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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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we'll tell you what it is in the morning. >> this is a beautiful day. >> and from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix. that and more is coming here on 12 today is and we'll begin with the jimmy q in eve va >> and a gorgeous morning as well and trying to get into the festivity here and the temperatures early on this morning are mainly in towards the 60s and 50s and chilly. we're feeling that here and picking up some cool vintage stuff and this morning is going to be chilly and lots of sunshine. a high of 83 degrees and breezy
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the temperatures are looking nice. when we come back, we'll tell you what to expect and how cool this judgeem is here and you can actually come in and purchase this stuff as well. more on that coming up. and i am not over there. >> you and me both and i want to hear christmas music, too. and that stuff has me wanting to get in the spirit. this is a look at the 60 westbound lanes around priest and there is a crash to the shoulders and all lanes are open. it's taking awhile quarter vehicles to make it by. a lot of brake lights and headlights this morning. the 60 westbound and hopefully that clears up soon. it doesn't seem to be anything too serious but the fact that it's jamming up the 60s. the 10 heading eastbound in from the west valley and into about 27 miles per hour right now. the durango curve slowing down and looks like we're nice and clear on the 51 and 101 and
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southbound lanes once you're closer to the 10. the drive times from the 101 eastbound to scottsdale road and taking 15 minutes on the 101 northbound and into mothered scottsdale getting you 20 minutes and that is not bad at all and talking game night traffic and 202 eastbound and westbound into tempe is going to be messy and alternate routes are mcdowel broadway. and 6:02 and to the top story this were nothing, thousands took to the streets last night upset over the donald trump victory in tuesday's presidential election and showing campaign divisions appearing to be widening now. in los angeles, protestors knocked over traffic cones and road barriers. >> and at least two groups marched through the streets of new york city. one burning an american flag outside of trump tower. in portland, hundreds gathered outside of the courthouse.
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and even with high school students protesting. brian west is live with the latest on that. brian? >> reporter: and matt and tram, it comes down to intense emotions being at an all-time high because of the elections. major cities coast-to-coast and right here in the valley. we had several demonstrations, including one that happened here in tempe on asu's campus. we have video up overhead and were along university drive showing their dissatisfaction with the results. sky 12 catching them yelling, chanting and expressing how upset they are. college students started near forest avenue and made their way south on campus. we also have high school students that were involved. four phoenix hoses and they
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and waving flags and demonstrating discomfort o. a national level, thousands marched coast-to-coast and more than 100, like you said, shut down a major highway and also in portland, oregon, there everyone more than 30 arrested and him says protesting in austin, texas, pittsburgh, seattle, and washington, d.c. we're not sure if this is going to continue with planned demonstrations or protests, about you we'll bring you the latest. live in tempe, brian west, 12 today. >> and thank you. and despite all of the president-elect. and we have a look at what is next for him. inauguration is set for january 20th, 2017. and there has been a lot of talk about what he will do in his first 100 days. >> if you remember in october, mr. trump outlined what he wants to accomplish in three areas: cleanup corruption in washington, protect american workers, and store security and the constitutional rule of law and among them, removal of the
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labeling china as a currenty manipulate, and repeeling or replacing the affordable care error act. >> and the president-elect and the senior team began the task of tapping hundreds of appointees to senior roles in key departments like state, defense, homeland security and commerce. and he goes to get help from president obama in making transition. and police sea -- police say a motorcycle driver and passenger are lucky to be alive after slamming into a car in tempe. that is when another car on the road swerved to avoid them, you about then can't, hitting the driver and dragging him. police say that driver and the passenger have non-life- threatening injuries and are alive because they were wearing a helmet. and firefighters were busy overnight battling a fire at a
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glendale avenue. home owners were able to escape unharmed. the cause of the fire is unknown known and it's under investigation right now.. a massive sinkhole in japan nearly toppled several large buildings. whoa! thousands of trucks began filling up the massive hole in the ground that swallowed an entire street there and they're rushing to fill the hole with gravel and soil before it gets bigger. and it will take about 2 thotruck loads to fill it to the top. >> and today, some favorite childhood memories will be enshrined forever. the national toy hall of fame will announce the class of 2016. the nominees are fisher-price, little people, care bears, rock and sock them, transformers, nerf ball, clue, dungeons and dragons, the swing, coloring books, and bubble wrap. >> dungeons and dragons, another great throwback. still ahead, what in the
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on here. is this a cat or a dog? it's baffling the internet for sure. coming up in the morning juice. >> and gearing up for playing football action. we have high school play-offs, asu, browns and ravens playing in the nfl. our 12 today trivia question to you: who is the first nfl quarterback throw for 50,000 yards. it happened on this day back in 1996. and get your guesses ready.
