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tv   The Hollywood News Report  FOX  November 8, 2015 7:00am-7:30am CST

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inside look at your favorite films. where news is entertainment and attainment is this. -- entertainment is news. >> fire trumbo. >> i don't think you and me are going to be pals. >> the british royal family came out to greet daniel craig, monica bellucci, christoph waltz, ralph fiennes, as they premiered "spectre." >> it was a huge amountof hard work with amazing people. that is what is so special about tonight, it's a chance for those people to get together and celebrate what the have done. >> in way, the culmination of the last three films to has
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it feels like many threads that have been hanging are brought together. >> they respected thth tradition, and created a new bond. a bond that is rational and in control, but at the same time, as they say in france he has the mal de vivre. an insnsnct of death that makes them darker but human. >> i have been a bond fan since i was a teenager. i think sky fall was a great thing to be part of. this seeee a continuation. i am happy to be part of it. >> we all knono -- you and george, he is copying you. >> of course. >> he had to touch his face. what was the question?
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i got distracted. i do that to men all the time. sometimes i rub back here and it is inappropriate. >> sandra bullock, billy bob thornton, anthony mackie, and george clooney and grant has love, gathered -- grant heslov gathered to talk about t tir momoe "our brand is crisis." >> and politics you sway the opinions of hundreds of thousands of people for their good and safety. it is a world i cannot even step into. you get so scared, will mymyote count? but it does count. as a group, can make a difference. >> i had done a movie years ago about the political world, "primary colors." i kind of keep up with it a little bit. it is a very heavy world. the stakes are very high. sometimes, people look at it as a fun time when they have the debates, but at some point,
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someone will be elected. we have to take it very seriously. [captioning performe national captioning institute, >> drew barrymore joint toni collette and catherine hardwicke on the red carpet in new york to debut their movie about what it is like to have the ultimate friendship. >> it is a film for women, made by women, about two women. am amazed at how they handle the subject matter of cancer and friendship and birth and death and everything in the circle of life. they never alienate men. the husbands and the families have such full story's.s. it is such an amazing slice of life. i have tremendous respect. >> people watch this movie and feel they are spending time with real people.
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it doesn't feel like a glossy movie. ople are putting onene fooooin front of the other and getting through some of the hardest times ofhe lives. if there is ever going to be a message, it is learning to
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>> they spend years surviving and "the hunger games." jennifer lawrence, liam hemsworth, and a josh hutcherson say goodbye to their franchise i immortalizing the legacy at the chinese theater. >> i want to acknowledge these three iconic movie stars who joined the ranks of the hollywood legends that i mentioned, by placing their hand and foot prints in the tcl chinese theater forecourt. jennifer, josh, and liam, you are the centerpieces of the story. your performances have inspired millions of people, and you have earned a place in hollywood history. >> we are very grateful. i think i can say that on behalf of everyone, for the hunger games. i can't remove your names. i'm just getting.
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>> hey, hey, hey. i will say to you guys that i am honored to share it with you both. >> aww. >> i love you so much. you are my best friends. let's be friends forever. [cheers] >> he looked at me first. i have to say that the hunger games fans from the beginning, since before we made one movie, it could have been horrible. you supported us before the first movie, said thank you for that. when we do these press tours, you guys give us the energy to keep going. this means a lot to all of us. >> it is a huge honor, and to bugle to share it with each other is awesome. it is such a cool day. again. it is more fun to hang out when not at work. >> we are not just work associates. we are actual real friends. >> before, i totally considered
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>> this is my colleague, jenn. >> a banned screenwriter creates a black market for movie scripts. and a girl, torn between two worlds, new in theaters. >> you talk like a radical, but you live like a rich guy. >> perfect competition. the radical fights for the purity of jesus, but the rich guy wins with the cunning of satan. >> bryan cranston tells the true story of trumbo, who was blacklisted for being part of the communist party. >>. i will write your movie. >> and you don't want your mnemonic? >>no, you don't want your mnemonic. >> if you are still up to snuff. >> perpetually. >> it looks like a fight for
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constitutional rights, and it is. but it is about more than that. it is about what happens to the families of these people who were denied their constitutional rights. what happens to the children who go to school. there is a larger story to be told, and you have the difficulty of saying, what can we put in the film? it makes you think about the ripple effect that happens when injustice prevails. that is what attracted me. this man, who did not seek this fight, it came to him and was not about to back down. i remember the buzzwords during the bush and ministration was, are you for the troops or against the war? it was like -- why put it in a position like that? in -- the reality is, you can
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feelings, and trumbo highlights the idealism that we both have the right to be wrong, but we both have the right to be heard. that is the point of the film. >> fire daltlt trumbo. you have tickets, headlines, and boycotts. we will put you right out of business. >> we? >> the motion picture alliance for the preservation of american ideals. >> when i was really young i was very inspired by the hollywood 10, i wish i could aspire to that courage. he stood up for his beliefs. he was an animal at the typewriter. anyone that writes has myy admimition to begin wh, and as well as he did, and as prolific as he was, he was an amazing guide. >> a child acrobat! how long were you in show business? >> until i was 15 but it was more show-forced labor. >> i am inspired when i come out
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the film and feel possessed or excited or changed. i think this is one of those stories, and one of those people, that does inspire people that way for our rights. believing in what america is, and is b ban said, having the right to be wrong, if you choose. >> if there is another name on it, don't believe it. >> fire dalton trumbo. >> i don't think you and me are going to be pals. >> we will be back with more of
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>> dear rose, i miss you and mother and think about your everydyd. the most important news is that i have a job, and i am in a boarding house. >> i was glad to see you got letters from home. >> after leaving ireland, she finds herself caught in a love triangle with donald gleason and every: in brooklyn. >> i have and rolled you in a night class at oakland college. -- brooklyn college. three nights a week and i paid your tuition. >> why? not thank you? >> sorry, thank you. but why? >> every single person on the journey i could relate to. i was going through it meself at the same time. it was the first time ever that there wasn't any kind of esespism in playing thisis role, or.
