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tv   Today  KPNX  November 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it's wines day wednesday. november 9th. actually billy graham's 98th pernlgd today. >> happy birthday. >> i want to wish him well. day after a big election, historic election. >> a big show today. billy eisner from billy on the street is here. a funny funny bit he does. back for a fifth season.
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just wait. as we like to say, wait. [ laughter ] >> people are -- so well known now that -- helps or distracts? >> people are running from him. get away! >> then our elvis artist of the month. you might know his hit song "stole the show" nearly 200 million views. he's going to sing it for us a little later. >> beautiful. plus, all in the presentation talking about preparing your thanksgife the eyes just like the pros. does anyone need words of wisdom for today? >> yes, but i'm afraid i'd fall asleep if i close my eyes. >> in every nation there is room to heal. in every heart there is the power to do it. mary ann williamson. actually spending a lot of time looking for today's quote. under the circumstances.
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night. and you know that the election was last night. it was a shocker for most people. most of the pundits. most of everybody, and so some people went to bed at 9:00. just because. >> and then they woke up to see results. others like you and me, were up all night. >> i intended to go to bed, but laying there with the puppies, one eye and looking, and the more it was evolving, i'm going, what? what? >> yeah. >> and then by the donald trump had won, then my phone started going crazy from people. never ending. >> 3:00 a.m. >> here are the papers. the "new york times" title is "trump triumphs." >> and "new york post." >> and put on a headline, and so
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for. >> but everybody -- >> how you voted. just so you voted. i tried to tweet something innocuous and as inclusive as i possibly could and still got nasty reaction. >> you know what -- >> it cracks you up. >> this was such a personal election for so many people and you could tell in the reaction when results came in. cheers, roars, almost disbelief from a lot of people in the trump camp and from the clinton camp, there were tears and kind of that sort of trump gave his victory speech at around, i thought it was 3:00 i'm east coast. maybe it was 2:00. i was eating oreos and tostitos with lots of dip. i was a hog. >> you just went through it. >> that's what i do. anyway, so, this is a look at his speech. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is
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one united people. it's time. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans, and this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> yeah. you know what? i was probably thinking the less stressed he will be the next four years. right after you win, when everything is possible and i think the country is hoping that everybody does come together, because i don't think anyone's ever seen such a nation divided as we have through this.
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still is. >> yeah. >> everybody feels for little baron, 10 years old. what a beautiful little boy. but it's 3:00 a.m. now and he's exhausted. you just know he is. >> yeah. >> secretary clinton decided, chose not to give a concession speech last night and it's coming up, depending on your time zone shortly. so last night's election was one of the things that took over all of social media. they said in the last 24 hours alone, there were 40 that shattered numbers from four years ago. >> since last august, there have been 1 billion tweets. >> yeah. >> about the election. more than that spent on it. >> i think it's goingto be important for people, family members who voted one way or the other, and everyone's coming together, there's thanksgiving, friends, there are lives, and by the way, anyone who's scared. people who were scared when trump was elected.
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up, crying. she was upset. trying to hug anybody i thought was afraid. don't you be afraid, but i think people need reassurance. there's somebody you feel is afraid or scared or worried, just give them a hug, because, you know, can you do that, and you can make someone feel a little bit better. >> and did you. >> why don't you hug me? >> oh, yes inchs love you. >> i love you, too. >> so a lot of people were -- believing that the glass was going to finally be shattered with a woman president. and some pundits are saying that america wasn't ready for a female president, and i don't agree with that at all. but -- >> yeah. i think some people say, i think because, it was, again, so divisive and people felt so viscerally about hillary clinton you wonder how much her being a woman played, but there have been pundits who said, look, there are certain people who would, just won't vote for a woman. i mean, that's a fact.
