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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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me today, portraying donald trump on a would you really pay twice as much? no i wouldn't. copy that! (vo) switch to sprint and get iphone 7. the valley roots. plus save 50% off most current national carrier rates. how she got her start before don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. for people with hearing loss, visit breaking news out of pacon for people with hearing loss, visit whoooo! right now. a gas explosion at an apartment complex has lead to a human -- huge deadly fire. several people have been hurt. this is what we're hearing. there are reports of multiple agencies are responding to the fire. state route 87 northbound is closed this near mile post 5- 253. he can keep monitoring this situation and keep you updated on 12 as well as the 12 enoughs -- news app. lee days before the election and they were some dramatic moments today at trump rally in nevada. the secret service rushed the gop candidate off the of the stage. he is okay and continued his
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the de-- has the details from a busy day on the campaign trail. >> reporter: tense moments on the campaign trail saturday night. secret service rush donald trump off of the stage after a disturbance at his really lip police seen removing one man. and he -- trump returned to the podium moments later. he capped a frenzy final saturday on star power. hillary clinton pulling out all of the celeb city stops she can in a bid to get millennials and minorities to the polls. clinton is trying to build a fire wall, which could block ok. heather just texted. she and grammy are outside. everyone hide. electoral votes with one key win. >> okay, okay. the word doesn't mean anything if people don't vote.
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dinner. the map. visiting states on the country. >> okay, okay. grammy. we are all so happy for you that you are getting remarried at 83. >> heather, why are you one for the american people. doing a speech at me in the dark? >> i know you didn't want a bachelorette party, so we had to make it a -- >> surprise! clinton. the prime suspect in a massive, far reaching, criminal >> look at her. she had no idea. >> hurry. which 't republican since 1972. get her in the chair. >> in the chair! in the chair! >> based on turn out, i think >> let's get ready to party. >> yeah! >> there you go. difference this last weekend push will make. 40 million early votes have already been cast. chris palo network enbc new, gentlemen, she's ready! new york. dr. ben carson was in phoenix this afternoon campaigning for his former >> hey, we're from the construction company. carson spoke at arizona >> and we have a delivery of
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>> esther's speechless. dynamic of the government. we finally found a way to shut her up. >> hey brett, crank a tune. sanders will be campaigning for >> oh, yeah. sanders will be speak at the a ?? >> all right! yeah! [ cheers ] 11:45. don't forget 12 news is your home for all decision 2016 >> no, no. no hiding, grammy. coverage. stay with us for any developments in these last few days. >> hey, should we give grammy arizona. and on tuesday, you won't want the fun sandwich? >> let's do it. election day. a >> that's a fun sandwich! [ cheers ] well, tonight a good year family. their 16-year-old daughter died >> oh, biscuits. this is wild. ago. but they're telling 12 news >> i know. grammy, are you loving it? her death, that is it, to be >> whoo! i think she worked up quite an appetite, ross. family lost a 16-year-old girl >> i'm hungry. >> let's give her some dessert, they say the blessing is to see
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impacted in her short life. fully don't think we'll ever get past it. >> get it where she needs it. >> in her mouth. >> cherry on that bad boy? fifth grade teacher. >> yeah. get it. it just takes a second. >> reporter: buckeye police get it. confirms chloe died while riding her bike. >> he had all of the right equipment. she was following the rules of the road. >> a driver ran into her. >> my favorite flavor, her mouth. [ cheers ] >> hey, boys. give us a taste. >> oh, my goodness. esther, i'm stealing your man. look out. >> oh, my god. look. and corporated. grammy's so embarrassed she's trying to hide. >> as drivers, we need to make sure that we're taking that >> oh, my goodness. seriously. and that we're alert on the roads. >> reporter: chloey was no stranger to cycle. oh, my hot mittens. i have never seen anything like with making every one around this. >> grammy, get up!
