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tv   12 News Today  NBC  October 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> we would like to think we have the right stuff on 12 today. from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix. this is what is coming your way right here on 12 today. >> a home owner's in buckeye are frustrated about water bills that keep on going up and up. today, they're hoping to get answers.
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is now a time to panic? we'll ask jay taylor. >> andirrents -- and parents, are you guilty? how many admit to eating the kids candy. >> we would never do that. i hate snickers and 26 and all of that -- and twix, and all of that yummy good stuff. welcome to 12 today. a lot of parents wondering, okay, what is the weather going to be like for trick or treaters toent? we have crystal and jimmy out hey, guys. >> i they there and let's start you off with the forecast here this morning. it's going to be pleasant in the 70s. a mild start and more sunshine than anything and the spooky clouds will be building throughout the day, right, jimmy? >> and looking spooky throughout the day. 86, we love that and for gob lings and ghouls, remember -- gob lings and ghouls, remember, the temperatures in the 8s
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the 70s and starting out warm and going to cool with 10:00 and hopefully they'll be done trick or treating as well. >> and i think there is a spider there. >> should we look? >> let's see what i we have. -- what we have. >> the famous snake and scary guy is here. >> and that is a real snake, i think. >> see if we can get away from them. >> okay. >> the bookcase open says. >> and shall we peak? >> we check it out. >> you go first. >> all right, i'm giving it opens at 7:00 if you want to bring folks here. this is the 13th floor. >> off of e-17 and bell road. >> and bell road. >> in phoenix. >> yeah. >> and it's one creepy place after another and then it's dark and smoke. >> we'll be back in just a bit. i'm going to go down here and see what is here. >> all right.
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one out. nice to hear they're doing them after halloween and christmas and valentine's day. and you get to be about busy and don't get to every fun, vent. and -- fun event. as far as traffic goes, we're eastbound on the 60 now. there are reports of a crash around gilbert and on that 60 eastbound and give you a look at what we're seeing here on valley it's been cleared. sixty eastbound near stanley and left and middle right lanes were blocked near the collision. minutes ago, it did clear. good news to report. if you're in the west valley eastbound on the 10, the exit ramp, 35th avenue is closed as well as i-10 between that and mcdowel southbound. and i want to let you know of a few more things happening, a semi truck fire south of cactus
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eastbound and 51st avenue. it's a busy morning here. so far issue the 60 westbound doesn't look bad. neither does the 101 or 202 sapptan. and -- santan. and a protest planned over sky high water bills for dozens of homeowners. brian west is live in buckeye with more details. >> reporter: temperatures reached's boiling point for many homeowners affected by the water bills and we're talking about more than 100 customers here in the area. there will be a protest here at city hall and plan for around 8:00. we're talking about dozens of home owners affected and upset by these saying the water bills are nasdaq rat and for some -- inaccurate and some sea it reflects 70 gallops of water in one month and the average home uses 2,000 gallons of water.
