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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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for nuclear war and. she is in in the same message about her candidate. a little girl counting petals on a daisy. democratic president lyndon johnson was sending a simple but devastating message about opponent barry goldwater. >> seven, six, six, >> that the arizona senator was too dangerous to handle nukes. >> it was so si point and yet he never mentions goldwater in it. >> 10, nine, eight, seven, six -- >> the daisy girl as she was known is back. >> the fear of nuclear war we
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would never have to have again. >> she is sharing her peers of donald trump as president. >> they are putting trump the villain at the heart of the story. >> the original ad aired only once. clinton said hazard more than that. >> now they have the internet so it will get run over and over and shared. just heard from is a independent. we could not reach her for comment today but the trump campaign did not respond to a was -- request for comment. hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in ohio one of the most competitive states during this election cycle. clinton attacked trump's foreign-policy plan saying he is unfit to be president we have heard her say that before
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>> now they apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers and by all means they should look at them and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year. there is no case here. >> lane will get some more help in ohio tomorrow president obama is scheduled to hold a campaign stop in columbus. trump took his campaign to michigan hoping to pull in upstate -- upset in a state that has not voted republican in the years. he praised fbi director for reopening the investigation into emails. >> the american people are the victims of this corrupt system in every way and this is your one chance right now november 8
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>> there has also been a big push by both campaigns to get out the vote as of today more than 23 million americans have cast their ballot. buckeye residents upset over their high water bills taking the fight to city hall. we were hoping to get some answers but some residents left with more questions. >> reporter: tempers are reaching a boiling point in a peaceful protest hoping to get answers. >> i had two months of very high water bills. >> protesting very high water bills is michele makela. >> the one month was 36,000 gallons and the other was 46,000 gallons. i had an $1158 bill. >> reporter: many questions unanswered. the only person trying to offer help was a councilman.
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showed up to any events that we have been having. you have to give him kudos. the mayor knew about this but he is out of town. the public utilities office has known about it and nobody has shown up. no other council members have shown up. >> reporter: the only answers they are getting is to check the website, monitor the meter, and go to the council meeting tomorrow. they filled out paperwork to be on the agenda but were told the paperwork had to be in two weeks earlier. it has to be on decembers meeting agenda. >> the reason i am here is because it would be easier if i had a water will -- lake. if i did i would know that i could fix it and not deal with this problem but because i do not have a water leak i cannot guarantee that this not -- will not happen again and again. i may be put in a position where i cannot pay the bill. more than 100 homeowners are expected to show up tomorrow. >> reporter: in buckeye brian
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verify? what is the problem you want us to look at. just send us an email. could a thief break into your house right now. who better to answer that question than an actual convicted burglar. our colleagues in portland did just that. they. reformed burglar through a drive on a neighbor had. here are the top three things you can do to secure your home. home security expert who says one of the biggest ways you can keep your home secure cost only about $.79. >> what do you notice about this neighborhood? >> a lot of bushes. if you look you can even -- cannot even see the front porches. >> the security signs? does it change your mind? >> no. not at all. this neighborhood i would not
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>> you have somebody here -- >> i'm not even going to walk down the street. >> reporter: burglars want to get in and out of your home without being seen or heard. the goal is to make your home the most secure house on the block. >> a lot of people are taking back when they read how burglars actually get into homes. it is really common for a burglar to just break in through the front door in the number one is make sure that you walk all of your doors and windows. that is number one. one of the things everybody should do is replace the screws on the strike plates to their front door and the other doors that lead into their home. the screws are really short. if you replace them with three inch grabber screws and will go through the door frame and into the starts that are securing the frame itself. the other thing is make sure you are cutting back all of
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naked as visible as possible using lights around your house. when guys know that other people could be watching or that what they are doing is visible from the street they are more likely to move on and go to the next place. >> one big stick for gun owners be careful how you advertise your weapon. bumper stickers and even home security signs that poke fun and have a gun on it can tip burglars now let's take a look at your hot headlines. two fires in chandler over the weekend have been rolled arsons. both thumbs were under construction near gilbert road and chandler boulevard. nobody was hurt but one of the homes is a total loss. now to a chase in los angeles this afternoon. the suspect crashed into a
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discovered the suv had been stolen. open enrollment starts tomorrow. for the affordable care act. 14 at 15 counties will now have only one insurer to choose for coverage. open enrollment ends january 31. the island nation of haiti is still trying to recover after getting hit hard by hurricane matthew. a group of volunteers from northern arizona traveled there after the storm to help those who death -- desperately tonight they are sharing with us some of their experiences. >> we went down and worked in port-au-prince. we did not go to the southern peninsula but the patients who were injured in the southern peninsula with loan to port-au-prince where they are functioning hospitals where we could take care of the injuries. we had one woman -- the roof of her house had blown off and had spun around and came down and
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severed all the tendons and most of the nerves in her arm. in the middle of the surgery we discovered that we had no power tools so we had to fix this without an x-ray machine with hand drills and actually came out pretty well. the saddest moment for me was to watch this 10-year-old boy who came in from the town who had been hit by a tree and had severed his spine he had laid six days before he was found in all likelihood he will not survive. the smile in the face of the woman his arm was severed she lost her husband and her kids and her possessions and her home. we repaired her arm and they took a photo of her and she is smiling again. to have that connection with someone to be able to get that gifts to them is a tremendous
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>> oh my goodness. such a special group of people. >> most of the people i have had a chance to speak with web going to haiti to do relief work say that it has touched their lives in ways they can't even explain. >> this group plans to return to haiti to rick -- to continue relief effort -- efforts. it is time to do trick-or- treating. the evening and what you should do with all the leftover candy. the cardinals are down but not out. with the coaches and about their bitter loss. here is a look at today's social sound of question. which arizona city made the list of america's 50 best cities to live. we will reveal
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how cool would it be to trick-or-treat at the white
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included some games on the south lawn some of the standout costumes included a ballot box in captain america. halloween also means it is trees for troops time. 12 news have -- has partnered with hungry how is to say thank you to our men in uniform so please bring your donations of halloween candy to any hungry how is location starting tomorrow through november 4. the streets will go to supp military installations all throughout the state. you will have a ton of leftover candy and don't think that those soldiers returning on base who may be cannot run out who don't have time to go to the store i have seen them transiting through the uso center in something as simple as a piece of candy from home lifts their spirits.
