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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  November 12, 2015 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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this morning during a "coffee with the council"... she brought a petition asking the city to block off the street... and possibly install barricades as well. 3 "i never want to see what i saw again. i didn't want them to feel like they were alone so we were the first ones to call 911, first one to render to first aid until the paramedics got there. just a lot of neighbors agree, over 40 residents on the street. ." council member rhonda capron agrees there's a big problem there... and the council is trying to find a fix. 3 "i've been working with field services and we are going to get a hold of glen ellis he is in charge of streets. from there we are going to see if it is viable for us to be able to do that. ."capron tells us they're still in the preliminary stages of possibly developing add-ons like flashing lights or stop signs. closing the street is also a possibility... but not likely.
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3 a sioux city building that's a hundred years old is getting new life. 3 the sioux tools plant on floyd boulevard closed in 2002... leaving about 150 people out of work. it later served as a warehouse for bomgaars. now one of the nation's largest processors of organic ingredients is moving in. american natural processors of cherokee already has facilities in in cherokee, galva and hartley. the company hopes to have the sioux city building remodeled and running by next fall... creating about 20 to 25 jobs. owner mark schuett (shoot) says the company processes ingredients that include corn, canola, flax, rice, soy and peas. 3 3 sioux city police are looking for a man who robbed a gas station on the near- northside.the kum and go store at 14th and pierce was robbed just before 4- 30 this morning. surveillance video of the station's parking lot even shows the robber chasing some of the stolen cash. police say they're looking for a hispanic or native american
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man in his 20s. the suspect is around 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds. he was wearing a grey hoodie and a jacksonville jaguars cap... and he was armed with a handgun.anyone with information is asked to call sioux city police. 3 3 there were fireworks this morning during a public hearing over the future of the proposed bakken oil pipeline the pipeline would cut through six counties in northwest iowa... 18 in's hearing in boone drew more than 260 speakers who had two minutes to state their case. 134 were in favor... 143 opposed. many opponents argued the pipeline would be an environmental threat to farmland. but backers say it would mean thousands of jobs. the iowa utilities board will ultimately decide if the project is a "go." another hearing is scheduled for monday. 3 3 former hewlett- packard c-e-o carly fiorina brought her presidential campaign back to siouxland this afternoon.fiorina was welcomed by several dozen people at the public library in onawa.the
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under her presidency the government will be given "back to the people." she says even though she's not leading in the polls *now*... she likes her chances come election day. 3 3 sioux city's camp high hopes is celebrating a major donation to its latest fundraising campaign.this afternoon... the camp received a 50- thousand dollar donation from first premier bank and premier bankcard towards their "s'more smiles" campaign.that campaign has a goal of 4 point 4 million dollars... going towards adding new buildings and helping families afford to send their family members with special needs to the camp.with this donation... camp high hopes says they've raised 3 point 3 million dollars of the "s'more smiles" campaign's 4 point 4 million dollar goal. 3 3 tonight temperatures will cool down into the upper 20s, while friday looks mostly sunny with temperatures in the low to mid 50's.the weekend will be sunny and mild with temperatures just above 60 degrees.our next
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system will come through on monday bringing rain back to siouxland and high temperatures near 50 once again.3 3 3 last night we brought you a special report on "partners for patriots"... a local non- profit organization that trains service dogs to assist disabled veterans. 3 tonight, we continue part two, as our jetske wauran introduces you to a purple- heart veteran in sioux city. jetske? 3 that's right, since todd's wife aprel found out about partners for patriots last
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forward to their new-found friend and soon-to-be service dog. what's more, these service dogs are trained to help bring the veteran back to reality. always with them, to give support and confidence. 3 (**take pkg**)(nats)(music)a father...a husband...a "purple heart" veteran. 46-year-old todd landen was enlisted in the united 3 states army for nearly half his life..."i'm very proud of him, he was in the service." he was an army first sergeant, having served three tours... but in july of 2006...the worst happened...a bomb exploded underneath his vehicle...his humvee...torn apart...he lost his senses...his consciousness.. since then todd has had 21 surgeries...and with that...nightmares, flashbacks, and memories of what happened in iraq...almost ten years has passed...todd is still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. "purple heart is kind of mark of a ship ward. that means they did
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i'm 3 more proud of the bronze start i did something for.the u- s- department of veterans affairs states, approximately 7 to 8 percent of americans are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder at some point in their life times...ptsd can be debilitating, keeping the veteran from leading a normal life..."we had a lot of trials but the biggest thing with marriage is yo umarry for good and bad."fast forward to november of 2014, when the landens moved to sioux city, iowa.that's when todd's wife, aprel discovered partners for patriots. (music)that's when aprel discovered partners for partiots,"so the dogs bring them out and seeing todd as a purple heart recipient, jake will be making a differnece in his life everyday. giving him more independence. let him control what's going on because he won't need somebody
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taken."he's really going through the full spectrum of training for a service dog." 3 now, partners for patriots is a non-profit organization..if you'd like to help the program, make a donation, or want information, just go to "partners for patriots" dot o- r-g. 3 if you watch siouxland news at sunrise... you know that we're in the middle of movember... where men like our jacob heller give up shaving to create awareness about the dangers of prostate cancer. today at unitypoint health st. luke's... a doctor and prostate cancer survivor shared the importance of checking for that disease."cancer screening for men, unless their is a first degree relative involved that has prostate cancer at a very young age should start at age forty every other year until age fifty and than annually after that""lucky that i got