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her message call spark about >> nah, we actually like her on the floor. >> yeah. she could be our spotter for our >> reporter: they are nothing full body workout. [ cheers ] community for it support. >> i know chloe is watching from above and seeing all of these people that cared about her. >> feel the burn, boys. -- it warms my heart that she >> grammy, when herman hears touched so many. about this, you are dead. help with funeral expenses. >> all right! >> yeah. come here, baby. i am pumped! theirer link. >> and plumped! generation has done with these bachelorette parties. distractions behind wheel. >> oh, my god. ma'am? ma'am! >> what's wrong? >> oh, no. okay. thank you. new details tonight out of an your grammy is like our 1,000th investigation where authorities customer which means she gets a free dance from the world series champion chicago cubs. [ cheers and applause ] tonight, that woman's boyfriend's dead body was also found. the two had been missing since august. the suspect in this case, todd
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he allegedly kidnapped and rape a girl here when he was 15. that was 30 years ago. as of now, he has admitted to >> oh, my god! the investigation is still those are the real chicago cubs! uncovering more gruesome >> what's up, girls? who wants to hit a grammy slam? police are investigating after >> don't worry, grandma. grandpa rossi will take care of you. >> it's your lucky night. we're about to pull a triple header. >> ooh! vel vista. authorities are looking into just what happened. >> you heard the cubs! a vigil head today in let's play ball! new york police sergeant [ cheers and applause ] tuozzolo. he was shot and killed yesterday. and police are going to have several officers trained to use drones for crime scene investigations. in recent week, you have seen alec bald win portraying donald trump on saturday night live. but he's not the only one.
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starring as the presidential candidate on a valley stage. >> reporter: the most controversial election in recent memory is already dominating the discussion on television and social media. and now, just in case you weren't getting enough, it's also taking over the stage here at tempe center for the arts. >> the president is probably working for syria. cooked hillary, vote november 29th. you're the puppet. >> reporter: love hirsutum tram impression, but as the -- love his donald trump impression, but as the star of trump card h eappreciates anyone with a stage presence. >> he has such a good command of an audience and id -- incredible speaker. >> reporter: trump card takes a look at how and why this election is so divisive in america. >> it's al reminder -- gentle
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the election is that we're supposed to work together. >> reporter: does it make you nervous playing a part in the a specific time frame. >> yes. t i have never been part of something so immediate and politically charged. >> and you can catch touch cards the final showing is tomorrow night. tickets are between 20 and 25 bucks. well, snl is just minutes away. we got an exclusive meeting from one of the st hear in the valley. >> and a man sues a pop eye. but changes his mind. we'll explain next. >> high temperature 82 degrees at phoenix ann harbor. and a big warm up coming into our forecast. those details coming up. ?? cigarettes, e-cigs and vapes have a lot in common. ??
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so you're sure to get addicted. ?? and you're sure to lose.
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solange. [ cheers and applause ] ? i tried to drink it away i tried to put one in the air i tried to dance it away i tried to change ? ? it with my hair ? i tried to work it away but that just made
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i read it away ? ? i cried it away ? ? i cried it away ? ? away, away, away paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. away, away, away by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. away, away, away away, away ? ? well it's like woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. cranes in the sky sometimes i don't wanna feel those metal clouds ? rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. ? yeah it's like
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sometimes i don't wanna feel those metal clouds ? hey, what's up. ? i tried to run it away it your girl, cocoa braun. thought then my head be feeling clearer next week. yes. phoenix, arizona. here i come. we'll be talking about the i traveled 70 states ? presidential election, about ? thought moving around who doing who, who seeing who, make me feel better one of the best shows you have ever seen. are you i tried to let go my lover thought if i was alone ? ? then maybe i could recover make a wish gives hope it to write it away or cry it away that proved true for an 11-year- don't you cry it baby ? old boy who has muscular ? away, away, away away, away, away distrophy. brian west there was to capture the surprise. >> tell me about today. away, away, away >> no.
