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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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hey, welcome, everybody. to 12 today. we have been working for the weekend all week long. friday is here. you finally made it. welcome to 12 today. so glad you're waking up with us. >> we have a lot to get to here at 6:00 and we begin with the man accused of being the freeway shooter and has been
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jr. did that landed him behind bars. >> is your favorite restaurant on the dirty list? you can't believe what can be lurking in the kitchen. >> and get the ghosts and gob lings ready for the weekend fun. and tram has, vents happening this weekend. >> and one big thing to do, saw saw it at the top of the hour and jimmy q is live with more and a balloon stickak -- stick tooingular that continues for >> reporter: by the time, 5:00 as well for the kids and a great event. the balloons are favoring up the burners out here and that is gorgeous. you can see the balloons up there and they have the heat going and it's chilly and i don't know if it's because i am used to the heat but today is cool and of the can be. a high of 94 and a slight chance of a shower around for today's forecast. we're going to be back and i will let you know, we'll preyou
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next few minutes and how much tickets will cost and it's going to be a great event and there is a pumpkin patch as well. >> reporter: oh, my gosh, jimmy and that is up our alley. we have a bunk of friends with kids under five and we're going to hit in the valley tonight and completely invade. i hope i can convince everyone to go to this ba spectacular and that signs amazing. and locate talk traffic this morning. and we try to show you the vehicle fire and get to the 10 by an access road. unfortunately, it was blocked off by a giant canal and dirt road. a for effort, right? and we're at the 75th avenue area and roosevelt and we're getting ready to go north and back on the 10 and okay into phoenix. right now, a lot of traffic is cruising by us. as far as things happening on
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avenue, good news. the exit reopened because of the that fire and we drove by and looks like the person involve side okay. and also, the e-40 area in floridaingstaff and west of flagstaff, one eastbound lane has reopened there and the rest of the valley pretty much -- and we're cruising around and chilling in the car and listening to the tunes this morning on 12 today and loving those. we're dancing along with you guys. matt? >> and thank 6:03. breaking news now, a deadly shooting in chandler. police are looking for multiple suspects and brian west is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: we just arrived on scene and i want to make sure it's clear and it's just a serious injury shooting at this point. i want to show you what we're looking at. central drive completely shut down and you can see to the left there is a squad car with the lights on and to the left, the shooting occurred. at 4:00 a.m.
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initially blocked off to the street and they expanded because of possible evident. that might have been in the road. central drive is blocked newer nor the school and pecos. officers tell us the man was shot multiple times. the victim was a 44-year-old man transported to a local hospital. again, he had some serious injuries and not called a fatality at this point. and three people are considered suspects. we're told by chandler police there are three hispanic males, one th third had a black hat and a jacket. and one of the suspects might have known the victim and meet have been at the house where this occurred at earlier in the day. they were all scene leaving in a silver vehicle. if you have any information, call 4ity's-witness -- 480- witness. brian west, 12 today. 6:04 now. dripping blood, spoiled food.
