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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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is. right now on 12 today, cleanup on the fifth floor. more than 150asu students removed from the dorm after the water pipe bust. >> and ditching to die, the president-elect ducks the press to catch dinner with the family. >> and say hello to barbie with curves. the model who inspires the latest creation and what she demanded >> you can have a big old white picket. >> reporter: back from 12 news stud news in downtown phoenix, you're watching 12 today on this wednesday morning at six. those stories and much more coming up in a moment. we begin with jimmy q talking about the forecast and doing some boot camp. hey, jimmy. >> reporter: you know what?
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bootcamp and this is below piestewa peak. a little area to park off called dreamy draw. it's a nice cool one. most of the folks are in short sleeves, tank tops and they're rolling. that is if you're moving and working out. if you're going to stand still like yours truly, i would like the medium jacket. i am chilly like in the sweater. temperatures for today, not as cold as what they were or warm as what they were yesterday. about 84 degrees with a high temperature. guess what, we have a big cooldown that moving in starting later on today and for tomorrow and rain as well in the forecasted. we're going to tell but that. i am feeling lazy. all of the girls behind me working the tales off and i'm standing here. >> oh, jimmy, i'll bet you are loving it. no complaining about the live shot this morning and we're on
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approach the 202 and heading to the 60 westbound at priest. there is a crash blocking the left lanes and traffic is backed up for a few miles. pretty much all the way to the 101. and they're showing what we're seeing here. 101 southbound. getting ready to move into tempe. the northbound lanes picking up around mcdowel and abled to hit good speeds this morning. the next half hour, it's definitely going to be a longer commute for folks here. that is where you can enter the 202 into downtown phoenix. other places around the phoenix area seeing slowdowns this morning, the 10 eastbound at 59th avenue and also the 17th southbound at bethany home road. the 101 in the west valley clear and in the seventh avenue area is in the yellow zone this morning. stay with us all morning long. we're going to be around the 60 in priest area. we'll show you the backup and
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hopefully some clearing by then to relieve congestion. >> and thank you for the update. more than 150 students are out of the dorm rooms at asu. brandon hamilton is live with the latest. there was a big mess there last night. >> reporter: a big mess last night and it's quiet to morning outside of juniper hall. here are waking up inside of a hotel. imagine the nightmare of seeing water rush down the walls in your dorm room. that is what happened happened obviously, gravity took the water all the way down to the bottom floor. a huge mess inside and a lot of school supplies damaged. as one student explains, they didn't think it was real. >> and we saw water pouring down from the windowings and walls. we were like this is real. and so, i ran back up the
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stuff. then we watched from the outside. the the water dripping down the walls. people were saying the floor was going to collapse. i was like this can't be real. >> reporter: quite a sight to see, shocking to say the least. no word on how extensive will damage is but heavily damaged with water rushing down the fiveth floor. last night, a water restoration company was on scene immediately trying to get the problem no word when students will be able to move back in. this morning, 160 students waking up inside the hotel. may they be tonight have homework to turn in. if they use that excuse, it was legitimate. and it's been almost six years since gabby giffords was shot in the face at an event in tucson. it's a moment that every arizonan and american remembers.