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error with the meters or technology. unless a dismake is discalfered, the home owner is -- discovered, the only owner is responsible for the bill. -- home owner is responsible for the bill. that didn't stop a bunch of upset home owners to gather a meeting the together. they said someone needs to february the problem and now. again, the peaceful protest is planned for 8:00 will be a meeting between home owners and officials here tomorrow. brian west, 12 today. on 3rd down. stewart is hit. barrels his way into the end zone. >> that just about sums up the cardinals day in charlotte yesterday. the panthers mauled the bird gang again. the final score, 30-20, which is much closer than the game
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reality. are they worried about dropping the fourth game this season? 12 sportss came ron cox is in charlotte with reaction. >> i think i speak for all cardinals. no more trips to charlotte. they don't play well in this building and stop coming here altogether. can i hear the cardinal fans following the loss of the panthers. the sky is falling, the season is over. no hope, right? wrong. believe it or not, the team is very much alive in the play-off race and in the race for the nfc west title and >> the j. and we talk about itef week and we're out of first place, so. >> and we know we're a good team and people may not think that, but we're going to continue to fight. there is a lot of football left. >> and anything can happen in november and in december. that is where the season made and you have to win on the road now. >> and it's looking deep. what team do weep want to be,
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january or do we want to, you know, be playing for a championship? we want to be contenders or pretenders. >> reporter: eight games left in the season and five on the road. the team is a great road team last year and this team is not anywhere close to last year's team and this biweek is coming at a picture time. matthew and fit gerald all banged up with injuries and good thing they will have 14 days before the next game to get health >> and they need that time off. thanks. and the insider jay taylor joins me now. they're 3, 4, and 1 if they want to make the play-offs and do that have to go 8 is any 0, 7 and 1 the second half of the season? >> at least 7 and 1. eight and 0 is great and only because you don't know what everyones is going to do and this is where that seattle game comes back to haunt you. if they want to win that game, they would have been four and
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probably finishing out 6 and two and i think the players are smart to say, yeah, we're still in it and in my opinion, win the division. you're in and seattle lost as well yesterday. you have to -- and later on in the year. >> in seattle. >> in seattle and you have tough games there and if you take care of business and one game at a time, get that win and go to the next one, you could end up in the same position as last year. >> and easier d and still ahead on 12 today, she bought a lottery ticket to prove they're a waste of money. what happened next has her eating a big old piece of humbled pie and think you have what it takes to compete with the pumpkin carvers at nasa? wait until you see this out-of- this world creations they came
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paul babeu is abusive.
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by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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. it was like yesterday, we were down super bowl central and rock the moon was rocking out before us. remember that? >> they were great. >> they were awesome. not sure what happened. but love listening to them. hope you're off to a great start on this halloween. 12 news tracker is about. >> and right now, we want to toss it over to vanessa with the morning. >> tonight's the night the little ones will dress up as ghosts and goblins to go trick or treating. parents, fess up. how many of you are guilty of eating your kids halloween candy? a survey by the company found that 62% of parents whose kids trick or treat totally eat their candy and i know i eat what i give out, but tram, come
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twins candy baskets this evening? >> maybe just a couple. [ laughter ] >> and this is the thing. a lot of parents are asking me am i letting them eat candy? no so far and that is meaning they're for you and your husband. >> and my wonderful coworkers. >> share. >> and please bring it in. >> and i am a giver. >> and when you thought you were good at carving pumpkins, the smarty pants at nasa make you feel mortal and they had a make you quit trying and there is one that lifts its own lid, one with the martian if you look closely, it features clouds being sucked up from the earth below and that is funny. and there is one made to look like a ride at an amusement park and someone did trump and clinton pumpkins. >> whoa. >> wow. >> they rocket scientists. >> and that puts us to shame.
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share, send us a pic and use the #. we want to see all of your creative and cute pictures. when people do this, it releases certain hormones that can make you feel happy. all of us in this studio have done this the last 24 hours and what this? >> dance. >> no, i am going to say laugh. >> ah. >> we have a lot of fun here in >> yeah. >> layoff and smiling. >> we don't get sleep judge and should you enjoy -- the little bit you get. >> yeah. >> and ay lot of people weighing in. give hugs and watching tram on live stream. laugh out loud. read, yoga and exercise, cardio, smile and turn your cell phone off. read, hug, laugh, smile. a lot of the same.
