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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  October 22, 2015 9:00pm-9:30pm CDT

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that." anyone who has information about about berrios' whereabouts is urged to call the sioux city police department or crime stoppers. you could be eligible for a reward of up to three - thousand dollars. larry>> land owners fighting a proposed pipeline through northwest iowa have lost a legal challenge. but they say the battle will continue. in a hearing at cherokee earlier this month... three landowners challenged whether the iowa utilities board has the power to grant eminent domain to the company that wants to build the dakota access oil pipeline. the pipeline would stretch from the bakken oil fields in north dakota... through south dakota... and it would also run from lyon county in northwest iowa all the way to southeast iowa. judge carl peterson dismissed the lawsuit... ruling the landowners have to exhaust the administrative remedies required... before they can sue a state agency. we spoke with one of the plaintiffs who owns land just west of ames. "well, we're of course very disappointed but we're resolute
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owners have basic rights." the judge *did not* rule whether dakota access is eligible for eminent domain. the state utilities board is holding public hearings on the pipeline... then will make a decision on whether to grant eminent domain. larry>> some siouxlanders got a chance to enjoy two passions tonight... art... and food. the sioux city art center held its "artilicious" event tonight. it combines culinary talents... hy - vee.... and a little art on the side. the money raised supports the exhibition and art education programs at the art center. "the fun of food and drink and involves art and so we've got a natural fit and a fun way to engage people and bring people into the art center who have never been here before. we have several people here tonight that say 'this is my first time in the art center,' and that is really exciting thing for us." there was also an auction. this
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unique piece of art sold for 400 - dollars. larry>> speaking of the arts... teachers at hunt elementary school got some lessons in the art of acting today... lessons that could help them in the classroom. a group of experts called "a plus" schools of north carolina... showed the teachers creative ways to educate students through the use of drama theater, and visual arts. that includes presenting a play will be presented to 5th grade students who are taking social studies. "you want students to come to school, and you want them to feel engaged, you want them to feel like they're in a place where something exciting and fun is going to happen and where they're, obviously, where they're learning and achieving." the a plus schools program is the largest and longest running arts-based reform effort in the nation. the program was started in 1995. larry>> it's a new twist to a long time tradition in sioux city. the annual super latke (lat - key) fundraiser for congregation
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corner. and this year the menu has something new... matzah balls. matzah balls are a jewish dumpling served in chicken broth. organizer dolf (ive-ner) ivener wanted to bring a little soup into the celebration. they'll also be adding apple cake for dessert. ivener says the congregation prepares the matzah balls and soup in advance so they have less to worry about before the big event. "it allows the jewish community to get together and work as cohesive group. share that comradely and brotherhood, and it allows us to let all the community come see what we're doing here at the synagogue and eat good food." the latke party runs from 11:30 to 5:30 on sunday, november 8th. you can purchase tickets at the door or by calling the congregation beth shalom. kayla>> . metrocam sprinkles and showers have started across the area and will continue throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures will cool to the low to mid 50s tonight and warm to the uppers 60s tomorrow. sun returns a bit for
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in the low 60s. larry>> today governors from the tri - state region gathered here in siouxland to talk over their mutual concerns... and plan for the future. nearly 200 people attended the conference at the marina inn conference center in south sioux city. south dakota's dennis daugaard expressed concern about what he
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"overreach" into the operations of state government. iowa's terry branstad talked about the impact of the bird flu. and nebraska's pete ricketts wants to improve education and create more job opportunities. the tri- state governors' confnfence is held every two years here in the metro area. larry>> after months of anticipation... hillary clinton ent today squarely on the hot seat in front of a special house committee investigating the attack on an american consulate in libya. as scott thuman reports... republicans were looking for the former secretary of state to answer their questions about the conditions that led to the deaths of four americans. focus or not, hillary clinton's testimony the most anticipated in perhaps years. specifically, over why ambassador chris stevens' requests for added security, were ignored. (hillary clinton) "i did not see them, i did not approve them, i did not deny them." clinton's emails, again under scrutiny... in this case, a lack
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of emails that might provide answers, say some republicans. (hillary clinton) "if you were in my office at the state department, i didn't have a computer//most of my work was not done on emails." mocrats on the commimiee, decried this as nothininmore than a way to ruin clinton's campaign for president. (rep. elijah cummings/(d) maryland) "everyone on the panel knows these accusations are baseless." they've even put up a rolling tab for the committee's spending, somewhere just under 5 million dollars they claim. (scott/standup) the committee to investigate benghazi has been active for almost a year and a half now, that's longer than the watergate committee and won't end just because hillary clinton's testiony does. "nats" the members, often fighting with each otherermore than clinton. though there were plenty of those moments as well-- like this exchange over the administration's initial stance as to what prompted the deadly attack and if politics was prioritized above truth. (rep. jim jordan/(r) ohio)
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"we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with theheilm, why didn't you just speak plain to the american people?" (clinton) "i did, i'm sorry it doesn't fit your narrative congressman." on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. larry>> it looks like the race to replace john boehner as speaker of theheouse may be over. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is officially in the race... sending a letter to house republicans saying he's "ready and eager" to be speaker. that decision comes just days after announcing his conditions for taking the top job... and meeting with members of the ultra- conservative house freeeem caucus to try and win their support.t. the vote to select the next speaker is set for early next week. speaker boehner is set to step down next friday after five years in charge. larry>> still to come tonight at nine... why good news for the golden arches is also good news for your 401-k. that's coming up in the fox means business report. but first... isis is back in the news after a u- s service member is killed in a raid on one of
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the group's prisons. and why isis may also be to blame for some of the violence
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the break. larry>> dozens of kurdish fighters captured by isis are free once again tonight... after iraqi forces... assisted by u- s special ops advisors... launched a raid in northern iraq. the pentagon says the 70 freed hostages were facing imminent execution by the terror group at the prison near kirkuk. one of the u- s advisors was kikied during the raid... and foururraqis were injured. the dead u- s advisor is the first american service member to die fighting isis... and the first american combat death in iraq since 2011. larry>> speaking of isis... there are new reports that the terror group is to blame for
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some of the ongoing violence in israel... as our national correspondent jeff barnd explains in tonight's safe and secure report... terror experts believe the islamic state has its sights set on a vast piece of desert land *directly* south of israel. "you have the sinai peninsula sitting between the border of israel and the egytian state." /map/ these are 2 countries whos truce... who's peace treaty forms the basis of stability in the middle-east. the sinai peninsula is among the *latest* isis targets... where isis is s nking up with several lesser-known extremists... with the ultimate goal of establishing a caliphate.