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checking your hot headlines - after 28 years on the job.. maricopa six years since the tragic shooting that happened in tucson? now, gabby giffords and her husband are sitting down with the sister station in tucson talking about progress. what she's been working on and doing to mutual forward. we're told that gabby giffords has been doing yoga twice a day and riding he spanish and attending political events. she worked to recover from the drad the traumatic brain injury. she has limited use of the right arm, walks with a limp and struggles to find the right words to say. y that focussed on the future while she's still healing. >> move ahead. move ahead. >> just move ahead. >> yes. >> don't worry about the past. we're focussed on the future
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impact. >> reporter: they want a positive impact as they're working to build a permanent memorial that will honor the victims of the tucson shooting. you can hear much more of the interview coming up on 12 news at 10. lie in the satellite center, brian west, 12 today is. >> thank you. and check your hot headlines this morning. after 28 years on tx;:!o has bee the first democrat elected to the office in at least 50 years. purcell's defeat comes at the end of numerous voting controversies in the county. president-elect donald trump ditched his protective press pool-- and grabbed dinner at a manhattan steakhouse. trump dined unannounced with his family last night. the press pool wasn't told about the dinner. but n-b-c news reporter hallie jackson was able to make a reservation at the restaurant.. and shot this cell phone video of people applauding trump as he left. in washington d- c, renovations to the capitol dome are finally
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badly corroded.... it took three years and 60 million dollars to repair more than 13 hundred cracks.... workers corroded. it took three years and $60 million to repair more than 1300 cracks. workers removed hazardous materials, upgraded the electrical and mechanical systems and used 1200 gallons of paint. >> and take a look at this. a game-winning catch in college football might be one of the best you will see all season. central michigan's tyler coughlin reaches around the defender and snags t with five minutes left in the game against the bobcats of ohio university. the chippy ways go on to win it because of the touchdown, 27-20 and become bowl eligible to win twice because of that one amazing catch. >> uh-huh no kidding. >> and we no matter how much money you spend, you want to get what you pay for, right? you're about to meet one family. they wanted the golden doodle, a mix between a gold know
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realized what they paid for is not exactly what they got. call 12 for action stacia shows us. >> reporter: little rigs is a lot of things. cute, fluffy -- . >> very loving, affectionate and very spoiled. >> reporter: what he is not is a golden doodle, which is what the family thought they bought, paying hundreds of dollars. >> week not tell. he was cute and small and furry. the vet kept saying you know, he doesn't look like doodle. >> reporter: the family decided to look closer, ordering a kit for a dog dna test. >> let's check him and find out. >> reporter: the test came back with surprising results. >> he had a lot of other small breed dna in him, but no golden retriever whatsoever. >> reporter: the family felt duped. >> really unhappy about someone advertising the sale of golden doodles when they're not golden
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said with every breed, there can be variations on certain characteristics, including golden doodles. >> they all don't look the same every time they're mixed. they come in different sizes and temperaments. >> reporter: lori jones sold rigs to the family. when we spoke with her over the phone, she said she didn't dupe anyone, claiming she helped out her grandmother by selling puppies not as golden doodles but a golden doodle mix. the salganik family sa jones told them much more specific. judge three quarters percent mini doodle and a quarter percent golden doodle. so they actually did advertise that. >> reporter: the american kennel club tells 12 newsever you have specific breed requirements, grit's important to follow these steps in looking for any dog. research the breeder. research the breed, see where the dog is coming from and where it's housed. the care it receives. >> he's a good guy. >> reporter: whatever the
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looking to add a four-legged in be to the family. >> beware. there is a lot of people out there, i guess, that try to make money and, you know, misrepresent things. >> reporter: they sure are glad they found rigs. if you have a consumer complaint, call 12 for action. our team is here to take your call every week day at 602-260- 1212 or file your complaint online right now. just go to we're here to help. back to you. >> thank you. >> and that guy is supercute. boy, would i be furious knowing that i wanted to purchase the dog to help someone with alzheimer's. >> and reminds you to always, always, always read the fine print looking into a breed specific rescue organization. still ahead on 12 today - ask and yee shall receive. especially when you're a gorgeous model who's getting her very own barbie.
