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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 1, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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19 inches. his parents amanda and nick and sister kylynn say his due date was on january 12th and are happy to welcome him today!. mom and baby are doing well. 3 and over at mercy medical center the first baby of the year was another boy. alan olivo was born at 10:15 this morning. he weighed a little over 7 pounds, and is 20 inches long. his parents vicente and ana are happy to welcome baby alan along with his two brothers. not only does baby alan get to take the title for the first baby born in 2016 but he is also sent home with a car seat, bouncy seat, diapers, blankets and baby clothes. congratulations to both families! 3 some good news on the first day of the new year... as siouxland welcomed in 2016 with no major incidents, and most importantly no fatalities.according to siouxland taxi... 25 people took up local attorney ed
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taxi ride last night for those who celebrated the new year a little too enthusiasticall y.sioux city police and the woodbury county sheriff's office report no fatal accidents last night.they say it will take a couple days before we know how many d- u- i or o- w- i arrests were made. 3 3 that good behavior on new year's eve continuing today... as siouxland *kids* and their parents got a jumpstart on any resolutions to be healthier.the norm waitt senior y- m- c- a in south sioux city opened up this morning for its annual "day of play"the event gives people a chance to try out the y and the options it has to help people get or stay fit. 3 "the norm waitt senior ymca always provides everybody throughout the community no matter if their suffering from parkinson's, diabetes or their overcoming cancer, or its kid's learning sports for a first time. just a great network for support and a community of friends where we can get active, workout, exercise, have
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from 10 this morning until 3 this afternoon. 3 3 a *bad* start to the new year for a family on sioux city's north side.just after 10 this morning, fire crews were called to this house in the 36- hundred block of jackson street.they found a small fire in the attic that was quickly put out.nobody was injured and the damage was minimal.the cause is still under investigation... but is believed to be electrical in nature. 3 3
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3 also coming ahead in 20-16...a change to the minimum wage. when some workers in nebraska clock in this morning... they'll be getting a raise. reporter melissa newman has more. 3 one dollar -- these days it's only enough to get things like a can of soda but now one dollar may make a difference for some people as the minimum wage is going from eight dollars to nine. so how will this impact businesses in our area? we spoke with some experts to find out more29,000 people in nebraska were making at our below minimum wage in 2013, according to a survey by
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statistics. the wage increase for these workers was heavily contested in the legislature and now the impact of the increase is being debated as well.dr. douglas kinnear/prof. of economics, hastings college "the effects could range from employment of low wage, low skill workers, to business profitability, to the average hours that hose workers are scheduled for each week."the affects on employment have been the basis of the most arguments by the minimum raise opposition but dr. douglas kinner, professor of economics at hastings college says the one dollar increase won't have a negative affect on jobs.dr. kinnear"when the minimum wage is increased, it often shocks employers into finding more efficient ways to use workers, they schedule them more efficiently, they train them to be more productive and so in some cases -- raising the minimum wage actually increases employment of low skill workers."cindy johnson, president of the grand island chamber of commerce says much of the business community disagrees.cindy johnson/preside nt, grand island, ne chamber of commerce"the concerns of
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concerns therefore of the chamber of commerce across the state is the impact of the performance of those businesses, and our fear that raising the minimum income could impact the number of jobs created particularly part time jobs, seasonal jobs, entry level jobs."dr. kinnear argues however, many of those workers were already making more than minimum wage.dr. kinnear"the traditional minimum wage jobs - - entry level jobs, in fast food resturants, nursing aids, they're already paying an average about nine dollars an hour or even more so how would raising the minimum wage to nine dollars lead any employers to let anyone go." one thing they can agree on is the hope that this increase will help stimulate funds both to and from minimum wage workers.cindy johnson"that's what you would hope would happen - is that the rising tide, the increased income would then lift those people out of poverty or near poverty
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quality of life.. what it could also do is put more money in the economy." 3 they're the leftovers of the holiday - the christmas trees. many people toss them in the trash or cart them to recycling centers.but there's one other option vanessa peng found that's eco - and animal - friendly. 3 they're in their winter garb - ready to recycle christmas. (aaron steele, farmer-goats on the go) "there's this surplus of variety just waiting out there and that's christmas trees." when it's warmer, these goats usually clear-out overgrown fields.(aaron steele, farmer-goats on the go) "in the summer we use our goats on customers' properties to deal with unwanted vegetation, weeds and brush, but in the winter there's not much of that happening and the goats don't have a lot of variety in their dts." so after the holidays they'll gladly eat your christmas leftovers.(aaron steele, farmer-goats on the go) "you have to get rid of your christmas tree anyway." ...without the tinsel and
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it gives the goats some variety and two, christmas trees actually have tannins in them that help the goats deal with internal parasites that they're susceptible to." the hard workers of goat rental service "goats on the go" will eat your tree for free while you watch.all they ask is if you can - give to "kid for a kid."the organization donates kids - or baby goats - to needy haitian children. (aaron steele, farmer-goats on the go) "make that last kind of usually joyless event of the christmas season kind of more fun and watch the goats in action and give to a good cause." 3 steele's goat rental service calls the event "goats on the snow".it's holding the tree- chomping spectacle tomorrow. 3 3 still to come tonight at nine... why 2016 might be a good year for those looking to *move*... in tonight's fox means business report. 3 3 but first... speaking of moves... one republican presidential candidate's making some big ones. the reason why ben carson's shaking up his campaign staff... coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox
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3 3 we're tracking the latest developments tonight in the war on terror... as germany remains on edge following threats to new year's eve celebrations yesterday. jonathan elias has the latest developments in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias.syrian activists say an opposition supporter- turned isis militant-- is dead."abu bilal al homsi" kept in touch with journalists, even after joining isis, apparently carried out a bombing this week according to the syrian observatory for human rights. germany's terror alert remains
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people to avoid large crowds on new year's eve... top security officials said they received 'concrete indications' of a potential attack at midnight.some train service has been canceled becauase of the authorities in tel aviv investigate a deadly shooting, the israeli military is sending the bodies of 23 palestianians back to their october, israel began withholding the bodies of suspected terrorists as a tactic to crack down on the most recent outburst of violence.from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. 3 we're a mere month away now from iowa's first- in- the- nation presidential caucuses. conventional wisdom would suggest it's not the best time to make big changes to campaign staff...but as horace holmes tells us... that's exactly what one- time republican frontrunner dr. ben carson is doing. 3 he new year starts with a big shakeup for the campaign of republican presidential hopeful dr. ben carson. sot "i'm looking
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to make sure we have the best possible organization."track and yesterday the shuffle began. out are three high level staffers..including campaign manager barry bennet and deputy campaign manager lisa cohen.the moves are more evidence of a campaign at the crossroads.look at the numbers. as recently as early november carson led now gop front runner donald trump in a national poll 29 to 23 percent. the latest usa today poll, with the iowa caucuses just a month away, show a dramatic drop. carson now with just ten percent support among likely republican voters compared to trump's 39 percent. sot"when things are going well no one recognizes the deficencies or ineffectiveness in the organization."trackand this is the man placed at the center of the shake up. carson longtime friend and advisor armstrong wiiams. williams admits he has no formal position in the campaign but on his way out the door bennet took shots at williams. bennet told abc news he told carson " we all know the root of our problems, let's not pretend it's not armstrong williams. bennet also complained williams has too much influence over the
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dictated the changes.sot"it's fair i did have a role in setting it up but this is a business and if the business is not working, you got to make a change.// i pushed him to make the decision before 2016. buit was his decision. it was his decision."(on cam) carson has chosen former senior international affairs affairs advisor ed brookover as his new campaign manager. and retired general bob deeds becomes the campaign chair. carson will introduce them in a press conference here in washington on washington, i'm horace holmes. 3 3 3 taking a live look out over onawa tonight on our skywatch camera.we saw an above- average start to 2016 temperature-wise.chad'll let us know if it'll continue through the weekend, coming up after the break.
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3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3 3
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3 3 still to come tonight... the
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the year in mourning for a legendary musician. a look back of the life of natalie cole coming up, but first... 3 asman says: "a new year's resolution that bosses won't like in the new year. i'm david asman with the fox business network, more coming
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3 new year... new job? reports say it may be the right time to do so...david asman explains in tonight's "fox means business." 3 20-16 may be the year of getting a new job.(take pkg)a new career builder survey says more than 1 in 5 workers...are planning to leave their current employer this year... that's up 5-percent from last year. (fs)the markets closed friday for the new year's day holiday...20-15 marked the first loss for the dow since the financial crisis hit in 20-08.let's hope 20-16 brings back the bull.but 20-15 was a good year for your wallet at the pump.the average driver saving $550 last year from those low gas prices, homeowners planning to sell their house in the new year
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because the value of all homes nationwide growing $1.1 trillion dollars in 20-15.and forget losing weight or making more money...the top googled new year's resolution for 20-16 is "how to get rid of stress".(asman on cam)here's to a stress- free new year. that's a look at business. i'm david asman. 3 natalie cole has died.her family says the singer passed late thursday in los angeles due to complications from ongoing health issues.she was the daughter of the legendary nat king cole... but rose to make her own mark in the music world.but as jeremy roth reports... while cole's songs were beautiful, her life... by her own admission... sometimes wasn't. 3 unforgettable in every way... she was the daughter of a singing legend...who found her own musical the child of nat king cole and orchestra singer maria hawkins ellington...natalie cole was exposed to a rich performing tradition from a young age.her 19-91 version of her late father's standard
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alongside his voice - helped the album sell millions of copies and win six grammys in 19-92.cole was open about a years-long struggle with drug abuse.she was diagnosed in 20-08 with hepatits c - and went on a public search for a kidney's cole on c-n-n's larry king live in 20-09."it's like a virus, and they treat it very aggressively but i had had it forever and i had it from drug use."a nurse at the hospital where cole was being treated was so moved by the star's struggle -- that when her niece suddenly died -- she
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her kidney.meananan3 3 3 out. 3 at the muskies game last night... one sioux city woman got a great start to 2016.ann spulak stepped out to center ice in between the first and second periods to take part in a game.the goal: hit a puck from there through a tiny hole in a board set up in front of the goal.the prize: 5 *thousand* dollars in cash.
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snuck the puck through the hole and walked out a winner! congratulations ann!
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have a great evening. here's your check, mr. zz and mr. top. would you like a to-go box, or are you just gonna put it in your beard with the rest of your sandwich? we're in a beard-growing contest. they happen all over the country. it's a pretty big deal. what's first prize?
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i'm kidding, i know you don't have girlfriends.
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