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>> mountain biking, exercising? >> and i'm not reading the first part of your answer. >> and a's couple are inappropriate. and some people getting scared today. what part of the 13th floor are you at now? >> and they just told us to stay here and we're in front of some creepy mansion. >> did you hear that? >> i heard it. there is all sorts of stuff going on. >> and they're everywhere. you can't get away from them and they know every around here. and this is the 13th floor, folks and it's located at bell on the 17 and starts at 7:00 and goes until 10 or 11 and that is about under 30. >> and you can get your trick- or-treating in and stop by to get more shrieks and shrills. after the sun sets at 5:37, the temperatures will be fallling to 82 degrees and at six and we shave off a degree at 7 and
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spooky clouds. >> and then the spooktacular forecast gets better by tomorrow and still thed in the 80s, close to average, though and our temperatures, of course, slowly starting to stay mainly in the 8s and a chance of showers by thursday and a 30% chance and were talking about the thunderstorm as well and there is going to be lift and cooler air is coming in and we'll feel it by friday morning. go to work and school, it's going to be crisp and why is it after halloween for this to happen? >> and for it to feel like fall. in the meantime, it's been like fall is cancel. >> i know. >> and everybody. did something touch you? >> yes. >> and i have been touched a few times as well. >> stop it. >> very good. >> and i got touched again. >> at least the chainsaw is gone. >> yeah. >> a bit out there. >> and if you think they're creepy when you go through the haunted house, it takes about 40 minutes and you will be
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these ghosts and goblins you will come across and they even say there is some real spirits in here as well and so, certainly you can have quote a blast coming here tonight and they're opened friday and side. >> and they have something for christmas on top of that? >> iay. >> and a spooky twist. >> a bloody valentine's day. and two lover's gone wrong and terrible. they don't pack it up as soon as it's over and they and these objectors are amazing and go all out. >> and wait until we take to you the s a lum next. >> and until -- asylum next. >> until then, were told to wait here. >> i thought they were not supposed to touch you guys. >> well, it's happening. >> and watch the hair. watch the hair. 6:18 is the time. and still ahead, do you know
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it's a simple process to show you how in our 12 today life changer number 28. >> and let's get your brain working on this sunday morning. the 12 today trivia question, the answer is coming up in two
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. it's 6:22 n morning. thank you for joining us on 12 today. it's 6:22 and let's get your 12 today trivia, what halloween tradition started in the 19th century in ireland. any last-minute guesses? >> carving of a pumpkin. >> oh. >> tram? >> trick or treat, but i know that is wrong. >> decorating your house. >> and the answer is let's give it up for jay taylor who got it right. >> did you google that? >> i did not. >> okay.
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and we have 30 life changers that everyone needs to know to make life easier for you and this morning on our countdown is number 28, do you know how to do cpr? >> and that is a simple -- simple process that can save someone's life. the red cross teaches classes all of the time and they count down the 30 life-saving secrets everyone should know. >> reporter: before the flashing lights and paramedics get to an emergency where someone is not breathing, you can help save a life with cpr and bob with the aca and first, make sure the scene is safe. then, call 911 and see if the person is breathing. >> and a tilt and lift, point the chin to the ceiling and to that nose. look down the body, any sign of life that you're looking for. breathing and movement of the body and a whisper or tickle in the ear. >> reporter: if you see nothing, get ready for chest compressions and find the area on the sternum and go ready.
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lock your elbows, get your shoulders above and using the whole body. >> one and two and three and four. >> a total of 30 compressions and deliver two breaths. >> and pinch the nose. you don't want anything shooting out toior cheek and mouth. and tilt and lift, put your mouth to their mouth and -- after the two breaths, we're back to pumping that oxygen. >> and you continue to do this take over. hopefully you will have helped save a life. >> and you're asking the plastic cover on the person's mouth. >> yes. >> and they have one-way breathable masks that people beak lob and -- like bob and cpr professionals carry with them to prevent the fluids from coming out of the person's mouth or nose. if you have it, great. if not, you don't -- . >> a lot of times you don't have it. >> no. >> and some others teach the
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best to do the breaths and always call 911 first and do it until the first responders get there and take over. >> and good information. and a good remindder. still ahead on 12 today, it's a million dollar piece of humble pie why a woman thinks buying lottery ticket thinks it's a waste of time is ready to eat her words. >> and unsportsman like conduct for giving a hug the nfl called and it's getting a lot of attention coming up. . >> and buckeye residents are fed up with the sky high water bills. what they plan to do coming up
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. right now on 12 today,
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bills have sky rocketed. what they have planned for today. >> and stay home with the family this year. it could mark the end of thanksgiving shopping. >> and a woman tries her best to prove her husband wrong. he finds out he's right. >> and show has never been happier. >> and there is a first time for everything, right? >> and good morning to you. welcome to 12 today. happy halloween. hope you had a great weekend and you're off to a great start on monday. jimmy and crystal were out at the 13th floor and hope they're gis forecast, hi, guys. >> and we need your help. we're locked the in here. get us out of here. >> and the cots are uncomfortable. my back is killing me and this place has a word stench to it. >> and may be it's because of what is behind you. >> i don't know. >> and she's having's rough go of it. >> around the corner, you don't want to see. >> yeah. >> and before we go there, let's talk about your halloween forecast and starting off this
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and really light winds throughout the morning and increasing clouds throughout the morning and afternoon. 79 at 11:00 and once we roll into the afternoon, jimmy? >> i will tell you what, a few high clouds in and out throughout the day and great for the trick or treaters and you will need reflective gear for them to see the ghouls and gob lings. short sleeves and looks like it will be good for us, too, on top of that and temperatures nice in the 70s and s in our forecast. down the road. we'll tell you about that in the seven-day and we'll try to figure out how to get out of here, craveal. >> are they chains? >> and there is a hand. >> okay. >> and that is real blood. >> thank you, you two. and have fun over there. we'll check in with you shortly. in the meantime, let's go on the road and get your on-the- road traffic. jen wall is out and about.