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/bridge/ "if the islamic state gains a strong foothold on this desert land... while cheering on the palestinian violence... that *clearly* does not bododwell for israel." /sot/ bradley byrne "the israelis are going to do what the israelis are going to do to defend themselves and protect themselves and they should and we should support them in doing that." /vo/ terror experts say israel *retailiating* against isis factions in the peninsula is *exactly* what isis wants... and weigigng a military response shouou be the *last* thing *israel* considers. /sot/ braniff "hopefully they will have thought thru this and they will have communicated with egytian counterparts to mitigate whatever crisis may occur should the islamic state begin to start this campaign of violence." /sot/ "isis is calling for the killing of americans in america. isis is calling for the killing of people in country after country around the world... so its part have." /vo/ and senator markey says the *latest* mission in that plan appears to be seizing a new region that sits on israel's
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i'm m ff barnd reporting.. larry>> taking a live look out over dakota dunes tonight on our sky watch camera... some cold, fall rain is on the
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expect it... next. larry and kayla>> larry and kayla talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. metrocam sprinkles and showers have started across the area and will continue throughout tonight and the day tomorrow. kayla>> . metroca spnksdows ve rt aosthar a wl continue throughout tonight and the day tomorrow. temperatures will be back in the 60's for the rest of the week and continue to drop into the 50s duringnghe weekend into the beginning of next week. after a mostly sunny and dry weekend we will see rain return to siouxland on tuesday with
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50's for the rest of next week. still ahead tonight... we're going to two separate health fairs for two different groups in sioux city at 9- 23... but first...
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cavuto says: 'even santa may be doing his holiday shopping line. i'm neil cavuto with
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coming up.' larry>> great sales numbers for two big u- s businesses lead to a good day on wall street. neil cavuto has those stories and more in tonighghs 'fox means business' report. it's expecting a record holiday meantime, looks like more people are starting their morning... at mc-donald's sales at the iconic fast-food chain rising in the s. for the first timimin nearly two years. it's breakfast business is heating up. and the housing market might be heating up too. existing home sales rising in september, with buyers jumping on those historically low mortgage rates. the 30-year fixed rate falling again this week... now just below 3.8 percent. stocks rocking today... boosted by that housing news.. and b europe keeping its ownwnnterest rates low. and sometimes cute... can be a
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little dangerous. the popular build-a-bear store recalling around 33,000 of its starbright dragon stuffed animals. he seams can rip open, becoming a choking hazard. that's business. i i neil cavuto. larry>> briar cliff university students got some health and wellness tips this morning. in a chahae from previous years... this year's health andd wellness fair was held during the fall semester. health and wellness- related businesses from across sioux city set up booths at briar cliff... showing off their products and services. "used to always do it in the spring. this is the first time doing it in the fall because we want the students know about these different business. while they are here during their academic year they can use them." briar cliff estimates around 200 students visited each booth at the fair. meanwhile across town... western iowa tech community college hosted a different kind of
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wellness fair this afternoon. the iowa department for the blind teamed up with local providers for the sioux city vision loss resource fair. visitors got to learn about the various products and services available to people experiencing vision loss and/or blindness... including information on large- print or audiobooks from sioux city's public library... public transit options for the blind... and information on vocational rehab and doing everyday tasks non- visually. larry>> halloween comes early to one sioux city elementary
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break. kayla>> . sprinkles and showers have started across the area and will continue throughout tonighghand the day tomorrow. temperatates will be back in t t 60's for the rest of the w wk and continue to drop into the 50s during the weekend into the beginning of next week. larry>> finally tonight... halloween came early for some sioux city elementary students. tonight the staff at unity elementary school... and somom volunteers f fm morningside college... tmed up to hold a special *early* trick- or- treat event at unity. the kids were urged to bring their siblings along... as well as their parents! but it wasn't only candy on the
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also be purchased for a small fee. and the kids also d a chance to get their *early* halloween photos takenens well. larry>> that's all our time for
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