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. >> good thursday morning to you. 6:10 and it's going to be on
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phoenix. and more morning juice. >> and good morning. and this is something you won't see on the valley roadways this morning. it might give you some flashbacks to the llama drama. an ostrich makes a run for it in japan leading police to a 40- minute chase and check it out. he's not dead but hanging out in the middle of the highway and drivers snapped picks of the getaway and it fell from the back of the truck and they caught it an hour later. but it was fall off of the back of the truck? >> whoa. >> and where's like no. >> and runs over your car, right? >> and he's running for his freedom, honey. >> and the same guy who lassoed the llamas? >> and my goodness. okay. and president-elect donald trump is all of the talk now, especially a hot topic at the pet store. thanks to this bird who is getting tops of attention for
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it reminds hip of the newly elected president i don't know about that. it needs to be longer in the front. and no one can say for certain if the style is a seen of the bird's political -- . >> and poor bird with the hair. >> has low lights in florida. >> exactly. and this is another one causing internet confusion and look at your tv now. is this a cat or dog? the question stumped a lot of people online and turns out this is suffers from a rare condition known as werewolf syndrome explaining his eyes and causes the cat's hair to continually grow and his claws to thicken. where's not in pain and is doing just fine. get this, he even has his own instagram account. >> and that is how i look in the morning. [ laughter ] >> and how we all do, right? >> who took a picture of me this morning. >> look at the eyes. >> and i know. >> that is creepy.
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>> i would love it. >> yeah. >> and our producer, i'm sorry, jeff, he said that it reminds him of the who will thriller. >> yes, michael jackson. >> and they should do a video of him. >> and seriously. for the average person, you're only going to do this two days a month sometimes you will do this very big other and times very small. what is is this? >>ha and jack said pay bills. >> okay. >> and someone else said go to dinner. sometimes, right? >> and go to a big fancy dinner. >> okay. >> and someone said clip their toenails. i don't think the latest hint would go to that. >> no. >> and if it did that would be scary and another person said deposit a paycheck. >> and yeah. when you get paid. >> and i was going to say payday. >> and we like that. >> all right. 6:13 is the time now and
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wall. >> and we're going to get to her in a second. first, to east valley and home and garden vintage market. and that is where we find jimmy q getting ready for christmas. >> hey, jimmy. and this is such a cool place and it's awesome. i put my christmas tree up last night, believe it or not. i wanted to get in the season and we're going to hear christmas music everywhere as well. the holidays are about us and this is a cool place. highland yard vintage and we'll tell you thanler and shop and buy all of this stuff and it's really, really cool and starting to feel more on the seasonal side with clear skies and a beautiful, beautiful weather and a little bit on the cool side, though, and not to complain about after the long summer and i will embrace the forecast without a doubt and clear skies from flagstaff, go to the phoenix climate watch. 83 for the high today. your average is 78. the record is 91.
