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tv   The Hollywood News Report  FOX  October 31, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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>> what we have going for us is we are extremely fat -- flat. and we have a beautiful beach that does not look like any other island. we have a wellspring of talent. rhianna was found by going to a meeting of a friend to meet a friend of a friend. you can see where she is. >> barbados has been involved in film and video, movie and video production for quite a while. they have been growing quietly. the started from very small beginnings but now we have phenomenal productions going on. we are persons who have keen talent in this sector. it is an opportunity to not only develop jobs but to put barbados
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on the map with movies and document raise. -- documentaries.>> tom hilson and -- tom hiddleston and elizabeth olson visit the top movie capital of the world to shed light on hank williams. >> i get to bring a film about hank williams to nashville where in summary ways he is the godfather of the visit culture. it is beyond my wildest dreams. i hope that i can do the community proud. the whole thing has been the most unexpected privilege for me and this is the icing on the cake. >> the people who have seen it, who live in nashville, are hank fans, journalists of music, they all pick up on things that are so specific that our director
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it is amazing to have people who know appreciate the authenticity that ended at the detail that went into this because there is a lot of respect and a lot of heart and soul. >> tom was involved and when i brought up elizabeth olson he said -- great. great idea. it was fantastic and like playing tennis together. when assigned together i thought, i am lucky. these two are great together. >> when we come back more from hollywood's biggest films. on the hollywood news report. >> an important message for americans eligible for medicare. >> are you receiving all the benefits available to you. >> do you know that there is money available to lower your prescription costs you go let us find you the right lane at the right price and see if you qualify to lower your
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>> thank you for joining us again. let's get back to more hollywood news on the hollywood news report. >> bradley cooper, sienna miller and uma thurman sizzled on the red carpet as they premiered their drama in new york. >> i play adam jones who is a character who had a lot of success when he was younger and then he blew it all up and we find him three years later coming out of new orleans shucking oysters now he is going to go back to london and retrace all of the way. >> it is a real human story. everybody realizes that opening up and love is probably the key to fulfillment you >> it was really challenging working with food.
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i would say it goes down my list of young children food, pets -- the things that are difficult to do. it is really an art and a craft and the chefs that we worked with and gordon, they spent 25 years honing these skills that they use and we wanted to capture it accurately so there was a lot of attention to that kind of detail. >> how to sway the vote. >> women declare war. a scout's guide to surviving zombie apocalypse. and, a miserable housewifefefefe to clean up her act. new in theaters. >> the presidential campaign in south america, fragile
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our candidate is considered arrogant and out of touch. >> how far are you behind? 28 points. >> sandra bullock stars as a political analyst struggling to create a winning campaign. >> how are you, honey? i thought you retired or give up or something. >> not retired. >> i had such an amazing extremes with gravity. i didn't know gravity would do well but it was such a spirit bending and growing experience that i thought i cannot not have another experience like that, it will never be gravity but it will be small and meaningful. and i said if they say yes to changing it to a woman we should require it to go from him to her. this is the experience i should be having next. >> i don't believe this.
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we see that us, overtake that bus. how you say overtake? >> sandy called us up and said any interest in making this character a woman and we thought that was a great idea, so the three of us have known each other since before i got this and once david came on for the director came on board and the rest of the cast was a lot of his first choice. billy bob you can do anything with them you do it because he always makes the film better. >> the problem is that you're slouching. stand up. >> new question. senator how do you respond to people calling for constitutional reform and greater representation for the indigenous peoples? >> been a smart of seeing your strengths and your witnesses and taking them away from you. that is why he runs campaigns like that because he is more cerebral.
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he is more in touch with you mentally than all of the hoopla. politics is like making a movie. you have the producers and the movie stars which are the politicians and scoot is like my cameraman. he is like my eyes and ears. i feel like when you bring him on he has the taste and make things look right. if we are setting up a brand and your brand is on everybody, i will go to him and say, what should he be wearing? he has great taste. if you look at the character he has the s guts. >> see that walking toward camera arms slightly away from your hips, write down the barrel of the lens. >> they provide us with meat, with wool, with milk. >> and like a gorilla. >> i did commercials for 10 years and we met so many creative executives and advertising executives. to me it was like, they were odd
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individuals and some of the things you can them say is we need to market it like this. the color of the shirt was wearing based on the wrapper of the taco was such a debate for so long and for me it's like, who cares? but for them it's like every detail matters and whether they are right or wrong, whether you will buy the taco or not is ridiculous to me but they are really smart people and they know what they are doing. >> we are trying to save people's lives. these are the stakes and i will not stand by and watch as this nation falls apart. >> this is no longer an election, this is a crisis. >> there is more hollywood news
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>> this is life alert -->> we are back. let's take a look at more films on the hollywood news report. >> you work at the laundry? >> full-time from when i was 12. >> we meet mondays and thursdays if you are interested. >> are you a suffragette? >> i consider myself as more of a soldier. >> it is deeds, not words, that will get us the vote. >> helena bonham carter, carey mulligan and meryl streep fight for the right to vote. >> trust you with them. after what you did to tailor? >> it's what taylor did to me.
