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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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time to get away for the long holiday weekend. another arizona ski resort is ready for your business. it is getting bigger and bigger. this morning the powerball jackpot is more than $400 million. it is thanksgiving, which means too many of you are going to end up cutting yourselves. watch > good morning. live in downtown phoenix. happy thanksgiving. the rolling stones with brown sugar to get you going.
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rain in the forecast. >> temperatures in the 50s. 44 right now in maricopa. our weather is going to be fantastic today. mostly clear skies in the forecast. our weather headlines, mornings are nice and crisp and late weekend we're talking about a storm that will move in. but your thanksgiving day forecast will be chilly to start things off. it will get up to 77 degrees. many of you are celebrating with family and friends, but
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right now the arizona governor's office of highway safety is leading a statewide dui task force. an off-duty deputy is in the hospital right now in serious condition. he and his wife were walking and got hit by a vehicle overnight in cave creek. she is in critical condition. this is a picture of the vehicle involved in that crash. detectives do not believe alcohol or drugs are a factor in this colsi investigation. a second arizona ski resort opening this weekend. sunrise park resort is opening for business. it will be offering discount tickets for the holiday weekend. anyone pays $20 regardless of age. the governor has fired the department of economic security director, tim jeffries, and five other top employees. this is amid reports of
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state's largest agency. the powerball keeps climbing as we approach the holiday season. it has now climbed to $403 million. and matching spending all that money on christmas presents. the next drawing is this saturday night. are you going to play? >> oh yeah. thanks to our coworkers this weekend. >> more than one in four workers will spend thanksgiving with their work-family. of the more than 3300 surveyed, 28 say they will be working today. that is a substantial increase over the 20% last year. the survey found those in the healthcare industry are most likely to be on the job today.
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today is thanksgiving of course, and for many people it is offering hope and a hot meal to those in the. >> reporter: -- in need. -- >> reporter: this is one of the best places around the valley to be. this is st. paul -- st. vincent de paul. yoy are doing. that is about 50 gallons of gravy that will be served across the valley to thousands of folks in need. there are several that's -- vats . it is a huge operation. some of the turkey that will be served today looks absolutely incredible.
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a fantastic job. what does it take to pull this off? >> we started our thanksgiving prep on monday. it takes a huge volunteer base. we have wonderful volunteers to come every single day. today specifically we have 1000 volunteers throughout the valley. >> reporter: some of those volunteers are showing up right now. we will show you them in our next half hour. we wi what is on the menu today? >> traditional thanksgiving meal with turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, punk imply and dinner rolls.>> reporter: 3500 pounds of turkey served across the valley. we checked out the dining room, it is decorated to the nines. a ton of stuff for the entire
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today, it will be jampacked with lots of smiling faces and full bellies. >> thanks -- happy thanksgiving to all the great people who are working today and those who appreciate hot meals. this thanksgiving you can drive the family over to the arizona international auto show. >> brandon hamilton is checking things out at the convention center. >> reporter: i am porsche 911 right now. bright red. i feel like such a study. there is a reason -- i feel like such a stud and there is a reason why. he knows why. good morning. >> you look good in that car. maybe we should make it thanksgiving present for you. >> reporter: now we're talking. why do i feel so good in that
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porsche in germany is a black horse -- means a black horse. this car is a $90,000 car. they just restyled the car this year. great luxury four-door vehicle. a lot of fun it has all the porsche characteristics. >> reporter: look at that color. >> that is miami blue. porsche over the years has always had colors -- the bright colors that attract a lot of attention. they do a good job. sometimes -- do i like that?
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well-balanced sports cars around because of where the engine is positioned. >> reporter: he has been to germany many times in toward the factories. he has a porsche himself. he knows all about these cards. come out here to the phoenix convention center to the auto show. more than 500 cars to check out. you can test drive them. there are also exotic cars. i will check them out later. we have more to show you. > us please? >> she wants a minivan. >> seriously. check it out for me. so many moms love minivans. there is nothing wrong with that.
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for all the things madonna has done or said in public, she would rather keep her family drama within the family. she has issued a statement requesting privacy for the 16- year-old son after reports surfaced that he was arrested for marijuana possession. she calls a family affair and so she will support her son. her son was the subject of a custoba her ex-husband and now she is making sure she is protecting her cub. we have another hillary clinton citing. she was spotted at a village market just north of new york city. she was doing grocery shopping for thanksgiving and stopped to take several pictures with people. not seen is her husband bill and her daughter chelsea.
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time now to take a selfie. >> and no makeup. now it is time for a question of the morning. according to a survey 30% of us have done this at work. a large majority of people think even though people do this, it is unacceptable. what is it? >> what about taking certain things home. notepads >> stealing from the company. >> the sharpies. the staples. >> we should check her purse before she leaves.
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become an internet sensation for a wrong text. how she and her new friend are preparing
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happy thanksgiving. good morning to you. welcome back. we are looking at a picture of the parade route for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you will see that right after the news today. a lot of extra security this year. we cannot wait to see it. one valley family will have an extra play setting around the table this afternoon. >> it is thanks to a hilarious texting mix up. we meet the grandma who started it all. >> reporter: you do not say no to a dinner invite from grandma, but what if it is not your grandma? thanksgiving at grandma's house includes amanda and justin. one problem, jamaal does not know them.