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and the tale as old as time is back and better than ever! doll must have. >> and the tale as old as time is back and better than ever. the record-breaking day disney had thanks to bell and her beast. >> and let us know what you think about this. our 12 today poll question of the morning is up and ready for your vote. we want to know this: how do you cook your turkey? do you grill it, fry it, or ba whopping 75% of us bake it. >> very traditional. >> yes. >> and grab your phone, hanoi top and computer and go to voice and vote. the final results coming up in
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you, heat eat the turkey in my big brown shoe. love to eat the turkey at the table. i once saw a movie with betty grable. >> that is fitting as we come up on thanksgiving next week. we want to know this. go to your phone, tablet, whatever you want. do you grill your turkey, fry it or bake it. let us know. seventy% of you bake it and to vanessa who likes to bake her turkey, right? >> reporter: bake it and get up early in the morning and put it in the offend -- oven. barbie's adding's new dog to the roster of heros and ashley graham is getting her own doll and joins a list of boundary-breaking women with their own daughters. and the senior vice president from mattel said that graham
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important message for young girls. graham demanded they give the body and ask for cellulite. and they don't go hand-in-hand. the barbie has a curvey, round belly and thighs as well and that is different. she took to twitter to announce the debut tweeting, come on, bash, let's and thank you mattel for my honor. listen to that. >> papa. you. >> you must leave here. this castle is alive. >> who is there? >> do you wish to take your father's place? >> come into the light. >> the first trailer for disney's beauty and the beast is a record breaker. 24 hours after premiering online, it got nearly 128
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history. it beat 50 shades darker and star wars the force awakens. emma watson who plays belle got 27 million views on the facebook people alone. we watched it multiple times yesterday. we were in aweef time. it hits theaters march 17th of next year. that is going to be a great movie. the average women can do surveys of the 12 today's newroom shows tramca do that for an hour. >> let's not brag, then. >> you think it's fitness? >> cook, fitness? >> keep her concentration on one think this. >> stop that. >> big secret. >> you know, me executive producer is going to get it out there. >> if you want the world to know something, tell tram. it will be out there faster
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>> all of the secrets are about you. i haven't told anyone about them yet. >> you tell one person and hope that person doesn't tell anyone. >> you don't tell anyone. >> you have to share a secret. >> if it's a secret and you want to keep it a secret, you don't tell anyone. >> when someone tells you something, it stops here. >> what if it's juicy, though? >> we know who you can't tell. >> right there. 6:18 now. and a check of the real time on-the-road traffic with jen wall. we have >> yeah, we do. tram, i got your back. i know i can trust you to keep a good secret if i need to. keep that in mind this morning while matt is giving you trouble. we're on the 60 westbound and completely stopped. there is a crash a couple of miles ahead of us. the three right lanes are blocked,up fortunately, and vehicles are having a lot of
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if the 60 is part of the commute, you may want to use side streets or you're going to be stuck in this, possibly 20 or 30 minutes. going to the left now, giving you a birds-eye view and the eastbound lanes are moving fine and the line of vehicles behind us backeddum at least to the 101. a lot of headlights and brake lights on the 60 westbound and plus the ref seeing the usual slowdowns, the 10, 17 and 101 from tempe into scottsdale. for now, we're going to send it to jimmy. he has beautiful weather to talk about. i am ready for the rain and cooldown. >> reporter: we have a lot of it. is each to tell you about. we're here at dreamy drops.
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camp. they meet here just about every morning and they work out. i am telling you i am freezing. you're sitting below the mountain and that cold air is coming down off of the canniansa -- canyons, but it's chill. they're not wearing jackets. if they're active, the temperature is just perfect and, you know what? they got the right idea. you have to get in shape before thanksgiving. maybe take a couple of calories temperatures today, 84 degrees and a little bit above average again. but not as hot as what it was yesterday. and that is nose. tomorrow, temperatures go falling off of the cliff side with a high of 69 degrees. then, of course, we rebound a bit more on into friday. the weekend actually back into the 80s. a beautiful weekend. then a shot of rain coming in late in the day on sunday.
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that is why i have the turkey up there for tuesday. it's our large donations, where we raise, get as many turkey says as we can and here are the -- turkeys as we can and here are the folks getting it done here on this early morning boot camp with the phoenix adventure boot camp. oh, it's a nice morning. back to you in the nice warm studio. >> and we are toasty here, jimmy. thank you so much. i have to whip out my kid's winter clothes. it's going still ahead on 12 today, more teens are choosing to become just that, a teen. what brand-new data from the government discoveredda about teen pregnancy rates. >> and does the sugar and yogurt outway the benefits? the truth about -- outweigh the benefits?
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough.
