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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 5, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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nine on fox 44."." 33 3 president obama is taking executive action intended to curb gun violence.and reaction to that plan has been swift from both sides of the aisle. 3 3 and tonight, those plans are first on fox. 3 3 the president's gun control initiatives expands background checks on firearm sales at gun shows and through the internet... while requiring dealers to be licensed. it also calls on congss to increase funding for mental health care and gun safety technology... while hiring more background checkers and a- t-f agents. 3 "each time this comes up, we are fed the excuse that common sense reforms, like background checks, might not have stopped the last massacre or t one before that or the one before that. so, why bother trying? i reject that thinking."the president was introduced by the father of a
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hook eleentary in connecticucu.. and he was jojoed by victims of gun violence... including former cong^esswoman gabby gifforns. 3 the president's announcement has touched off a firestorm of criticism.our jetske wauran spoke with some *local* gun sellers and owners who are reacting to the plans. 3 gun shop owners in sioux city tell me they don't believe president obama's 10-poinin plan is the best solution. instead, they're saying the president should focus on the real problem."you know it seemed pretty misleading in my opinion. there's a lot of stuff he covered that's already covered by law."chase cjeka is the owner of american brothers in arms, a gun shop in sioux city where customers can purchase guns both in-store and online."anytime you purchase a firearm anywhereonline it is required to come to a dealer by law. paul barrett, owner of shooting paradise in sioux city, explains that all licensed dealers have to do a background check for any type of gun.but he also says, guns don't cause violence, it's the people who do."it's not the
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it's the person using the gun. it's not the gun's fault." moved to tears, obama recalled the memory of the 2012 sandy hook massacre, that claimed the lives of 21 children."all of us need to stand up and protect its citizens. all of us need to demand governors, legislators, and businesses do their part to make their community safer." in an apparent effort to combat recent gun violence, president obama used executive action to impose new restrictions on gun control. those restrictions: a 10 point plan, including requiring dealers who sell firearms on the internet and at gun shows to be licensed and conduct background checks. "anytime you buy a gun online, it is already legally mandated to go to a dealer."according to the national rifle association, gun laws in the tri-state area- iowa, nebraska and south dakota- "regulate" the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. president obama insists he is
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right to take the action bringing about more background checks."you can go online today and buy a gun, it's still going to come to me as a dealer first and we're still going to run the same background check you would do if you bought the gun here in store."iowa republican senator rick bertrand says the second amendment is a bipartisan issue. "both republicans and democrats that support the second amendment can agree that president obama is overreached."president obama also wants to hire more than 230 additional fbi employees to help process background checks. as part of his push this week - he'll hold a town hall discussion on gun violence thursday. 3 key to the presidential changes, is trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who have mental health problems.our senior political reporter scott thuman examines the controversy of "privacy" versus "protection." 3 "we know we can't stop every act of evil in the world, but maybe we can stop one act, one act of violence"and one way, a tearful president obama says
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addressing mental health--with $500 million dollars to increase access to care and just as importantly: some health providers, courts and state officials who've been reluctant to share records because of privacy laws, are now free to do so. the goal: fill potentially dangerous gaps in the fbi's database which could prevent gun sales to thoho considered a risk. (ron honberg/legal director, national alliance on mental illness) "however the concern is that we not be overly broad in our reporting."ron honberg, from the national alliance on mental illness applauds the infusion of cash but has concerns about the data sharing. even though providing only a name and not a diagnosis would no longer be considered a hippa violation, it could be e deterrent for people seeking help.(honberg) "that's why we need to do this very, very, carefully and the devil, frankly, is going to be in the details."honberg says while it may seem wise to err on the side of caution, it could also further stigmatize mental health. and some on capitol hill say the
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(rep. marsha blackburn/(r) tennessee) "does hippa need to be updated on several different fronts? yes it does. it is not the president's position or job to do that. it is congress's job to change that statute."(obama) "for those in congress who blame shootings on mental health-- -here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is."scott thuman(/reporting) the white house also wants the social security administration to increase sharing of information, on the roughly 75,000 people a year in *it's* database, who recieve disability benefits for mental health issues.on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. 3 3 we want *your* opinon on the president's proposals. we haha an online poll at siouxland news dot com... askininwhether you think president's executive order is not enough... is it going too far... or is it just right. you can vote online and join the hundreds of people nationwide who've already shared their opinion.