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>> food poisoning can be one of the foulest and sickenning experience that most of us will have. >> and there are somewhere around 48 million cases of food illnessesef year. >> and for many, the sickness did not come from their own kitchen. >> reporter: you have probably seen the reports. rats in 9 kitchen -- in the kitchen, chicken left out for hours and roaches in the health violations found in restaurant kitchens. every time you eat out, you eat at your own risk. trusting that restaurant is clean, up to code and doing everything it can to avoid putting your health in danger. some eateries violate your trust. when we dug into the restaurant inspection files at the maricopa county health department, some things stole our appetite. chicken blood dripping on to peeled oranges. raw pork stored over coleslaw
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cheese? >> no thanks. >> reporter: these are real restaurant inspections in maricopa county. and those may not be the most disturbing reports. health inspectors found severed goats heads hanging inside the walk-in cooler at the oasis cafe in tempe. that's right, goat's heads, freezer wrapped in plastic bags when which is not the violation. the o cases -- oasis cafe didn't have receipts for the goats and couldn't pr they came from. >> and i have seen a few things over the years. i get surprised sometimes but not as much as i used to. >> reporter: for two decades, he inspected restaurants for the maricopa county environmental services center. >> we're i have very visible agency here with what we do and i am a customer in this county myself. so, you know, i go out to eat as well. and, you know, i would like to know how my facilities are doing. >> reporter: that is the
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restaurants to post their health inspection grades on the front window like many other counties and states. so, it's up to you to know new china buffet in mesa had 13 of the county's most severe violations this year alone. employees using a waterbucket to rinse hands in between breading raw chicken and mice droppings in the kitchen. the zips on warner road in gilbert failed two inspections this area and was cited for 9 defined by the county as things known to make people sick. violations like soiled pans, 9- day-old ground beef being stored and soft, warm cheese. 17 restaurants in maricopa county have had their perms revoked because of repeated failed in additions in 2016. something he and his team hate doing but sometimes have no choice. >> many people have died due to
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help prevent them. >> reporter: the oasis cafe and new china buffet fixed their violations while this zips promised to, quote, provide training. every week in the valley, dozens of restaurants find themselves on the list forcing you to eat at your own risk. brian codie, 12 news. >> and so, is your favorite restaurant on the dirty list? this is how to check it out. go to and you will find a link on there to maricopa county environmental services page. the folks who check out restaurants, click search by business or address. and what is the worse thing you have seen or encountered while eating out? share your pics with us on the 12 news facebook page. still ahead on 12 today s a trick or treat edition of things to do. where you can take the kids to introduce a good time this weekend -- interviews a good time this weekend. >> and details are in the
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. it's 5:00 somewhere. right? >> and cheers. >> it's 6:12 and on this friday morning, it's time for juice with vannessa. >> and get ready to say omg, ellen welcomes back six-year- old presidential expert macy hensly today and she shares her love of country music and a video where she got to meet stars like dierks bently and ellen had a big surprise for
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>> so you love kenny chesney? >> yeah. >> what is your fast song? >> she gets my -- she thinks my tractor's sexy. [ laughter ] >> and that is the song you like? you want to sing the song for me. >> she thinks my tractor's sexy. it really turns her on. she's always staring at me, she likes the way it's pulling when -- up the land and she's got me crazy about -- to understanded. >> hi. -- understand. >> hi. >> that is adorable. >> so cool. >> and how cute is that? >> he didn't just surprise her with a visit, but he invites her and the family to the country music awards. >> wow. >> and catch it on ellen here on channel 12. how cute. >> he should have sang with her.
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jump in and surprise her. yeah. that was adorable. >> and i love her side eye look. she was like wait who is that? >> and all right, if you thought that was a whopper of a surprise, check this out. a burger king in new york pulled a prank on its rival mcdonald's. it transformed itself into a ghost version of mcdonald's and look at it there. just kidding, we flame grill our burgers. ouch, happy halloween. and i >> they're good. >> they're good. >> the burger sales number, a lot of people haven't either. >> oh. and we know you haven't had woke know and never tried one. >> i had a whopper in the day, people. >> okay, he was like 5. >> and let's go to the juicy question of the morning. excuse me, this is for all of the people who love the 90s. according to one survey, we have the top four phrases from the decade and just missing the top is who let the dogs out.
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-- . >> oh, gosh. >> what that means. isn't that crazy? >> once again, you know you're old when? >> and i am thinking, was trying to think. i am still -- this is merging in my mind but all of that and a bag of chips, maybe? >> that is what mary joe said on my facebook. >> or like they're jamming or slamming or banging. >> oh, okay. >> and maybe the bling-bling started that. i am thinking back in the day, what started then was it in '80s, ep90s. >> that is a blur. >> it runs together. >> and this is a good one, remember? >> talk to the hand. >> and he tweeted and said buyah or bomb! >> yeah. >> crunk. >> oh, yeah. >> what? >> what with wassup. >> there is dope, duh, word. >> yeah, it's hard to figure out -- . >> and how are we picking the top four? >> never heard half of these.
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6:15 this morning and she's listening to the juicy questions, too. do you have any ideas, jen? >> the one that comes to mind first for me is from one of my favorite movies of all time, whatever! >> oh! >> yeah! >> yes. that is so true. >> okay, chris. >> not! psyche. >> oh. >> seek. >> psyche's a good one. >> as if. >> yeah. [ laught >> all right, those are our guesses here from the 12 news tracker. my photographer and i. so, interesting to see exactly what the winners are this morning. we are taking you now on the 10 heading eastbound. and surprise, surprise. lots of traffic this morning. we're averaging between 20 to 30 miles per hour and not bad as we're closing in on the 17 and we decided we would take you guys up the 17 eventually throughout the morning.