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. 6:24 now. welcome back to 12 today. some of the most widely ing drue nexium, prevacid and prilosec - had a 21-percent increased risk of a type of stroke caused by blood clots. those who took low doses.. did not. other drugs like pepcid and zantac - were not linked to stroke risk. fewer teens are
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data shows that between 2007 and 2015, teen births dropped by 50- percent in large urban areas, 44- percent in medium to small urban areas ... and only 37-percent in rural counties. in fact, rural areas had the to small urban areas and only 37% in rural counties. in fact, rural areas have the highest birthrates for white, black, and hispanic females. yogurt, there are hundreds of choices. greek yogurt, the kind with fruit on the bottom, drinkabling ons and so forth. >> and should you eat it because it has high sugar or lowfa the? he's the truth about yogurt now. >> reporter: scoop it, mix it or pour it. the nutritionist tells all of her clients. >> the most important thing is that you eat a cup of yogurt every day. >> reporter: she said the yogurt, if it's higher in
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an extra 10 grams of sugar is fine. you will get the beg your pardon official probiotic bacteria. you will get protein, you will get potassium, calcium, compounds that lower blood pressure. compounded that keep us lean. >> reporter: adding it's better to get the nutrients from yogurt than none at all. i'm ellen brian. >> and there will meet your dietary needs. >> she recommends they eat greek yogurt to get more protein and with added fiber to help with digestion. what you may not want to do is add the m&ms to yogurt. >> i don't think the dietician would like that. >> and talk about who with the sugar. 92. is the trump transition in
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elect said no. >> how do you fast time while stuck in traffic. how they were able to line up
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. right now, slow your roll. a cement truck driver gets loose on the turn in phoenix and barely avoids a tragedy. >> trump tweets. what the president elect just posted about a top-level security clearance request. >> and can't find the some you desire so much? don't worry. there is an app for that. good morning and welcome to obviously you can see who likes that more. >> yeah. >> and 6:30 is the time now. what kind of workout are you showing us this morning? >> you know what? everyone wound things down. they're heading off to work. so i am here left alone holding the dog. this is doc holiday, rescued from pagosa springs, found him wandering the forest. doc is pressed up against my leg and he's very warm.
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it's cold out here this morning, especially if you're below piesteqa peak. temperatures today are going to get to 84. overall, the day is gorgeous and warmer than normal. a big cooldown for tomorrow. keep those jackets in the car. we'll tell you more about that and also rain in the next seven days and we'll tell you about turkey tuesday as well. hopefully things are going well out there and i am thinking how i'm going to i am a deep-frying man myself. >> and that sounds good, jimmy. i want to see you do the next downward dog. i love to bake the turkey and wrap it in bacon. fry side also good. now, talking traffic. take a look at this. this is the 60 westbound. we're approaching priest and we talked to you last about 10, 15 minutes ago. we have only gone about a mile
6:32 am
just show you the line of vehicles because a crash that is off to the left, we have seen a tow truck go by and police car go by. crow haven't made it to the crash here why the -- we haven't made it to the crash here yet as i give you an exclusive bird's-eye view. you can see the westbound lanes of the 60 or eastbound lanes moving along just fine this morning. the westbound lanes are backed up for a few miles to i highly recommend avoiding the area. you can use southern or base line to make it around that and i will zoom out and you have a gorgeous shot of the sunrise. is this is a look at the vehicles behind us. as far as the rest of the valley goes, no other major crashes to report. in is the biggest trouble spot in the morning and we have the typical slowdowns from the 10 in chandler and phoenix and
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she nearly lost her life six years ago. now, gabby giffords has given her first interview in arizona. you will only see it here on 12 news. brian west is live from the satellite center with more. >> reporter: it's an incredible interview. they are sitting down for the first time in arizona with the local television station. our sister in tucson talks about progress. what is next for her and moving forward. we learned bike, doing yoga twice a week, learning spanish and attending political events. january will be six years since the tragic shooting that nearly took her life. the former congresswoman is pushing forward. she tells nbc she's recovering from a traumatic brain injury, she's sustained, walks with a limit and has limited use of a right arm and struggles to find the right words to say.
