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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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tracking the big picture for you tonight. >> legal recreational pot could be coming to arizona. >> many fear that people will hit the dispensary and drive under the influence. >> 12news taking you on part 2 of our verify road trip. >> donald trump jr. in the valley not thrilled with something 12news did. >> i was insulted.
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>> mold, food handled, blowing their noses. is your restaurant on the list? we're just four days away from picking our next president. >> will arizona turn blue? will sheriff arpaio lose his job? will the minimum wage be raised to $12 per hour? all of you are alsoot should arizona legalize it? >> voters in six states next week will vote on whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana.
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and regulate it like alcohol. those for say it generates millions for arizona schools. in colorado pot has been legal since 2012. >> reporter: 1933, the end of alcohol prohibition in america. 83 years later, 2012, colorado did the same thing to marijuana. >> we take you around to a grow house, a couple different dispense easier as well. it's a really great well rounded experience. >> reporter: there are also tour buses. today we went with colorado cannabis tours.
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out. seeing what it feels like to smoke legally. >> 61 on my 61st birthday. [ laughter ] >> you feel a lot more comfortable and safe. and that's what we want to feel as americans. i feel like everybody should have that same right >> reporter: this >> reporter: the next stop was the medicine man grow facility. one of the largest in colorado. >> a lot of people in colorado fought this tooth and nail. do you think they've come had to a little more acceptance? >> yes. the world was gonna end. sky was falling. we're all gonna be marrying our dog soon because pot is legal. none of that happened. there's 28% less opiate deaths in colorado. >> reporter: he claims the
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when colorado okayed medical marijuana. >> it was the early cowboy days of marijuana. so i took the last bit of my credit, $15,000 over about six months and went to the hydro pontics stores first, learned, lynched. i looked at what everybody else was doing, did all the research, and i was making $100,000 a year out my basement legally. >> last year we made $18 million. >> >> reporter: all of that pot is taxed on the state and city level. >> we got $143 million last year, good money, and we're not upset. $41 million went to school construck, and we paid for regulatory reform, after
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substance abuse services and things that are good to go. but it is a $27 billion budget. >> reporter: and you'll hear opponents say this, a drug in the bucket. but it is money that colorado which shares common problem with arizona funding for public education wouldn't have had. >> here could be a snapshot of what we could see in arizona >> reporter: mason grew up in scottsdale. he wound up moving to colorado where he authoritied their pot law working on arizona's, prop 205. >> it will raise $55 million per year for schools. >> is there any way the legislature will circumvent that? a lot of parents say we were promised this money, we never got it. >> reporter: if it creates money for underfunded school, that can't be a bad thing.
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have dispensaryies. >> this is an area in downtown denver known as the green mile. it's a long stretch. pot dispensaries through broadway, this is one of the main streets here. it creates a lot of revenue for the state. there are those who no matter what are against it. if it comes to arizona and we pass it, can we learn from colorado? there are a lot and one of the concerns in arizona as it is in colorado is people will get high and hit roads. a nate of colorado san part of a 4-man team looking for people driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. >> drinking? smoke weed? a little bit? >> reporter: sunday night,
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colorado outside aurora. the officer has come upon this vehicle that was involved in a crash, and marijuana is involved. >> a standard container from a medical dispensary. >> this one is full of marijuana. this one is empty. >> >> marijuana tired? >> you were falling asleep? >> yeah . >> you woke up and you were in the wall. >> that's a horrible feeling, when we're driving tired. >> scared the hell out of people >> do you know which dispensary it was? >> can i ask to you follow that light with your eyes? don't move your head. you understand? >> the income thing i'm gonna
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eyes. i want you to tell me the timespan of 30 seconds. >> reporter: after beinged blood was drawn to measure thc. he would spend the night before being released and he was charged with driving under the influence of drugs. >> marijuana related traffic dathds have increased 62% >> reporter: nar stat, the no on from a colorado highway safety department. last year there were 114 traffic death, but the reports say they were related to but not necessarily caus marijuana. it is a sizeable increase from 2012. >> reporter: in the end as with alcohol, maybe it's about responsibility.
