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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 7, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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firefighters.(tails clipped)it happened in northwest iowa a few years ago. now theives are cutting off the tails of horses in *nebraska.*(making a comeback)and... u-s military leaders say a familiar enemy is making a comeback. 3 3 a northeast nebraska community is taking the first steps towards building a new wastewater treatment plant.while community leaders support the plan... it could mean major rate hikes for 3 first on fox. 3 3 tonight the e ty council in dakota city, nebraska got a esentation on a proposed 6 point 8 million dollar wastewater treatment plant. the plant would be built a mile south of the current facility. because the project isn't eligible for any grants... it would be paid for by a 20- year loan. that loan would be repaid by increased water and sewage rates. current sewer rates are 30
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increase to at least 60 dollars a month. despite the cost... some city officials say the new plant is badly needed. 3 "the city has a wastewater plant about 40 years o o. it's falling apart. so the city commitioned a study,y,nd now is in the design phase in building a new facility. to replace the old facility provide better treatment to dicharge the wastewater into the enviroment."if approved... it's hoped the new plant would be ready for operation by august of 2018. at that time... the current wastewater treatment facility would be demolished. 3 a man who sparked a massive manhunt in northeast nebraska has died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound.the search for 25- year- old david hoffman began in niobrara tuesday afternoon... after hoffman assaulted a police officer who was trying arrest him... and then stole the officer's gun.yesterday (wednesday) hoffman was found on the santee sioux reservation where federal and tribal officers once again tried to arrest him.they say hoffman shot himself. he was taken to a hospital where he later died.
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investigation. the agency says no officers fired their weapons during the attempted arrest. 3 3 kentucky senator rand paul made a stop in sioux city today. 3 about 50 people gathered at the wilbur aalfs library for the candidate's meet and greet. paul says america's debt is threatening national security... and added if elelted, he won't send americans to war without a a te in congress. he also believes this week's executive orders issued by president obama on gun control are unconstitutional... and dangerous. 3 "so we should do everything we can to stop this. not only because i think gun control doesn't fix the problem, criminals tend not to pay much attention to gun control, but because it endangers the balance of powers. "paul was joined by his wife. he said he hopes they can go skating while in iowa to celebrate his birthday. 3 3 another republican candidate will be in siouxland on monday. dr. ben carson has stops planned in denison, sioux city ananle mars.the denison and le
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events...while the sioux city event will be a round- table discussion with pastor john maxwell. times and locations for all these events are available online at siouxland news dot com 3
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3 they've come a long ways since using buckets... and later horses... to put out a book hilighting the 140 year history of sioux city's firefighters is on the bookshelves. our kayla novak has more. 3 george lindblade picked up a camera 71 years ago and has traveled the world finding history through his lens. in sioux city he was known as *the sioux city fire photographer.* "i have always been hanging around fire stations and that's what drives you to dodot. cause you get to know the people, you get to know their personalities. you get to know what makes them tick and fire fighters are a unique breed." this was the inspiration for his wife.. lou ann and his
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describes the history of sioux city's fire department and its firefighters since 1865. "there is a lot of information and there was a lot of information around but it is in various places, various books, and this brings it all together to one spot." the book includes photos from sioux city fires, fundraising events for the station and even some recipes from a fire house chef. the lindblade's hope the book is a way for the fire department's history to live on ithe community. "and hopefully this book will spark some more people to get interested in it." kayla novak siouxland news. 3 the lindblades are among numerous contributors to the book. you can pick up a copy of *fully involved* at their store called "sioux city gifts" on pierce street. you can find the full address in this story on our website siouxlandnews dot com. 3 from 2008 until 2011... someone was cutting off and stealing the tails of horses in northwest iowawa 3 now it's happening in nebraska. a couple near north bend discovered the tails
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when they looked on line... they found horse hair can sell for up to 400 dollars a pound. 3 (vickie tompkins) "they take the hair off the horses tail to make a hat band, or make hair extensions to put on some high dollar show horse, i'm p-o'd."the same thing has happened in raymond, nebraska... and near wayne. in iowa during 2011... a storm lake man got two years probation for doing the same thing to more than 25 horses during a three year span. 3 3 a common office chair *could* be the cause of a lot of workman's comp claims. the reason why, still ahead in tonight's fox means business report. 3 3 but first... as al- qaeda turns *30*... we're looking at the u- s strategy to *destroy* the terror group and others like it in tonight's safe and secure report... coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox
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castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 3 we're tracking the latest developments tonight in the war on terror... as isis reveals it killed a journalist last year... but used her social media to hunt down others until this week. 3 kimberly suitors has the latest developments inin tonight't'terrorisisalert desk upupte. 3 from the terrorosm alert desk in washington, i'm kimberly suiters . an american is arraigned on charges for plotting an attack on a u.s base in afghanistan. prosecutors say muhanad mahmoud al farekh planned to attack the base back in 2009. farekh was born in texas and joined al qaeda in pakistan in 2007. isis has executed a female syrian journalist then
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hunt down enemies for months. ruqui hassan was prominent journalist reporting from sya. while she was captured and executut in september, the terrorisisgroup kept thehe slaughter a secret until this week.isis posed as her to trap her friends and colleagues as late as last weekand, army gen. joseph votel, the leader of u.s. special operations forces who has played a big role in the fight against isis, will be named by president obama as the next commander of u.s. central commandfrom the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm kimberly suiters . 3 it comes as no surprise isis has been dominating headlines given their past atrocities. but military leaders say a familiar enemy is making a comeback. al qaeda the terrorist group behind 9/ tonight's safe and secure report... our national correspondent jeff barnd 3 talks to experts who say these extremists could *once* again plot attacks against the west. 3 al qaeda is nearly 30 years