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anyone like that. i got to be honest. i really don't. for me, for this election, i think for the whole country it was about the direction the nation is going. some of -- some people are happy with that, the way it was going. many, many, seven out of ten weren't. and a lot of people showed up and vote hood have not voted. i have a friend who's never voted in their entire life and came out to vote. i don't know how she voted but she came out to vote this time. >> a lot of people were first-time voters. >> good for the process. >> it really didik by the way, hillary clinton is the only woman to have ever won a presidential nomination in major party. here's a fact. >> known fact. >> back in 1872, victoria woodville martin was the first woman to run for president. did you know that? >> no. then she was a leader in the women's suffrage movement. good for her. she didn't win either. maybe then, i think far more
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in any kind of authority. >> susan b. anthony's grave site is in rochester, new york. put stickers, i voted on her grave. a women's socialist, integral in women's rights. yeah. quite a sight, moving, no matter who you voted for. >> i always want the best person for the job. i truly an color-blind about it. i'm gender blind. i want somebody that, that i think is going to job. >> i think it's going to be interesting. the republicans controlled all of congress. it will be what is, you know, what he wants. and it will be interesting to see what happens as result. everyone will be watching. >> all complained about gridlock. some people may not like what happens when the gridlock stops and things start happening. so we'll see. anyway, america has faith. much more difficult times, has faced much more difficult times and we go forward.
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everybody. don't worry. >> i was there at beginning! [ laughter ] >> all right. should we change the subject with something hot and sexy? >> well, it isn't us, even though it could be. >> should we bring that up? >> but it's not. >> mention it quick, since it's here. look at us. >> we are -- how or why. >> we would like that thank "bella" us. >> who's buying that when all this stuff is going on. >> you might need this. >> one is history in the making. it ain't this one. >> there's a yorky, a dog. apparently very sexy hair. let's see. >> gone viral. >> oh, my gosh! >> is that really her hair? >> her name's wilomina. they call her willie for short. on instagram. look at her. she's beautiful. >> who does she look like?
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>> that's more -- >> out of the control hair. >> oh, my god. so cute. >> very cute. >> all righty. >> cocktail, casseroles and carving stations. >> we've got all your thanksgiving entertaining covered right after this. >> yes, we do. >> ? ?you don't own me? ?don't try to change me in any way? ?don't tell me what to do? ?just let me be myself? ?that's all i ask of you? the new 2017 corolla with toyota safety sense standard. ?you don't own me? toyota. let's go places.
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>> announcer: making holidays easier created jcpenneys. >> holidays are fast approaching. time to think about entertaining. >> yes. from plating to present aches, revealing secrets to setting and serving thanksgiving meals like a pro with the help of lifestyle expert jj caras. >> here on behalf of the wonderful jcpenneys. >> it's november. it's time. >> the holidays. how fun to start with a cocktail a. buffet set up in your home?
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start with little cocktails and cheese. come over here. >> you don't want to feed them too much. a feast is coming? >> right. i don't like a craft cocktail. three 2ki6 ingredients. cool, if you have tiered the tray, use it as a dessert tray and as a garnish for your drink. you r would you like a try? a little mint. give you -- >> okay. >> hodi likes lots of that. >> >> limes. >> sure does. >> and cheers, ladies. >> isn't this fun? thank you so much. >> and moscow meal, it goes all season long. >> nice. >> ginger beer, use vodka or rum and lime juice. >> how about the wine glasses? how can you set them up pretty? >> i like a larger one. my secret, don't have to repour it.
11:15 am
around. >> room temperature, usually. >> yes, room temperature. and white, smaller. how to make a fabulous -- >> how do you? >> i think a lot of people don't really know and it's so simple. the secret. you go clockwise, soft to hard with blue at the end. show you. start with goat, soft cheese, followed by our brie and mancheggo. >> like of sorts? >> and gouda. gouda. >> and then gouda. >> and then bleu at the end. >> why are you dhoog? >> doing that? >> bleu at the end, soft on the palate. >> a very strong cheese. >> and fill in with spanish figs, almonds. >> beautiful. >> and the final plate. and, ladies, always leave your cheese out at, serve your cheese
11:16 am
you don't serve it cold. so an hour before guests arrive put it out. it's the most flavorful. >> okay. >> we serve up our turkey. >> then our turkey. we've put so much time and attention on the bird all day. we're going to style him up. we've got to dress him up. greenery, fresh herbs, parsley. >> you want a -- >> a leg. >> sure. >> i'll style it with citrus. >> and >> look at me, taking over. >> come on! >> the plate at the end. go ahead, hodi. let you go. >> okay, baby. >> start with the rolls. then move to the hot and the turkey -- >> here. you want the yams? >> no thanks. i'll do potatoes. >> the turkey always goes at the end. >> exactly! >> the turkey goes at the end.