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donations. in the meantime i know kids will get a lot of candy because i cannot imagine why you would not stay out pretty long and trick-or-treat because the weather has cooled down just in time for this holiday. today we topped out at 86 so even though it is significantly better it is still a little bit above average. nevertheless your trick-or- treating forecast will be outstanding. 76 degrees to about 82 we will keep the clouds out there that look at the difference in her temperatures today compared to yesterday. chandler is down 9 degrees. we are down eight degrees for both glendale in scottsdale. that's where the clouds are coming in. they are coming in at the peninsula. here's an area of low pressure pushing into the northern coast of california meanwhile the rest of the nation is actually deal with warm weather on halloween.
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degrees. 76 in atlanta. 76 an oklahoma. chillier weather is in the northeast at about 40 degrees in chicago is that 56. we have an area of low pressure that will be moving through that will get cut off the jet stream and that will help to bring about chances of rain in the valley and also we have beha the mid-80s. there was a network feed problem to the coaches booth. they did not have the proper feed for instant replay so they shut it down. this is my
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so there was no instant replay feed. it was confirmed a forward -- forward pass but nobody had an instant replay feed to look at including in new york. >> too little too late. the cardinals learned that carson palmer's fumble should have been rolled an incomplete pass however a malfunction with the replay system did not allow for a review. takeaways from yesterday's game include the bad an awful. they delivered eight sacks 10 hits and 11 hurries and to compound matters starting tackle is out for the season. takeaway number two despite the plate and the offense of line carson palmer played one of his better games this season. only his performance against tampa bay would've been yet --
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they completed 35 to 46 passes. our final take away penalties all committed by the offense for 88 yards. the panthers have claimed three other penalties clearly the cardinals problems were more than physical they were mental as well and that my friends is both inexcusable and unacceptable for a team desperate like the cardinals trying to get a win and still live in the yo hopefully when the cardinals host the 49ers they can use their bye week to recharge their heads and play the second half of the season like the super bowl contenders we all thought they would be. straightahead we're talking phoenix suns basketball they are miles better than their
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run
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man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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let's talk phoenix suns basketball. they are -- they have a 0-3 start but two of those are against the best teams in the
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of the season is in okc friday night. they with most of the way before losing in overtime by way of a herculean effort. 51 points 13 rebounds and 10 assists. yesterday it was kevin durant steph curry and the golden state warriors on the suns home- court. keep in mind the warriors swept all five games against the suns last season. they lost 106-100. let's call them the best oh- three team in basketball. >> we have a chance to beat golden state at home i think we're right where we need to be. of course we want to win those games the competitive nature of the is pissed off. we want to win and we are competitive. >> we are learning?. we are fighting with some of
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like the fight that we have once we figure out we're going to be in good shape for the rest of the season >> the clippers are one of the best teams in basketball again. we're talking about three state playoff years. the suns are playing all three of these consecutively. >> they would be right up there. coming up next they say don't poke the sleeping bear see what happened when a guy snuck into a zoo and woke up in napping pm the.
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coming up on 12 news at 6:00. a phoeni investigated. >> the teacher is facing allegations of mistreating a young muslim student including telling him he needs to be deported. >> civil rights advocates are asking the department of justice to look into the case. tonight at 10:00 trick or wine. parents let's do this right for halloween. a wine app is helping take your kids candy to the next level with its 2016 halloween candy and wine pairing guide just for mom and dad.
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you tonight which one goes best with reese's peanut butter cups. >> wow that is like the best thing you have said all day. finally now at 5:00 it is our omg video of the day. take a look at what happened when a man snuck into a giant panda enclosure in a zoo in china. the guy went and decided -- >> is it chewing on his leg? >> he wanted to wake sleeping bear. the man struggled to escape but eventually did get free. he was trying to impress his friends. >> instead he is the joke.
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tonight, campaign cliffhanger. eight days to go, the fbi review now under way into clinton aide huma abedin's e-mails. how quickly can they get it done? tonight the fbi director under fire and a surprise in our brand-new poll. nbc news exclusive. law enforcement sources say thi donald trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, and his business ties overseas. voice of a killer. for the first time, we hear chilling 911 calls made by the orlando gunman, during the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. and fatal distraction. snapchat video from inside a car going 115 miles an hour minutes before slamming into a minivan, killing a


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