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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  November 3, 2015 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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3 right now at 9.....(deadly crash)a stolen car speeding down a sioux city street causes 3 a crash that's killed two are stolen or burglized in sioux city this morning... an alarming trend according toto police.ecurity gaps)after big gaga in airport ssurity ararrevealed... t-s-a officials s fend the work their agents..l nino's impact) it's a weathth term most of us are familier with... el nino. impact ononur winter than usual.(big winner) and... a 3 siouxland man wins a half million dollars playing the lottery. 3 3 the polls are closed across siouxland tonight... as results come in for some important local elections. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm larry wentz, diana castillo is off. 3 3 and tonight election results are first on fox. 3 3 in sioux city, mayor bob scott has won his second four- year term in office. he was
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unopposed.and sioux city councilwoman rhonda capron has won a second term as well.she defeats thomas venesky 1889 votes to other races of interest... charles holz of le mars wins a special election to replace retiring rep. chuck soderberg in the iowa house. he was running unopposed.voters in sioux center considering a bond issue to spend $4 million dollars to expand highway 75 through town.voters i ibuenenvista unty considererg extending a 1% local option salele tax.voters in crawford county considering a $2.65 million dollar bond issue to build a dialysis center in denison.voters in onawa considering a proposed 7% hotel/motel tax.and voters in sheldon considering a proposed increase of their exisisting hotel/motel tax *to* 7%.finally. the omaha tribe of nebraska considering a proposal to legalize growth, sale and use of marijuana on
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have full results of these races tonight at ten on our sister station, kmeg 14. 3 two people are dead after a stolen car crashed into another vehicle on sioux city's northside.that accident happened about one this afternoon at 25th and morgan. police say a nissan altima driven by a 34- year- old man was speeding on 25th when it hit a dodge durango that was backing out of a driveway. the two people in the durango were not injured. but the iver of t t altima d a 28- year- old women who was a passenger were takeneno mercy dical center where they died. 3 "we did have witnesses who saw the vehicle travel over the hill. went as far as to say actually caught air, was airborne coming over the hill. it was traveling that fast. i can't even begin to estimate how fast they were going right now."the names of the two people killed in the crash are not being released. police say the altima was stolen october 29th. but they're not sure if it was stolen by the people who were killed. 3
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3 speaking of stolen cars... sioux city police say five cars were stolen or burglarized this morning. that's part of an alarming trend they're seeing recently.many of those incident have taken place on the northside and in morningside. some of those cars were left unlocked... and some even had the keys inside. sioux city police say car owners can take simple steps to deter would- be thieves. 3 "we recommend that if you are going to park somewhere that try to do it in a well lite area. make sure once again to lock your vehicle and don't leave your keys in the car.//"with the winter months coming up don't letetour vehicle idle by itself make e surerehat it's nono unattended. we have a dramatic crease so once again in the winter months cause of people letting there vehihies warm . then somebody will jump in the vehicle and take off with it." valuables should also be hidden from view or stored in a secure location. 3 a facility designed to ease overcrowing at the woodbury county jail may be closing. and... new lighting for county buildings may be setting a new path for the future. 3 siouxland news reporter jaclyn
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driscoll has more from tonight's board of supervisors meeting... jaclyn. 3 3 larry, supervisor jeremy taylor has proposed closing the prairie hills annex because of its age and structural issues. 3 the building is approximately 100 years old. the county is paying more than four dollars per square foot on energy alone... all adding up to over a million dollars in the next ten years.taylor says this is not only a waste of funds, but that money could be used for something more efficient such as expanding the jail at the law enforcement center. 3 "i advocated tonight that we spend a minimal amount of cost on someththg that is very viable and that is thehe expansion n our law enforcement center. we will either put that money intoton expansion rather than the wasteful way that we're popoing money into prairie hills currently."the board unanimously agreed to spend 12 thousand dollars on a study to determine whether the jail can structurally handle a new
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agenda... woodbury county is moving forward with becoming the first all l-e-d lit county in iowa. tonight, supervisors were able to see the new bulbs that were chosen and hear about some of the factors that were considered when choosing them. 3 "one of the determining factors for the court house building for instance was historical and architectural. we wanted to make sure that we were doing the best type of lighting that would have matched what could have originally been used." 3 the supervisors accepted a 522 thousand dollar bid for the purchase of the materials. they will be taking out bids for installation costs in the week, they should have all of the contractor bids back and will be deciding on approvals for constractor installations. 3