11:17 am
not going to -- >> oh! >> smart. >> no digging into the buffet. drinking at the buffet. >> oh, the gravy. >> gravy. >> ask you show us the table? >> yes. >> now, all your guests -- during your buffet -- >> leave your plates. >> okay. i got -- >> ready? >> come on. >> here we go. come on. let's go. >> now go and pig out. >> and the salad is there. i have a feeling. thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. >> here's the table. >> okay. >> ooh -- >> uh-oh. now, alex has started eating without -- >> which is rude. >> without the host. you brought my napkin. >> not a surprise. >> and by the way, thank you. >> very pretty. >> what you do -- >> excuse me. >> signalling the start of the meal, the host or hostess takes out their napkin. okay? >> ah! >> and the napkin, it always go
11:18 am
then kathie lee is our hostess, say. signaled, she got it, and prayer. we fold it. fold it, and the shape on there. do a prayer. >> uh-huh. >> thank you, lord. >> and then we begin the meal. >> oh. >> and alex is already done. >> scold him, or not? >> well, you should wait until all guests -- it really depends on the size. >> a lot of people, there's a table rule, eat it while its hot and when >> i love the setting. simple but elegant. >> right. and wine son the table and candles. >> uh-huh. >> i also have a centerpiece that, it's low. under 12 inches. a great idea for a centerpiece so you can see. also something not too scented, because -- >> yes. >> you don't want it to overpower the food. >> yes. you want to smell the food. >> happy holidays!
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zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable. mmm dannon time to meet the newest young music star known around here. elvis' artist of the month. >> national radio the show elvis durran brought out southern the season with d.j. teaguo? or tyingo? >> pronounced both ways. >> there it is. it's called "stole the show." >> that video has gotten just 200 million hits. since then parson turned out his own hits. his own single, "hey, baby." >> growing up in the south, south carolina.
11:23 am
>> on my own. it was scary but i had to do it. >> how did you find a place to live and everything? >> luckily my mom had a friend sort of that lived here. i got a job at a burger king near her neighborhood. got an apartment with, like, seven people. >> typical new york story. >> how did you find him, elvis? >> another friend of mine said you've got to listen to this guy. our friend,ea on the show. knows him. they all know each other. >> that world is sort of small. >> so small you don't realize until you're actually working. it's insane how many people you end up knowing and the connections. >> how sweek the guy at the burger king to the man you are now? >> took about seven years pursuing this full-on in new york city. just up until last year my world's been turned upside-down. >> he'd been writing for other people and then decided why
11:24 am
for me? >> i came to new york thinking i was a great singer from south carolina. and everyone has a great voice and had to find out what's unique about me and my story. so i started writing about that. that's how it started. >> and he's incredible. >> every seat carole king musical? a point she writes songs, and one day, no. these are for me. an epiphany and when she suddenly makes it big on sing! >> good stuff to us. >> anything new in the news today? >> not much. no. >> elvis -- >> whines day wednesday. >> i was up all night. >> of course you were. >> don't miss the newest single in a few minutes. >> and billy eichner comes in from the street to get us laughing. >> and we get ourselves into a hairy situation playing with our crowd. crowd. all after your local news.
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it's wines day wednesday and we're ready to play our weekend triv trivia game "who knew?." we're going to quiz you on things in the fashion and entertainment pop culture. hoda woman is across the str at the shop at nbc studios at 30 rock ready to hand out $100 to anybody who answers correctly. those who don't? even better. get one of her fabulous -- not a cd. her book. here to help me out, scruffy but very handsome kevin from "entertainment weekly." all things scruffy. >> all things scruffy. >> go to you, hoda woman. >> a quick happy birthday.
11:31 am
she's not first, you're first. your name? >> charles. >> from -- >> san diego. >> dance moves, which i saw a minute ago. ready? here we go. which actor has not won an oscar for a role in which he wore a full beard? leonardo dicaprio, matthew mcconaughey or george clooney? >> a. >> oh, wait. wait, wait. yes! >> so who is it? >> yeah. academy award in 2013 for praying woodruff. had the mustache, never full beard. >> go in that. >> your name? >> marcus. >> from -- >> seattle, washington. >> marcus, let's play. in a modern deck of cards only three of the four kings have a mustache. which king does not? is it the heart, spades or diamond? >> diamonds. >> diamonds. >> ooh!
