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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  October 20, 2015 9:00pm-9:30pm CDT

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harm. as part of the plea bargain... williamsmsmccarthy was sentencnc to 25 years in prison those charges came after her 2- month- old son leonard died last april. leonard's father michael williams was sentenced last month in this case. he also pleaded guilty to child endangerment resulting in bodily harm... and also received a 25- year sentence. williams- mccarthy was facing up to 85 years in prison if convicted at trial. under this 25 year sentence... shcould serve less than half of that time depending on good behavior. diana>> the state of nebraska is taking more steps to end human trafficking in the state. a week after state and local law enforcement agencies took part in an f- b- i raid in oma that ended with 21 arrests and two trafficked minors rescued from sex slavery... governor pete ricketts announced the state would be splitting money from a federal grant to end human trafficking among several agencies in the state. most of the e ant money will go to the salvation army. "it's a huge benefit to the state of nebraska, i'm excited
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for our state, and especially for the victims." berkeley says the group will fight against all human trafficking... with the biggest focus on forced labor cases. larry>> babanews from the u - ss suprememcourt for property taxpayers in sioux city... the amount you pay in xes to fund six city schools could be going up. that's because of a court decision ruling a state surtax on income made in *other* states unconstitutional. the money raised by that tax went to local schools. the des moines register estimates sioux city will lose 282- thousand dollars in surtax funds thanks tthis decision... because many people live in sioux city... but they work and earn income in nebraska or south dakota. we hope to hear from sioux city superintendent dr. paul gausman on how theheistrict plans to deal with this funding loss tomorr on siouxland news. ana>> a former canton, south dakota pastor is heading to prison for having sex with a minor. tony haglund pled guilty to a
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charge of felony child abuse... admitting to having sex with a then- 15- year- old girl while pastor at canton lutheran church between january of 2011 and december of 201313 he's now been sentenced to three years in prison... and must also pay 10- thousand dollars in restitution to the girl's family. larry>> the nebraska court of appeals has ruled that a man in prison for molesting his 6- year- old daughter should *not* have his partal rights terminated. the girl's stepfather is seeking to adopt her and her two younger brothers. the appeals court says the father's rights shouldn't have been terminated under a state adoption law that allows the termination of parental rights *if* the parent has abandoned the child fofoat least six months prior to the adoption filing. the appeals court says the imprisoned father had sent the children letters and cards in the six months before the adoption request was filed. diana>> a college in northwest iowa is trying to attract students to its manufacturing program. northwest iowa comomnity college
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in sheldon helelits second annual "manufacturing day" event today... showing off its production welding... advanced welding technology... engineering design... and design technology programs. students took part in tours of the campus' facilities... presentations from companies who hire program gradudues... and they saw displays of the products those companies make. "last year we did manufacturing day in our other building and we kind of found out that we were a little small there so we moved over to the llrc thinking we would have more room and today it's packed in there again. i would speculate that next year wewee gonna have to haveveore footage to host this event." today's event drew more than 100 area students interested in learning more about that program. kayla>> . metrocam tonight willlle mild will temperatures d dpping in the mid 50s with a small chance of sprinkles over night into early morning. tomorrow will be cooler than it was today will temperatures
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staying in the upper 60s. thursday will be mostly cloudy during most of the day until the afternoon hours when rain chances take over. rain will continue into friday for most of the day with teteeratures in the upper 60's. we will clear out for the weekend with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 60's. diana>> our neighbors to the north h ve elected a new leader for the first time in nearly a decade. liberal party leader justin trudeau will replace outgoing conservative prime minister stephen harper... after a decisive victory in yesterday's elections. trudeau's party won 184 out of the 338 ats that were up for election in n nada's parliament... that's'sn increase of 150 seats since 2011.s he held a rally this afternoon in toronto to celebrate. trudeau is the son of former canadian prime minister pierre udeau... who ran the country
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then again from 1980 to 1984. former olympic and paralympic track star oscar pistorius is out of prison and beginning the house arrest portion of his manslaughter sentence. pistorius was sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend on valentine's day of 2013. he had to spend at l lst one of the five years i ian actual prison. he has now been leased to spend the remaining four years on house arrest... and under strict supervision. diana>> the bloodshed between israelis and palestinians is not letting up. larry>> fox news correspondent cor powell has more on today's newest attacks... as leaders hold talks on ending this recent uptick in tensioio. ban says: ' society should have to live in fear. no society can afford to see its youth suffer in hopelessness. if we do not act fast the dynamics on the ground may oy get worse.'