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crashes go, we're looking pretty good on valley freeways and what you're going to deal with this morning are a lot of slowdowns from simply rush hour. as it is 6:17 in the morning and so, of course, as all, the 10 eastbound into phoenix starting to slow down. still gives you time to get to downtown phoenix. the 51 southbound and 17 southbound and a couple of spots on the 17 northbound in the yellow and so, leave yourself a few tr and clear. i don't see any issues at all on the 60 or 202 red mountain or san tan. so, besides the traffic, we're looking at gorgeous skis this morning and i am getting really excited to show you guys a beautiful sunrise. we have a lot of clouds out here and we're sending it to jimmy to talk about weather and the plan spectacular. i am jealous of your live shot. >> and this is really nice.
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there and coming back down. how awesome is this? this is beautiful. we have the skies -- okay, behind me. look at this. look at the sunrise and the clouds. is that beautiful or what? it's really, really neat. and we got the kid says run around here, too and check out the kids. let's go to the kids here, too and there are a lot of costumes as well and they're scared. look at the tiers in their eyes. vanessa, are you scared of the balln? around laughing and they're fine with it as well. >> yeah. >> and are you chilly? i am almost feeling a chill in the air and i don't know if it's the heat in the balloons versus the air around us but that is nice and beautiful. >> starts at 5:00 tonight? >> yet does. >> 5:00 p.m. >> and what does it cost? >> it's $15 for adults; $10 for kids and once you get in, all of the inflatables are included for the kids and the haunted
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air balloon to hot air balloon. >> and this is really neat. it's going to be beautiful out here. can i hop in? which way do i get in? right over here? all right, let's go ahead. >> okay. >> i got my skinny pants on. and you hold on to the mic, i'll be fine and this is great. send it up. i will give you the weather forecast. it's nice and warm if you look out there and we're tethered to the ground. th skies and 94 not as hot as what it was yesterday. the temperatures are slowly going to come down opposed to me going up a bit. and night temperatures overall are just beautiful. tram and matt, i am looking around here. you can see it all. >> and the sunrise is up, up and away, jimmy. very, very nice indeed. and some early halloween fun plus the final days at the arizona state fair and this is a look at this week's things to
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get all dressed up in your favorite costume for a family night of frightful fun in chandler. it kicks off tonight from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the downtown library area and activities are free. there are ghoulish games, a haunted house or more and you can go tomal-o-ween on saturday. families canning or treat from store-to-store from music, prices and fun from 3-5:00 p.m. go to the peoria sports contest for the the family can enjoy trick or treating, crafts and other hayride activities. admission is free and you're encouraged to bring a canned food item to eny about fit saint mary's food bank and there is howl-o-ween. you will find zombies, a dance party, a carousel and other stuff. friday and saturday from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m. ten bucks for zoo members and 12 for the general public. finally, the last weekend for
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at the fairgrounds in central phoenix. . >> do it yourself this halloween coming up in our 12 today. a life changer. we take the trick out of making your own halloween costume hunt
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. >> this was tram's prom song, everybody. >> oh, yes. >> and she's back in spirit this morning on 12 today. this is as we look out at salt river fields for the great halloween balloon spooktacular that is going on. five-10 tonight and tomorrow
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and he'll have details and more coming up on 12 today. and that brings us to the trivia question. we know jimmy is out there. the question to you: what year did the first air balloon fly? any last-minute guesses? >> i thought the 1800 ache or so? that is too far back. >> early 1900 age. 1910-ish, 20ish, something in there. >> and what? >> you're late. it happened er >> what? >> 1783. >> wow! >> in france. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah, they have been using them for hundreds of years. >> i am surprised. >> wow. >> and okay. >> and 6:25 now and hereby on 12 today, we have 30 life changers that everyone needs to know to make life easier for you and this morning on the countdown is number 29. what better way to get into the halloween mood than by making your own costume.