6:34 am
aphasia, difficult with language. it's incredibly -- . >> really, really sucks. >> incredibly frustrating. >> yeah. >> and gabby and her husband mark also say that they are working to build a permanent memorial to honor the victims of the shooting in downtown tucson. you can catch more of the interview coming up. brian west, 12 today. >> thank you, we're looking forward to. that. more information as more than 150 students are out of the dorm brian hamilton is live in tempe and talking about a big mess there. >> reporter: imagine the nightmare of some seeing the water rushing down the walls of your dorm room and dropping on to your expensive laptop, books and the homework you worked hard on. the nightmare was a reality for students. you live inside at the barrett honor college in asu and tempe last night. a water pipe broke sending
6:35 am
water fell to all of the floors below causing extensive damage. 160 students, because of, that were forced out of the dorms. for one, it was shocking to say the least. >> we saw water pouring down from the windows and walls and this is real. i ran back up and got the expensive stuff. then we watch from the outside the water dripping down the walls. people were saying the floor was going to collapse and i like this can't be real. >> reporter: water is no longer dripping down the walls. it's dry outside and soggy inside, though. last night, a water restoration company was here trying to get it fixed and get the water cleaned up so they can get students back to juneer shawl as soon as possible. no worried when they're going
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as possible and no where, though. john mccain is taking aim at president-elect donald trump saying any attempt to reset relations with russia would be, quote, unacceptable and this is coming after trump and putin spoke by phone for future efforts to improve u.s. and russian ties. after the conversation, trump released a statement saying he's looking forward to having strong and enduring relationship with russia. new details find maricopa county overwhelmingly voted for trump in last we this makes it the only county out of the top 10 largest counties in the nation to vote for trump overall. maricopa county is home to more than 4 million people, making it the fourth largest in the u.s. and new numbers in from the fbi show hate crimes are on the rise, up 7% from last year. more specifically, religious hate crimes are up 23% and hate crimes against muslims rose the most at 67%. these are the highest levels since the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
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visited grand canyon west. visitors keep flocking to take a stroll on the grand canyon skywalk, among the many other attracts. the final attendance for 2016 is to top more than 1.1 million visitors. you still want to go up there, matt? >> i have seen it from a distance. i will he can it one of these days. and let's go to the 12 today poll question of the morning. it's up and ready for you to vote. we want to know this: how do you cook your turkey? do you il fry it? or do you bake it? grab your phone, tablet or laptop and vote. just head on to voice. you are watching 12 today. coming up on 12 today, ever wonder what team 12s mark curtis does in his free time? he makes a mean brisket. we're going to go inside the anchor man's kitchen for an old family recipe. >> and where princess leah and
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about her relationship with harrison ford on the set of star wars. that and more coming up side.
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. all this week, we're sharing with you holiday first recipes. >> we get to go where few have gone before. mark curtis' kitchen. they show us how to make grandma's brisket. >> this is my wife abby. here to show how she makes her grandmother's brisket. twice a year, her family gets all excited because they know she's going to make this we get it twice a year, everyone gets to watch the cholesterol. those two times, boy, oh, boy. so you're going to walk us through this. >> you need about three to six pounds of fresh cut trimmed price cut. about two onions, sliced potatoes and some carrots. i use montreal steak seasoning, garlic powder, two cups of coffee and two cups of ketchup. >> and the coffee ask the secret glint to this.
6:42 am
>> right, and most recipes use the onion soup. ours doesn't. the coffee tenderizes the meat. you. >> you have to give the meat a good rundown before putting it in the dutch oven. i am taking the steak seasoning and i'm really working it into meat. i will do both sides. >> there is no salt in the recipe. >> okay. >> and put it in the dutch oven and brown both sides. it's going toco the cooking inside -- to do the cooking inside the oven and preheat the oven to 325. that is good enough and you will add the onions, two cups of onions and let those brown. >> request&while abbey's working on the veggie, i want to show you how to make the special gravy. two you cans of coffee here, black coffee and good old ketchup that gives it the sweetness. then i will take that and whisk it together.