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away, away ? in home run and i didn't know what it was. and i saw like -- stars and ? but it's like cranes in the sky to the one of the most help sometimes i don't wanna feel those metal clouds ? lest sixth grader. a boy who enjoys making others ? yeah it's like cranes in the sky family, and community wanted to return the favor. sometimes i don't wanna feel those metal clouds ? something was wrong. >> he was falling out of his chair and we him tested and he come to ? away, away, away away, away, away distrophy. >> it was a shock to us. but, you know, through him, away, away, away we're strong. >> at a school assembly, make a wish organized a visit from his away, away ? favorite movie character, dart via door. and then receive seed a gift. a disney cruise he'll take in february. >> and a chain that said how many days until my cruise. i'm very excited. >> but the star wars fan is
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away, away ? >> you get five passes. [ cheers and applause ] who are you taking? >> my family. >> i heard his make a wish was a dishwasher for me. >> what would you liking to say to everybody here? >> to say thank you and i love you. >> in mesa12 news. listen to music from solange at apple just m here's a preview from host benedict coupler batch. >> i'm hosting snl. >> can e-- can we pretend the election isn't happening. >> but who's going to win. >> we're very frightened. let alone here. it must be terrifying. only on 12, we're just minutes away from a brand new saturday night live.
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americans. and tonight, we're giving you an all access pass, behind the scenes from one huge star of the show. who happens to be from arizona. and she's making the whole country life. >> reporter: for about as long as she can r phoenix's amy bryant wanted to it be a star. >> were you in drama and was that always kind of your path. >> yeah. i did plays. but i also did improve group through the arizona youish theater cane. >> it your bud, amy bryant. >> now she's a fixture on snl. does she feel like a new yorker or is he is still a phoenix girl at -- she still a phoenix girl at the hurt? >> what about your cell phone is it 602 or 212. paul babeu is abusive. >> she gives us her answer and physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. a lot more. woman: a school that used to be run only at 12 news at 10. by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. you may have
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story earlier this week. unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. coked on the chicken he ordered. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices going to, because the runt did not give him a knife. and even bragged about them. so he had to eat the chicken paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. but this one seems for a fetched. >> if you're an adult, like come on. do you need that knife? don't blame ?? you'll be perfectly fine if you announcer: it's "weekend update" with colin jost and michael che. [ cheers and applause ] lately? because some people have been saying it it's a cold. it's too hot. >> hello, everyone. >> welcome to "weekend update" i'm michael che. >> i'm colin jost. and thank you for joining us for the last "weekend update" before the presidential election. are you excited, michael? >> hell, no. [ laughter ] just right out there. >> well, the election is only three days away. but remember, it's not over
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that's exactly what we'll see a fat lady anywhere near him. [ laughter ] we thought this election was over two weeks ago. then in the spirit of halloween, the fbi dropped a flaming bag of about 84 degrees out there. dog crap on our doorstep and ran away. they gave us no clue what all the e-mails are about. and look how quickly that hillary could be involved or maybe not. 78, gorgeous degrees out there. it could be full treason or just tomorrow, the pollen count. a casual chat about yoga. is actually going to the me lo we don't know. the fbi basically just sent us this emoji. moderate range. what do we do with that? >> experts say it will take the center that's writtenning that fbi well past the election to get through the e-mails which sounds ridiculous to me. southern california. the fastest way is to just leave your laptop open at your the region. there's that low. girlfriend's house, go to the bathroom and take a long shower. three days later when she asks you where you want to eat she'll warm temperatures moving back say, i don't know, ask that funky bitch benghazi. [ laughter ]
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>> and of course this whole thing involves this idiot. [ laughter ] because a weiner always pops up at the worst possible time. [ laughter ] staff. check out the grand canyon. he had 650,000 e-mails on his that area saw some fog earlier computer and that's the laptop he shared with his wife. tomorrow morning as well. so use some caution if you are imagine the weird stuff he has on the old dell computer hidden highs for 59 for you. in the floor boards. >> it is fascinating to see the double standard. just the mystery of what hillary could be hiding in deleted and we'll warm it right back e-mails is somehow worse tuesday. and we'll add some clouds back what we have seen donald trump saturday, with the high say. i bet hillary is thinking why did i even delete those e-mails? all right. 87 for election day. not too bad. i would like to see a few that's like losing your job to a >> that's right. it looks good out here. crackhead. [ laughter ] if i was hillary i'd just make up a bunch of ridiculous so with the cardinals being on the bye week. trumpy sounding e-mails and hand to go back and watch some of them over to the fbi right now you got to check this out. like here you go, 31,000 incredible story continues to hilarious e-mails about me