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looks and it will help your wait, too. jen wall has the story. >> reporter: diy putting things together from what you find. it's a way to create a costume unique to you so you won't look exactly like everyone else. >> the accents, you will turn into a superfun costume. and we added the james and found the boots for a few dollars. a cowboy hat and added jewelry pieces as well. a complete cowgirl. a witch, a hat boots and heels and you're ready to go. if you're a guy, this would make a perfect zombie costume. found a t-shirt, ripped it up and put the boots on, too. >> and this could turn into a ghostbuster's costume. you need a backpack and fun stuff. under $10 costume for a little boy. >> and we brought the basketball from the area. >> and a red sparkly top for a little girl.
6:27 am
some lady bug wings. and pair them with black tights. you have a ladybug outfit and show up with something that is fun, unique, one-of-a-kind and a real she stopper. rather than the same costume coming out of a package. >> great tips, jen. >> lawsuit ahead, an annual tradition, why black friday will supposedly be different this year. >> and how would you like coupon codes? check out with a single click and how to do that in today's more money for you're watching team 12 on this
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oh! kevin's lunch! freaky fast. fifth time this week.
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. it's dramatic video. an arizona police department releases dash cam video shows an officer whose grazed inned had the -- in the head by a bull without the hassle of clicking. >> and history about to be made tonight. the cubs will play the first world series game in chicago in 71 years. >>. and that is exciting. can't wait to see that and it's 6:30. and thank you so much for waking up with us. >> and the big balloon spooktacular is going on tonight. and it's about time you put the hot air to good news.
6:31 am
they're starting balloons and going up. and i will stay on the ground this time as they continue to move up. i will tell you what, come out here and apart from separate emission, you can pay to go up on the balloons and they'll be tethered so you can go up and neat you want there. i can see from out there, the visibility is looking great and that is going to be an unbelievable sunrise and on the cool side. the temperatures this morning starting out in the 70s and a not as hot as what it was yesterday. and 94 degrees. tonight, tomorrow morning, cool and comfortable. then we fall into the 8s. the seven-day is great. and we'll tell you about what is happening here starting tonight at 10:00, jen. fun for the whole family and kids, balloons, pumpkins and costumes, doesn't get better than that and hope to see you out here. >> and thank you, jimmy. my favorite time of the
6:32 am
corner. i can't wait to see the kids all dressed up this weekend and the photographer, chris and i, we're cruising the valley roadways and we're actually entering i-17 southbound at peoria avenue and really get to show you this morning, a lot of gorgeous sunrises and step out your door after 12 news today and in between breaks and soak it in. it's beautiful friday morning. as far as traffic goes, if you're on the 17 southbound, you see the brake light in front of us, we're earning 30 to 40 miles per hour and we're in the yellow zone here. the rest of the valley, 51 southbound is going to look much like this and the 10ique from the west valley is slower than this and averaging speeds about ten to 20 miles an hour and some stop and go there. east valley from gilbert, chandler, mesa into phoenix and that is nice and clear at this moment.
6:33 am
the studio with this beautiful pink-and-blue sky that we're getting to check out this morning. >> and a gorgeous sunrise out there thank you. 6:33. new this morning, the man accused of being the freeway shooter walks out of jail the second time this year. nico is live with more on the latest arrest. >> reporter: he is originally known for being previously accused in the e-10 shooting and he was arrested for violating a protection order night and got out of jail earlier this morning and look at the video of the cameras captured what peers to be him running into the car and getting into the driver seat and this is about three this morning. glendale police confirming merritt was arrested and officers say he violated a domestic violence order of protection last night because he was on the victim's property and he was making threats now.