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we're on the 10 westbound and that is because the crash at the 60 between staple and gilbert cleared in the eastbound lanes and we going to head westbound on the 10 and into the 17. so far, northwest of the valley is pretty clear. -- most of the valley is pretty clear and show you what we seeing on the valley roadways. and you can see the 10 here near the airport is nice and clear and where it's not is the 10 eastbound, 35th avenue and this i morning. you want to avoid the area at all costs. mcdowel southbound is blocked and there from the 10 to mcdowel and that is creating a parking lot like state and has been that way for the last hour or two and no word when that will reopen but it's backing up traffic for about 3 to four miles and the rest of the valley, the 51, the 202 and 10
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morning. we'll let you know if anything else changes here. >> and thank you. happening this morning, a protest planned over sky high water bills for dozens of home owners and brian west is live in buckeye with what is happening. >> reporter: when you talk about the bills and home owners, frustrated puts it mildly. and we talking about more than 100 customers upset about this. there is a peaceful protest and plenty over sea hall. -- dozens upset over the excessy that seeing in the water bills, inaccuracies with 6ess of hundreds or thousands of dollars and some said theirble reflects a usage of 70,000 gallons of water for one month. the average home uses 2,000 gallons of water a month and it's unclear what exactly did happen. for residents, unless a mistake is discovered, the homeowner is responsible for the bill. buckeyes and interim manager is talking about possible changes
6:33 am
buckeye homeowners from gathering at the city aquatic center yesterday forever another meaning expressing their frustration and saying someone needs to fix the problem and now. the peaceful protest will happen in an hour and a half here at city hall at 8 and tomorrow, there will be a meeting between homeowners and city officials and that is happening here at city hall. brian west, 12 today. >> thank you. still ahead on 12 today, the scandal is reigniting the fight on the campaign trail. >> and cubs win, cubs win. history is made at wrigley as chicago stays, lived in the
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse.