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inches and it doesn't look like we're going to see any rain here for awhile either, and the sun is coming up close to 7:00. and here's what is going on. the low pressure is going to slowly start to move in and this is going to be pleasant weather and that is above average and as the low comes in, temperatures are going to moderate and there is no storms in the forecast. but much better than the upper 80s, 90 we had earlier on this week and temperatures for today cruising to 57 for flagstaff 69, prescott; lake havasu, 84 and parker, 83 degrees. the seven-day forecast, 83 today and breezy still from time to time and staying in the 8s. right through the weekend and, even the sunday forecast. and that is just lots of sunshine and delightful. and we're here at highland yard vintage. i'm with,a man and we're talking about how -- what a
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>> it's an occasionally market. every month, we empty out the big huge warehouse and refill it. >> and you empty it out completely? >> and refill it. >> okay. >> and there are hundreds and hundreds of hours spinning here designing this and putting things together. and setting it up. >> everything for sale? >> everything is for sale. >> and what is the theme? >> the theme is 'tiz the season. we're getting you ready for christmas. >> okay. >> and if you come in we'll help you find everything you need. we have now and vintage. made and beautiful products this month and the beautiful weather and you can shop outside. we added additional vendors. >> is there admission? >> there is no admission. >> okay. >> and no parking fee. you will park outside of merchant square and walk through the mall and come on back to highland yard. we're in the separate building behind it. >> and the cross streets are? >> arizona south of warner. >> and not bad at all. and back to you, folks. beautiful here and we'll show
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forecast coming up. >> and all right, thank you, jimmy. i was in there about a month ago. they have the best stuff. can't wait to go back for christmas. and to your traffic map, we're seeing the slowdowns, the 10 from the west valley and into phoenix and to about 30 miles an hour. the durango curb and slower than that to 20 miles per hour. the crash on the 60 westbound around mill and priest and that is also backing up vehicles this morning but the 101 northbound for now the 60 westbound, you don't need to take side streets. you can make it around it and it's slowing you down for a mile or two and once you're past priest, it starts to open up and this is a look at the 1710 stack and we have eastbound lanes jamming up and looks like the other side, though, the westbound is wide open and that will continue to get busy area throughout the morning and drive times are clear right now. the 10 westbound only taking
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downtown and on a live drive now, this is the eastbound 10 and into phoenix. about 51st avenue right now and into the red zone and this commute is still overall in the yellow, guys is come take 20 minutes from the 101 to 7th street. >> and thanksgiving will be here before you know it in a few weeks and that means it's time for turkey tuesday all the week long. and stores across the state are collecting mop teary donations at the benefit saint vincent depaul to make sure every family enjoys thanksgiving. for more on the fun and competitions, visit tuesday. and it's 6:18. still ahead, do you overpack for all of your trips? we'll cut down on the excess coming up in our 12 today life changer. we learned how to pack luggage. . >> i'm jared and you're watching 12 news ited. >> you're watching 12 news
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you are watching 12 news today. . >> and the teams sure do love 12 today and friday night fever, too. high school play-off games across the state kick off tonight on thursday because there is no school tomorrow. friday night fever airs tomorrow at 11:35 p.m. time slot with the highlights and reaction with more.
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. 6:22. good morning to you. welcome back to 12 today on this thursday morning. the sun starts to come up here in phoenix. let's get to some trivia now. forget about politics for a moment. and light talk football. high school football playoffs are in arizona. the browns play the ravens. the question to you: what nfl quarterback was the first in history to pass for 50,000- yards on this day back in 1996? any guesses? i don't -- i hate to ask. >> joe montana.
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>> i don't have one. sorry. >> and that is surrounded by women. the answer, though, dan marino job, oh. and i remember him, though. that is good. >> and there us. >> 6:23 now. here on 12 today, we have 30 life changers everyone needs to know to make life easier for you. today's will help you with all of that upcoming holiday travel. >> and at number 16, lifestyle blogger linda hopkins shows us how to pack luggage. >> and one of the important packing tips is to make as much space in your luggage as possible and to do that, what you want to do is roll your shirts, shorts, and other apparel. the next stip is -- tip is for the shoes. put them tip-to-heal and take the shower cap from a hotel room and put them in and that will keep your clothes from getting dirty. the next tip is for collared shirts. if you want your collar to stay
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the belt that you're bringing along and put that in the collar. next is about your carry-on shampoos and could lick -- other liquids. you want to have some plastic wrap and cut little squares, open your bottle and place the plastic wrap on and screw the tap back on. if you have a razor that you don't want to cut your finger when taking it out, put a binder clip over it. when you're packing your trousers, jeans, slacks, to put them in opposite directions. the last thing is a nice coat to keep it from creasing. turn it inside out so that the lining is facing you and lightly fold it and put it on the top. and the last tip is to take some drier sheets and put them inside your luggage so that it's nice and fresh when you arrive. >> and i thought rolling up clothes was a good thing. >> no. >> and that is just the beginning.
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>> yes. >> and my girlfriend said cut out the samples and put them all in bags so you can have a different scent every day. >> that is a great idea. >> and it weighs nothing. >> yes. >> yes. >> oh, man. i will have to steal that one. >> and that is a good idea. >> you like the binder clip idea with the razor. >> i cut my finger many times into the toiletry bag. >> and i pay for extra weight in my bags all of the time. i am glad i saw that. >> and someone said you h theon. >> and who told on me? >> you can never overpack. >> it was three bags. >> your husband has to carry all of them. check it check it out at and still ahead, have you checked your medicine cabinet lately? the morning health check, what you may want to take inventory of for your prescriptions. . >> eat at your own risk. the three things topping this week's dirty list minutes,way
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. >> and overnight, thousands protested the election results across the nation, including here in the valley after the break, we'll tell you how some are expressing their frustrations.
