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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 13, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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the snow...possibly for days. (nitrate lawsuit)iowa's supreme court will hear parts of a water quality lawsuit filed against three, northwest iowa counties.(billion dollar drawing)why settle for millions... when you can win a billion in tonight's powerball drawing.(tragic ending)the life of troubled, former nebraska football star lawrence phillips comes to a tragic ending.(are we doing enough?) and... critics of the president's handling of isis want more action. 3 it's a story you saw here first on siouxland news yesterday. a sioux city woman missing since sunday... found alive in a field near moville. now... we're hearing from the people who found her... and those who are gratatul she's still alive. 3 and tonight that story is first on fox. 3 24- year- old shaniqwa hayes is being treated for hypothermia and frostbite at mercy medical center. our jetske wauran spoke with the sheriff's deputies who saved
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friends. 3 "we're thankful that you know that she was found and to the woodbury county sheriff."her closest friends, her family telling us, how grateful they are to be reunited shiqwa hayes..who had been missing since sunday afternoon."when they did find her they said she's still alive."loving, kind, outgoing. her family describes the 24-year-old as a very generous person.but when she didn't show up for work, her long-time friend and co- worker kaitlin nguyen, knew something was wrong.i called her a text heher a few times and got no response from her so that was when i was alerting julie letting them know that something was up."family members started a search for her."i went to tyson where she works, to try and find video, surveillance, somebody had mentioned that they had seen her somewhere else, i went there and asked for videos surveillance and it was kind of allver."but it wasn't until tuesday afternoon when lt. tony wingert received a about 19 minutes after
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me as i was leaving the law enforcement center stating that nebraska law enforcement center was attempting to locate shaniqwa wingert and deputy hansen immediately drove to moville. deputy david hansen was the first person to discover hayes, faced down on the snow. and at first glance, they couldn't believe their wingert said i saw her eyes move and right away we got an ambulance started.hayes was located a short distance from her vehicle.we looked through the vehicle and looked for footprints, just snow completely undisturbed aroundnd all three doors besides the driver's side and keys were still there, cell phone, everything, her wallet with money like somebody didn't take anything from for the family,it makes me proudof sioux city, how many people reached out and shared everything that they shared and really looking for her, shows a lot of people care for
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3 the woodbury county sheriff's office says there was no sign of foul play. now... an account has been set up at northwest bank to help hayes'family. we have a link with more information which can be found in this story on our website... siouxland news dot com. 3 3 portions of a federal lawsuit filed by the des moines waterworks against three northwest iowa drainage districts over nitrate runoff are going to the iowa supreme court for clarification.that's on the orders of the federal judge who's been asked to dismiss that lawsuit. the des moines utility says it cost a record one-and-a-half million dollars last year to run the equipment that keeps tap water below the federally mandated limit for nitrates. it blames the drainage districts for not preventing the nitrates from entering the raccoon river in the first place. the judge says there are a number of questions about *state* law that could impact the *federal* case... and he wants the state supreme court to rule on them. 3 3 got your ticket? we're just under an hour away from
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3 the jackpot that's up for grabs is 1 point 5 *billion* dollars. the lump sum amount is nearly 800 million. even if you take the annuity, you'll still get 89 million dollars a year for 29 years. lottery retailers in siouxland say they've seen plenty of people buying tickets today. more than 80 percent of the trillions of possible number combinations have been sold for tonight's drawing. in the event there is no winner tonight... *saturday's* estimated jackpot will be an even *two* billion dollars. 3 3 the spring semester doesn't begin until next week... but nearly 200 briar cliff university students are already back in town... and back to work. 3 it's part of briar cliff's "j- term." those students are spending this week doing 2- thousand hours of community service work at more than 20 siouxland area agencies.and it's not just giving for giving's sake. the work done in the community is tied to
