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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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photo radar cameras... back on the streets of one valley city. we've got the the where and when----didn't we just take the christmas decorations down?!?a serious case of the holiday creeps... on this day after halloween...----plus... something you don't always see in those victoria's secret ads....stretchmarks!! brand new details on a dealdy crash on the loop 101 - we've just learned it was caused by a wrong way driver. team 12's nico santos is
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???adlib traffic this morning some photo radar cameras will the east valley. the east be activated in
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this morning this morning some photo radar cameras will be activated in the east 12's bryan west is
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hot headlines this morning.... and this reminder.... election officials are urging voters to mail their early ballots ??today if they want them to arrive in time to be counted on november 8th. mailing ballots today... ensures a cushion in case of a mail delay. ballots must be received by election day in order to count. voter registration is up more it's that time again... time to sign up for health insurance... open enrollment begins today for health insurance under the affordable care act. here in arizona 14 out of 15 counties -- including maricopa county -- will now have just one insurer to choose for coverage. open enrollment closes at the end of january. two fires in chandler over the weekend have now been ruled arsons. both homes were under construction near gilbert road and chandler boulevard. no one lived there and no one was hurt. one of the homes is a total
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?? toss to morning juice ?? britain's prince harry... is ?officially off the market. sorry tram. a close friend of harry's told people magazine that the prince... is dating american actress meghan markle... and that they've been an item for the past couple of months. a friend of prince harry's also confirmed the budding romance to the british newspaper...?th e sun. so... there you go... two sources... it must be true...righ seveal photos on instagram... dropping hints ... like the matchinb bracelets they are wearing... it is believed the two met in toronto when harry visited there... in may. ?? ad lib ?? turns out... vicitora's secret supermodels are human after all....check out these photos from a promotional shoot.. from this year's ?fantasy bra fitting...they feature v-s
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showing off....wait for it... her stretch marks!!who knew???? is this a good thing or a bad thing????? ad lib with anchors over video ?? time for your juicy question of the morning... in one survey, men were asked.... if your wife or girlfriend is staring at you during dinner with her family, what might she be telling you with her look. time for your juicy question of the morning... surveys show a ton of us try a ton of surveys the morning...question of your juicy time for
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time for your juicy question of the morning... surveys show a ton of us try this. it will take doing this at least five or six times before you are fully satisfied. what is this? the candy is still sitting in
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cold...but the holiday creep has been going for a while... when is it too soon to get ready?that's in 10 minutes. feeling overwhelmed by your kids' homework?don't worry mom and dad... you're not alone. how you can beat the homework blues..
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today.... we are starting a new feature here on 12 today. we want you to get interactive with us each today.... we are asking you the simple question.... who is going to win game six of the world series.the chicago cubs
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voice.let's find out who arizona is rooting for.we will give you live results the rest of the morning.. let's get to your 12 today trivia now. we're just one week away from election day. so our question to you.. what percentage of registered arizona voters cast a ballot in 2012? percent. think and guess. we'll have your answer in a half hour. all this week... we are helping you cope with your overwhelming life.this morning we are talking homework.what's a busy parent to do? how can you keep your kids on track with homework without becoming overwhelmed?tea, 12's sharri williams has some tips for
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tomorrow morning.... we all know technology can be exhausting.especially when kids are involved. how young is too young? how much screen time is too much? we'll try to answer those questions.
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halloween 2016 - has come and gone.but before the costumes are packed away and the halloween decorations come down ... it looks like christmas decorations are already going up!even the triple digit temps aren't keeping arizonans from starting their winter festivites early this year.and local christmas light companies say it's earlier than ever!team 12's ryan cody ch
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?? ad lib tag ?? we have our political scandals here in the u-s...but our insanity is nothing compared to what's going on in south korea.?we'll explain this one... in five minutes. halloween... gone...the holidays... not here just yet. but man... it's already time for black friday!?!?!?the where and when the deals are going six... ####break####
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####break#### checking hot checking hot headlines this morning...and a developing story out of alabama. we've learned one person has died and several workers are hurt after a gas explosion in
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explosion -- about a mile west of where the colonial pipeline burst in september. investigators are working to determine the cause of the blast, but they believe it was accidental. china has a stealth fighter jet. the country... showed off its new jet an air show... the j-20 fighter is called beijing's answer to the us f-22 stealth fighter and the f-35. that plane will be soon deployed in the pacific by the united states and japan. an unusual story out of south korea today... police there arrested a man excavator into a prosecutor's office. and if that wasn't werid enough... it happened at the same time a woman at the center of a growing political scandal there was being questioned. prosecutors are examining whether that woman used her close ties to president park geun-hye to pull government strings from the shadows while amassing a fortune. a deadly morning on valley freeways.we're tracking the latest traffic mess along the loop 101... at 35th avenue..
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accdient.a live report from there at six... ?? ad lib ?? and we are also getting you ready for a busy tuesday... jimmy has your forecast at six... and it is game six tonight.... can the cubs stay alive..or will cleveland get it's second championship of 2016????tell w dot com - slash - your voice... today.... we are starting a new feature here on 12 today. we want you to get interactive with us each today.... we are asking you the simple question.... who is going to win game six of the world series.the chicago cubs or the cleveland indians.just go to slash your voice.let's find out who arizona is rooting for.we will
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you live results the rest of the morning..
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. from the 12 news studios in downtown fooeks, whooers what's coming your way. >> consider this your warning. cameras, extra cameras watching you. >> arizona plan stops around the valley as the race to the white house enters the final week. >> cleveland will be rocking


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