11:32 am
what is it? >> king of hearts. the original design actually had a mustache but lost in reproductions. >> hmm. how did that happen? >> i don't know. >> hoda, all right. >> sweetie, your name? >> sandy bullock. >> where you from -- >> sandy bullock? what? do people rev you all the time? >> all the time. >> i'm so excited. where you from? >> uta. >> if you said virginia i would have died. she's from there. all ri t here we go. who was the first celebrity to pose with a milk mustache for the "got milk" print campaign? cindy crawford, britney spears or naomi campbell. >> b. >> britney spears. oh -- >> it's probably one of most famous ad campaigns ever and the only -- >> my husband did it. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> the only cass the first to participate, naomi campbell.
11:33 am
like britney spears. >> they don't do it any longer. >> i don't think. >> all things come to an end. >> your name? >> amy from little rock, arkansas. >> girls, let's play. finish the lyrics to this song by lionel richie. here we go. ? fiesta forever ? come on and ? sing along ? >> ? all night long ? >> yeah. give her that. >> and perhaps lionel richie's most beloved songs. always the mustache. >> time for one more? >> hi. >> your name? >> gary. >> with the princess? >> yes. >> your birthday. >> yes. >> your name? >> becca. >> happy birthday. see if he can win something for you. true or false.
11:34 am
>> false. >> he said, false. oh! [ laughter ] >> it's crazy, but the true. he didn't start growing a beard until he was in his 50s and did so after he got a letter from a little girl who urged him to do so thought it would help him win the election. >> and only did the bottom part. >> right. >> one more. >> exciting. your name? >> megan. >> from -- >> ingle, >> megan, let's play. which -- wait. what was the original name of the mustache wearing character. a picture. here it is. mr. boardwalk, martin moneybags or rich martin moneybags. >> c. >> rich uncle moneybags. >> had to be a guess, right? >> a good one. >> everybody guesses mr. boardwalk. >> mr. monopoly.
11:35 am
jpmorgan. >> thanks for coming in. sharing all of this stuff with us. >> my pleasure. >> hoda, come on back. he's become a pop culture phenomenon for his in your face style. billy eichner is with us right after this. the new false lash look? flaunt the winged effect. new falsies push up angel mascara from maybelline ny. lashes so winged out, who needs false lashes?
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? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. there's nothing like a good laugh to ease tension during an the noshgtder you'd least enjoy running into on the street. >> the hilarious billy eichner. >> he is back. fifth season of trutv. >> remember when we thought that would never go? same old billy. take a look. >> for a dollar. >> what the hell? >> name a defining with -- >> yes. >> for a dollar, name a cartoon. >> "micky mouse." >> yes! >> and la blanc.
11:40 am
>> open it. open it! [ laughter ] >> open it, let's see. read the whole thing. read the whole thing. >> the winner is kate winslet. >> yes! yes! [ laughter ] >> we remember -- nice to see you. >> falling apart. >> and can i tell you. >> thinks you're hysterical, hon. we do, too. when we saw saw this, everybody had the same reaction. what is he doing? >> yeah. and now i'm still doing it. >> are you getting better, reactions? or -- >> we have a good mix of people on the street who know me, and make me feel like vie a career. you know? who watch the show. then people who still have no idea who i am, which is what makes the show work. >> mostly you sneak up on people. look down, they look up and -- >> that's part of the fun. to get a spontaneous reaction from people. >> and tons of great celebs. jon hamm.
11:41 am
so many people. john oliver. the list goes on and on. i'm sorry? >> when you pick up the phone and call one of these guys, i'd like you -- >> they call me, hoda. i'm turning people down. calling me every night. yeah. >> and they don't -- do any celebs ever get embarrassed? kind of make fun of them. >> humbling in a good way. the reactor from "star trek" did the show. he said every actor should do this. >> and in march, something and "hairspray live" in march. >> let's discuss. >> it's pivotal. a small part. >> not putting a wig on you. you've got the hair. >> what's your role?
