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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  October 23, 2015 9:00pm-9:30pm CDT

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. larry>> a local hispanic group is upset about the choice of venue for donald trump's planned
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night. that group has launched a petition drive calling on sioux city schools to prevent trump from using west high school to host his rally... saying the g- o- p candidate is a bully and his appearance at the school is inappropriate. "every time donald trump speaks we feel that tension. we feel that people just want to be divided. people are picking sides and it's not good. thas not what we're about. west high, this community is...we're not like that." "either way, we're still going to do our silent protest whether he comes or not. we just want to get the word out, that we can all be together and stand our ground and show that." the sioux city school district says that trump's planned appearance is just the latest in a string of political candidates using district buildings for campaign stops... on both sides of the aisle. "following school board policies and following past practice. the district approved the rental of as a district, we do not endorse or support any political party or political candidate. we treat
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each rental request on content neutral basis." before trump... arizona senator john mccain appeared at west during his 2008 presidential campaign... while president obama had events at irving elementary during that same campaign. trump's event is scheduled to start at 6 o'clock tuesday night... with doors opening at 4. larry>> a florida man is dead following a police chase that ended with a rollover crash in salix this morning. the crash was reported at around 7:30 this morning, on k-45... or old highway 75 in salix. it began as a police chase that started in sergeant bluff. state trooper john farley tells siouxland news the chase picked up speed as the suspect's pickup headed south on old highway 75. just as the chase reached the north side of salix... it ended violently. "just as it entered the northside of salix, the vehicle left the roadway overturned. the unbuckled driver was partially thrown from the vehicle and was pronounced deceased at the scene.
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the crash forced the sheriff's office to close the road for nearly two hours. larry>> an akron, iowa man is facing charges of sexual abuse and possession of child pornography. according to the plymouth county of 56- year- old wilhelm van hofsteder of akron comes after a three- month investigation. the initial complaint was made to akron police on july 9th... alleging possible sexual abuse of a 12- year- old boy. four days later... police say they searched the home in akron and found images of children wearing little or no clothing van hofsteder is charged with 1 count of 3rd degree sexual abuse and 6 counts of possession of he's being held in the plymouth county jail on 20- thousand dollars bond. larry>> recent wet weather *locally* means sioux city is lifting a burn ban. that burn ban was put in place about two weeks ago... after a long run of dry weather and high winds put the area at a high now that those conditions have changed... the sioux city fire marshal is lifting the ban.
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sioux city fire rescue would like to remind residents that... though burning is no longer banned... a permit is still required for any fires outside of a firepit. larry>> a sioux city school is hosting a special exhibit this halloween. irving elementary is hosting a display commemorating the mexican holiday we know as "day of the dead." the holiday focuses on celebrating friends and family who have passed away. a key element is the altar, often found within homes or public places. it's created to honor and welcome deceased loved ones. several of those altars are now on display inside irving. "we just like to share with everybody part of our culture. i was born and raised in mexico and i'm happy i can pass this down to my kids so they can pass it down to their kids." the altars will be on display at the school until november 7th. and the sioux city public museum will host a "day of the dead" on halloween... from 1 until 3 in the afternoon. larry>> morningside college is getting ready to host cross- town rival briar cliff tomorrow
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at olsen stadium. and before the game... siouxland- area w enforcement will get to enjoy a free tailgate party as part of law enforcement appreciation day. this morning... setup was already underway despite the rainy conditions. the tailgate gets underway at 10- 30 tomorrow morning outside olsen stadium. a free shuttle service will be available every 15 minutes from the transit plaza shopping center to the stadium. the tailgate isn't *only* open to law enforcement... but if you don't have a badge, it costs $5 to get in. larry>> drivers in *south dakota* are getting new license plates next year. state officials decided the time was right for a new plate... as the current design has been in service for nearly a decade and some of the plates issued back in 2006 are starting to show some wear. the new plates will be issued to new cars and license renewal starting january 1st. one thing that won't change with continue to be made at the state penitentiary in sioux falls. larry>> it's a sport that's often referred to as "a man's
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football. but don't tell that to one young woman fromhe area who's found a way to compete. our jaclyn driscoll has more on her story. jaclyn driscoll reporting>> (nats - kicking) bailey gale of gayville-volin high school may be giving the term "act like a lady" an entirely different meaning. (nats) it was her love for soccer that led her to the football field two years ago (nats) after learning she wasn't eligible to play for the team she'd been on. "i played soccer in vermillion forever and then they sanctioned so i couldn't play. one of the boys that graduated asked me, was joking and said i should come kick, and i decided to talk to my coach about it and here i am i guess." "she has a passion obviously for kicking the soccer ball and ultimately with us not having soccer, she decided to kick the football and she does a really nice job with it." jaclyn driscoll reporting>> the senior... who stands at just 5 feet 2 still finds a way to blend in with the boys.... except when it comes to the locker room. bailey gale player>> "at home i get my own locker room to change myself or away i get a bathroom, some schools provide me a locker
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either out in the end zone or we all go in the boys locker room. i just wait for them to do their thing and then my coaches check and i get to go in." jaclyn driscoll reporting>> giving credit to her teammates, bailey has enjoyed learning about the game. bailey gale player>> "i've learned so much about football, the sport in general, and just that you have a team and they have your back at the end of the day and that's what counts." jaclyn driscoll reporting>> bailey plans to attend the university of south dakota. and it's *possible* she might pursue continuing her career as a kicker... or soccer player... at the collegiate level.s larry>> an iowa high school football *legend* returned home this afternoon. cushing native kelly goodburn won a state title as the quarterback of eastwood high school in 1978... before winning a super bowl as the punter for