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. thousands right now take to the streets to protest president-elect donald trump as he prepares to visit the white house. >> plus, you ever send an e- mail you wish you could take back? now you can. we'll tell you how. >> and mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest doggy of them all? why this yorkie is setting instagram on fire those stories and many more to come here on 12 today. first, as we approach 6:30, we'll head out to the east valley. jimmy q is getting ready for the holidays at chandler at the home and garden vintage market. good morning, jimmy. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. this morning, our temperatures are going to be in the 60s and 70s. a little bit cooler than yesterday morning. so, for the kids, you want to wear a light jacket, something to take off. the rest of the day is going to be beautiful.
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temperatures will look like. we'll get to a high temperature of 83 degrees and winds out of the east light but up to 15 miles an hour from time-to- time. and so it should be really nice overall for today. doesn't look like we're going to see a lot in the way of rain as well, but i think things will be pretty good. we will come back and talk about great items out here for the holidays already. and your holiday weather and your seven-day forecast coming up. and thank you, ji thing going on at our home as well. bring me back some good stuff. it looks fantastic out there and this is a look at the 60 westbound around mill and priest. there is a crash off to the left and that is not blocking any lanes, but unfortunately, we see a lot of headlights very early this morning. 6:30 now on your thursday morning and so if this is part of your commute, you don't need to avoid it but keep in mind that it might slow you down about 10 minutes or so. and unless things back up more.
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valley, the 10 and 17 southbound, about 20 miles an hour on the durango curb and the 10 from the west valley and into phoenix slowing down and that is slower than it was and down to 30 miles per hour and about 83rd avenue. the 10 into phoenix and the 60 here and we have that crash. does tend to typically see rush up in my next traffic, we'll let you know if there are changes popping up around the valley. >> and thank you. aspect trump protests are spreading to many citings and growing in size. this is what the scene looked like in seattle last night. hundreds of people marched in the downtown area shouting chants like not my president and police say five people were shot nearby. and over new york, at least two
6:32 am
gather to march to trump tower. they made their way through the city and right here in the valley, nearly 200 people took to the streets of tempe for a peaceful protest. a small group of trump supporters also gathered in a counterprotest. team 12s brian west is live now as we weekend this more demonstrations and school walk- outs later today. brian? >> reporter: intense emotions are at a high because of tuesday night's election results and we across the nation coast-to- coast and in the valley. last night, in tempe at asu, we saw about 150 to 200 college students that started near forest and university, making their way south on campus. sky 12 is catching the protestors along university yelling, chanting, expressing how upset they are. college students, again, doing this for a couple of hours last night and also, this happened at high schools. four phoenix union high schools
6:33 am
north and central. students held an impromptu car demonstration going down central avenue and waving flags and demonstrating discomfort. on the national level, thousands marched, more than 100 shut down a major highway in downtown los angeles and in portland, oregon, more than 30 were arrested in new york city and hundreds were seen demonstrating in austin, texas, pittsburgh, seattle, and washington, d.c. we're not sure if this is carrying into today, talking to a couple the only thing they could say is with tonight's football game, something is happening there but we have not had any confirming a. live in tempe, brian west, 12 today. >> thank you for the wrap-up there and that leaves us to our 12 today poll question. what do you think the mood of the country is today? >> do you see people around you being hopeful, disheartened or maybe uncertain? >> go to voice and place your vote. it looks like disheartened is leading this morning, i saw one person on twitter tweeting me
6:34 am
all of the above. that was an interesting answer. >> 6:33 new advancements in hearing aid technology. some say the best method of coming together is understanding what the opposite sidings. >> and we talked to two trump supporters and clinton supporters to get an idea where their heads are now. >> my name is -- [ indiscernible ] i'm a trump supporter and i'm a happy conservative republican. >> my name is -- [ indiscernible ] and i supported hillary clinton. >> hi, my name is gail. and i su and i am a hillary clinton supporter. >> our president-elect is donald trump. first reaction is what? >> heartbroken. >> sick. devastated. >> i am ecstatic. this is one of the best things that happened to the united states in decades. >> and i am joyous and relieved in a lot of ways. >> i am extremely disappointed and not surprised. >> is there one thing that res
6:35 am
that is why we're here? >> i think the reason why trump won is because people believed him more than hillary. >> i really feel that this man cares about all americans. he did not have to do this. he did this because he cares. >> starting today, i just pray for him and i really hope that i am wrong. and if i am wrong, i will get on my knees and apologize to everybody. >> when i heard him say make america great again, i have never seen it not be great. i visited ot back home. other people who don't have my experience to them making it great again might have a positive aspect. >> because hope or fear. >> my greatest hope is that everyone gets together over a period of time. >> that is my hope that we will be a country united that will prosper. >> watching him campaign going through taking out 17, 16, 17 different competitors, he was not bringing people together.