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again tomorrow ahead of a mid- week cold front. late wednesday into thursday we will see a that front move through the area. this will bring us a chance of showers overnight with a few rumbles of thunder and rain for thursday. this front will also bring us the chance of seeing slowly falling temperatures throughout the afternoon. heading into weekend, we should see plenty of sunshine, but temperatures will stay pretty close to normal for this time of year with highs staying in the 50's friday and saturday.>> 3 3 the warm waters of el nino have already caused unusual weather this fall... like the
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strongest pacific hurricane on record. tonight siouxland news meteorologist cat taylor shows usushat impactctl nino will havavon us *latererthis winter. 3 (**take e **)catatarophic cific hurricanes...flash floods ananmudslides in california.a.bleaching of coral reefs across the globe... massive fish kills, famine, and animals showing up in strange places...these are just a few impacts of el nino. but what does it mean for *us* here in siouxland? (**take sot**)"during el nino eplained part 1, i explained the mechanics of el nino. but in case you missed it. here's a refresher. during el nino the trade winds can cut off or even reverse, causing warm water to slosh back to our side of the pacific ocean. now when that happens the subtropical jet dominates, causing the polar jet to move much farther north keeping siouxland warm. i talked with mike gillispie, a hydrologist from the national weather service in sioux falls, south dakota, and he's going to tell us what we can expect here i siouxland is winter."(**take
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sot**)"generally across siouxland there are etty strong correlations of seeing above normal temperatures dung the winter months. that's a very consjstent pattern, it doesn't happen every time but with these last several strong el niqo's we've had, the last three that were similar what we're expecting this wintererwere all very much h above normal temperature wise across e regioio"(**take vo**)gillispie says that while we e will most likely be warmer than average, precipitation is ststl up in the air. (**take sot**) "precipitation could go either way. you look at the last three we've had one that was wet, one that was dry, and one that was normal."(**take vo**) but warm temperatures come with a caveat... (**take sot**) "with the warmer temperatures that are probable this winter we also have to look at the precipitation types we might be seeing. warmer temperatures might lead to increased chances of seeing freezing rain and icing events farther north than what we normally
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see in the middle of winter. getting up into the siouxland area you might have an increased chance of seeing more freezing rain events. also the snow fall may not end up being as much as normal." (**take vo**)one of the reasons why it is really hard to nail down a precipitation forecast is that there are more factors at play than just el nino... (**take sot**)"it's a very strong indicator and it's a very strong value of el nino this year, but there are other factors that come into play."(**take vo**)so all in all, it's probable we are looking at a warm winter. that explaines el nino and it's impacts on siouxland in a nutshell. i'm meteologist cat taylor, siouxland d news. 3 a siouxland man has won a half-millili dollar prize in ththsouth dakota lottery.y.cody peterson of sergeant bluff is the first person to win the 500-thousand dollar topopprize in the "money... money... money" scratch ticket lottery game.peterson bought the winning ticket at cubby's convenience store in dakota dunes.peterson took a one time payout... collecting 375
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thousand dollars after taxes. 3 3 the company behind the keystone xl oil pipeline is asking for a delay in the approval process.transcanada has asked the u- s state department to put the decision - making process on hold. the company says it needs extra time to secure the pipeline's route through nebraska. a law that allowed nebraska's governor to ok the pipeline route is at the center of a legal battle that could take years to resolve. the state department has the authority to approve or reject the pipeline because it crosses between the u- s and canada... but has delayed its decision for years. 3 3 a new study is touting the benefits of making ethanol from corn stover instead of corn.thereport from the environmental working group and the university of california... says ethanol produced from corn *stover*... or the leftovers once the grain is removed... is much better for the environment than cororself. the study goes on to say ethanol made om corn is even *worse* r the environment than
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and fertilizer used to produce it... which is disputed by the reneweable fuel industrtr it also found emissions from the use of corn stover are about 96 percent less than emissions produced from gasoline. 3 3 they had a scrimmage tonight at morningside elementary in sioux city. i'm not talking about football either.i'm talking about robots! the robot scrimmage was the main event middle school stem expo. and elementary students showed off their stem creations as well during this evening's event. 3 "gives students a chance to use the contents that their learning in the schools and in a real world scenario where they're solving a real world problem but also they get to play with robots which is just fun, they may not even realize that their doing school when they are doing the stem activity."stem education focus on providing students a better background in the subjects of science... technology... engineering and math.