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there was an element to which making this film felt important and felt like a privilege because this is such an amazing story and such an important story for people to know and it has never been told. in the western world we have leftovers but in a large part of the world it is still as bad as it was a hundred years ago. for many women the problem was education. that is the starting point. if you have no information you have no powers. we still have one in three women experiencing sexual violence and when it introduced that to our parliament. so the imbalance is still massive and we have definitely come a long way. >> >> helena bottom carter came
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on for the project first and that was a huge role in the film and for her to be a part of it was really exciting she was the first choice for everyone and then meryl streep and her being playing this icon. this incredibly famous inspiring women in history to have her play that part felt completely perfect. >> you needed someone you had that kind of effect especially on women. the scene that she has in the film she delivers a speech and there were about 400 extras watching and the reaction on their faces when meryl streep walked onto the balcony is what you would want at how people would have reacted to her. >> it might change her life before this is over. >> we will win. >> what is her face, she went to our high school and now she is a stripper.
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>> like an actual scout? >> three was guts and a cocktail waitress combined their skills to prevent a zombie outbreak. >> they were all made up in person so we didn't have to imagine anything. the first day we were running down that corridor and we had zombies and they chased us and it was actually scary. >> the practical effects on this are unlike any other. they tried to give it that 1980's nostalgia. we have awesome cgi. we fit the two together. >> it looks like rap.
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>> it was fun to witness the talent and skill of the makeup department and build it from day-to-day from havoc to havoc. there was a guy who was a performance artists and he was our choreographer. from take to take he would remind me what i needed to keep doing physically which is great. you've a trainer onset who gets physically hurt, attacked by a dear, clubbed, earned, hit by a car, blown up -- at least five.
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>> we have returned and we have more movie news to show on the hollywood news report. >> she turned around and gave the kid huge smile. he knew he would marry the girl. >> did he? >> i would marry you 100 times. sarah silverman stars as a
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in "i smile back." >> what is more interesting for you? the daddy issues or the drugs? >> i like to start with the daddy issues because it is an organic segue into the drugs. >> it is rare for someone to imagine you in a way to have not seen you for. it happened twice with sarah polley who saw me on the sarah silverman program where i play bugs bunny present i would like you to play a recovering alcoholic in my trauma. and with amy koppelman who wrote the book. i am no dummy. they are tubing opportunities out of -- they are two opportunities out of two. >> i was having problems in my mind and they were making me do things i should not have done. >> why did you do them? >> it is complicated. >> my emotions are very tightly
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packed and compartmentalized. it took a lot to get them out. >> once some but he has 10,000 hours of dramatic acting, tom hanks can turn it on and off and he is brilliant. but i don't have that yet. so i had all these emotions on my lap in between scenes that i just carried around. laney feels so much and expertly covers it and i had told myself, we will have fun in between but it wasn't because i was sitting with all of these emotions in a box on my lap. it wasn't fun and i'm glad i didn't know that ahead of time because i would have tried to weasel out of it. >> i would love to smile like that again. >> guys, we are running out of time. >> here is the rundown of the
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>> people in my country consider this an act of war. >> the next mistake our government makes could be the last one. >> what are you doing echo me out? keep going. >> i guarantee you that at some point everything is going south on you. >> how to take down pac-man. dvd. >> incoming. >> donkey kong. >> it is just a barrel? how bad can it hurt? >> a group of old-school gamers are challenged to play a game where the world is at stake in "pixels."
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>> he has nowhere to go. >> oh god, no. >> get out, to eat you. >> action! >> this special feature takes you behind the scenes. >> pixel can push the comedy as far as we could. >> i will die of version. >> but alsoreate this very intense action in the film. >> beverly hills was nothing with oscar chatter as meryl streep and carey mulligan walked the red carpet at a special screening of their historical drama, suffragette. >> women had no parental rights over their children so her son
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i think it is the loss of her son that is the breaking point which really pushes her through. i think there are lots of reasons why she joins the movement and ultimately not just to have the right to vote and have this piece of paper but to know that will affect change and she can build a better society for her son. >> join me next time on the
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announcer: this week in agribusiness, serving america's most essential industry with agriculture broadcasters orion samuelson and max armstrong,
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announcer: this week in agribusiness is brought to you by adm. orion: hello, everyone. welcome to this weekend's edition of this week in agribusiness. max armstrong has had a very busy week in louisville, covering the ffa convention see we've invited steve briggs who covers agriculture on radio in the springfield, illinois, area to join us. and same harvest progress in your part of the world? stephen: done, orion is where we are at right now with progress and farmers are even moving on to things like fall tillage and hydrous ammonia applications now. orion: and it's still a busy time but at least combines will be parked thanksgiving day, no doubt of that. max travelled south dakota this past week and there talked to members of the south dakota wheat growers about their progress? travis: this has been a phenomenal year for our south
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dakota and north dakota grower owner members of our co-op. they were able to plant corn in ideal conditions in the spring. in dry conditions. soon after planting, we got a great rain and we've had moisture throughout which can be an obstacle in crop production in the dakotas and harvest season has been just been a blessing. see we'll record, when it is all said and done, we'll have record corn and menials for 2015. orion: our thanks to steve briggs and officer of the south dakota wheat growers. another member of that group travis antonsen, told us what farmers are concerned about right now. travis: depressed prices through the summer, actually the last year has guys sitting on their hands. they haven't forward contracted a lot. but as this comes across the scale. excess bushels have them in a little better mood. we're selling some selling of the excess, but definitely doing all they can to store on the farm and with the elevators as well.
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