6:36 am
elected fair and square, yes, but i don't believe the country won yet. >> i think this is like a game for him. in two years, he'll say i don't want to play anymore and i don't want it anymore. >> what would you like to see himbo doin the first 100 -- him do in the first 100 days? >> if he gets to help education. i am a teacher and i say that we are -- arizona is the last one in the nation. >> thank you guys very much. i appreciate you taking time. >> thank you. >> d one big been that our two clinton supporters are at least open to a trump presidency about you they need to see him change when it comes to how he treats people. >> they would all like to see improvements in education and the creation of more jobs. and later this morning, trump is set to meet with president obama at the white house. the two will begin the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power. in a speech yesterday morning, the president pledged to put aside their differents and ensure a smooth transition.
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6:36 now. still ahead on 12 today, president-elect donald trump is not the only visitor to the white house today. a king is making a stop on the hill. details minutes away in the morning juice. >> pretty -- pretty exciting and have you ever sensed an e- mail and immediately wished you could take it back? google has something you need to download right now.
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good morning to you. welcome back to 12 today. 6:40 here in the valley. and you're looking at a live picture of upstate new york. it's in oneida near syracuse where the rockefeller christmas tree is cut down now. a 94-foot spruce taking the journey to the big apple and it will be lit up later this month. and 50,000 lights will be switched on during the broadcast on november 30th.
6:41 am
morning juice with the ladies. >> and can't wait for the holidays. president-elect trump and melania head to the white house to meet with president obama and the first lady. after that, more visitors to the white house and get a load of this, the cavaliers will be honored by president obama and that event is broadcast live on white and around noon, this continues the traditions of honoring sports teams for efforts to give back to the communities and we know he's gone a the -- done a lot of that. >> and the cariors in june. and the win marked the franchise's first nba title and the first championship in 52 years. >> wow. >> and that was great. >> that is amazing. >> yes. >> and what an honor. >> and cleveland came out. >> absolutely. and this is a simple question: have you ever hit send on an e-mail and regret
6:42 am
>> every day. >> and google is rolling out an update for the g-mail ios users and has an insend button and they will have an option of taking back an e-mail after 5 seconds. have any of you sent an e-mail? we all did and regretted it. like anyone in particular that stands out? >> oh,. >> right? >> no. >> and you don't want to say it? >> due to lawyer-client privilege. >> it was xt >> and seriously? >> because these -- . >> will get you in trouble. >> and to the wrong person. >> oh. >> yes. >> yes. >> exactly. >> and let's get to the juicy question of the morning for the average person. you will end -- send. you will do this two days a month. those of you who do it are frugal. sorry. those frugal will do this more often. what is this? and we have your answer now. >> and someone said clip coupons. >> okay. >> and work -- .
