journal... the renovations are estimated at around 25 million dollars and should begin next developments could be a hotel or apartments.. notre dame prep in scottsdale is now suspending head coach mark nolan-- after
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kids can take part in the state playoffs. the a-i-a put the school on probation earlier this season -- after the coach allegedly had players practice in full pads during the summer, which is against the rules. the a-i-a board would have to hold an emergency meeting by friday-- since it releases the playoff seedings on saturday. ?? toss to morning juice ?? the arizona cardinals... the arizona cardinals... and seattle seahawks... don't really get along. but when agree on one thing. ?if there was a contest between the two teams... richard sherman.. would win. check out what he wore to his press conference yesterday! that's sherman.. dressed as a wizard from harry potter. full on - with the gryffindor robe, tie and wand. but he seemed to think football had some similarities to at least part of harry potter -- saying the game against the cardinals... was like a grueling match of quidditch.
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lost last night to the chicago cubs... evening the world series at one game a piece... our producers are not ready producers are not ready to jump off a cliff... yet... but even though the team didn't win... one indians fan from northern ohio did... he gave up his seat on an l-a to cleveland none other than kenny lofton. ken kostal wanted to make sure lofton made it to cleveland in time to throw out tuesday's ceremonial first pitch. lofton was listed as standby for the full flight. the indians gave kostal tickets to g6, say united airlines gave kostal 62-thousand, 2-hundred airline miles, to use on a future flight. that's because kennylofton had 622 stolen bases in his career... the guy knows now to take epic selfies too... time for your juicy question of the morning... 25% of people say this is the moment they realized that they became old. most surveyed say this first happened in their 30s or 40s
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they were they were supposed to be one of the coolest things about the new iphone... but now... they're on hold. what's up with the airpods... in 10 minutes.. but... first... how to save yourself some cash.. while scoring some great deals.we're talking about what is ok to
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it's a debate that people have all the time.should i buy a product used... or should i buy it our "more money for me" series... team 12 's matt granite looks at the
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other items that you should never buy used or refurbished... couches, because they are rarely cleaned.also cribs.... many have been recalled and the germ factor is a serious deterrent. ?? traffic ??
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millions of early voters... hitting the booths and the post offices...but who has the advantage here?we are live in d-c with that... in three minutes. so, this is not going to sit well...but boys...are better
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than girls...... are better
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than girls........... at math. ####break####
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decision 2016 this morning: a new analysis of early voting. millions have already cast their ballots. team 12's tracie potts is live in washington with a more detailed look at the turnout so far.
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today hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama team up in north carolina - an early voting state. an nbc target-smart analysis shows more than 10 million americans have already voted. with more democrats at the polls in and we've where clinton the javitz york - a glass ceiling. potts in now back to q: clinton must be pretty sure she's winning illinois because her illinois winning sure she's today hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama team up in north carolina - an early voting state. an nbc rg have already voted. with more democrats at the polls in eight battleground states... more republicans in three. florida is tied. the latest national poll from suffolk university shows trump trailing by nine points.our nbc news wall street journal marist battleground analysis has them tied nevada... and clinton up by nine in new hampshire. trump, taking heat for diverting his campaign to open a new hotel in washington. clinton claims he built it with undocumented workers.trump's in ohio today... where so far, more democrats have voted. and we've learned where clinton will be on election night. the javitz center in new york - a building with a i'm tracie potts in
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winning illinois because her runningmate's out rooting for the cleveland indians!a: tba a new study suggests easing pain during childbirth ... could help reduce a woman's risk of postpartum depression. researchers asked 200 women with no history of anxiety or depression to rate their labor pain before and after getting epidural anesthesia. those who felt the most improvement in their pain ... were least likely to develop postpartum depression. however
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other causes of postpartum depression -- and labor pain may be more problematic for some women more than others. when it comes to math... boys continue to outperform girls. a new study from n-y-u finds that -- while most children enter kindergarten with similar math ability -- girls tend to fall behind by third grade - especially among the highest math achievers. and researchers say ?teachers may be contributing to this lingering gender gap. data shows gender gap. data shows teachers underrated the math skills of girls as early as first grade. a delay from apple.. back in september, apple made the controversial move to make an iphone without a headphone
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selling airpods.. a pair of wireless earbuds which would sell for 159 dollars. those were supposed to be available this month, but now apple says they're delayed. apple told the tech news site c-net that they don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready... and they need a little more time before airpods are ready for customers. no timetable was given. today-- apple is unveiling its latest and greatest technology for the holidays.. the company is expected to release -3- new we told you about the computers losing their u-s-b ports.. but now, experts say the new computers may not have "escape" keys on them. apple's event is set to apple's event is set to begin later this morning at 10 am our time. good grief charlie brown! someone stole the great pumpkin!!or... maybe a better way to say this...someone pulled off ... a great pumpkin
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halloween - just four days away. and we're checking out some of the most haunted places in arizona...
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in - n - out...that's what one guy on the run just couldn't live without.we'll show you
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in - n - out...that's what one guy on the run just couldn't live without.we'll show you what happened when he left the overnight in new york city.. the story behind this 6 alarm blaze...--- and one parlympian...really has this halloween costume thing down. the amazing pictures in the morning juice.
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???adlib traffic???adlib ???adlib deadly tempe it's the story in tempe to make any overnight detectives are right now...
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and to make any arrests.santos is live team 12's nico arrests. to make any police are yet shooting... and overnight deadly investigating a detectives are right now... right now... detectives are investigating a deadly overnight shooting... and police are yet to make any 12's nico santos


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