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and responsible education. we thought we'd come away with a clear answer on whether o legalized pot was working. >> it's too early to ask that you question. >> what i would say is that these public health questions -- we've not seen a difference in consumption rates so far either month adults or youth. i don't know if in the long-term we will. >> reporter: what is the bottle. we in arizona can pretend that it's not, but it is. so the question for voters will be should we tax it and regulate it, or do we leave it for the folks with medical marijuana cards?
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with stories on all sides of the issue so you can decide which way to vote. you can take part in our live interactive poll. today was the last day for ea of people waiting -- hundreds of people waiting to cast their ballot. voters fearful of things to come to election day. >> kevin kennedy was in the rush of it all. >> reporter: while the process was relatively simple for many, others earndured lodges lines and is a wait up to four hours long. outside stechly library, hundreds wait and wait.
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this is one of our baseball rights wlfrm it's ineptness in the office or cutbacks, whatever the philosophy is, this isn't working. >> reporter: sky12 up above, on the ground tracking another delay in the polls. >> it's too hot up there, it's too long. >> reporter: this lady giving up. others more dedicated. marvin waited four hours. >> there's a lot of people that wish they c years to vote and didn't get a chance to. four hours is a small wait. >> reporter: after hours the line still wrapped around and around remember jesse thought about leaving. >> this way, win or lose, i can gripe about whoever the president is. >> reporter: courtney brown did his surviving a 3-hour wait. >> voting is very important. my mother, my grand parents made
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important to me. >> reporter: most feeling the wait, while frustrating, wasn't going to prevent them from being part of this selection. if you plan on voting next tuesday, the polls open at 6:00 am and close at 7:00 pm. officials have added more staffer in hopes of avoiding the long lines and wait times that we've seen in the past. donald trump jr. pushing a car on a mesa street last week? >> before today's gilbert rally, he had something to say about 12news checking into that. >> reporter: donald trump jr. hasn't forgotten his last trip to the valley. >> most people were incapable they could do something nice. >> reporter: this viral facebook video showed the republican presidential
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>> i was like what! this doesn't happen to people like us. >> reporter: 12news followed up on viewer suspicions it was a pr stunt. trump hasn't forgotten that either. >> i was personally insulted. but hey, this was totally legit. >> reporter: he spoke to supporters at watertower park. >> that's where we've come! someone is incapable of doing something! it had to be a pr stunt. i've never insulted on the campaign trail in my life. >> reporter: he could take comfort in his father's rising poll numbers in arizona. a new statewide poll on friday shows donald trump up 8 points over hillary clinton. >> up 8 irk like that. none television masters to me until tuesday. >> reporter: trump voters like marty are worried about a rigged election. >> the primaries, people were waiting in line all day. some of them didn't even get to vote. >> reporter: i asked trump how he would tell his father's
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we should attempt it. the campaigning continues this weekend. tomorrow ben carson will be in the valley for a get out the vote event. sunday bernie sanders will be stumping for hillary clinton in phoenix. he went from behind bars to a reality show walk away with a $10,000 prize on the food network show chopped. >> it's a show where the dishes using unique ingredients. >> trisha hendricks spoke to the man. >> reporter: this is where chef ruiz served jail time. little did he know he would end up talking about his experience on a reality tv show. >> i did my jail time in arizona. >> reporter: ruiz intharg his time in tent city on the food
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over facebook messenger from new mexico he explained why he end up locked up. >> for trafficking methamphetamine. stolen firearm >> reporter: among other things. >> it's rough. >> reporter: and believe it or not -- >> that's where i got to learn how to use my knives for the most part was in tent city. >> reporter: he spent two years work in the kitchen. >> they have comooifbs there for us that are chained to the tables that we're working on. and we cooked for over 700 people, breakfast, lunch, and was donateded, some of it expired associate he cooked up whatever they got for the inmates and staff. >> once i did get out of jail irk went to culinary school. i left the cars, the drugs, the women. >> reporter: it's been two year, and he's work as an executive chef in printa cafe.
