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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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eleven electoral votes. >> brahm is live in the news room with a last minute push. >> all about getting out the vote right now and new poll shows republican donald trump might have an edge. donald trump might be pulling away from hillary clinton in arizona. fbi looking at what might be new clinton e-mails shows trump with a fount that boosted him on the widely watched site the republican nominee leading democrat clinton by 1.75 points. still a toss up. now comes the two campaigns final get out the vote push. the next three days are packed. mike pence is at the mesa convention center at 10:00 a.m. wednesday. later in the day hillary clinton outlines a get out the
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in tempe. tim kaine on thursday gives a speech in spanish only at the maryville community center then off to tucson. and donald trump jr. is expected back in the valley on friday stumping for his dad for the seconds time in a week. no word yet on a time and place for donald trump your's event and bernie sanders is expected to make a return trip to arizona and i'm told there is a request out for former have to see about that one. live in the news room, brahm1 news. >> thank you. with the presidential election just one week away, even school children are getting into the voting. gateway polytechnic academy is part of every school vote. it allows every school student to vote in a mock election.
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what has come out of every kid vote for the nation is a prediction of the general election that will be held next week. >> results from this mock election available online at every kid well, the water bill crisis in buckeye seems to be coming to a head. dozens of homeowners with the same story all getting slammed and we've talked about this, those massive water bills that seem just to high to be correct. >> right now, the buckeye city council is meeting homeowners, they're demanding answers. >> we've been working to verify the story from the very beginning and live at that meeting. charly. >>reporter: yes, lake you said it's underway where dozens and dozens of residents are hoping to salespeople out and be heard regarding their water bills. with un-resident reached out to us a week ago to see if any progress has been made. >> the city of buckeye has put
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request, they'd gladly send someone out. >>reporter: jeff hancock made the request dog what he asked to do. >> these guys showing up today were not happy to be here. they were very defensive. >>reporter: jeff's water bill is due tomorrow, over $400 and he's been in a week's long fight with the city who says the problem is possibility a leak. our cameras were rolling when city officials dropped by jeff's house and they were not happy to see us. >> y unprofessional and only thing they did was open up my meter and close it and then they left. >>reporter: jeff had turned on his irrigation system before he arrive and had questioned the workers act the factionalty of his meter. if i had a leak, this thing would be spinning. >> dependent. >> how is that dependent. >> depends if you have a leak. right now i won't get into it but we can discus at a different time.
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to see if i have a leak or if i have something. >> okay. then let us go, we can't pull the data here. we have to go back to our office and pull the data. >>reporter: dave came out and answered questions. >> i think there was a miscommunication or misunderstanding of what we thought we were gonna do versus what he had an expectation of. as soon as we called me, when i got out of the next meeting, i called him back and sent the guys out there today. i wanted to make h h as quick as we can. >>reporter: coming back out here, dave nice is investigating act 20 phone calls they've received since this story picked up a lot of steam since we reported last tuesday. they're investigating each case individually and encouraging anybody with problems with high water bills reach out to them so they can open a case for
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want 12 news to verify, send us an e-mail at verify 12 next week, arizona voters will head to the polls not only to decide who'll be prosecute but prop 205, the measure to legalize marijuana which also has folks passionally divided. in a 12 news verde animal fie road trip, we're tyke -- verify road trip, we're talking you to colorado to see how marijuana is working smoking pot that may not be suitable for young children. >> a southwest airlines flight on final approach to denver, home of the broncos, mile high stadium and legalized pot. no one is more focused on making sure that it works correctly than andrew freeman. how does your man react to your