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1992. goodburn returned to river valley high to present the school with a gold, autographed football from the n- f- l. goodburn... who kicked an 86 yard punt that's still a state record... says the redskins' 37- 24 victory over buffalo in super bowl 26 was the highlight of his career. "that was the pinnacle of any player's career. that's your highest stage. that's what you strive to do and to be able to achieve that was really, really satisfying. it was kind of like, wow, you know, we did it." goodburn's visit to river valley is part of the n- f- l's celebration of super bowl 50... which will be held this february from levi's stadium in santa clara, california... and be televised on our sister station kmeg 14. larry>> coming up after the break on siouxland news at nine... the democratic presidential field continues to shrink tonight... who's the latest casualty of the clinton- sanders battle. plus... as the house votes
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*again* to gut the affordable care act... new information about a crucial part of the law has some experts saying its days
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input from congress. larry>> the number of democrats seeking the presidential nomination is down to three tonight. former rhode island senator and governor lincoln chafee announced the end of his presidential bid this morning at a women's leadership forum sponsored by the democratic national committee. chafee never got much traction in the polls... averaging around 1 percent or less. he is the second declared democratic candidate this week to end his campaign... after former virginia senator jim webb. larry>> the u - s house has approved a measure aimed at gutting obamacare. the bill would repeal large
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portions of obamacare, as well as defund planned parenthood. supporters want resident obama to veto it, sparking a political confrontation. but some conservatives, including senators and presidential hopefuls ted cruz and marco rubio... urged republicans to reject the bill. they argued the measure doesn't go far enough to eliminate obamacare for good. larry>> meanwhile... some health policy experts say the affordable care act may die without *any* help from congress. nearly half of the health insurance cooperatives established under the law have gone bust... costing taxpayers nearly a billion dollars. and as our national correspondent kristine frazao reports... those collapses mean *thousands* of americans now have to search for new coverage. 9 of the 23 federally funded co-ops have closed or will do so
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before the end of the year. too few customers and a weak cash flow doomed them in states like new york, tennessee, oregon and kentucky, according to the inspector general for health and human services. [len nichols - director center for health policy research and ethics, george mason university] "this is not the end of obamacare. it's the end of an end run around the fight over the public option." [kristine frazao standup] "the health and human services chief watchdog found 22 of the 23 co-ops were not profitable in 2014. if all of them fail, it will impact about a half million people and they will have to shop for new health care coverage in 2016." but compared to the ten million people enrolled in obamacare, len nichols, the director of the center for health policy research and ethics says it's a small blip. [len nichols - director center for health policy research and ethics, george mason university] "it's not a big part of the marketplace." health insurance expert john graham sees it much differently. [john graham/national center for policy analysis] "as years go by i think we will see the co-ops were a canary in the coal mine."
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graham predicts for profit well known insurance companies will eventually pull out of the exchanges... dealing a crippling blow to obamacare. [john graham/national center for policy analysis] "in 2017, 2018, they are going to be starting to feel a lot of pain and i think these exchanges are at risk of having no insurers participate in them at all." larry>> the vast majority of illegal immigrants enter the u-s because they're looking for better life. but some slipping through the cracks commit serious crimes that injure, even kill american citizens. in an exclusive interview you'll only see o'full measure with sharyl attkisson,' iowa senator chuck grassley discusses the problem. sen. chuck grassley/(r) - iowa "you've got an administration that thinks more highly of their interest in protecting undocumented workers than there is enforcing the law and, in the process of making that decision, violating their constitutional oath to faithfully execute the laws of this country." you can see the rest of this interview with senator grassley this sunday on full measure with sharyl attkisson... right here on fox 44 at 9- 30 a- m... just
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before fox news sunday. larry>> taking a live look out over dakota dunes tonight on our sky watch camera... we've seen a stormy night across much of northwest iowa... with some un- seasonal severe weather.
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calmer weekendorecast. larry and chad>> larry and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. metrocam closed captioning here metrocam
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. still ahead tonight... a local retail outlet is making life a little easier for one school in sioux city's leeds neighborhood... but first... mcshane says: 'a 75-million dollar makeover... for a las vegas legend. i'm connell
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network. more coming up.' larry>> more good news at the gas pump tonight. connell mcshane has that story and more in tonight's 'fox means business' report. we've now got seven states with an average price below two bucks a gallon. stocks continuing to surge in october. the dow up another 157 points. and get this... the s and p 500 moving back into the green for
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handing out some pink slips. the automaker laying off 500 workers at a factory in michigan that makes sub-compact cars. sales are down for the smaller vehicles, with more people getting behind the wheels of pick-up trucks and suv-s. and a 75-million dollar birthday present for an iconic las vegas hotel. caesars palace turning 50 next year, and getting a major renovation to its original roman tower building, which has nearly 600 rooms. guests will be able to check into the new digs on january first. that's business. i'm connell mc-shane. larry>> a local catholic school is the beneficiary of a contest at a local retail outlet. employees at sioux city's best buy store placed second in a competition recently... winning a 10- thousand dollar donation to a group of their choice. today... that 10- thousand dollar check was presented to the staff of st. michael's school in leeds.
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the money is expected to go towards improvements to the school that will improve the learning environment for both students and teachers. larry>> chad's got a final check
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after the break. closed captioning fo.
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closed captioning info. larry>> that's all our time for now. closed captioning info. larry>> that's all our time for now. closed captioning info. larry>> that'aout no cledapong fo
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