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endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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. good morning, it's you. welcome back to 12 today. village halloween parade, the largest halloween parade in the whole country and that is in new york city. hope you're off to a great start on this halloween
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>> right now, it's 6:36 and we look outside. the sun is up and a gorgeous start to a very spooky halloween. and with we want to toss it over to the morning juice with vanessa. >> and good morning. happy halloween. it's about trick or treat and ellen is ready to celebrate halloween. sees going as sia and ellen ventures into the studio audience to find the best cot i'm an indiscernible ] >> yeah. >> good. i don't believe it. >> ready? >> no. >> what did i get wrong? >> i don't think you look like chris martin at all. >> oh. one of -- name a coldplay song. >> the one like -- [ laughter ] >> you know the one, that one. >> you can't think of one coldplay song? >> ellen gives chris the best
6:38 am
he's not the only celebritiy that stopped by. she has a special guest to help her perform as sia. and find out later today on channel 12 at 3:00 p.m. >> and i made this costume. and stay here. coming up on the today show, they have the big costume reveal. what is this year's theme. last year, it was charlie brown and the peanuts gang. and if this is a hint, maybe it's the walking dead theme. that might be it. since it's a popular show and we'll have show off your family's costumes later and bring your kids and fido dressed up and first at 4. anyone can come and be ready by here and be here at 12:30 on second street and van bure then downtown phoenix. and don't forget to send us your pictures. we will pup them up here and tag us on your halloween costume, your animals are
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it releases certain hormones that can make you extremely happy. studies show this will relieve stress. the longer you do this, the happier you will become and what is this? and who have a lot of hints. people sending in their thoughts. >> and i go with the laughing and smiling. >> the exercise is too easy. >> easy. >> and when they exercise, they're not smiling when they're done. >> or grimacing. >> and i am ia gee -- yeah. >> and we'll see what the answer is? >> sing out loud. >> did i say sing? >> you did. >> and i didn't want to repeat it again. i thought i would be wrong. >> sing? >> and any renditions real quick? >> it's too early. i don't want to make people's ears bleed. >> the sun will come out tomorrow in. >> and it will hurt your ears and put you in a bad mood.
6:40 am
drippings and you can't stop me now. >> oh, boy. >> and still ahead, do you think buying lottery tickets is wasted money? a woman in north carolina did until something amazing happened. why she's eating the words in a
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. >> there is somebody watching all of us on this halloween morning. hope you're off to a great start. and new this morning, a north carolina woman bought a scratchoff ticket to prove her husband that they are a waste of money. and guess what? she ended up winning $1 million. the woman said her husband asked her to buy a couple of powerball tickets and instead, bought a ticket. she gets so aggravated with her husband for buying lotto tickets all of the time, she wanted to show him they don't hit or pay off. well, guess what? hers hit and paid off big time after taxes. those two are taking home more than $415,000. the 57-year-old woman said she had to eat her words but they were very well worth eating. and to that woman's point, yes, the odds are not in your favor, so the question in our morning
6:45 am
of money? do you buy them? are you banking your retirement on them? >> yes, they are until you win. >> and for me, i was going to say, that is my starbucks. i buy lotto tickets. you have to be in it to win it. if you are not in it, you don't have a chance to win it. >> right. >> we waste money on see many different things, right? and if there is something you can get added value out of, the fun, and a chance to get a nest egg, you take that opportunity. this lady, when i hear stories about that, that blows and frustration. of course, people win and they win all of the time. it's just the odds are astronomical. you don't think about it. >> but the fact that she did it to prove a point back fired, i bet that -- that humble pie tasted so good. >> and the funny thing, too. a million dollars after taxes, only 415,000. people don't realize when they say little rich don't get taxed, that is how much you get taxed.
6:46 am