6:43 am
onions and i will set the price cut on top of the remaining. i will add the onions back on top of the price cut and add in some potatoes and baby carrots. now, we're going to add the gravy that we made on top. >> and now this whole thing is going to go in the oven. the cool thing about the dutch oven, you prepped it on the stove and now, this goes in the oven. >> and it's been about 2, 2 1/2 hours and you take it out. you and pour the juice on top and you're good to go. >> you don't even need a knife. it's gorgeous. >> um. >> good? >> uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> no, that is delicious. >> how long have they been married again? seriously, i love that. i have to forward that to my husband and makes my mouth water. looks good and tender and moist. >> a lot of people will check
6:44 am
recipe favorites. please share with us what you and your family love to cook. by going to can't wait to see them. tomorrow morning, a recipe that you will certainly want to jot down, comfort food perfect for family and friends. vanessa ruiz takes us into her kitchen for a cuban picadillo. >> still ahead, this morning, how do you beat traffic? they were dancing in the streets to pass the time. in tomorrow oil? the vice president-elect tells chris christie you're out. the latest from d.c. you're
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. ricky martin starting your day off on 12 today. 6:48. the 12 news poll question of the morning, how do you cook the turkey, grill it, fry it or bake it? you have tame to weigh in. go to 12news.yo for realtime on the road traffic. before we get to that. let's look at this, tram. >> hey. how do you pass the time stuck in traffic? you do it this way. as they do in china. smog caused a massive traffic jam. we're talking about a six-hour standstill. so this group of ladies decided to pass the time by square dancing. hmm. okay. i don't think that they'll be
6:49 am
right, jen? >> yeah, probably not, guys. good morning to you. we are looking now out to the east. a stunning sunrise this morning. unfortunately, a huge backup here on the 60 heading westbound into phoenix. we, as i spin this camera around, are entering the 60 westbound at mill avenue. and this traffic is backed up for a few miles because of a crash just before priest. weus moments ago, and it doesn't look too great, guys. hopefully nobody was hurt in this one. so, if this is part of your commute this morning, you're definitely going to want to try to avoid the 60 westbound. otherwise, just prepare for, i don't know, an extra 20, 30 minutes at least on to the commute? crews are working on clearing the crash as we speak. there is a tow truck and emergency vehicles here on scene. so, as we get a little bit
6:50 am
morning. we do have backups on the 10 heading eastbound in from the west valley and also the 17 southbound around bethany home road. the durango curve and, again, the 60 westbound. the crash just up ahead at priest. we are driving by here giving you an exclusive bird's-eye view. wall-to-wall traffic. vehicles virtually parked here. pretty much as soon as we're done with this traffic hit, we're goi we're coming up on it here now. i am going to go ahead and pan over to the left. guys, look at that. wow, a lot of damage this morning. you talk about mangled medal. we hear that on the news a bit and that is exactly what we're seeing here with this crash. emergency crews here on scene on the 60. guys, we're going to send it back to the studio. make sure you drive safe and take it slow out of the door this morning.
6:51 am
it's 6:50 and go to jimmy draw wa jimmy q was supposed to be doing -- draw where jimmy q was supposed to be doing boot camp. what is up? >> i am doing mental boot camp, you know. i was talking to tammy from the boot camp here, and she was telling me, you knowing it's a mind set. there is not one thing that will work for everybody. what works for you, whether it's walking, if you don't like the gym, don't go to the gym. if you like biking, do that. really good, and i will tell things right now for this morning, perfect. perfect exercise weather. the temperatures are mainly into the 60s and 50s. tomorrow, it's going to be a little bit on the chilly side with a high of 69 degrees. for today, just a great temperature. wonderful, wonderful weather. i am telling you, we're going to love it and, of course, high clouds that are rolling in. by the weekend, we're going to warm back up all over again. the temperatures are going to move right about 80s and by sunday, a slight chance of
6:52 am
rainfall coming into the forecast. that is going to be for monday. about a 40% chance of rain and then for turkey tuesday, yeah, that is going to be a great day, too. a slight chance of sprinkles. the fall weather we're waiting for is finally arriving by tomorrow. >> thank you, jimmy. and on to decision 2016. is the trump transition in tomorrow oil? not according to the president- elect's twitter account. he is tweeting again. overnight, he shot down reports that his transition is not going as tracie potts is in washington with more on that and the transition happening on capitol hill. >> thank you. >> i president-elect donald trump dining out in new york after his first official security briefing and tweeting overnight that only he knows finalists for his cabinet. mr. trump calls it a very organized process. insiders describe turmoil. >> you have governor christie and his team moving out. others moving in as trump tries to figure out who he wants at his side.
