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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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people are doing it... but is it worth it?that's ahead... at 5:50.... ???adlib & toss jimmy
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protests against president- elect trump.... spring up across the country... less than a day after the election. thousands of people... c and those protests... also reaching the 12's bryan west... has this morning's top story.. 3 that leads us to our 12
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that leads us to our 12 today poll. what do you
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people around you being hopeful.. disheartened.. or uncertain. go to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice.. and place your vote. we will be updated the results throughout the newscast. checking your hot headlines.. a warning for parents today.. tempe police say they need to watch out for this man. he's been seen suspiciously following children inside arizona mills mall. if you know anything - ca one of the last remaining navajo code talkers has passed away.tribal officials say george paul james died wednesday in albuquerque, new mexico.james signed up for the united states marine corps at the age of 17 during the war. he served in the pacific, including the battle of iwo jima.he was 92. scottsdale police have arrested 26-year-old ruben santiago-lopez for a fatal hit and run near 69th avenue and shea boulevard in june of
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issued for his arrest. on monday - he turned himself at the nogales port of entry. dr. robert j. arceci died on scene as a result of injuries sustained in that 2015 collision. 3 after all of his protests during the national anthem... would you believe that san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick... did not vote in tuesday's presidential election? kaepernick has no regrets about sitting it out either. the 49ers quarterback did not vote and said today he "didn't really follow" the results as donald trump was elected the 45th president of the united states. kaepernick said. "both candidates are proven liars. "i've been very disconnected" .....kaepernick told reporters in a conference
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?? ad lib ?? 3 3 ?? ad lib ?? voters... and donald trump weren't the only ones making a big statement on tuesday night. melania trump.. had a few things of her own to say... and she said them with an awesome fashion statement. on election night... the future first lady took the stage wearing... of all things... a white jumpsuit... by designer ralph lauren. and ... you know .. it wasn't cheap. the 3-thousand-900 dollar italian-made silk asymmetrical one piece
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sleeve. her color choice was significant considering hillary clinton also wore a white, ralph lauren suit when she accepted the nomination at the democratic national convention. ??? ad lib ??? time for time for your juicy question of the morning... a recent survey found that 40% of women won't date a man who does this. some you do this.... learn to regret it.
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let's get to let's get to that juicy question of the morning. for the average person, you will only do this two days a month. what is this what is thisa month. what is this president- elect donald trump.... heading to the white house this morning...for a meeting with president obama. we're live in washington in
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####break#### president-elect trump gets his first inside look at his new home and workspace today. he's headed to the white house for a briefing from president obama... as the transition begins. tracie
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entail. ?? ad lib ?? 3 we've seen protests in at least 16 cities so far, from coast to coast. i'm tracie potts in washington,
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about his agenda - how quickly or easily can president-elect trump really get these things done once he's in office?a: tba q: do we have any idea who trump's considering for his cabinet?a: tba
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???adlib traffic ???adlib & toss jimmy 3
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traffic 3 ???adlib & toss jimmy
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thanksgiving is right around the corner so that means it's time for turkey tuesday. all month long, bashas' and food city stores across the state are collecting monetary donations
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vincent de paul to help make sure every arizona family enjoys thanksgiving. for more on the fun and team competitions visit 12 news dot com slash turkey tuesday. let's get to some trivia.. and let's forget about politics and talk some football. high school playoffs here in arizona are back today and the browns play the ravens. so our question to you.. who was the first quarterback to throw for 50-thousand yards? think you can get with this... or you can get with that...cable t-v... that is...but is it worth it?all about cutting the cord in three minutes... think back to your favorite toys as a kid....were they ?hall of fame worthy?the list
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whether sticking with cable... or cutting the cord is the best option. team 12's marty coniglio with our sister in station in denver is breaking down the cost... and the convenience... so you can decide for yourself.
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keep in mind keep in mind that some of these solutions do involve some up front you may have to spend a little money to save more in the long run he's not even been inside the oval office yet....but already - president elect donald trump... facing a deeply divided what will
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6... ?? ad lib ?? 3 plus... if you are heading out of town... we have another life hack you can't afford to miss.stay with us... you're watching 12 today...
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. right now on 12 today, thousands across the country and right here in the valley take to the streets in protest of the president-elect. >> and downtown disaster where this massive sinkhole is threatening to destroy several big buildings. >> and maybe the most important question we ask all day is that
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we'll tell you what it is in the morning. >> this is a beautiful day. >> and from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix. that and more is coming here on 12 today is and we'll begin with the jimmy q in eve va >> and a gorgeous morning as well and trying to get into the festivity here and the temperatures early on this morning are mainly in towards the 60s and 50s and chilly. we're feeling that here and picking up some cool vintage stuff and this morning is going to be chilly and lots of sunshine. a high of 83 degrees and breezy


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