>> and 60% getting taxed. >> yes. >> trust me, the government takes too much. there is a perfect example of them taking too much. >> and you make a good point. we waste our money to see many different things. it's a matter of what? and some waste it on lottery tickets, others $1,000 italian suit. >> and many would say that is not a waste, though. >> and leather boots. >> if you do buy something like that, you get something in return. with tte wasting it because a get nothing in return. >> i did win $4 one time. and shut the front door. >> and better than nothing. >> i won 500 one time. >> so. >> and i cried because i was two numbers from it being the jackpot. >> are either of you two bankings on your children's education? >> this is a hope and treatment. >> when it goes up to $1
6:47 am
>> one in 92 million, your chances of wing the powerball. >> and jen wall is out with the realtime on the head traffic and are you banking on lotto tickets for the college education? >> unfortunately, no and that would be amazing every once in awhile. it would be great to take home $100 million and chill for the rest of our lives. unfortunate i, i never had much luck. this guy here, he has quite the story for you. >> and actually, i number off for the state lottery for the jackpot and turned out six out of seven numbers, it only paid off $2,000 and i feel jumped and stoked that i got $2,000 out of it. >> and i will, too -- i would, too. >> were you jumping up and down freaking out? >> i was freaking out and yelling at my wife across the room and i looked at the dollar amount and was like oh, $2,000 and i thought -- . >> yeah. >> thought we were going to
6:48 am
and, 1200? >> pretty much. >> and who knows. maybe that say precursor of things to come and maybe next time you will have luck. i want to show you what is happening here. we're on the 10 opinion to the 101 northbound and parking lot status again. there is a crash here on the ramp and vehicles are having to move over to onelaen to get past it. the 10 westbound to the 101 northbound to blocked because of a crash and up fortunately, it's a car that involves a motorcycle and as soon as we get more, we'll bring it to you and also, i want to let you know that 60 eastbound between stanley and gilbert reopened because of the crash but the 10 eastbound at 35th avenue is close today morning and creating a mess of a commute for everyone involved. close the exit ramp, 35th avenue at the 10 eastbound and
6:49 am
you're heading to glendale from phoenix here, there is a slowdown here, then to to 101 northbound. >> and you know what i call daniel clark? greedy. he wanted more and should have been happy with the two grand. >> midness. >> and it went towards groceries. 6:39 is the time now and we're checking in with crystal and jimmy. are you now? -- where are you now? >> we wandered into this ee kind of feels like uppednd jones meets pirates of the -- like indiana jones meets pirates of the caribbean? >> yeah. exactly. >> it's cold here and like the grave yard. interesting night, it's halloween night. >> yeah. >> and believe it or not, 90 years ago. >> yeah. >> starting tonight. >> and 90 years ago, harry houdini did his last trick and died doing that. this is the an versary of had
6:50 am
>> and he was -- yeah. >> and he was trapped in the straight jacket in a tank and never made it out. and there is lot happening. >> i have had chilling all morning and go through the halloween day, first off and get you going with the forecast this morning. we'll start it off in the 70s and a nice mild start to the day and plenty of sunshine and you will notice some speak clouds creeping in throughout the day and mixing with the sunshine and we ca 83 degrees and we're over achievers and going to max out around 86 degrees and that sun will set at 5:37 and how about we break down that track-or- treat forecast for you. we're talking 70s by the 8:00 hour and you will notice the clouds in the sky and the moon will creep through the clouds and make for a nice evening here for you and jimmy, is that a chance for rain in the
6:51 am
what happens, the high pressure is backing off today and that is the different between today and tomorrow. the high pressure backs off and go to 86 today and tomorrow, 84 degrees and then a pacific system is moving through on thursday and with some cool air. and we will have a chance of showers and maybe a thunderstorm coming in on thursday and as it starts to pull out on friday, a slight chance of a shore -- of showers and we'll feel fall by and thursday. and this is great out here. >> yeah, do we dare cross the bridge? >> let's go for it. >> okay. >> and we'll cross that bridge when we get there and we're here. >> and this is ne, o and there is that water dripping. >> yeah. >> and skulls? >> we have a waterfall here. >> and they go all out. >> doesn't matter where you look. >> and the bridge moves. >> and there is mopper iss coming out everywhere and above to the side.