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cloudy to overcast skies. south winds should be strong enough to keep the fog from forming. overnight temperatures won't drop too much, settling in the lower 30s. wednesday will see a slight chance for light snow during the daytime with a high of 34. look for light accumulations between a trtre to 1/2". thursdadawill be an interesting day as we should see clouds for most of it. temperatures will hover near the freezing mark most of the day, and as another system starts to push in from the southwest, we will start to see a little freezing rain, eet and snow. that chance will then change over to mostly snow by friday, with snow likely most of the day lingering into early saturday. before all is saididnd done we could see in the range of 1-3" possible east of i-29 with lesser amounts to the e st. once the snow clears, our first push of arctic air settles in for the end of the weekend into early next week. stay tuned over the next couple of days as conditions will possibly be changing quickly!>> 3 3 during a visit to northwest iowa today... texas senator ted cruz criticized the president's plans on gun control.the republican presidential candidate was in
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campaigning when the announcement was made.he offered this reaction at a campaign stop in onawa. 3 "you know this morning president obama is announcing new executive orders to try to go after our second amendment right to keep and bear arms, well i can tell you right now those executive orders are not worth the paper their printed on because when you live by the pen you die by the pen and my pen has got an eraser."cruz made another stop this afternoon in cherokee.... and he spoke at the de yager center at dordt college in sioux center tonight. 3 meanwhile... on the other side of the aisle, democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton was in sioux city this afternoon.our kayla novak was at her event at the orpheum theatre. kayla, what did she have to say? 3 larry, diana...the former secretary of state's appearance came just hours after president obama announced plans aimed at expanding background checks for gun purchases... and improving mental health treatment in america.she
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3 "i was appaulled when last summer you govenor vetoed a bi- partisan bill to keep two of your four mental health facilities open." four hundred fifty people packed the lobby of the orpheum theatre this afternoon... fo rpresidential hopeful hillary clinton's latest stop in siouxland. her talk included focusing on efforts by the obama administration to improve treatment of mental health issues."we need to remove once and for all the stigma on mental health. we need to get the insurance companies to pay for mental health issues just like they pay for any other issue. we need to do the same to get more treatment for substance abuse." she says she wants to create a tax break for caretakers... and work with state and local agencies as well as non- profit groups to help people in need of treatment.clinton was joined by sioux city state representative chris hall and woodbury county democratic party chair penny rosfjord...