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3 "what we want the students to learn is how to give back and so we are always working toward that franciscan experience and how to serve others. we want the students to learn think critically, act meaningfully so they connect with what they learn in the classroom and then go out aboard. "while some of the students are out around town at places like whispering creek retirement community and the siouxland animal rescue... others are as far away as honduras and the galapagos islands. 3 "one great thing i think about this program that a lot of the briar cliff students aren't from the sioux city area. so it gives them a great opportunity to businesses and the wonderful culture we have here in sioux city. it also helps bridge that generational gap between the college students and helping the elderly."all the students taking part in j- week service events are first- year students at briar cliff. 3 3
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overnight lows dipping to around 20 degrees. for thursday, we are going to see another very nice afternoon ahead of our next arctic surge. we are going to see mostly sunny skies and i would not be surprised to see a few areas reach 40 degrees or warmer tomorrow afternoon. thursday night into friday our next series of cold fronts works into the area. temperatures will be much cooler topping out in the upper 20s on friday, but the brunt of the cold air won't settle in until the weekend. once again we are looking at sub-zero lows sunday, monday and tuesday mornings. bundle up.>> 3 president obama's first stop on his traditional post- state of the union campaign tour was very close to sioux city this year...the president spoke to a crowd of 8- thousand at the university of nebraska- omaha's baxter arena this afternoon.reporter maria thompson from our sister
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there... and has the reaction of u- n- o students to the president's visit. 3 "president obama made his first stop to omaha this evening, to discuss a variety of national issues,,,but for some students, they say this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the president at their school""i'm honored that i go to a school that he's coming, and he's going to be on our's just so exciting."rebecca karst was one of eight thousand in the crowd today to hear the president's speech.she says it was an opportunity unlike any other.president obama sot "whenever i give a state of the union, i want to get out of washington and talk to people in the country... and the first place i decided to visit was omaha."sot"it's crazy...even if i didn't love him i would still come because just the idea that a president is in omaha and at the school i attend,,,"other students say
9:08 pm's their obligation to go.dietrich king sot 'it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, im probably never going to hear a president speak again...a life changing event...definitiely a milestone."karst says this event goes beyond just her school."we're smart intelligent students...and i dont know he chose our school...and as a community to put on this great event that i organized...i don't know, i'm proud."maria standup close "these students say they hope the president's visit here will get their friends, and others more involved in politics and more engaged in the community..."in omaha, maria thompson siouxland news. 3 the president took off from omaha about three hours ago. when he arrived he was greeted by omaha mayor jean stothert and governor pete ricketts. 3 3 some sad news to report tonight... former nebraska runningback lawrence phillips has been found dead in his cell at a california prison.
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was suicide. 3 just yesterday... phillips was in court for a preliminary hearing for a murder charge. authorities say he strangled his prison cellmate to death last year.phillips was serving a 31-year plus term for assaulting his former girlfriend and driving his car into several teenagers.the 40-year-old was a star for the huskers in the 90's... and was a 1st round draft pick of the rams... but only played 3 seasons in the n- f- l. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at nine... a skiing trip turns deadly for some french schoolchildren. that story and more ahead in tonight's world wrap... 3 but first... the president's speech last night featured plenty of talk about isis... but little actual substance. coming up after the break... why that's got experts on *both* sides worried. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 3 in his final state of the union address, president barack obama spent a great deal of his speech addressing isis at times. downplaying the threat from the islamic state. national correspondent jeff barnd has reaction from leaders on both sides of the aisle to find out if the president laid out anything *new* in the war on isis. 3 sot "they pose an enourmous danger to civilians. they have to be stopped."/vo/president obama talking about the war on isis in his state of the union address. but one political expert says his speech was *less* about policy and *more* about rhetoric. /sot/ rehr"it just seems like president obama for whatever reason doesn't take it as seriously as the rest of us perceive it to be." /vo/some republicans feel america is in a holding pattern in the war on isis until there's a change
