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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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???adlib & toss jimmy
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???adlib traffic demonstrations against
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across the country overnight. at least two groups of protesters in new york city gathered wednesday to march to trump tower... what started as hundreds grew to thousands... some carrying signs and banners with messages calling trump a fascist and referencing the k-k-k. the groups were chanting anti-trump slogans such as "not my president." similar protests... also happening here in the valley. team 12's bryan west... has our top story this morning... 3
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that leads us to our 12 today poll. what do you think the mood of the country is today? do you see people around you being hopeful.. disheartened.. or uncertain. go to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice.. and place your vote. we
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the town of show low is coming together to mourn the loss of police officer darrin reed... a ten year veteran of the force.. reed was shot and killed in the line of duty. the man suspected in his death.. was killed in a shoot out with police. team 12's charly edsitty is in show low with the legacy
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checking your hot headlines right now... police say motorcycle driver and passenger are lucky to be alive... after slamming into a car in tempe. the pair were thrown from the bike near hardy and baseline after the impact. that's when another car on the road swerved to avoid them but couldn't.. hitting the driver and dragging him. police say that driver and his passenger have non life- threatening injuries and wearing a helmet. firefighters were busy overnight - battling a fire at a housenear 12th street and glendale avenue. the homeowners was able to escape unharmed. the cause of the fire is unkown.. and under investigation. tonight is the final home game for arizona state football.the sun devils will welcome the 15th-ranked utah utes to town. kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p-m.
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it hasn't been a good couple of weeks for brad pitt... what with his divorce from angelina jolie... and the custody battle with her over their kids.. can't forget about the investigation into what happened between brad and his son maddox on a family flight back to los angeles... but last night -brad was back to his old self... sort of. pitt returned to the red carpet for the first time since splitting from angelina. he appeared with co-star marrion cotillar hollywood premiere of ?allied. brad posed for the red carpet photos and selfies... both pitt and jolie reached a settlement in their divorce case earlier this week. jolie will continue to have sole custody of the six children with pitt. ?? ad lib
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jennifer lawrence and chris pratt make an appearance on "the ellen degeneres show" this afternoon. the duo chat about working together on their new film "passengers" and reveal some behind the
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catch more of the interview.... and don't miss when the two play a game of '5 second rule' hosted by ellen. that's this afternoon at 3...
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your juicy question of the morning... a recent survey found that 40% of women won't date a man who does this. many did this over the past
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he hasn't even been to the white house yet..and already people are protesting president- look at that... in two minutes. how do you deal with those annoying, itchy bug bites? we've got a tip that will save you some cash... and help you smell minty fresh at the same time... 3
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anti-trump demonstrations are popping up all over the country... up and down the west coast, they blocked traffic and damaged property late wednesday night. in los angeles hundreds took to the streets. some knocked over traffic cones and road barriers, throwing them onto the highway to block traffic. the crowd then moved on to the highway coming face to face with officers. to face with coming face to face with officers. the protests against president-elect trump.. are not limited to america. the election generated headlines and sent shockwa president vladimir putin congratulated trump, saying he wants to work together to improve the "poor state" of relations between the two countries. in london last night, protesters gathered outside the u-s embassy... chanting "stop the trump." stock markets in asia bounced back overnight.. after big losses right after news broke of the trump victory. taking a lead from wall street, japan's nikkei 225 index jumped up six- percent at the start of trading. elsewhere in
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china all recovered ground they lost in the first hours after the election. 3 ???adlib traffic ???adlib & toss 3 jimmy???adlib & toss ???adlib & toss jimmy
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???adlib weather
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thanksgiving is right around the corner so that means it's time for turkey tuesday. all month long, bashas' and food city stores across the state are collecting monetary donations at their registers. all of the donations benefit st. vincent de paul to help make sure every arizona family enjoys thanksgiving. for more o competitions visit 12 news dot com slash turkey tuesday. spend too much time on your smartphone during the day? guess what...?you're killing your sleep!the story behind that in your morning health watch... taking care of bug bites... and smelling minty fresh at the same you can do three minutes... 3
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walmart has revealed its black friday plans... with promises of great deals and more availability of black friday items. walmart says customers will be able to shop a majority of its black frida dot com... beginning at 12:01 a-m eastern thanksgiving morning. in stores... walmart's black friday event will begin thanksgiving evening at 6 p-m local time. the black friday circular listing the deals is available through the walmart app starting today. and new this year, walmart is offering its app users select black friday deals. those items are available starting today and must be ordered through the app and shipped to home. today is a big day for
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holiday cups will return today... and to celebrate the arrival... customers in the u-s and canada who buy a holiday beverage will get one free. the buy one get one offer is good from today through monday the 14th at participating starbucks locations. in your morning health check -frequent smartphone users ... may not be sleeping well. researchers installed an app on the phones of over 600 adults ... to record their daily screen time. those who used their phones the most -- reported a sleep -- than less frequent users. and sleep problems were worse among people who used their phones before bed. experts say poor sleep can increase a person's risk of obesity, diabetes and depression. children who experience an accident, assault or natural disaster may be at
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symptoms. a british study found many children had nightmares or anxiety after a trauma ... lasting anywhere from a few days to several years. but most parents of kids who were still struggling after three years did not recognize the symptoms. recognize the years did not after three years did not recognize the symptoms. here on 12 today... we have 30 life changers that everyone needs to know to make life a little easier. this morning we are down to number 18. team 12's krystle henderson uses some toothpaste... to cure itchy
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for a complete look at each life changer we deliver cable... or cutting the cord completely???what's the best option for you?we are taking a good look at that... coming up at 5:40... the election is over... now the ?hard work begins. donald trump - meets with president obama this morning... we are live with that.....
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?? right now on 12 today...protests - spring up across the country against president elect trump.we are following the developments on this one...-----he was the center of that national anthem protest controversy...and get this... colin kaepernick?he didn't even vote!we're talking about that this morning...----
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people are doing it... but is it worth it?that's ahead... at 5:50.... ???adlib & toss jimmy


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