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3 october proved to be a fantastimonth r the u- s auto industry. which models saw the biggest increases... coming up in tonight's fox means business report 3 but first... the t- s- a continues to fail in undercover tests of its screening procedures. what some *lawmakers* are e oposing in response to the latestst reports... cocong up aftetethe break. "siouxland news at nine on foxox 44... wiwi larry wentz, diana castillo, and siouxland's
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sandwell."3 3 they are tasked with keeping us safe. but the transportation security administration failed to do so in multiple undercover t-s-a officials were on capitol hill to defend their
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work and highlight their progressas our national correspondent kristine frazao reports, some say it's time to take the t-s-a out of the hands of government. 3 for travelers it's become a familiar drill -shoes off. laptops out. and don't forget to leave large liquids at home. with all the precautions travelers take, the t-s-a's massive deficiences are glaringngand central to lls by s se to privatize the government agagcyjim harper/senenr fellow, cato institute"airirnes and airports should be in charge of the security of air travel because they have their money on the line."the cato institute's jim harper has written about the inefficiencies of the t-s-a for years.jim harper/senior fellow, cato institute"if each airline and airport has a different security system, it's harder to plan any kind of attack. what we've got now is a homogenous one-size-fits all system that as we've seen doesn't work very well. " standup kristine frazao/washing ton"the most recent audit of the tsa found failures across the board - from human errors
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in technology. now, even some lawmakers are calling for a complete overhaul."congressman john mica wants the government to oversee the t-s-a, but to focus on security only.he says screeners should be privatized. rep john mica sot: tsa needs to set the standards and the protocals and then conduct the audits but focus on intelligence and security - connecting the dotsbut t-s-a officials reminded congress that since their formation after the 9-11 attacks,there have been no terrorist attacks on airplanes, and insist they continue to improve.peter neffenger/tsa administrator"we have trained our officers to understand and use equipment properly and we've corrected our procedures."officials with the seven billion dollar a year agency acknowledge there's room for improvement but contend they should be the ones to do it all.i'm kristine frazao siouxland news. 3 3 3 taking a live look out over le mars on our icon ag and turf sky watch camera...our warm start to november continued,
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the way.chad'l'ltell us when
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after the break.3 larry and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast.3 3
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thursday. this front will also bring us the chance of seeing slowly falling temperatures throughout the afternoon. heading into weekend, we should see plenty of sunshine, but temperatures will stay pretty close to normal for this time of year with highs
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saturday.>>3 3 still to come tonight... we'll look at how a sesame street staple celebrated his birthday in tonight's check this out... here's a hint, it probably *wasn't* with cake. but first... 3 asman says: 'kids spend more than a third of their day doing it... find out what it... is. i'm david asman with
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coming u u u3 surprising results from a new study on how kids use tech... plus amazon's has a new *physical* store.david asman takes a look inside in tonight's fox means business report. 3 ever wonder what your kids really do all day?a new study findteens spend nearly 9 hours a day using media.and get this... despite all the new technology, 'younger' teens still prefer watching television.meantime, automakers driving away with a lot of green in seeing its best monthly sales
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chrysler posting double-digit gains last month, pickup trucks and jeeps-- were all big opening it's first 'brick-and-mortar' book store in seattle on tuesday.customers can buy things, along with 'test drivinin amazon devices such as the kindle and fire tablet. and looking for a big uality life', th a 'small city' vibe?then heaeato the garden state.a new stududnaming prprceton new jersey the best small city in america.ttngs likekeincome, educatatn, and homeownership rate are all big factors.that's a look at bubuness. i'm david asman. 3 3 we're saying happy birthday to a sesame ststet staple... in tonight's check tts out.
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thursday. this front will also bring us the chance of seeing slowly falling temperatures throughout the afternoon. heading into weekend, we should see plenty of sunshine, but temperatures will stay pretty close to normal for this time of year with highs staying in the 50's friday and saturday.>> 3 3 finally tonight, check this out. 3 a sesame street staple celebrated his birthday today. cookie monster will only say he turned "40-something" today. he says chocolate chip cookies are his favorite, followed by oatmeal. the blue, googly-eyed monster says he's struggling to control his love for sweet treats. lately, he's been promoting *healthier* eating... saving cookies as just a "sometimes" food. cookie monster has been a regular r sesame street since the late 19-60's.
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