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tv   The Hollywood News Report  FOX  November 29, 2015 7:00am-7:30am CST

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"hollywood news report" where entertainment is news. >> all the pain you had inside. >> rocky fans got a ringside view of sylvester stallone, michael b jordan and ryan kugler as they premiere their reboot of the popular rocky franchise "creed."." sylvester: i think the fight is never over and one aspect of another. it is it is not in the ring, it is trying to keep it together outside the ring. >> sly did an amazing job of capturing the spirit and the heart of philadelphia, resonating with people throughout the world. the underdog spirit of accomplishing your goals and trying to achieve your dreams. >> sly's so great.
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the first rocky is the best film it has been made about the underdog. that is what made me- feeling like you are not capable of something. and you find out you are. but this rocky that you get to see in "creed' is a rocky i do not tha -- think audience of seen before. so that is exciting. host: we caught up with michael caine, jane fonda, harvey keitel, and paul dano as they walked the red carpet to chat about their drama "youth" at the directors guild theater. michael: i do all of pauau's work. the first reaction i had when they said paolo was i was amazed he heard of me. i was always bumming around.
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they said he had written it for me, and if i did not do it, he would not have done it. i got all conceited. i said, , that true? he said, the other one could not do it. he knocked me down a bit. i'm not conceited anymore. >> michael long ago established of the standard for actors. he is one of those actors that established the standard for acting. we shared a lot in common. so we have an easy rapport with one another. he being a cockney. him having served in the british army, me and marines. we had a language that was in our bones. >> the movie was written for him because he is one of the few actors in the world that is able to combine authority and levity. and it was exactly the two
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host: when we come back, more from hollywood's greatest films
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host: let's get back to more holloon the "hollywood news report">> a former ion papaes on his skills. a boy and his dinosaur. and a mother torn between her family and her lover.
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>> he's right over here. we had to separate him. he was fighting with the other inmates. >> hey, donny. your father wawaa great man to me. >> i don't know him. that's got nothing to do with me. >> well, i think you could be great too. >> it's been nearly 40 years since sylvester stallone first stepped into the boxing ring as rocky balboa. now after 6 successful films, stallone is breathing new life into the franchise by taking on the role of mentor in "creed". >> i don't even know what i'm doing here because i've got other plans in my life, ananthis wasnsnt part of it. your father wawaspecial. to tell you the truth i don't know if you're special. only you are goingo know that when the time is right. when you say "never say never" it really is true. it was a miracle. the hardest film i ever had to do and get mounted was the last "rocky balboa". i mean, "oh, here's a great idea, let's do a movie about a 60 year-old boxer that's
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of "rocky 5", good luck!" it was pulled off. i was very happy with it. rocky says goodbye to the audience physically, metaphorically, whatever, and then all of a sudden, 8 years later these young men from oakland come in all exuberant, and he's throwing an idea at me that is so bizarre. he had a son, this and that, his dad, rocky's not well. maybe he has this disease or that disease.. i went "no, nonono. do you understand i accomplished a miracle in getting this thing done? leave it alone. he comes back, and he ends up winning awards for "fruitvale station" i said you know, this guy's a serious player, and again he won't stop. i realized this is not a money gig. this is not ego. this is passion. this is something where a man who is madlylyn love and won't take no for an answer. i remember a guy like that once, oh that's right, me. i said you know? it's like i get it now. i had that kind of passion one
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time for something like that. i said i trust you totally, and he went with it. >> every move that i make, every punch that i throw, every thing is going to be compared to him. >> you are apollo creed's son. so use the name. it's yours. >> my diet was pretty bare for a really long time, and that was intense. dedication, being pretty consistent with diet, and everything that i love is gone. i'm talking about sugar, dairy, breads, cheeses, all that was out the window. then it was just being consistent with working out two times a day, three times a day, lifting and boxing, doing the cardio, the road work, you know living like a boxer. i would shadow box everywhere i went, even after t t film. like randomly if i'm stding somewhere i would just start shadow boxing, just going through the motions, because boxers are always doing that. they're always messing with their hands and stuff like that. i find myself doing that a lot. >> you're a good kid and a good fighter, but you've got your whole future ahead of you. mine? it's back there like all them guys on that wall. >> my father was getting sick
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school, and getting ready to make "fruitvtve" i didn't have the time to be around like i wanted to. each time i came back it would be more and more progressed. each week he would need more, and more help to do things that we took for granted that he would have been able to do when he was young and strong, and it kind of made me think of this concept of this guy who took care of me my whole life, now his role has been reversed, and what does that mean? what does it mean to be a man? you know? are you still a man when you're not as strong as you once were, when you need help walking arouou? so these were thththings that were going through my mind. that kind of gave birth to this story and these characters. >> they don't know what we've been through. you belong here. >> i do not have the stomach to watch him walk away again.
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st: there is more hollywood news when we return only on the
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host: now let's take a look at more films on the "hollywood news report" >> think we went far enough
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let's get you home. >> where am i? reporter: a young dinosaur befriends a lost cave-boy, in "the good dinosaur". >> family. >> ugh? >> you don't understand. >> he's like a human and then he's like a dog at the same time. that's why i was so fascinated with this. i love the human and dog story, but like flipped in a way where it's a dinosaur as the human and the human is like a dog. that's how it was awesome. the simplest things like walking on fours instead of two legs, it's just so cool to see all that. it was a beautiful thing to watch. it was such a creative idea, and i think pixar was the one who
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really think they ran with that idea and it was amazing. spot becomes newfound family for >> spot becomes newfound family for arlo, and their relationship is one of mutual need. they become each other's caretaker. i think the wonderful balance for arlo's character is that once he carries on his journey with spot, and at the end of that journey he finds himself to be a slightly younger reflection of his father. that, for me and for my son as well was very resonant. he picked up on this idea of the emergence of the young man in a very strong way. so spot kind of takes over the reigns from poppa in this journey of arlo's. >> he wants you to run to that rock and scream. >> uh, who is out there?