11:42 am
the end when the kids are at the dance show. i don't know. i'm just happy to be invited. >> that's live. >> very live. >> well i'm securing this up for "mayor spray live." >> "billy on the streets" starts next tuesday and then "hairspray -- and "difficult people" happens next year. i'm doing theac kathie will love it and not stop tweeting about it. >> looking forward to that. i'll let mel know. >> and "billy on the street" premieres next tuesday night. don't kniss. billy, thank you. >> and say hello to julie for us. >> of course. ready for a little music, hoda? >> i am. parson james will share a song coming up right after this. and at progressive, we let you compare our progressive direct rate... great deals for reals! ...and our competitors' rates side-by-side, so you know you're getting a great deal.
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pure clay your way
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series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> earlier we met elvis duran's artist of the month and finally now it's time to hear him perform. >> yes. after writing or singing on kygo's international hits stole the show, parson james is busy working on his first album. >> and heard over a million times on spotify, here he is to do it for you. it's ? this might sound like a sad song ? but i just much move on because i was lost in pain ? and frankly, you're insane ? and you were no good for me and i was no good for you ? hey ?
11:49 am
been ? running it back oh, my goodness ? first you want to feel it getting low and permanent and playing it back and thinking, oh my goodness ? i'm no good at hugging and kissing ? i don't think about love ? i'm s missing ? i'm no good at no good at falling in love ? now, this might sound like a phantom, but i just wish i would have moved on ? ? because i was lost in pain and frankly you're insane ?
11:50 am
me and i was never any good for you ? now this might sound like a sad song ? but i just wish you had moved on ? and you're insane and you were no good for me and i was no good for you ? hey, you really got the best of me because i've done been to church and to i'm so tired of lying and kissing ? i'm so sick of something revolving in love ? i'm so tired of swinging and missing ? i'm no good at no good at falling in love ? now, this might sound like a sad
11:51 am
but i just smiled since you moved on ? i was in pain and frankly you're insane and you were never any good for me ? ? and i was no good for you ? and i let you get in the way ? i'm so missing ? i need to be loved but, no, no, no, no ? they'll be no crying today ? now, this might sound like a sad song ? ? but i just smiled sense you moved on ? because i was lost in pain ? and frankly you're insane and you were no good for me ?
11:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> good song, parson. to hear all of elvises artists of the month, check out the play today. >> we are back in a moment, but first -- >> all: this is "today" on nbc. >> you were on nbc, baby.
11:53 am
11:54 am
. it looks like vennes has the right idea. if i were a betting man, i'd
11:55 am
. we have e a really cute pie of video to show you. it's a dog named sebastian. she goes and hides, and then she tells the pup when she's ready. tells the puppy when she's ready. s the puppy when >> i'm ready! >> where is she? >> wouldn't he -- >> the smell? >> no.
11:56 am
colder. come on. there's her bike. where is she? where is she, sebastian? where is she? >> hoda, sebastian can't hear you. >> yes, he can. watch. >> oh! >> can i just say -- first of all, she says, ready! and he knows that's the cue to go running. >> i'm sorry. nothing better than -- i'm going home to my dog right now. tomorrow >> oh, yeah. she's here. >> and a classic for mothers and daughters. >> if you want a new look for the holidays you know what we have? ambush make overers! >> and, bobbie is with us. have an awesome wines day, wednesday, everybody. what's tomorrow? >> thirsty friday. >> and friday, and then something saturday. >> go on forever.
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11:59 am
. good afternoon. tempe police are asking for your help to find this man seen suspiciously following children inside the mall. they're looking for an escaped inmate. michael hoffman kicked out the
12:00 pm
this morning. there's a new sheriff elect in the county. - yes, yes. - when you found out that he was hiv positive - yes. did you think you were gonna lose him? - you know, my first thought was oh my god you're going to die. when he said now you have to go get tested 'cause i didn't even think about that, i'm like oh my god. - what do you want to tell about surviving adversity? - it's hard for me to know that i gave her this disease. i feel a tremendous amount of guilt, i would trade eyes with her in a second if i could. (inspiring music) (audience cheers) - hello, everybody. well, thank you, thank you. thank you. thank you very much.


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