6:53 am
call a stalin-esque purge. son-in-law jerry krushner wielding influence and inquired about getting him influence. vice president to be mike pence is in charge, in washington today for lunch with vice president joe biden. >> this leadership team is unified. this entire house republican conference is unified. we are so eager to get to work with our new president-elect. >> reporter: re today. house democrats put their elections off. minority leader nancy pelosi6 pictured to face a chal fringe ohio's tim ryan. >> we got our butts kicked. we need to move forward. >> reporter: the country trying to move forward. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and new this morning on the heels of that, the president- elect donald trump is addressing recent reports on his transition plans. he just tweeted and i quote, i am not trying to get top-level
6:54 am
children. this was a typically false news story and comes as responds to the report earlier said that he requested clearance for his children. and hot headlines, president obama spoke to the greek people as he wraps up the visit to the country. earlier today, the president visited the famous an shen monument, the acropolis citadel. >> thousands of people marched through the streets in athens to visit. the crowd consisted partly of greek youth and left-wing groups that had banners and placards of meeting unwanted, we welcome refugees but not obama. as the iraqi army continues to push into mosul, iraq's last stronghold, the scape of the extremist group's capabilities is becoming clear and what appears to be be one of the group's largest bomb factories on the edge of mosul. men from an iraqi artillery
6:55 am
and now video into the news- - newsroom. look at the case of road rage that happened outside of a grocery store in tim -- temecula, california. the man grabbed the crying girlfriend and fought with her, wrestling her to the ground. bystanders stepped in when the driver tried to run over those trying to intervene. the crowd responded by trying to smash his windows to stop him and he appears to be hit the woman who had already fallen on the ground. he has been ar my goodness. how scary. a close call outside of a gas station in phoenix when a cement truck flips over here. whoa. look at this incredible security camera video. you can see the truck fall on to the side and almost hitting someone walking nearby. nobody was hurt. >> and not to mention getting dangerously close to the tanker. the markets may take a breather. futures are lower and stocks took a -- and continuing the
6:56 am
points. and it might be cheaper to fly the friendly skies after the holidays. a new report predicts that airfares will fall next year because of over capacity and stiff competition between major and discount carriers. >> and amazon is rolling out the non-stop black friday deals for the next 35 days. among the rock bottom bargains, a 32-inch l.e.d. tv for $69 and get this, a 43- inch, 4-k tv for its own products -- products like the echo for 139.99 and amazon will start with down iss as soon as this friday. >> and big changes coming to the dating app tender. it will feature more than 40 options for users whose gender identity doesn't fit into the male or female category. tinder worked alongside lgbt advocacy group glad to develop the new options. >> spent facebook is much more than a powerful social media platform. according to one study, it's
6:57 am
source of news. that is to pill the plug on false news, facebook and google will bar fake news websites from using the system to sell apps. a million more people will travel this thanksgiving compared to last year. we told you that yesterday and google released the annual report to help you make travel plans. the best time is leave is this sunday, november 20th at 6 a.m. that may not be realistic, obviously, for many of you who the worst time to leave is wednesday afternoon. the day before thanksgiving. the best time to go is thanksgiving morning, they say. >> i have flown that day. no one is in the skies. it's awesome. >> yeah. and the mcrib finder can help you track down the nearest mcdonald's sevenning that sandwich. it makes its limited time return across the crypt -- country. it's up to each franchise to decide whether or not to carry it. >> and let's look at the final
6:58 am
how do you cook your turkey? grill it? fry it? bake it? hands down, most people bake it. 73% and thank you so much for logging on and&voting. i have done -- on and voting. i have done all three. it's a toss up between grilling and frying it. >> not the traditional bacon. >> we have done that, you know. maybe it's -- . >> steven's going to hate me. it comes out a when you deep fry it, that skin. >> and tram will be eating fast food for donor tonight. >> no. >> on that note. >> i have the best husband who cooks the best. >> and final thoughts, i love you, vanessa, but i'm not going to tell you secrets. >> real quick. >> can&congrats to getting her own curvey barbie. >> and 12 news is always on. see you in 25 minutes.
6:59 am
? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel. ? make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn.
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go to call or visit a restaurant today. good morning. smooth sailing. despite firings and reports of disarray, donald trump tweets that his transition is, quote, very organized, as the president-elect ditches long-standing protocol a to dinner in manhattan. airport shooting mystery. an nfl player's father gunned down in broad daylight, bringing the airport in oklahoma city to a standstill. the shooter found dead soon after. but what was his motive? >> the crime does appear to be premeditated. >> this morning, the search for answers. the o'reilly factor. bill o'reilly takes on megyn kelly over her claims of sexual harassment at the hands of their


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