6:34 am
too much. this arrest is out of the jurisdiction and there is a lot to catch up and getting through the details on the morning. stay up to date on this, sno and thank you, ni consider, co. the arizona cardinals return to charlotte on sunday. the last time they played there, boy was it ugly. and that was the nfc championship game. cam newton and the panthers blew them out of the way to the super bowl and 12 sports insider jay taylor joins me now and both teams are different, probably disappointing for both of them to say the least. who do you like this sunday? >> it's hard for me to say this but i am liking the panthers because they had a biweek and had a chance to regroup. hey, we still have a chance in the in, fc south, plague the division itself. the -- nfc south playing the division itself. when the cardinals travel on the road, i worry about a lull, the fact that you had that game
6:35 am
couldn't get a way to get it done. i am concerned when they travel on the road, the focus won't be there and that is where my concern is. and if this team is running on sunday, they will have to stick with the running attack and control cam newton. they can be in the game if they control him. >> are you worried the cardinals might be tired and the panthers are fresh coming off of that bi? >> most definitely. the front 7, the defense is as of the best as anyone in the tough one with the panthers and these are the things that i am saying, carolina has an advantage. >> they're still a 1 in 5 team, though. >> and you can't look at the records but the tape and that can be 5 and 2. there are several games they lost at the very end. >> and the other big sporting event going on, the world series and game 3 is at wrigley field in chicago tonight with all the excitement in chicago. the first time in 70 some years. they're playing a world series. you think you can get to the
6:36 am
on the road, you're not expected to win and especially not being home for see log, i think the cubs will have a lot on their plate and cleveland, this is a way to steal it back and i have will that -- they will have to win the game after losing on tuesday night or wednesday night and if they want to take that back, they will do it tonight. i feel the chicago bill will take that and run with it. >> and are you listening to that? >> >> and where's going panthers and cubbies. >> come on, jay, where is the love? >> for me, i am a dog person. >> oh. and the indians are the underdog team. and per me -- . >> as much as we love you, you have been wrong before. and one of the most successful shows could be coming back. the reboot of will and grace. >> and have shoppers had enough of black friday? what is ruining the longtime holiday tradition.
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6:38 am
paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them.
6:39 am
6:40 am
. welcome back, everybody to 12 today. zoe has the same mini mouse costume. getting ready for the huge balloon spectacular and they are jumping for joy. folks, it's friday. come on, man. just a bit. >> and i am now. you can't see >> oh. you like that on that one. vanessa. >> and matt, come on, remember when they used to wear the backwards pants? >> yes. >> i may have worn backward overalls in the '90s. >> good old southern boy here, ladies and gentlemen. >> and yup. >> and it's time for the morning juice. it's a surprise of a lifetime. this morning, houd flies a special education teacher and breast cancer survivor to houston, texas, to meet the
6:41 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> are you having a good day? >> yes. >> oh, look at that it's luke bryan and you can see that on today after 12 today. okay, so will and grace together again? thank s to a huge success of the video that landed on youtube before the first presidential debate, nbc is in talks to revive the hit comedy with a 10-episode serious. the reports that they're discussing it but they're keeping quiet about all of the details will and grace ran for eight sea soons and scored 60 emmy wins out of 83 nominations and i am sure they'll be happy to work together again. and get to the juicy question and answer of the morning and this is for were of who loved the '90s.
6:42 am
list is dope and you've got it, dude. remember that? >> yes. >> i think jen's whatever. >> yes. >> and that is on the list. >> i like talk to the man. >> what is it? >> talk to the hand. >> da bomb. >> and as if. >> all that and a bag -- . >> you said that. >> yeah. >> and our viewers nailed it. >> oh, she thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. >> uh. >> and one level further, a bag of doritos. >> and that as >> right. >> and it's hard to figure out. >> and the further you get from that decade, the less you remember it. >> and you know you're too old when -- . >> okay. >> and still ahead on 12 today, stop spending more than you have to online. coming up in today's geek fix, the one app you need to have
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers
6:45 am
his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. . >> watch me work, work, watch me nene. oh, watch me, watch me.
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oh, oh. okay. >> all right. can matt really do the whip and nene? >> we'll find out in today's take. >> we'll see. >> and it's more money for me week and we're talking coupons this morning. >> how about an app that searches and applies coupon codes without you having to lift a finger. here's more. >> hi, everybody. i'm greg d, geek fix for and you this is for a special group of visiers. those of you using the chrome web browser. you can actually add apps to the browser and one of my favorites is called honey. this app is great. and you add it to the chrome browser by going to the chrome app store. google it and it will pop up in your browser. you add honey and that is it. log in and it's a free account and let it do its thing.