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violence flaring last month over the temple mount / al aqsa mosque compound. muslims fear israel wants to take over the holy site, which is also sacred to jews. but, israeli president reuven rivlin says there will be no changegeto its status... and is askinthe u-n agency 'unesco' to reject a proposal to add the western wall - one of judaism's most holy sites - to the mosque. rivlin sayay '..the united nations and d l of its institutions have to have a responsibility to work against any escalation of the conflict.' ban's visit comes amid continued clashes in the west bank... palestinian president mahmoud abbas says palestinians are frustrated that a separate state remains out of reach. secretararof state john kerry will a ao be meeting with president abbas and israeli prime minister netanyahu in the coming days. kerry says: '.. in the end, it
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requires a political solution, it requires two-states living side by side in peace.' (on cam tag) esco will be voting g whether or not to include the western wall as part of the al aqsa mosque on wednesday. in jerusalem, conor powell, fox news. larry>> still to come tonight at nine... it's not just big- box retail chains adding staff for the holidays. how many workers *amazon* plans to add this season in tonight's fox means business r rort... diana>> but first... the nation's capitol is buzzing ahead of hillary clinton's planned testimony in front of the benghazi committee thursday. why committee members are
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coming up after the break. diana>> washington is preparing for what could be a showdown on capitol l ll... when former secretary of state - and current presidential candidate- hillary clinton testifies about her role leading up to the 2012 attacks in benghazi libya that killed four americans... including ambassador christopher stevens, larry>> our national correspondent kristine frazao takes a look at what we can expect at ththsday's hearing. "the long-running benghazi investigation." three years and many thousands of news reports later, a day of reoning for hillary clinton. while most of the meetings by the house select committee on benghazi have takekeplace behind closed doors... this thursday the cameras will be rolling as hillary clinton teifies... leading the charge - congressman trey gowdy. we spoke to him last year, just before the committee was formed, about the ma questions that still need answers: gowdy january 2014 "why were we in benghazi when
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were the last flag flying. what assets were en route? i do know - none. why weren't any assets in route? the explanation was it ended before we got there. well you didn't know when it was going to end." clinton will be facing these seven rereblicans. so far they've insisted hillary clinton is not the focus, just one piece of the puzzle. rep. mike pompeo "she was america's senior diplomat for the entire time, an ambassador killed for the first time since 1979. so it would be complete investigatory malpractice if we didn't speak with her." no dbt these five democrats on the committee will offer fewer challenges for clinton, and possibly even support. in a memo democrats called the investigation "baseless," and politically motivated and accuse republicans of "abandoning plans to conduct a more thorough, fact-based investigation." elijah cummings (d-md)/oct 16, 2015 "this is a taxpayer political effort to derail the campaign of hillary clinton- ladies and gentleman that is a problem." kf standup
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"as for secretary clinton the day could be significant both to her presidential campaign and her legacy as secretary of state. in washington, i'm kririine azao reporting." diana>> the already- small field of democrats challenging secretary clinton in the race to succeed president obama is even smaller tonight. former virginia senator jim webb is dropping out of the race... making that announcement this morning in washington. webb never got much support in the democratic race... polling at one percent or less in almost everpoll. he says the tone of this race is turning off many voters... and did not rule out continuing to seek the white house as an independent candidate. larry>> there are new questions tonight about the email habits of top govovnment officials. this comes after repepts teenage hackers may haveveroken into the accounts of the c - i - a director... and the head of homeland security. diana>> as scott thuman
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washington. "it does highlight the risk that all ofofs face." capitol hill (sen. cory gardner) "no aspect opublic policy is going to be immune from cyber affronts, whether that's 0ersonal, that's facebook, that's linked-in or whether that's the work they're doing in their office behind the veil of security." the self-professed hackers claim they are angry over the u-s treatment of palestinians and easily accessed personal aol & comcast accounts, scouring them for official business: "social security numbers, plans talking about iraq and syria. there was a lot of, i guess, private information, really." but critics say, just after months of witnessing how hilary clinton's private emails have come back to haunt her, why, i i true, would government officiaia
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personal accounts? john ratcliffe chairs the subcommittee on cybersecurity: (rep. john ratcliffe) "we've seen repeatedly now officials with sensitive information are gonna have to make a decision if they're using the same email platforms as everyday americans." (scott/standup) neither the cia, fbi nor homeland security would comment other than to say they've seen the media reports. according to wired magazine, which spoke with the suspects, the teenagers even prank called director brennan multiple times--and have threatened to hack more top officials soon. on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. larry>> some breaking news out of washington tonight... wisconsin congressman paul ryan looks like he may *finally* be getting into the race to replace john boehner as speaker of the house. after a meeting with the house freedom caucusushis evening... ryan said he's willing to run if the entire house will support him... and accept his conditions that will still give him plenty of time with his family.