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facebook. he doesn't feel like he was rehabilitation taded during his time in tent city, that is where he happened to be when he realed he wanted to make a better life for himself. >> it's totally up to a person if they want to do it or not. >> reporter: his skill and at cooking in tent city caught the attention of chopped and he won $10,000. >> i'm gonna fix a couple of things i have on my, and within a year, i'm gonna p nice home and a piece of property. >> reporter: he continue mrans to continue doing what he loves in santa fe, cooking at santa cafe. he has a few other things in store. trisha hendricks, 12news at 10:00. eat at your own risk. the 12news report last night that had you talking about your own
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valley restaurants. >> counting down to jimmy now with just 17 minutes to go. >> monday night snl will be doing their election special with new trump and clinton skits. immediately afterward 12news talks to the valley's own snl cast member. >> high school football playoffs begin tonight across arizona. >> and bruce cooper joins us with more. >> it is getting exciting. between the 4a, 5a, 6a, there are 24 games on the schedule. and we have crews at mat juvenile court of those games --
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>> the mountain view squirrels have had the turnaround after missing the playoffs the last two years. 77 and 3, and they take on the desert vista thunder who are red-hot right now. they won their last four in a row. including over desert ridge. now over to cameron cox. >> reporter: i'm here at desert edge high school. what a ti two rivals going at it. these teams met a week ago, in a 6-3 double overtime thriller. plus we are in the locker room for some pregame speeches. >> reporter: thank you , cam! let me tell ya, they know how to
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>> reporter: out here at mountain point high school, taking care of business against cesar chavez. doing a little recruiting, and i'm gonna go to another game right now. >> all right, we have some star-studded thrillers all across the state tonight. desert vista and mountain view is our game of the week. around the valley. check us out tent, 11:35! it's the latest internet craze. >> above average temps all weekend. >> should arizona legalize weed? our live interactive poll
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phoenix. high temperature for today, 79 degrees out there. we have not seen that since may 7. still some active weather to talk about. flagstaff, you saw some thunderstorms move through, 7:00, 8:00. things are winding down. in the valley tomorrow it is going to be perfect out this. 77 degrees at noon. 84 is the high. into the 70s by 6:00. around the entire state. tonight 50 degrees in globe. 33 in flagstaff. 32 at the grand canyon. and the next seven days in the valley of the sun, 86 degrees for sunday. we warm it back up to 87 degrees by tuesday and wednesday. oregon norget to interact with us live right now. >> the tally there, 73% yes. fweven% no as we speak -- 27% no
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school
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paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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>> the pel cans would score, 2 seconds left, last shot booker from the corner at the buzzer. forcing overtime to book overtime thrillers. coyotes on the road tonight in anaheim. the 1-push comoutd, and uppercut. are you kidding me? domy won the fight. did you thinks win the game. joe? >> trend ing tonight, a new craze taking over the internet
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typically they're high school students. they're frozen in mid-action. [ laughter ] >> take your setting and that's what you get. whatever they happen to be doing, they're frozen. the clips -- still of stat use. here smr examples. they have some music that goes along with it. you likely have to watch coming weeks to see what shows up. >> how could you get so many people to get engaged with this? >> it looks like time is frozen. everywhere impressed. but i love that the whole school is in on it today. everybody's in on it. and the theme at the high school football game and the whole crowd. that's just funny. that's a lot of fun.
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harm done there. we're gonna have to do this in the newsroom. >> whether you like it or not. >> it's here! go to our 12news facebook page and post your videos. [ laughter ] in just carvy and arc lishia kes join jimmy fallon.
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licia keys join jimmy fallon. >> here other results of tonight's poll. >> 72% say yes. 28% say no. >> no way this is scientific. [ laughter ] >> we asked the same question last week. the yesses took it then as well with a much closer vote.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dana carvey,


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