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it was a much more vulnerable place to be. that feeling of homesickness, and the sense of l being at a -- being at the loss when you come home. once you have e de that step you have to commit to it and adapt to it. it is different than working from home. when you move away, it is an incredibly different experience. i am very irish, and i have a lot of american. that feeling of floatiti between two places i can understand. >> you don't know anything of the rest of the world. i must seem very backward to you now. >> of course the. you seem calm, civilized, and charming. >> i always got back to dublin. i pay rent and tax in dublin. that is how we define ourselves. but, the way that she tells the story, that john tells the
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it is not like now where you c c p on a plane and be home for the weekend, it was different than. i think that distance feels a lot further away. that is where you feel her heartbreak at the beginning of the film, which is a strange way to begin. >> would you d dce with me? >> >> what are you doing with an irish dance? >> i really like irish girls. >> it is love at first sight. if you ever read mario puzo's "the godfather," it talks about when he sees his wife for the first time, he gets hit by the lightning bolt. love it for site. they say an italian boy has to drink a bottle of wine every night for a week to go to sleep. you cannot confuse -- love and intellect do not work together. >> i want you to stay here.
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>> c cking is an expression of who we are. >> here's the rundown of the top five movies in the usa. >> we are running out of time. >> people in my country consider this an act of war. >> the next mistakekeould be the last one. >> get me out. no, no, keep going. >> i guarantee you, at some point, everything is going south on you. >> a vacation destined to go wrong. who is really controlling your emotions?
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>> my trip to wallyworld as a kid was the best time i ever had. >> you want to redo a vacation from earning years ago? >> this will be completely different. >> it is a new generatatn as the griswold's hit the road and "vacation." >> you have to go faster. >> what our going to do? >> i have an idea. handbrake turn. i pulled up to the left, yank the handbrake across the median, drive right past thehe >> if vin diesel can do it, so can i. >> why are you as good as vin diesel.
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>> please state your name. >> connie wilson.
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>> this would >> we have returned, and we have a lot more movie news to show. >> i am joy. this is sadness. that his anger. thisiss discussed. that is fear -- this is disgust. that is fear. we are rightly's emotions -- we are riley's emotions. >> that just left us. >> he doesn't love us anymore. that said. i should d dve, right? joy?
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what are you doing? >> give me one second. you know what i realized? riley hasn't had lunch, remember? >> i saw a pizza place dn street, maybe we could try that. >>izza sounds delicioio. >> try that. >> maybe joy,( as much as we wanted in our lives, is not the answer. the answer is sadness. >> this special feature gives you an inside look at the film. >> it became a story about joy being stuck with sadness who she does not understand at all. >> so you understand why we needed to do this. >> yes joy. >> it is for your own good. and for riley. >> we are talking mutiny. >> here is a look athe wodwide box office numbers. >> there are some very bad
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>> we have to teach this kid how to be a monster. >> if we can decide totoome out, he cannot leave. >> it was me, james. the author of all your pain. >> it was a premier fit for oscar contenders as bryan cranston, helen mirren, elle fanning, and jay roach screened there biopic about trumbo. >> the nation would have bn very different had the blacklist but able to succeed to it today's standards. censorship of art is a bad thing. censorship of the media. censorship of journalism. freedom ofof speech.
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the freedom to assemble and practice your religion without persecution. those are the hard-fought civil liberties that he stood for. that is the message that comes through in this movie. it is very entertaining. >> with h e studio system, you had a lot of protection. you had mr. that was created around you, ana for you at you had a lot of mystery that wa created around you, and for you, and mythology in the persona. today they just want to scrape it off and see the soft white underbelly. and they go, oh yeah, we do that. then they walk away. i think there is something wonderful about the mystery created about old hollywood. >> i hope people will ask, what would i have done? how would i have behaved? would i have been willing to sacrifice my job, and go to jail, justified for free speech. i like to think that i would have, but these people faced an
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the thing that is interesting about trumbo, he made a noble choice and risked everything. went to jail,, lost his career, and ended writing his way out of it. using his own powers of good morning and great wit. >> jennifer garner, kate hudson, and matthehe mcconaughey came out to celebrate the careers of reese witherspoon and jeffrey katzenberg at the american cinematheque's annual gala. >> i decided to be an actress when i was seven years old. i did a commercial in nashville, tennessee, and i did not have lines or anything, but i was mesmerized by the people and the idea that this incredible group of people collaborate to make a piece of content or art. >> we take it seriously.
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we love our work, but we have fun. it is inspiring to wowo with someone who gets as excited as i do about storytelling, talent, the films would make. that has been a wonderful part of the past three years. >> please join me next time on the hollywood news report, where news is entertainment and
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