6:52 am
coming out everywhere and above and to the side. >> there is monsters -- >> and it would take us 40 minutes to go through this entire haunted house here, the 13th floor haunted house in phoenix off of i-17 and bell. and we have only given you a small sampling of all of the creeps and the ghouls. >> wow. >> and that you would find here. >> and they seem to pop out everywhere we go. >> and we wanted to talk with jacob. i you go. >> and talk about this and this is -- you're still open. >> and it's halloween. of course we're opened. >> and people are partying and trick or treating and we want to give you a chance if you messed us, come check us out next weekend. >> and 7 to 11? >> and next weekend, 7:30 to 10. this exhibit stays up? >> the spooks continue. >> and we're trouble shooting
6:53 am
we have a christmas show we're working on and valentine's show and we bring entertainment to the valley. >> and thank you so much. okay, we have to get out of here. >> and do a great job. help us get out of here. go this way. >> we're out of here. >> i know where we're sending them for christmas time again. >> yes. >> and good stuff. 6:53 is the time. check out your hot headlines. more than 3,000 people are searching for shelter in italy after a third a. this makes 3 in two months mo destroyed. no one was killed or seriously hurt. the 6.2 magnitude quake was centered again in italy. and new details in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. the fbi obtained a search warrant to reveal the newly discovered e-mails that might be tied to their initial investigation and that is according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of his name not being released. the e-mails were found on the device taken on the unrelated sexting investigation into
6:54 am
abideen. and hillary clinton will make a last campaign stop in arizona this wednesday. her running mate tim kaine will be here on thursday. >> and some analysts say the latest developments could help trump regain ground that he lost in the polls and what will not help with the new "washington post" investigation. the paper's investigation found he boasted and took credit forever charitable donations that never happened and the trump -- trump campaign told the post he tips of millions and offered no proof. and this is the third part of the mayor's plan to restore clean drinking water to people who live there and the new pipes will cost the state $25 million when whale they're replacing the pipe, students from wayne state university will test the water quality. and jury selection gets underway in the trial of a south carolina police officer captured on video and shooting
6:55 am
he tried to run away. michael slagler could get 30 years to life in the shooting death of walter scott in april of 2015. and 10% of american children suffer from asthma and it's more common among kids living in poverty. and reducing the amount of allergens inside the home can control the disease and a new report finds children are sensitive to dust mites and mold, common in human environments. three/4 of homes have detectable amounts of urban areas. >> and nurses scrubs might be spreading potentially germs. the researchers at duke university collected samples from the scrubs of 40icu nurses before and after the shifts and found 22 instances of the antibiotic resist aspect germs like mrsa transferred from the patient or wound to the scrubs. >> and we helping fight the zika virus. and the app explains how it's
6:56 am
it has a survey that asks about potential mosquito breeding grounds in your area. >> and if you're looking to get ahead, the start on black friday shopping, you might be out of luck. a growing number of retailers opted to close doors on thanksgiving day. so far more than 50 retail chains will be closed, including lowes, home depot and nordstrom. the mall of america will be closed as well and courages will be ab though. and two sportings bitting cytings could be one. they're close to a -- sports betting sites could be one. they're close to a merger. both companies are entangled in legal battles as some states argue they have gambling businesses and not games of skill. and cubs won the first world series game at wrigley field since 1945 and they're keeping their hopes of a world
6:57 am
back the indians with a 3-2 victory. the win sends the series back to cleveland for game six tomorrow night. and i want you to come to your involvement look here. one nfl re-- his visual perception in an interesting way after a fumble here. the seahawks safety earl thomas scoots up the ball and ran it back 34 yards for the first touchdown of the game. thomas couldn't help but celebrate with the a big hug. and kemp clearly, though, was not feeling the love and threw, look right there. look at how that referee grabs him on the side there and i call that a hug. >> that is not a hug. >> apparently, thomas was penalized 15 yards forp sportsman-like conduct. the saints won the game 25-20. that was a hug. >> that was not a hug. >> and one hand around there? >> he caressed the side. >> watch, watch.
6:58 am
>> that is not, no. >> and he hold him. >> that is not a cares or hug or a hold. >> that was my few knowal takeaway and in addition to being halloween, i am so excited about trick or treating with my twins, the first time they'll understanded. >> and going to eat all of the candy. >> and then she's going to crash about 6:30. >> i know. >> for me, it's the elevator button. >> and does it close? >> sorry, jimmy. >> another congrats to michael phelps and his wife nicole on their ceremony in cabo. >> and a potential baby number two. not the greatest weekend for the cards, but they have a biand they're one game back from the seahawks in the in, fc west. >> and 12 news is always on >> happy halloween, everybody.
6:59 am
paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
7:00 am
good morning. clocks ticking, with eight days until the election the fbi obtains a warrant to search a reported 650,000 e-mails on a computer owned by anthon and hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin. the chaos. accusations flying. >> i think that's called the mother load. >> no matter what is thrown at us we need to stay focused. >> this morning the fbi under pressure for more clarity with time quickly running out. the suspected gunman is dead. the massive week-long man hunt ending in a high-speed chase and


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