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had been eighty or eighty-five, i probably wouldn't have done anything. when your fifty or sixty, you hope you have a few years left."later this evening... unity point health st. luke's held a chicken wings eating contest and best facial hair contest at the sunnybrook medical plaza. 3 3 still to come tonight... walmart has plans to let you in on early black friday deals... while still enjoying thanksgiving at home. details ahead in the fox means business report. 3 3 but first... russia's support for the assad regime in syria has earned it a new enemy. how isis is threatening the kremlin... coming up after the
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3 "siouxland 3 some good news out of iraq tonight in the fight against isis.kurdish forces say they've taken control of several villages near the isis- controlled town of sinjar, as well as a stretch of the main highway between mosul and raqqa.sinjar is the small but strategically important town that lies just across the border from is home to thousands of people from the yazidi religious minority which has been mercilessly targeted by half thousand peshmerga fighters are working with u- s coalition air support to retake the town. 3 isis out with a new video today... threatening attacks againt russia for it's airstrikes in syria. this chilling video comes days after that mysterious russian passenger jet crash killing all passengers tonight's safe and secure report... national correspondent jeff barnd 3 examines the political and military implications for
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3 a new alleged isis video stating "very soon russian blood will spill like an ocean" comes after isis claimed responsibility for the russian passenger jet crash. *if* the investigation eventually *points* to isis bombing that plane , analysts say it'll likely be a game-changer for president putin as russia's recent tactics in the fight against isis have been sharply criticized by the u-s./sot/ paul salem "the initial waves of bombings that the russians have done in syria have targeted mostly the anti-assad opposition much more than isis//i think it will press putin to take the fight more directly to isis in syria."/vo/ overall , victims of isis number in the thousands from the islamic state's violent brutality. but the potential isis bombing of a russianan passenger jet is different. cause the crash victims were *nowhere* near isis strongholds in syria or iraq. /sot salem/ "it is the first
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major act of international terrorism by isis that goes beyond the war-zones that they're involved in."/vo/ senator john mccain says the fight should have been taken to isis long *before* this jet went down.. whether isis was or wasn't behind it./sot/ mccaca "well it doesn't change the dynamics as far as i'm concerned because i've been warning about it.//hopefully this president will no longer call them the jv and realize that this is a serious threat." /bridge/ terror experts say *if* isis did this, it may *actually* smooth over what has been a strained relationship between russia and the u.s. in the syrian civil war./sot salem/ "it might also create areas of commonality between russia and the us and the western allianan in sysya."/vo/ aviviion officials say it may take *months* to determine what downed this plane. but if the islamic state successully bombed this passenger jet the eyes of the world will be on russia.i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 the white house says steps are underway at several airports worldwide to better protect
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americans traveling abroad. 3 3 3 taking a live look out over downtown sioux city tonight on our j- c roofing and insulating skywatch camera. 3 a coco and windy day has turned into a merely cold night. kayla's got a look at our weekend focast, coming
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3 3 3 larry, diana and kayla talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3 tonight temperatures will cool down into the upper 20s, while frfray lookokmostly sunny with temperatures in the low to mid 50's.the weekend will be sunny and mild with temperatures just above 60 degrees.our next system will come through on monday bringing rain back to
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siouxland and high temperatures near 50 once
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3 3 still to come tonight... an adorable aussie animal is
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getting affectionate ahead of her first birthday... that's tonit's check this out. 3 asman says: 'fried chicken... from the colonel, right to your front door. i'm david asman with the fox business network, more coming up.' 3 it's no secret there are a lot of different kinds of tires; we've taed about them at length here onauto matters. bu now that the season is changing, let's remind ourselves about how tires are affected by colder temperatures. if you have a performance car with sticky tires...colder temperatures mean you'll have less grip until you've drive a few miles. keep that in mind before you hit your favorite twisty road. also, , ur tire's aiaipressure drdrs with air temperature: about 1 pound of air for each 10 degrees. if you've not checked your tire pressure since it was in the 90's, you'll probably need to top them off. if you live with snow; it's getting time to change to your winter tires too. and if you have any questions about your specific tires, never hesitate to stop by any of our trusted car care
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matters brought to you by arnold motor supply. you can find everything you need to get your car running it's best and you'll receive the best service that you deserve. "service is the difference we get it." visit one of our many local locations for any
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3 you may soon be able to get kentucky fried chicken, delivered right to your door.daviviasman has that story d more in tonight's
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3 turkey. dessert. and shopping for bargains. all without leaving the thanksgiving table. walmart still opening on thanksgiving, one day ahead of the black friday rush. but now the retailer is now offering most of its holiday deals online.. also starting on thanksgiving. meantime, the 30-year fixed--rate mortgage e on theheise, up for the sesend- straight week. it's just below 4 percent.. the highest level we've seen since july. and fears of a rate hike from the federal reserve sending the market lower. the dow off more $- than 250 points. and a special deliry... frocolonel sanders. starting today, k-f-c will be teaming up with online food delivery company 'door sh'... to bring its iconic chicken right to your door. the colonel testing it out in los angeles and san francisco, with plans to expand into other cities. we can only dream, that's business. i'm david asman. 3 3 another kodak moment for one koala cub, coming up after the break.
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3 tonight temperatures will cool down into the upper 20s, while friday looks mostly sunny with temperatures in the low to mid 50's. 3 3 finally tonight, check this out.the baby koala that stole the hearts of countless you- tube viewers is turning one this weekend.imogen posed for
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cameras in her first photo oot en she was just ten- momohs-old.... 3 and on video last month, she charmed the world by appearing to give her cameraman a hug. imogen lives at symbio wildlife park in new south wales, australia.
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