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colorado but everyone knows him at the state's pot czar. how did you view this proposition before it passed? >> i was nervous. mainly because being the first in the country to do anything, there are a whole bunch of possible consequences. >> in just three years, pot has become one of colorado's biggest industries. part of colorado's wind fall comes from pot cannabis tourism looks like, a big party bus people from all over the country is getting on board trying to learn about weed. >> all right, guys. hello, hello. my name is mia jane. i'm gonna be your colorado cannabis tour guide for today. is everyone excited for their colorado cannabis tour? >> yeah. >> all right. awesome. i like to hear it. >> not everyone is happy with legalized pot in colorado. arizona's marijuana measure our
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autosides of the -- examining all sides of the debate tonight at 10. join me at 945 talking about aces' prop 205 and how you -- arizona's prop 205 and legalizing marijuana here and how you feel. very painful consequences a group of trick or treaters shot with paint balls. tonight phoenix police trying to track down who's responsible. happened around 70 last t water. a silver suv drove by and started shooting. as many as four kids were hurt including 5 year-old logan white. >> i got hit by paint ball. it stinged. >> it's just disappointing that somebody would target them and think it's a good time to hurt kids. >> if you know who may have been driving that silver suv,
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support our local service members. it's treats for troops times. 12 news partnered with hungry howies so say thank you to men and women in uniform. come down and bring donations of halloween candies to any hungry howies location from through november the 4. it will go to support military installations throughout the country. still to come, if you like october was warmer than usual, you were right. details coming up on our hot headlines. but things are now starting to cool down for us and we are also expecting a chance of rain this week. your full seven day forecast is
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now here's a look at your hot headlines. >> a deadly day freeways. police investigating a wrong way crash on the loop 101. westbound traffic at interstate 17 shut down for five hours after a wrong way crash left two people dead. the head on accident happened in the hov lane. elections officials say early ballots need to be sent in today to be received on time. ballots have to be received by election day in order to count.
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months in phoenix's history with the city having a record 26 consecutive days with high temperatures of at least 90 degrees. previous month was 25 straight days set in 1952. 'til ahead on 12 news at 6, when it comes to drinking beer, home brewing is all the rave. coming up in today's social soundoff, find out what the top cities are for home brewing. plus, heading out to scottsdale for a blind the scenes look plus he's young and bright and handling himself blind behind the wheel like a
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when you think act home brewing, what cities come to mind? >> give a cheer to phoenix. phoenix is one of the country's top up and coming home brewing dust nations. >> with an estimated economic impact of $1.2 billion, home brewing is booming in america. >> people love their beer. >> all right, it is time now to head out to scottsda, where our very own crystal henderson is getting a behind the scenes look at the odyssey aquarium home to aquarium animals. how's it going out there? >>reporter: hey, there. it sure is cue the jaws music because we're atop the shark tank, the largest exhibit here at hod sideway. and getting a never before seen view of odyssey here. this is something new that your guests can check out here.
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tell us act the shark tank. >> this is our largest exhibit at odyssey aquarium. called shark waters and houses nearly 25 different sharks of five different species. about 400,000-gallons and water and guests can get the view you're getting on the behind the scenes tour to see how we care for the sharks and what it takes to operate the largest aquarium in the southwest. >> and how do you feed them exactly? >> very carefully is the answer th animal care specialists are so dialed in and in tune, they know every and in tune and all of their behaviors are careful to make sure they're getting optimal nutrition. >>reporter: how can you tell them apart in. >> different markings, different shaped, dorsal fins
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>>reporter: it's $29.99 to take this cool behind the scenes tour. >> thank you for that. guys, i think it's pretty safe to say, i woke up this morning and it was cool. it was nice and cool. there was a change in the air. >> i joust don't want you to jinx it. >> i'm gonna leave it there. >> you didn't jinx it. we have some really nice cool temperatures overnight tonig forecast. temperatures in the -- temperatures in the 70s for this evening. in the 90s last week but 7:00 temperatures about 57 degrees, 73 at 8:00. by 10:00 temperatures dipping into the 6 0s. we've got this area of low pressure that right now is situated to the north of us. bringing a bit of rain fall to some areas of utah and colorado.