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returned to lsu and donated $1 chinese people ninja turtles. million to the athletic >> melania trump made a rare he maintained he would not be campaign speech thursday and the lessons learned at lsu. said as first lady she would fight bullying on social media the school and now he's the and we must treat each other highest paid safety and holds with respect and kindness. lsu a close to his heart. donald trump called his wife's speech sad, fake and gay. flooding this past august, donald trump received the endorsement of the official fantasy football to help raise newspaper of the kkk. what are the odds? to deliver a just a dude in the kkk like, earl, hear me out. what if this time we endorse the white man? >> definitely want to do something to help. >> also this is the first time i'm hearing about the kkk show that, you know, what those newspaper and i absolutely subscribe. i just want to see if there is a sports section. >> very cool. check more of our conversation >> it was reported this week that hillary clinton has already booked an election night fireworks display over the hudson river to celebrate her
10:20 pm
victory or to visually demonstrate how her campaign exploded. [ laughter ] too real? [ laughter ] she's also holding a massive rally monday night with what they are calling an avengers line-up of president obama, michelle, bill clinton, and roll tied. alabama wins 10-0. their sixth straight win over lsu. joe biden. but if you're hillary maybe don't call them the avengers because it makes us think about which avenger hillary is and, arizona football. the wildcats no longer bull girl, you hawkeye. they got embarrassed by washington state today. no matter who wins this solomon could get anything parties and the media divide us, okay? we're not different. we are all the same. we have basic needs, the same 2-7. saturday night fever, basic wants. we all want respect. we all own a sweater we never wear and we'll never throw away. we all have one line of a dumb song we don't like stuck in our away. matt hawkins. heads for days as a time. we all say "you, too" when the 19 the final. across town, scot scotts deli guy says have a good show and we walk away mumbling, why am i so stupid?
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global warming or religion? doesn't matter. cause some day we are all going to drown and burn in hell together. of arizona. that's why. [ laughter ] >> look, people need to trust americans to make the right decision. that's how democracy works. cub fan, tomorrow it's time to sometimes we make great decisions like serving mcdonald's breakfast all day. [ laughter ] and sometimes we make terrible it says fyi if you maid any decisions like eating mcdonald's breakfast all day. inning, services start at 10:45 i know right now it seems like don't go late. many cub fans still set we are hopelessly divided but soon we'll all come together as night on 12 you haven't seen. journey toward impeaching whoever we just elected. remember his dad smiling. because on tuesday the fate of our country is finally in the hands of the people who truly matter -- the russian teenagers who will hack into our voting machines. know the daughter of legendary a catholic church in san right here in the valley. diego warned parishioners that they will go to hell if they been waiting for this week. vote for democrats. here to comment on the state of the election is church lady. curse now. there's no curse of the
10:22 pm
it's over. and we are world series [ cheers and applause ] champions. >> this would have been so >> hello. amazing. he always knew in his heart some day this was going to happen. but this was so well worth the thank you for having me on your wait. i would not have changed little midnight shindig. think he would have either. >> some great moments. what a delightful job you have, don't you? instead of resting up for church are appearing on snl in both you stay up late making jokes >> you can can, cubs cubs. about anthony's weiner. [ laughter ] not quite the path of jesus, is it? >> i think jesus appreciates a election is over, what you need good joke. >> yes, jesus loves a good joke. so that would leave you out of the equation. >> i thoug we had some fun jokes. they were all right. about yet. >> well, isn't that special? [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. what are your thoughts about this election? >> well, we have a tough choice on tuesday, don't we, colin? do we vote for a bitter female android from the '90s or a
10:23 pm
tummy and an orange head? [ laughter ] >> so you haven't chosen a candidate yet? >> well, jesus is not on the ballot, colin. i suppose he's not part of your life either, is he? because like everyone else in hollywood you're a homosexual. [ laughter ] >> why are you laughing? i'm actually not gay. [ laughter ] >> you do good jokes, colin. seriously. stay there. stay in the cupboard. >> okay. >> colin, by my count there are only three celebrities left who aren't homosexuals. jim parsons, neil patrick harris, and the wonderful nathan lane. [ laughter ] >> actually all of them are gay. >> well, news flash. >> why don't we focus on the election. >> focus on the election. tuesday. yes.