6:43 am
you haven't washed. >> what is the answer? [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> i went to college, too. >> spend money. >> i love you. make a dream. >> and weekly. sometimes daily for some people. >> and that makes sense, too. >> twice a month? >> that is when you get paid, right? >> the whole month and only spend money on two days a month. >> and like big money. >> that is what yards -- credit cards are for, isn't it? >> that is called a budget, honey. >> and >> and going on budget? what is a budget and she spends -- >> exactly. >> and come on. tell us. >> stop it. >> and still ahead, eat at your own risk. and going inside the valley's dirtiest restaurants. first, have you ever taken old medicine and wondered if it's safe? we'll find out in the 12 today
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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. a lot to wake you up with -- waking you up with lionel richy this morning at 6:47. while you're getting ready this morning, you may want to take a long look inside your medicine cabinet. there is a good chance you have expired medication. but when it comings to time to reach far back in the cabinet, is it safe to take medication? michelle shownee reports. >> reporter: it's not every day that we need ibuprofin or cough medicine; how far, when the time comes, we reach into the medicine cabinets for relief. what if the medication 6 wired? is it still okay to take? the pharmacist said medical studies have not proven one way or another, however, it's best not to chance it. >> drug effectiveness is probably the biggest concern we start to worry about loss of
6:48 am
amongst healthcare as a whole, that is not known how safe or affective for how long those medications are after the expiration dates. >> reporter: he said it's up to the manufacturer to decide what the expiration date should be. it varies prescription-to- prescription, but he said it's usually one year. he adds it's not advised to take expired predescribed medication either. it can do more harm than good. >> and you had an antibiotic that had or hadn't expired that decided that you are going to use that antibiotic, um, if that has lost itself potency, especially if gone past the expiration date or is not affective against the condition that is being treated, then you have just potentially created a situation where you might help promote antibiotic resistent bacteria in your own body and that would potentially be more problematic when you do have it
6:49 am
predescribed to other people because of the way people react to different medication. when in doubt, it's best to throw it out. >> and you can drop off your old prescriptions at select pharmacies and also, there are drug take back days twice a year. >> and a lot of good information. >> and now a quick check of the traffic. >> and sounds good. good morning, matt. we're dealing with a crash in the east valley and 60 westbound. i will show you that in just a the 10 eastbound into phoenix is definitely backing up and down to slower than that for a few miles and the durango curve, 17 southbound is into the red zone into glendale and northern. into the east, both 202s are looking good from red mountain and santan. drive times on the i-10 eastbound from the 303 to seventh street and taking 40 minutes this morning, the 60 and 17 looks like they're in the yellow zone and moderate
6:50 am
although it's off to the left, it's been this way the last hour or so and we have wall-to- wall traffic here and a lot of headlights through the adot camera and game night tonight for the sun devils, 202 east and westbound into tempe expecting to jam up a bit and alternate routes could be mcdowel and through the 10 and avoid the area if possible. and looking ahead for the 8:00 hour, we see the sam backing up. 17 looking slower into phoenix and even grand avenue and as you get closer into the center part of up to, we're seeing the jam-ups there and the durango curve. guys. >> thank you so much. and 6:50 now. i would have gladly switched places with jimmy on a day like today when you get to go vintage shopping. i am so jealous. >> it's really cool. like antiquing on steroids.
6:51 am
and today, we're feeling it with the cooler weather and hey, if you're heading to the, su football game, wear a light to medium jacket and something to tie around the waste. good morning towards phoenix. and the forecast high, 83 for today. the average is 78 and the record is record territory. it's about time and sun is still not coming out here in a few moments or so, it will peak up over the horizon and low pressure slowly coming in from the south-southeast of us and that is going to come from texas. it's going to bring in cooler temperatures and no rain to really tell you about. but temperatures today, 57 degrees for flagstaff and 63 for winslow and prescott to 69. kingman, 77; and lake havasu,
6:52 am
good payoff here with the low pressure coming in and it will be a little bit breezy from time to time and then staying in the low 80s for friday and saturday, right through sunday. pleasant weather. a little bit warmer next monday and tuesday, but really no sign of any major rainfall in our forecast. hey, we're talking to amanda. amanda, talk about -- and this is such a beautiful place. >> thank you so much. and we're happy to have everybody out today. the doors are going to open at 10 a.m. if you're here before 10:00 a.m., we're going to enter you in free shopping money. >> and where is it located? >> we are at 1509 north arizona avenue in chandler just south of warner and you're going to walk through merchant square antique mall through the back doors and to our separate warehouse behind merchant square. between the two, you have over 60,000 square feet of premium shopping. >> and you have food here, too, right? >> and there is an on-site restaurant called the american way cafe and a cookie vendor and we have some artie san