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like your favorite pizza delivery or buying clothing, before you check out, honey will detect that you're about to check out, a box will pop up and it will start testing every coupon code it knows for that website to see if they work. i have actually done this and saved as much as 15 to 20% with coupon codes i did not know existed and this is a great money saver. if you're an amazon shopper, it will put a every item that you look at and tell you whether this is the best deal for that item. there are many sellers on amazon and sometimes you don't know if you're getting the lowest price. honey will tell you. this is the best deal. if not, it will tell you click here i found a lower brees for the beats -- lore price for the beats headphones and it will save you over the course of the year and free. you can download it in the chrome app store.
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extension to your browser. have a great day, everybody. >> that is a good one. and honey does a great job of saving mean autonomously and -- money autonomously and that is why millions of people use it. it's 6:48 and weep -- we want to check how the roads are on this friday morning? >> off state route 51 and light check in with jen wall and the realtime on-the-road traffic. hey, jen. >> and good definitely friday night out here. we're struggling to find the trouble spots on local freeways and that is good for anyone getting ready to hit the road this morning, whether you're off to school or work or a long holiday weekend. it's halloween on monday, after all and lots of parties going on. i-17 northbound at joe max, the on-ramp reopened and there was a crash there and right now, we're on the 17 southbound past jefferson and getting ready to
6:49 am
fifty to 60 miles per hour and a couple of slower spots and more congestion for you. other places around the valley that are going to see speeds lower than what you would want them to be, 51 southbound into phoenix. the 17 southbound into phoenix and around 30 to 40 miles per hour and the 10 eastbound in 42 the west valley and you're looking at 20 miles an hour speeds right now and east valley the 60s morning and just enjoy the cooler weather, roll the windows down and it's going to crank up quite a bit into the weekend. >> well, sounds good, jen. thank you. 6:49 now and let's go to jimmy q who is at the fields for the spooktacular. tell me it's not going to be 100 degrees again today?
6:50 am
news. we're looking at 94 and degrees. right now, hey, we're going to have a lot of fun out here at the spooktacular face painting. we'll show you the end results here in a second. here we go. you like that? representing the old channel 12 and. and putting that on there. diane's doing a spot-on job here. and there is going to be face painting for the kids tonight that start at 5 and:00 at the salt river fields and there is tons of parking and it's going to g night and the prices, vanessa? >> and it's $15 and for adults and $10 and for kids and that gets you most of the 50 ands that are going on here tonight. >> what type? >> and we have 40 and pieces of inflatable equipment for our kid zone and we have a haunted trail costume contest and the best thing is the trick or treating from balloon-to- balloon for the kids. >> and if it's windy, what do you do? >> if it's windy and we have a
6:51 am
called candlesticking and baskets will be shooting out and flaming into the air and trick or treating at all of the hot air balloon baskets. >> and you will have adult beverages. what if you need to pick up a pumpkin in. >> you are welcome back to visit the pumpkin patch and get it while out here and two birds, one scene, right? >> what if i want to go up in a balloon? >> we have tethered balloon rides and they're giving this evening. $25 for adults; $15 and for kids 10 and and under. >> and a very nice view as well and starts at 5 and:00 on saturday, friday and saturday and is there -- is there paid parking or no? >> and parking is free and sponsored by z trip. >> and that is a lot of fun. the weather is comfortable and short sleeves are perfect. you don't have to wear the jackets or worry about that. we have a storm system. 94 and for the high and that is
6:52 am
make way into the valley. a slight chance of a shower out there that will be an here for today. not a big shot and keep the sprinklers on. for the events today, this whole weekend, it's going to get better. for the kids and halloween, should be really good and the high temperatures today about 94 and degrees and into the 90 ands as well. at least for saturday and sunday and then by monday, halloween in the 80s and the nights are cool for trick or treating and for the well and excellent. this is hot, hot air balloon season if there is one and they can go up any time of the year in the peak of summer and the middle of the day. it's best early in the morning when the winds are light. the temperatures are cool and that visibility is beautiful. wonderful sunrise on top of that. >> oh. >> and does that get better than that? >> lots of clouds out there. >> and you never looked so good and very nice indeed. don't wash your face. >> boom. 6:52 is the time.