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ryan about what he thinks the next speaker should be... coming up tonight on siouxland news at 10 on our sister station kmeg 14. larry>> taking a live look out over norfolk tonight on our square tire sky watch camera... diana>> we had another above- average day today... but some *rain* may b% in the cards for
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kayla's forecast is next. larry, diana, kayla>> larry, diana and kayla talk about today's weather and ththupcoming forecast. kayla>> . larry, diana, kayla>> larry, diana and kayla talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. kayla>> . larry, diana, yl> rra d ylta aut das atr d e cong rest etca onhtilbilw mraredrp itm 50s with a small chance of sprinkles over night i io early morning. tomorrow will be cooler than it was today will temperatures staying in the upper 60s. thursday will be mostly cloudy
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during most of the day until the afternoon hours when rain chances take over.# rain will continue into friday for most of the day with temperatures in the upper 60's. we will clear out for the weekend with partly cloudy skies
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60's. it's another major change coming to your five- dollar footlong. subway will soon remove antibiotics from all of its meat. that's still ahead... but first... asman says: '...we have *the* best job for a work-life balance.. you want to hear
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more coming up.' diana>> amazon hangs out the "help wanted" sign... and hershey's offers up a super- size chocolate treat. larry>> david asman has those stories and more in tonight's 'f'f means business' report. a new report says data scientists have the best work-life balance in america... those are thfolks who crunch massive amounts of data to help companies figure out how (vo) if that's not your thing.... amazon might have a job for you. the company announcing plans to hire 100-thohoand seasonal workrks. that's 25% more than last year.
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the temporary positions will be at its fulfillment and sorting facilities. (vo) renters -- causing 'quite a rise' in the housing market. homebuilding -- rising more than expected last month-- driven mostly by construction of apartment buildings. (vo) and how about 'a bigger kiss?' not fromome-- but from hershey's. the company is rolling out it's 'hershey kisses deluxe' here in the u.s. it's double the size of normal kisses a has a hazelnut center. the new sweet treat will be on sale until valentine's day. (on cam) that's a look at business... i'm david asman. diana>> fast food giant subway announcing a plan today to sell only antibiotic- free meats... but it's going to take a while the company doesn't expect the full transition to be complete until 2025. if you prefer poultry, though, you're in luck. subway aims to start selelng antibiotic- free chicken next spring... followed shortly
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turkey. back in june, subway pledged to do away with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives by the end of 2017... part of an industry- wide trend towards offering healthier fare. larry>> it wasn't hard to find waldo in colorado this weekend... why so many people playing america's favorite hide- and- seek artist were out for a
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after the break. kayla>> . another mild morning and a chance of early morning sprinkles. larry>> finally tonight, check this out!
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a needle in a haystack. roughly 35-hundred people dressed up as "waldo" in colorado springs, colorado this weekend. it was the fourth ananal "w"wre's waldo" five-k r r. diana>> funds from the event will go to local charities that work to restore the waldo canyon, which suffered a burn scar from a 2012 fire. some money will also go toward disaster relief in the colorado springs area. larry>> that's all our time for now.
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!t 5 am on kmeg 14. - previously on "2 broke girls." - no, this is invitation to metropolitan museum annual gala. look at all the celebrities that are on the list: martha stewart-- [chestnut whickers] - [gasps] chestnut! chestnut, hi, baby, hi. - yes, i have a new car service and slogan: "lie back and i i ll ride you till you tell me to stop." - i think this is johnny's art. no way. - "no way" is right. johnny's a nobody. - yo, what's the deal with this art? - it's a street artist. everyone's getting really into him now. - oh, yeah? he was trying to get into me a few months ago. - i came to say good-bye because i'm-- - getting married? - you and your girlfriend worked it out. - actually we broke up. this is someone i met a couple months ago. - nothing ever does work out for us. and then i hear myself saying all that ridiculous stuff
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