6:53 am
in our outdoor area today. >> is this used? >> we have a vintage, artie san made and hand made. we believe that we want people to feel like they're in their own home where you mix your antiques and vintage with the new items. >> and i put my christmas tree up last night. was that too soon? what do you think? i'm doing the poll. >> i have been doing christmas in here since before october. we got started as soon as the last market ended and we started putting christmas up in here. >> and you have different themes, >> absolutely. we empty out the warehouse and redesign to that theme. that is why we're once a month to four days. >> and the place is huge. you empty it out completely? >> and refill it and rebuild to a theme. absolutely. >> and thank you so much, amanda and this is great. happy shopping, everybody. this is beautiful. tram, come on down. i'll buy you a cup of coffee. >> oh, my gosh, i am sees judge. i want that sled next to you. thank you, jimmy. >> and generous jimmy there. we want to you get interactive with us this morning and every morning. take part in the 12 today poll
6:54 am
think the mood of the country is today? hopeful, disheartened or uncertain? you have a few minutes to get your vote in. go to voice. right now, it looks like 62% are saying they are disheartened. . only on 12 news, is your first restaurant on the dirty list? there are 48 million cases of foodbourne illness in america every year. for those of us who have had food poisoning, it's awful. you know that. >> uh-huh and that is right. team-- joining us -- caribe is joining us with details. >> we eat at our own risk when going out for dinner. team 12 is digging through maricopa county health county infection files and we're finding slime at many locations. touching a soiled motor in a fringe is cooked chicken and black organic matter inside an ice machine. which restaurants are on this week's dirty list and eat at
6:55 am
at 10. and checking the hot headlines, a warning for parents today. police say they need to watch out for this man, been seen suspiciously following children inside arizona mills mall. if you know anything, call police. >> and sad news this morning, one of the last rymaining navajo code talkers passed away. he died with said in albuquerque, new mexico. he signed up for the united states marine corps at the age of 17 during the war and in the pacific and the battle of iwo jima. police arrested ruben santiago lopez for a fatal hit and run in june of 2015. he plead to mexico after a warrant was issued for his arrest and on monday, he turned himself in at the nogales port of entry. dr. robert arsesy died on scene as a result of injuries sustained from the collision. >> and police say a motorcycle driver and passenger are lucky
6:56 am
slamming into a car in tempe. the pair were thrown from the bike near hardy and baseline. after the crash, another car on the road swerved to try to avoid them and hit them and drug a driver and police say the driver and passenger have non-life-threatening injuries and they're alive because they were wearing helmets. and firefighters busy overnight battling a fire at a house near 12th street and glendale avenue. and they were able to escape unharmed. the cause of the fire is unknown and under investigation. and a - the black friday plans with promises of great deals and more availability of black friday items. wal-mart said you can shop a majority of the black friday deals early online at wal- beginning at 12:01 a.m.ern is thanksgiving morning and in stores. the black -- a.m. earn and that is in stores. the black friday circular listing the deals is available through the wal-mart app starting today and new this year, wal-mart is offering the app users select black friday
6:57 am
starting today and they must be ordered through the app and shipped to your home. the rockefeller center christmas tree is heading for new york city as we give you live looks right now from your syracuse, new york. the 94-foot tall 94way spruce was cut down this morning and look at that big beauty there. it's scheduled to arrive on november 12th after being wrapped with more than 50,000 multicolored l.e.d. lights and crowned with a swarovski star. that tree will be hit on broadcast of christmas in rockefeller center here on nbc. always look forward to seeing. that. and speaking of nbc, the today show discovered this gem right here. willie the yorkie. yeah, the five-year-old little guy's long flowing locks. whew! >> oh. >> has become a social media sensation. [ laughter ] his owner dresses her up in adorable tops and
6:58 am
hairspray? more than 20,000 instagram followers, more popular than any one of us. >> my goodness, is that what it takes to be a star on instagram? >> have to get mousse. >> yes. >> and a big blow drier. >> the great filter. >> i know. >> the final takeaways, this is going to be the last day joining us. >> i know. >> and we have had so much fun with you. >> thank you. >> and come back soon. >> i will. i have had a blast. >> not good. >> i love that. >> and i think that is pretty much all >> and thank you. >> your final takeaway? >> see what happens when we all get along. >> yes. >> and can't we all just get along. >> don't forget 12 news is always on the favorite social media apps. >> have a wonderful day,
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. >> we reject the president-elect. >> protests over the president-elect donald trump. thousands marching aroundru buildings in new york. >> and chicag demonstrators blocking traffic in los angeles, oakland and portland, oregon. even burning an effigy of the president in new orleans. white house welcome. president obama and the first lady set to meet with donald and melania trump this morning. once bitter rivals, the president promising cooperation over the next 71 days.


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