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>> they'll come right at you. you hold your ground. don't move. >> don't move? >> butch teaches arlo about fears, how they can be overcome, that they can be managed. you can't succumb to it. you can't be enveloped by it. you must remain hopeful. >> things that frighten you, things that cacareally traumatize you and leave you with scars, as they talk about in the sceke around the campfire are the things that ma you stronger. these are not things to knock you down, these are things to feel good that you survived it, and it's a positive thing, not a negative thing. i don't think that arlo is used to seeing scary or unknown things in that way, and his encounter with the t-rex family leaves him with thatatdea that it makes you tougher, and it's ultimately for a good reason.
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> dearest, there are no accidents and no explanation will satisfy you. reporter: cate blancheet and rooney maura get caught having a passionate love affair. >> would you like to visit with a sundada >> yes. >> what a strange girl you are. >> why? >> i think even in the 1990's, it would've had a political edge. and i think by the very nature that the fact there are two women and a t te when such love was illegal it has a political spin -- lesbian romance, which it is. but that is not the only texture to the film. we have evolved enough in most english speaking country where you can see it is to people falling in love.
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first time, it is his -- as if no one else has followed him up. it is a distinct h hpens in the 1950's because there is no culture about the subculture that exists fofothese women to dissect the feelelgs that they have for one another. the interesting thing for me to play, what i relished, is that what you see is not necessarily all of what you get from carol. you try to create this sort of mystery to her, because she's a patricia highsmith creation that would draw an audience in and not reveal too much too soon, but yet know that there's something deep going on underneath there, which the film ultimately lets you into. >> i don't really think that it's a film with a social agenda, or showing what people went through and how much harder it was back then. i think it's a love story about two women, and hopefully we will get to a place where we don't have to o cus on the fact thatat it's two o men and we can just talk about the fact that it's a love story. yes, it was very difficult in
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that time for them, but it's not the only hurdle that they have in their relationship. they also have an age difference. they're from two completely separate worlds. so they have a lot stacked against them. it's very much a coming of age story for both women at very different stages in their lives, and both of them are deciding what kind of womenenhey want to be. i don't think that therese even thought it was an option to be a woman like carol until she meets her, and i do think she gets strength from her, and comes more into her own by being around carol, and starts to take certain traits from her. >> what are you gonna do? what are you gonna go? you gonna stay here with that girl for christmas? you gonna stay with the shop girl in n ere? whatatre you gonna do, carar? huh? >> it's a testament to how acute and precise a piece of writing it is, and how true to the experience it is, how committed it is to expressing what it's like to be therese, and reading the world through the eyes of somebody who- not only does she not know who she is in the will not know who she is in the world, but what these feelings are that she's starting to have
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powerful, frightening, mad at times, woman that she's met, and that level of acute detail is what resonated in me when i first read it, and it reminded me of how i felt exactly the same way in my life, maybe earlier in my life, but it felt universal in that regard, and i think when you tell a story that's set in the past, or has certain social conditions that define it, all you can do is really honor the human experience that's at the root of that, and then you have a chance of it really reaching people, and it being universal. everything comes full circle. >> we gave each other the most
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>> disney's el capitan theatre world of the green carpet to welcome the cast of disney pixar's new adventure "the good dinosaur." >> they managag to create thehe animated characters that you better acting than i can dream up. my profession is going to be obsolete soon. they managed all of the nuance and feeling into things that they can create without any of us. so exciting that we get to partner with them like this. i mean, i would've done anything at pixar called. the family got to do this t-rex, cowgirl pepeon is an added bonus. >> the movie is just, i found myself in working on it, just examining my relationship to my kids and the ways in which i parent and i succeed or i fail. i was stretching up all of this stuff to make this movie. i imagine audiences will be bringing that to the table as well. theiei relationship to their chchdren or their parents.
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laughter and that means a tear or two. >> it is the most beautiful film pixas has ever made. it is incredible, the look of this film, but the story is so emotional and sweet. what is is so unique about "the good dinosaur" is it has dialogue and only 20% of the film. the relationship between the main character arlo, a young dinosaur and this little feral boy named spot is so special. spot never speaks the word through it. he is more like kind of the dog of the story. it is a boy and a dog story but the roles are reversed. it is emotional, funny and i would tell you, wait until you see it. it is breathtakingly beautiful. >> here is a look at this week's
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>> it was me, james. the author of all of your pain. >> turn your weapons to the capital. turn your weapons to snow. >> cate blanchette, rooney maura joined the director todd haynes said to me seem modern art for a special screening of the d -- drama "carol." >> two women falling in love , iti f it was men, it would've been called criminal. it was an extension of female hysteria. that is really important. but i think the film is more
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and so i think it is, you real -- you witness people falling in love for the first time and all of the dangers, the human aspect of that which i think is really powerful. and i think that i iwhat makes the film, there i say, important. but important sounds like it is -- there is no pleasure in seeing it. you get swept away by the love story. >> love is love. pat, and it sounds cliche, but pat and cliche things are only so because they're true, and they're said so often that people start to think "oh god, that's so cliche. but the most cliche thing in the world was true before it was cliche. >> my job wareally just playing make believe. so when there're amazing costumes, and direction, and art design it just becomes to play make believe better. i would put todd right up to the top. >> they are extremely prepared. they are extremely conscientious. they are hard on themselves. more than anybody else.
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i think we felt deeply committed to the material. so i also got to work with this guy, but the whole thing was really the most gratifying experience. host: that's it for this week. please join us next time on "the hollywood news report", where news is entertainment and
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