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afghanistan in the late 70's and 80's and so far.. despite constant american strikes and killing osama bin laden, the group behind the *worst* attack on u-s- soil survives. /sot/braniff"al qaeda's resurgence or continued existance should certainly be a concern for the u.s. and other western governments.""/vo/ a u.s. led tack on an al-qaeda camp last fall in afghanistan killed more than 200 al qaeda members and revealed a previousily unknown sophistacated network of fortresses. litary officials say there are *other* such compounds.. but just *how* many is unknown this as, a *new* generation of al qaeda jidhadists is growing./sot/ shaffer"now what we see is an al qaeda that is going through a "madonna like renewal of identity". and i think they're very quietly trying to pick up on what is working with isis and then integrating that into their philosophy as they go forward."/bridge/"retired
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the last 15 years, the total u.s. military cost against terrorism in africa and the near east has been roughly 2- trillion dollars and al qaeda's goal is to win the battle against the west through attrition."/sot/shaffer "the idea of trying to bleed us with 1000 cuts was effective at least initially. they were able to draw us both into afghanistan and iraq." /map/now, experts say *other* terror groups have drawn the u.s into several hotspots nigeria, egypt, syria, jordan, djibouti, iraq and afghanistan. /vo/with isis s contntuing *it's* bloody campaigns and boko haram, whwh recently killed at least 50-people in nigeria military experts say it's ill-timed that an old adversary *al qaeda* is re-emergingi'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 other terror groups like al shabaab attacked a bus in kenya last month killing 2 people but dr. braniff says
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organization has weakened because of poor leadership. 3 3 3 taking a live look out norfolk tonight on our square tire skywatch camera... 3 some snow is falling across northwest iowa and northeast nebraska tonight...chad'll tell us how much accumulation we can expect coming up after
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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inch. highs around 33. north winds 10 to 15 mph becoming 15
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3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at nine... we're going inside siouxland's gets ready for its grand opening next month... but first... 3 asman says: "falling down on the job. literally. i'm david
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network. more coming up."3 if you're on the hunt for a new job... the forecast is looking good this year...david asman has more in
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3 stocks getting hammered... again.the dow losing another 392 points, on more fears over china's slumping economy.the dow having its worst four-day start to a year... in history. but it could be a good year... if you're looking for a job. according to a new survey, around a third of companies plan on adding some full-time employees this year.this coming ahead of the government's employment report for the final month of 2015, coming out friday morning. meantime, home buyers are still looking at low rates.the 30-year fixed rate mortgage falling back below 4 percent. this coming after rates had actually been moving higher at the end of last year.and if you're kikiing back on one of these in the office... watch h depot recalling 300,000 of its "crawley two" executive chairs. apparently the seat plate can break... which means you can just fall over. ((on cam))that's business. i'm david asman. 3 3 sioux city'snew children's
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its opening day.the launchpad children's museum on pearl street will officially open february 11th. but members will have a chance to take a sneak peek before the official opening the weekend director bob fitch says most of the hands- on museum's exhibits are nearly complete.a yearly membership costs 85 dollars for a family. most of the exhibits are targeted to kids s betwtwn 6 months and 10 years old... but should be fun for teens and adults as well. 3 3 we've got some canine advice ahead of this weekend's nfl playoffs... coming up after
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3 3 3 3 coming up this sunday on fox 44... we have a fantastic n- f- c playoff matchup as the green bay packers hit the road to take on the washington redskins.the packers have lost six of their last ten games ananfive- time pro bowl quarterback aaron rodgers has looked human in that time. meanwhile the redskins have one fewer win... but they're playing at home and are riding a four game winning streak. 3 its time now for our puppy picks brought to you by c&k comfort systems in sioux city. we've got a very cute and adoptable puppy from the siouxland humane society here
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diana with more. 3 thanks larry,welcome to this weeks puppy picks, joining us from the siouxland humane society is roberta along with gypsy!. so roberta can you tell us a little bit about gypsy?"gypsy came into us as a stray. we think she's about three years old. we think she is a little minpnp mix. she's a little on the shy side so she's going g to need a little extra workrkut i'm sure she's going to be a very loveable dog once she gets use to the family she goes home with. she's a good girl."oooh, she's a little shy but i'm sure she can warm up to any loving family. will you talk to us a little about the adoption process?"the adoption process is pretty easy. adoption prices vary from animal to animal. gypsy is ninety-five dollars to adopt but with that ninety-five dollars it includes microchip, she's already microchipped. she's current on all of her vaccinations, she would
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you get a free health exam and you would d be giving a dog a forever family. thth're sitting down at the shelter just waiting. she's a good girl."okay. allright gypsy, it's time to make your pick and we have the greenbay packers against the washington redskins... and the winner is.. is that the packers? yes! we have a winner. all right and remember you can catch this game.. oh wait, or both! no, she chose the packers first.. and remember, you can this game on fox . the game starts at three-forty right here on fox forty-four. back to you guys. 3 3 well you just saw that gypsy chose the green bay packers, im going with the redskins, chad who are you going with? diana says she's going with the packers and so is chris.
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with the redskins.remember gypsy is up for adoption at
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here's your check. i didn't charge you for the fries, 'cause i ate them.
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