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somebody's grandma texted me and we are invited to thanksgiving.>> reporter: so he did some detective work. who is this? back go -- >> i said it's grandma. and he says send me a picture. and i was wondering why he asked for my picture. >> reporter: that was not his grandma. he said a picture of himself. >> grandma called his bluff. i was embarrassed. i thought for a minute and said, well, sure you can. that is what grandma's do, they feed everybody.>> reporter: he posted the exchange to twitter and it exploded. 392,000 retweets.
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>> reporter: the answer was yes. >> we will open our doors for them because i think that is what thanksgiving is really about. >> reporter: he is going. he is going to his real grandma and then heading to his other grandma's house. she is not jealous by the way. >> she is not being replaced. >> reporter: he got fame, a second thanksin he made one mistake, he forgot to blur out grandma's number and she got 600 tax -- text asking if they could come together as well. she has since changed her number and had to tell them no. >> so everyone is not invited.
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let's take a look at the valley. 51 degrees on this thanksgiving morning. how much will a warm-up today? >> a great day. plenty of sunshine. but remember it starts out a little bit on the chilly side. 72 to 77 by this afternoon. phenomenal for hiking, maybe a family golf outing. for today lots of sunshine. dry conditions. 77 degrees. temperatures mainly in the 50s overnight. minneapolis 36, talk about cold. dallas 69 degrees. scattered showers and 50 for new york city. temperatures for us start out mainly in the 40s and 50s. it will feel chris -- chris pick
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satellite radar, clear skies and brilliant weather. beautiful for us here. just a couple of high clouds will be around in the area. temperatures to the north, 20s in prescott. sedona upper 30s. a little chilly there. but clear skies and great views no matter where you go. overall, temperature starting out in the low 50 it will warm up the next couple of days. 77 for today. 44 for flagstaff. just great weather. some of the best weather in the nation here. it will not be to chilly like minneapolis. here is your turkey forecast. great skies, temperatures in the 70s. lots of sunshine.
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tomorrow 78, 75 saturday. it looks like stormy conditions start to come in by late sunday on into monday. a 67 -- a 60% chance of rain. but we need it. sunny skies until then. make it a great thanksgiving. next, not all of us want to deal with a huge feast at home and the cleanup that goes with it, we will let you know about
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a live look behind the scenes at the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. many of us will soon be preparing a thanksgiving feast for the whole family and friends. medical experts say there are more home fires on thanksgiving
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if you are deep frying, do it outside and make sure the bird is completely flawed. placing a frozen turkey and their can cause an explosion. the most common hazard is an accidental cut to your hand. experts recommend using a carving fork and trying to avoid distractions. if you cut yourself, wash the wound with soap and water and d stitches. dull knives are actually more likely to create a serious cut and sharp ones. there are several restaurants open today. bob evans will be open with a special menu. cracker barrel will begin serving a thanksgiving inspired meal beginning at 11 o'clock. does that bring back memories for you? >> it does. >> golden corral will have a thanksgiving day buffet.
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dinner. denny's is open as well. >> so many options. a lot of resorts also open today. some retailers are staying open for this holiday. walmart and target will kick off their in-store black friday sales at 6 o'clock tonight. best buys in store sales will start at 5 o'clock. this is in response to customer interest. macy's will also open their >> that is my favorite place. >> recent polls show up to 80% of people plan to shop today. has holiday shopping taken a seat at the thanksgiving table? >> yes. it sound so bad. >> i don't think it is back. we all eat together and sit down and spend time, and then we go together and talk about
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separate ways and go shopping. >> you are working off what you have eaten. at least the family is together and you had your time. i have been guilty of this to. >> you eat all that food and then have to go to a crowd and try to get what you want, that gets frustrated. >> it depends on when and where. >> there are only a certain amount of items. when you go to these places, there is not a plethora of exactly what you want to let you get there early enough. >> but that is the excitement, to see if you get it. >> last year i went shopping and i didn't even need a tv, but i walked by and i took it. it was a good deal.
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it was around $200. and it was nice. now i have a beautiful tv. it was my christmas present. >> is it really worth it? especially with the internet, amazon and other places where you can order online and save just as much without all the hassle. you can stay home and watch the football game here on nbc. >> it is the thrill. thrill of shopping. if you like to be out there, this is your super bowl. >> it is almost like a drug. shopping is a bit of an addiction for some of us. when you see that and touch it and feel it, sometimes you want to buy more than one. >> it is like the coupon thing. i like to watch the goldbergs. beverly went out and had the
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and people look at this stuff like this is what i really want to do and they get a rush out of that. but when i see coupons, i am going in the other line. >> we need to go together. >> i can't take it. spending extra money. >> we will buy you a present while we are out there. coming up, this year mike's -- marks the 90th anniversary of the macy's thanksgiving day
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good morning. coming up, a low pressure system is moving through


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