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she also endorsed president obama's action on gun control. "and i will continue to take on the gun lobby to try to get common sense gun safety meausures. now i am very 3 proud of what the president call for this morning with his executive order. and i was please because some of what he called for i had advocated for backa c ouple of months ago during our debates and our campaign." 3 clinton concluded by vowing to defend and protect a woman's right to choose, voting rights, the v-a, social security and marriage equality. she also discussed plans to make the u- s the global leader in clean energy... and to make college affordable for all students. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at nine... why work suddenly *stopped* in a part of downtown sioux city this afternoon... and if
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3 but first... the latest on the manhunt in knox county, nebraska. how you can help police in their search for *this* man... coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 police in knox county, nebraska continue to search for a man in the niobrara arar.the manhunt for 28- year- old david ffman began this afternoon and d iefly forced the lockdown of towns' schools. authorities aren't saying *what* hoffman is wanted for... only that they are looking for him.hoffman is a native american who is 3 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds and has a distinctive tattoo on his throat.the knkn counun sheriff's office sayayhoffman should be considided armed and
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information on his location should call police immediately. 3 a former sioux city band director is pleading not guilty to charges of sexting a student.34 - year - old lucas (surs - lee) sursely is charged with "sexual exploitation of a minor by a school employee."the former north high band director was arrested in december.. just ys after abruptly resigning.court documents say (surs - lee) sursletexted a 15 - year - old student in his class about having sex with picture of himself in his underwear.his trial is set to begin in april. 3 a norfolk man is facing felony gun possession charges tonight.38- year- old kenneth smith was arrested after police responded to gunshots near the 300 block of south 6th street in norfolk last night.police say a search of smith's pickup turned up a rifle.. a 9 millimeter handgun... a shotgun... marijuana... and hydrocodone pills in an unmarked bottle.smith is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, and posession of a controlled
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3 3 a gas line break disrupted businesses in downtown sioux city this crews working near the intersection of 5th and nebraska accidentally hit a one and a half inch gas line just after 1 thisafternoon.rescue crews evacuated several businesses in the area because of the smell of gas.crews from midamerican energy quickly responded to fix the line. pepele were allowed to return to work a short time later.. 3 3 3 taking a live look out over dakota dunes tonight on our skywatch camera. 3 it was a calm day weather- wise... but that's going to change *very* soon.chad's got those details, coming up after the break. 3 are you ready for a treatment that can inject new life into your skin? it's called micro- needling and it can improve skins texture, tone and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. this treatment can infuse and inject topical's such as serums and nutrients deeper into the skin to achieve better delivery. it uses a sterile cartridge containing multiple tiny needles to puncture the skin. these micro traumas' then stimulate the skins natural collagen
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the
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before all is said and done we could see in the range of 1-3" possible st of i-29 with lesser amounts to the west. once the snow clears, our first push of arctic air settles in for the end of the weekend into early next week. stay tuned over the next couple of days as conditions will possibly be changing quickly!>> 3 it's a reality tv icon g gting ready for ititfinal run on fox 3 coming up after the break... we're going behind the scenes of american idol to find out why producers think its final season is going to be the best one yet.the best one going to be season is think its final why producers to find out american idol the scenes of going behind break... we're after the coming up 3
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3 quickly!>>3 3 it's a reality tv icon getting ready for its final run on fox 3 coming up after the break... we're going behind the scenes of american idol to find out why producers think its final season is going to be the best
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3 the talent train known as
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station for its final season on fox tomorrow night.but as michelle pollino shows us... the judges and talent are hoping that this last whistle-stop tour may be the best yet... d they're pulling out all the stops. 3 "american idol" is kicking off it's final season, and after 14 groundbreaking years of discovering superstar talent, judge harry connick jr. knows they have a tough job ahead of them. " i think the last couple of years we put a lot of faith in some of these young performers to improve greatly over the course of the season... that doesn't happen as much as you'd like to see,o we're trying to pick people who are a little more ready to go right out of the gate." the contestants 3 are well aware that this is their last chance to become an
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the moment that i've been waiting my whole life for, and it's tomorrow, it's right now, it's incredible. "i was here last year actually, and i made it to the last round in hollywood week and i'm really hoping to surpass that this year and redeem myself in some ways." rap giant kanye west surprised the judges, with an impromptu audition in san franansco... "what arereou going to do for us today?" kanye west says: "i just wanted to do something original"lopez says: "we gave him a ticket, he can come to hollywood if he wants, 'you can come kanye, it's ok. i don't know if you could ever had gotten there on your own but you can come', no it was a lot of fun."3 after launching g e careers of so many chart topping singers, judge keiturban says 'idol' has returned to its roots as it bids farewell... urban says: "i think the interesting thing about idol is, that it's the first of it's kind to spur on all these other shows to come
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with it's formula a little bit, but realized it's got it right, and circled back around in so many ways for me...a.a gotten back, e last couple of seasons, it's gotten back to the heart of what idol is."
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