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off from the jet stream and linger over arizona for the next couple of days. talking about wednesday through friday. here's a look at what we're expect withing this. by thursday and friday, high country could get anywhere from about a half of an inch of rain up to maybe an inch and a half. pretty significant totals there but here in the valley, we're just looking at light rain fall amounts to probably about a tenth of an inch or so. we could see thunderstorms as there for some deadly lightning so beaware of that. closer look at the futurecast and see how that system there draws up that moisture, bringing into the higher elevation of arizona. again, for the post mart, a high country rain event. all right, tonight, cool 53-60 on overnight lows. high clouds sticking around. tomorrow, 77 till about 82 so
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and keep it pretty steady through thursday and friday as we bring in about a 20 percent chance of rain there for thursday and friday. then over the weekend, we clear things out, we dry out, and we also start to warm up so highs getting above average once again by the weekend and into the start of next week. that's your seven day. coop, over to you for sports. thanks a lot. yesterday we who is a ten year-old speedster racing blind the wheel. at 4'4, he's cute as a button but don't let his size fool you. team 12's tessa shows us, he'll be your biggest competition. >> the suit was too big so my mom had to do some stitching
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go carts. >>reporter: this is die diego's co-cart and goes really, really fast. just how fast? up to 65 miles per hour. now picture this, 36, eight, nine, and ten year-olds from 30 different countries all racing for gold. diego beat them all. >> to be the best in the nation and live in it's just -- it's an honor. >>reporter: he's the third american to ever win a world championship but at ten year- old old, he's also the youngest. >> i like to think, i'm the winner of this? is this even real right now? i'm just like -- >>reporter: the sweetest parking lot of the win, the apple cider. >> if you touch the top, it was sticky. >>reporter: and dad couldn't be prouder.
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>> it was pretty emotional. he won a world championship, buddy. it was just -- it's pretty special. i paint his helmet, build his motors. put his go carts together. i'm mechanic for him. >> he's the best. >>reporter: the team is unstoppable but this win may be a little better than the rest. >> i'm now i feel like i can say, hey, i'm part of usa and i won that year. >> tressa, 12 sports. >> all right. congrats to diego. seriously, i'm telling you, kid's too mature to be ten years old. >> he'll go far in this sport if he wants to, and dad, hats
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scale too by the way. a late night swim takes a scary turn. stick around, you won't want to miss
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check this out, a couple's late night swim nearly ending in disaster when a crocodile joined them in a pool at an african resort. check out this video. oh, yes. it's going viral tonight. >> oh my gosh, you can see the
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un-aware the crock lurks in the shadows. as the crock gets in the pool, the man jumps out to safety ask comes back to help the woman. >> looks like the woman suffered several bites but is not seriously hurt. >> he's like every man and woman for themselves. >> how did a crocodile wind up at a resort. >> that's a good question, coop. he wanted to take a late him there to me. >> good thing they're okay. >> that'll do it for us. thanks for watching 12 news at 6. >> have a great evening.
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breakup. >> the secret e-mail that just leaked out now on "extra." ?"extra" "extra" ? ?"extra" "extra" ? >> new video mariah sending a hidden message to her ex? her private e-mails revealed james packer madly in love right up to the end. the 11th hour surprise she got from her ex nick cannon. >> kim kardashian ends her social media blackout. what she posted on facebook and mysteriously took down. jennifer aniston on the new movie about the christmas party
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ritual with husband justin. >> have you guys broken that ever. >> bey and jay as ken and barbie. taylor swift as "deadpool." >> what blake lively saying about taylor going as her husband. >> coast-to-coast with the best star halloween costumes. >> just like that. tracey's exclusive interview with hillary clinton and jennifer lopez, talking first lady michelle obama. >> would you ever conside her for maybe carpool karaoke. >> will you do it with me? will you get in the car with me? >> on "extra" universal studio hollywood, entertainment capital of l.a. ?"extra" "extra" ? hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up jay leno's surprise return to "the tonight show." his best new jabs about the election. coming up mario, new clues bradley cooper irina shaikh may


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