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rohrabacher "it's going to be now even worse for the next 12 months or 11 months as long as he is still president."/sot/ jeb bush "i believe it's at the core of what we need to do as a nation to keep us safe. we need to destroy isis. we can't contain it."/bridge/"but some lawmakers feel the fault lies with *congress.* that congress should go on the record ... and vote yes or no to declare *war* on isis."/sot/ elijah cummings"we need to to the american people that we stand with the president."/vo/ still... other democrats thought mr obama's message on isis missed the mark./sot/rep kildee "i would've preffered to hear a much more detailed set of plans as to how we organize an international effort to stop isis."/vo/ tuesday, the president *tried* allaying the fears that prays on the minds of many americans combating the islamic state. /sot/obama "but they do not threaten our national existence."/vo/in washington i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 another topic the president's
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last year is gun control... and he's already announced new executive action on the topic.those measures the subject of our next "your voice, your future" town hall called "guns in america."this one- hour roundtable will stream live on-line at siouxland news dot com... and be broadcast over the air on our decades channel on channel will take place on tuesday, january 19th from 6 until 7 o'clock in the evening. 3 3 3 iran has released the 10 american sailors it detained yesterday after their boats strayed into iranian waters. the sailors were turned over to the u- s navy this morning... along with their boats.secretary of state john kerry thanked iranian diplomats for their quick response... and says the u- s sailors were treated well by the iranians. 3 3 at least three people are dead after an avalanche in the french alps this afternoon. authorities say a group of french teenagers on a school trip as well as a ukrainian were caught in the avalanche
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are confirmed dead at this least one person remains missing. 3 3 and nearly two years since it disappeared... the first lawsuit has been filed in the case of malaysian airlines flight 370.that suit filed on behalf of the sons of one of says the compensation offered to victims' families by the airline's insurance company is offensive.there is a looming deadline to file similar suits... coming up in early march. 3 3 3 we're taking a live look out over dakota dunes tonight on our sky watch camera. chad says enjoy tomorrow. our string of nicer days is coming
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next.3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3
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about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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3 3 coming up after the break on siouxland news at nine... we'll tell you how the siouxland community health center is helping people beat an upcoming deadline for obamacare. but first: 3 payne on cam: "the city with worst beg bug problem is?....we'll tell you.i'm charles payne with the fox business network. more coming
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3 there's a new report out suggesting car prices won't be going up. that's good news. however --- there's bad news for one american city...a big bed bug problem. charles payne has the details in this fox means business report. 3 payne on cam: looking for a new car in the new year?you could be driving away with "a steal of a deal".(take vo) according to a new report, new car prices are likely to stall in 2016.some of the main
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market, and rising costs for car loans.speaking of loans... more americans are jumping into the housing market because of low applications for purchases and refinancing seeing their biggest weekly jump in three months.not a good day for your 401k.the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all taking a dive on wednesday. all are down more than 10 percent from their recent highs.and here's something folks in the windy city will not want to hear.for the 4th year in a row...orkin pest control is naming... chicago the top bed bug city in america.orkin basing its results on the number of times it gave bed bug treatments. payne on cam: well... sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.that's business. i'm charles payne. 3 3 the enrollment deadline for obamacare is coming up at the end of the month. but you don't have to make your selection alone.tomorrow the siouxland community health center is offering help picking a plan from the healthcare dot gov exchange to those who are eligible. no appointments is necessary... but you do have to bring all the information
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3 "it's very important for people to have insurance especially this year because without insurance your penalty is going to be $695 or 2.5% of your household income."the "beat the rush" enrollment event continues tomorrow between 8 and 5 at the health center. 3 3 coming up after the break... how some twin cities school kids are trying to cheer up vikings kicker blair walsh after sunday's heartbreaking
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3 3 3 3 finally tonight, check this out. 3 "some first graders in a twin cities suburb are learning an important lesson..."empathy... or the ability to understand the feelings of others. they're sending cards and letters of encouragement to minnesota vikings kicker blair walsh. walsh's missed a chip shot field goal that cost the team sunday's playoff game. many of the kids parents probably had a different reaction. but the teacher decided this might serve as a great example for the
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i have to apologize.
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