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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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skies caught by i12. >> this is video of the dust storm earlier today. the video was captured in the southeast valley. >> not just dust, our storm tracker also caught rain. a huge wall of dust barreling toward the valley. this is something we normally see in the summer. we usually don't see this i moving into the valley. >> pretty good. earlier today heavy winds knocking down, this massive tree. absolutely crushing a car. it all happened at 48th street and indian school. crews had to be out there for hours cleaning up the damage. now fortunately nobody was hurt. this is a look at how all this dust was impacting drivers. as you can see visibility was
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right before rush hour making for some very dangerous driving conditions. let's take a live look outside of our studios. i think we're looking out toward the airport but not quite sure. it is storming out there. it's raining in downtown phoenix right now. >> it's definitely coming down. we have live team coverage of this storm. so first of all let's start with meteorologist matt pace. he's out in the 12 news storm tracker. vehicle near tempe and matt you've been out there for now. how is it looking? >> yeah, we have seen absolutely everything is dark right now. off to the north past the
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down. visibility slightly obscure thanks to that rain. that is camel back off to the distance there. the rain still obviously coming down and now we're approaching traffic, of course those roads are safe. you want to put some distance between you and other persons on the road. just use a lot of caution out there. as the system continues moving through. but caribe i will send those storms are headed. >> looks like everybody got a little bit of something. here's a live look right now from the downtown phoenix area with one of our web cams. it's pretty blurry there. i think it might be because of some of the rain and glare that's coming off the light there is with showers coming down. take a look at what's happening right now. for the most part it's a sprinkle or drizzle or slightly heavier rainfall if you're in
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glendale where you see the shadows of yell just north of i10. in phoenix we're seeing a little pocket of heavier rainfall. that's not guilty -- that's not out of the question. be very careful if you're planning to be outdoors in the future. again, we're going to see more of this moisture pump up from the south. we're still continuing to see showers and storms around the tucson area. that's where this moisture started a little earlier today. that could be making its way up from the taou san area into the valley as we head through the -- from the tucson area into the valley as we head through the rest of the day. almost 20 degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. it actually feels more like a winter day for us or winter night. 66degrees at phoenix sky harbor. we have a wind at 15 miles per
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rainfall totals across portions of maricopa and pinol county. maricopa the city of maricopa picking up .7 of an inch of rain there. pretty good. we have more to come. chances will continue into early tomorrow morning. >> and of course you can head on over to 12 for the latest on this weather. the other big story tonight, just five days to go are getting very intense around arizona. people waiting in line for hours to cast their vote. >> you can definitely feel the excitement growing. with so much on the line, arizona ground zero for both democrats and republicans. >> but with more people voting, are we going to see big problems at the polls. we've certainly seen that in the past here. people waiting in lines for
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as we mentioned across the valley. >> we have team coverage tonight on decision 2016. first of all let's talk with team 12's bram resnick. >> does not bode well for next tuesday. let's go back to the 2012 election here in arizona, do you remember how that turned out. there were long lines, angry voters and election night2012 statewide there were 631,000 uncounted ballots. 1/3 of those were here in maricopa counties. why did that happen? a large number of people dropping off mail in ballots. those don't get counted. and provisional voters, those
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registered voters than there were four years ago. county and state officials say they're expecting another big overhand of uncounted ballots that could affect several races on the ball will the that look to be very close. that means we may not know the result of the trump-clinton case in arizona on election night or several days after at race. many will be confused when asked to fill out a provisional ballot. i took that question to county leaders. and they may have a lot of questions to ask on election day. >> if you have any problems, let us know about it. you can e-mail verify @ 12
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making a stop as well. he delivered his speech entirely in spanish and that's a first. >> reporter: tim kaine telling the crowd at one point, cada voto cuenta, every vote counts. and the goal is to get this record number of newly registered latino cast their ballots. >> con toda nuestra fuerza. >> reporter: vowing to do everything he can. tim kaine reminded the crowd,
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>> reporter: but the enthusiasm can be mixed. i asked how many of them are registered to vote. none of them, they aren't citizens. some don't have legal status. key priorities in the first 100 days of the administers making college affordable and evidently free. secondly, immigration reform. joe dana, 12 news. joe thanks, each day leadin we're holding an arizona voter panel. we would love to have a diverse group of republicans, democrats and undecided voters meet us at the phoenix market to talk about the political issues that are on the ballot. if you would like to take part. send us an e-mail to desk at 12 still to come on 12 news at 6:00. investigators releasing new
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major arson case in gilbert. >> plus sky harbor being recognized in a very special way. >> cooler temperatures here across the valley. we'll talk about how long this
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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tonight only on 12 news at 10:00. >> mold in the ice dispen while working with food. is your favorite restaurant on the dirty list? tonight on news at 10:00. time to take a look at your hot headlines including a new lead in a massive structure fire in gilbert. new video was just released today. >> police are looking for two people who were caught on video running away from that huge fire in gilbert last month. how the blaze erupted near gilbert road and guadalupe in a
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stabbing. police say a woman's exboyfriend stabbed her current boyfriend. -- he was taken to the local hospital with injuries. and police are investigating a bus. do you like flying out of sky harbor. the airport is making headlines tonight. >> plus, your wet forecast we're going to have the latest on that coming up. >> and i'm cameron cox, next in sports, we know many of you world series. but if that's the case you missed another big celebration here in phoenix. brought to your by your
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want to breaking news. these are live pictures from sky 12. and this canal i can't really see the car anymore but there's a car in the water in that canal. right now rescue workers continue to look through the area. but we're being told the driver was safely taken out of the car. this was near the u.s. 60 and priest in tempe. we're not sure police tell us that anything -- this was caused by the weather.