6:53 am
heroin. it's the deadly secret in the suburbs that no one wants to talk about. >> and we are joined about miscoping conceptions and denies. >> reporter: many people think heroin is a drug relegated to back alleys and used by people we don't know or love but it's found in call communities. >> yeah, caribe as an emergency doctor can a test and statistics show, this is in classes of neighborhoods and peter getting hooked come from all walks of life. heroin-related deaths jumped a mind-blowing 3800% over six years in atlanta and that got us thinking what is happening in arizona suburbs? emergency room stats show it's a growing problem and there were 125 hearn-related deaths in 2013; 180 in 2014, and we're getting the disturbing new numbers from last year. the annual death toll continues
6:54 am
story tonight on 12news at 10 and we'll have warning signs for parents. >> the profile of a typical hearn addict is surprising. join us tonight for heroin, secret in the suburbs on 12 news at 10. . >> thanks, guys. and 6:54 now. dramatic video of an officer- involved shooting in tucson. you can see one of the two officers exchanging gunfire with fi head by a bullet and will be here after a second officer shot the suspect who was in the hospital in critical condition. an 18-year-old is behind bars after allegedly launching a cyberattack on the valley's 911 system. and the surprise police department started investigating after receiving a surge of false emergency calls thursday night. they believe that the suspect hacked into twitter accounts and caused a link to dial
6:55 am
again. and to decision 2016. a scary night for governor park ence after the campaign trail skidded off the runway and about 30 passenger his to be evacuated, including the governor and his wife and their oldest daughter. no one was hurt in the landing. the trump campaign confirmed that he will be taking today off. and donald trump will make the final election stop in arizona tomorrow. his campaign confirmed the event will be held at the the doors will open at 12:30 p.m. and the event is planned for 3:30. on the democrat side, president obama hits the road for hillary clinton today. the president will speak at a rally in orlando, florida and this is not the first time stumping for clinton. according to the white house, it won't be his last. the president is expected to make more appearances in the campaign's final stretch. >> and google is moving ahead with plans to establish a hub here in the valley for the self- driving car operations.
6:56 am
the central point. the facility will be located in west chandler but no other details were revealed. and uber is bringing surge pricing to uber eats food delivery service, charging extra if orders are made during time when demanded is high but drivers are scarce. the new model will come first to a few major cities including phoenix and customers will be notified of the additional cost and exact amount will appear on the menu screen and on th and black friday apparently is not the cool thing to do anymore. again, another thing know you're too old when -- survey shows the annual tradition of stuffing yourself with turkey and rushing out to buy a new tv is losing its appeal. online shopping and in-store deals ahead of time are ruining the black friday magic. this year, the national retail federation said the friday before christmas is matt's big day. >> yes. >> and that could be the
6:57 am
>> thank you, gentlemen. >> and now watch me whip. >> no. >> get my whip and nene. >> and i haven't done that. >> oh. >> i wish you would, tram. >> and is that how you do it? >> and should ask -- >> there is your behind the scenes look at how tram prepares each morning for 12 today. with an apron on, food in and getting her whip and nene down. >> yeah. >> and okay, if that is it, if you're going to put me on the spot, mr. stand and nod, i want to see you do a little whip and nene. >> i will be the first to admit. are we serving alcoholic beverageas in the morning? >> i can. >> and are you looking for limit on your arm? >> my allergies are killing me. that is all i can say. >> and final takeaways and i
6:58 am
there and this is the first time we're at a huge hot air balloon festivity. >> take pictures. >> i will. >> and i was trying to go between the two. if you go to the ellen she, know somebody's jumping out of a box. it happensef time. >> and that is funny every time. >> makes me wonder they have to know. >> and i think you get in the moment. >> yeah. >> and forget about it. >> i have two quick ones, the fair is here the last weekend. >> yes. >> and i will make it out there once more and the first hot air can you believe it? >> a big weekend for sports, the cubs and panthers and cards and clemson and florida state and college football. >> go cubbies. >> yeah. thank you so much for joining us today on 12 news. 12 news is always on. the favorite social media apps. >> balloon spectacular there.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. a frightening moment, the campaign plane carrying republican vice presidential nominee mike pence skids o t >> remain seated. >> no injuries reported but an investigation is under way. this morning governor pence joins us live. looking ahead nbc news confirming hillary clinton has joe biden her her short list as secretary of state if she wins. >> hillary clinton put the secretary of office up for sale


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