10:24 pm
who are you going to support? >> me? >> i suppose you will write in your favorite candidate -- satan! surprised you, didn't i? >> i didn't know you were going to say satan. i thought gary johnson. >> don't make me do it again. >> i'm not voting for satan. >> oh, well, well, well. just a late night comic with a belly full of booze and a dressing room full of whores. [ laught you're drunk right now, aren't you? >> no. >> yes, you are. >> little buzzed. [ light laughter ] smoking the pot, aren't we? [ laughter ] sucking on the devil's cigarette. >> no. >> you're not the crispiest chip in the bag. >> is there anything out there right now that you actually do like? >> "westworld." [ laughter and applause ] >> i love that show. i'm surprised you like it.
10:25 pm
naked cowboys fornicating. they should have just called it west hollywood. too soon? sometimes i look around and i think to myself what a wonderful world. ?? >> you're not going to sing, are you? ? i see skies of blue i see them bloom for me and you ? ? and i think to myself what a wonderful world the political ands will be off of our tv screens. we're all excited about that. but guess what that means? those will be replaced with ? yes, i think to myself ? ? what a wonderful world ? holiday gift ads. that's right. it that's time of year.
10:26 pm
>> church lady, everyone. holiday planning start earlier. the but the election on >> thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] but still, about 40% of people started their holiday shopping a couple in russia invited a >> it's higher. it started in august. bear to be a witness at their get it done early. wedding. there were no survivors. easterly. unless you get a really good deal. >> remember 12 news is always on. have a great night. >> a group of men were criticized for dropping out of a male birth control study because of side effects like headaches, mood swings and acne. to be in full control of all reproductive rights. because men aren't going to take birth control because pregnancy doesn't affect our bodies. when a woman gets pregnant she has to decide whether or not she wants a human being to grow inside her. meanwhile i get nine months to decide whether to buy a stroller or a bus ticket. [ laughter ] usually stroller. men wouldn't care about side
10:27 pm
cialis could cause blindness and you'd still hear horny old blind dudes riding around in the streets looking for ass. [ laughter ] what woman would even trust a dude to keep up with birth control? if a guy is responsible enough to keep up with his birth control he wouldn't need it because he'd probably make a great father. [ laughter ] this sunday is the new york city marathon. the marathon is a great chance for foreigners tora [ cheers and applause ] finally, it is a special night on "weekend update." with us tonight are the winners of our first ever "the voice" contest. let's meet the winners right now.
10:28 pm
>> introduce yourselves for the viewers at home. >> i'm anthony rizzo. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm david ross. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i am dexter fowler. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm bill murray. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. all right. guys, can you please put into words what it feels like to be named the first winners of "weekend update" "the voice" contest? >> it's unbelievable. >> i can't describe it. >> this is the best thing we have ever done. >> you on the end, you look familiar. did you used to work here? >> i did. >> i knew it. >> but that was so many lifetimes ago.
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our music. >> and what song will you be performing for us? >> it is an original composition entitled "go cubs go ? >> that sounds fantastic. >> who are these guys? >> those are the backup singers. we didn't know it was against the rules. >> we'll over look it. take it away, guys. ? ? baseball season's under way well you better get ready because it's a brand new day ? ? yeah, chicago, what do you say the cubs are gonna win today they're singing go ? ? cubs, go go cubs go good evening, and welcome to hey, chicago what do you say ? ? the cubs are gonna for the next 72 hours we'll be win today they got the power bringing you nonstop election
10:30 pm
? we'll be the best in the national league now the race has been tightening well this is year that ? ? the cubs are real to make their case to voters one so come on down to wrigley field last time. joining me from florida, hillary clinton and from colorado, we're singing go cubs go ? ? go cubs go hey, chicago what do you say the cubs are world champs ? ? today go cubs go go cubs go ? >> for weekend update i'm colin jost. >> and i'm michael che, goodnight! how are you b >> really, really great, erin. [ cheers and applause ] they're all still buying it. >> yep. it has been a great week for me, too. my fave part was when i lost that big huge lead i had. but i am not worried, erin. it might be the bottom of the 9th and it's tied and raining but this old chicago cub is still going to bring it home. [ cheers and applause ] >> you are not, hillary.


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