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into the canal. the driver got out safely. we will continue to update you on the situation. lounges, restaurants, when it comes to flying what is the over all best airport in the nation. that's our social sound off question of the day. >> guess what, it's phoenix sky harbor. that's according to a new study conducted by the point the study examined the 30th busiest airport in the and used data from multiple access. >> it has the shortest driving time from the city center. the second shortest public transit and the third cheapest parking. >> and pretty good food from the airport. >> very good to do. you haven't had the food yet. >> not yet. >> some of the valley staples
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that makes your experience a lot more enjoyable. >> and some are healthy choices. >> i haven't hit those up yet. >> if you look hard enough. >> you will find them. you'll find them. okay. well let's talk about what's happening out there today. and wow it has been a very interesting day out there. take a look at where we ended up temperature wise. 84degrees. that was obviously before this rain started to move in. take a look at where we are now. temperatures in the 60s throughout the valley 64 at phoenix sky harbor. 63 in tempe. fountain hills at 23. winds are significantly lighter and we're not seeing a whole lot of storm activity. so thunderstorms with those gusty winds. and lightning more of what we're seeing now is just showers pretty much spread throughout the valley. we do have a pocket of heavier
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north i17. all of this moving from the south to the north. it's not quite over yet. we do have storms and showers continuing to generate there north of tucson. those are moving in a northernly direction as we head through the evening. we head out to the high country where it's active as well. we're still seeing quite a bit of storm activity north of winslow and in between flagstaff and winslow. just be watchi roads and know the possibility of small hail is not out of the question. here is what's generating all of this area. an area of high pressure that's over northern mexico. it's evidently going to be sliding out. we will continue to bring more rain into eastern arizona as we head toward 11:30 tonight. tomorrow for the most part it'll be a high country storm but we'll still have lingering chances for us here in the valley. by the weekends this thing is
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morning. that will continue through about 9:00 9:00 a.m. at noon we dip to 10%. by 6:00 tomorrow about this time tomorrow, we'll be in the clear. skies will be clearing out significantly. here's a look at your temp tonight around arizona. lots of 30s and 40s in the high country. that might be changing considering if you have rain or not. tomorrow we'll see 60s. we do start to warm up before the week end. -- weekend. and next week warm as well. in it goes to bledsoe. bledsoe with three, bledsoe with one. have to put it up for the game.
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eric bledsoe at the buzzer beats the trail blazers in overtime. hey while you were watching the cubs celebration, the suns were celebrating their own win last night. eric bledsoe with the step back three at the buzzer for the suns first win of the season. this is eric bledsoe's team. back from injury. offensively but defensively. forced a turnover late in regulation. >> i want the ball, i want the ball. coach did a great job drawing up big play -lgs. -- big plays. i do what i do. >> i've never seen a guy work hard, nobody work hard and
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big things happen. good day for blare. >> next up for the suns on the road tomorrow night at new orleans. the injury bug is hitting the -- he's giving up basketball for good. after tearing his acl for a third time. the former five star recruit suffered the injury during an exhibition game against colorado college of the idaho. head coach sean miller issued a statement. in the 25 coaching college basketball i've never felt as helpless as i did when i saw him go down on tuesday night. no 19-year-old kid should have to experience a season ending
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frame. some of giordano's pizza, a staple in chicago. they're locking down plans on the parade. early rumors they will die the chicago river blue to celebrate. that's not confirmed yet. everybody loves pizza. an easy and sweet way to help our troops. we're going to tell you what it's all about when we come
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now is your chance to support our service members. it's time to donate your halloween candy. >> those treats will go to support u.s.o arizona programs that reach out to military inston thank you so much for watching the news at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at
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bill murray's victory party in the cubs locker room. we're coast-to-coast with chicago's hometown stars slel brating the world series win. >> now on ? >> bill murray's champagne shower. amy schumer rooting in the stands, celebrity grand slam as cubs make history. beyonce goes country. the backlash today over surprise appearance at cmas. as carey and brad take aim at candidates.
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>> this election, what do hope happens? >> megyn kelly skrrs roger ailes apparently about to claim former boss made physical advances inside his office. jon bon jovi what triggered the rift. >> falling out. >> final straw that sidelined the rock legend. >> in a fog. jennifer lawrence looking into her new man and adam glassman taking us inside oprah's pathma party. >> some of our favorites. >> now on "extra" from entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez, new video of mariah carey out with backup


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