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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 14, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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stealing and burlarizing cars. (governors visit)the governors of iowa... and nebraska come to siouxland... touting their legislative proposals for the new year.(losing ground) despite capturing headlines...experts say *isis* has *lost* a good deal of its conquered territory. our national correspondent investigates.(puppy picks) and... kevin the shih tzu - chihuahua mix... makes his pick for this weekend's nfc playoffs. 3 3 a sioux city teen already in custody on theft charges in iowa is facing *more* charges tonight.the new charges are in connection with a string of auto burglaries in south dakota. 3 3 and tonight that story is first on fox. 3 3 19- year- old franky corral was arrested last wednesday in sioux city and charged with stealing a car and running away from police, among other north sioux city police chief richard headid says corral 3 confessed to several car break- ins in south
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sioux city recently warned residents about a string of nearly two dozen car burglaries in the's not known how many of those are connected to corral.police say he matches the person seen in security video from some of the burglaries. 3 3 a sioux city man is facinin charges of robbing a friend in the morningside area.20- year- old justin dahlheimer is charged with 2nd degree robbery.police say he asked a friend to meet him at a home on vine street to meet with some girls.when the friend arrived, police say dahlheimer and a black man assaulted him... stealing his wallet, money and car keys.a search of dahlheimer's cacafound the victim's coat. he's currently being held in the woodbury county jail on 10- thousand dollars bond. 3 3 and a rock valley, iowa man will spend the next five years in prison on drug charges.29- year- old austin mulder was convicted of possessing pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture meth.he was sentenced monday
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with that sentence set to run alongsgse his sentences on seserate forgery and theft convictions.after his release... he will have to serve 100 hours of community service and pay nearly 9- hundred dollars in fines. 3 for the second drawing in a row... a siouxland powerball player came within one number of winning the gigantic jackpot.our kayla novak went to the store where siouxland's latest millionaire bought his tickck... in the small monona county town of onawa. 3 (sot youre a winner) 23-year-old bryon stewart is the lucky winner of $2 million dollars. he missed the jackpot by only the powerball, which won him 1 million dollars. the fact that he opted for the power play option won him the extra million. " i think it was mainly all the hype. all of the... everything going around you know. i just had adrenaline over it. i had to take the chance; i had to try it. and i took it and it payed out. // i just never thought i
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thought i would be 23 years old and be a millionaire." people of onawa are very excited for him. "you know i hope they use it you know wisely and enjoy theirselves a little bit." some now think that onawa's casey's on 10th street is extra lucky. "well it sold a million dollar ticket a couple years ago too. so, it might be one of the lucky stores.. i am not for sure; i hope it is. i hope this 10 dollars here that i spend will get me at least... free tickets." though many are dissapointed that they didn't win this round, theywill continue to play. "you bet i am gonna buy. ten bucks today.. yeah... you bet we are going to buy agaga." i guess it's true what they say... you can't win, if you dont play. kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 siouxland states are reporting several close calls with last night's mega iowa... in addition to the 2 million dollar prize
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thousand dollars... and 3 won 50- thousand dollar nebraska... 5 people took home 50- thousand dollar prizes.and in south dakota... two plers won 50- thousand dollar prizes. 3 3 a morning accident in morningside sent one person to the happened just after 10- 30 this morning at the intersection of south helen and gordon drive. the driver of a truck trying to turn onto gordon from south helen collided with an s- u- v... forcing the s-u-v onto the curb and causing it to roll.the driver of the s- u- v was taken to mercy with minor injuries. the driver of the truck was ticketed for failure to yield. 3 3 sioux city's city council hit the road again this morning.the council and mayor held their monthly "coffee with the council" meeting at scooter's on hamilton boulevard.council members say having the informal meeting outside of city hall makes it easier for member of the community to approach them and share their concerns..these
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thursday of each month... in a different location each month. 3
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3 earlier this week, iowa and south dakota's governors gave their condition of the state addresses... and today, it was nebraska governor pete ricketts' turn.addressing lawmakers at the state capitol... ricketts called for more cuts and changes to the state's property tax system... to help troubled farmers and ranchers affected by lower commodity prices.he also called for investment in roads and bridges... and for government departments to work smarter to save taxpayers' money. 3 3 after his state of the state address... governor ricketts headed to south sioux city for his s annual state of the state fly around.the stop in south sioux city is the first of 1 events at 11 locations in 2 days.the governor answered questions about his proposals to close a gap in the state budget... and also his position on the debate over legalizing medical cannabis in nebraska. 3 "we have a process here in this country to take drugs like marijuana, you know
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for medical purposes, it's called the f-d-a and in fact their are dirivitives of marijuana right now that are going through that f-d-a process. i think that's the appropriate way for us to determine whether or not the safe and effective"after south sioux city, the governor took off for events in columbus, grand island and hastings. 3 3 iowa's governor is touting sioux city's school superintendent for help in coming up with a plan that would fund both schools *and* protect the state's water.the issuof water quality has come to the forefront recently with the des moines waterworks suing three northwest iowa drainage districts. it says the districts are allowing excess nitrates to flow into the racoon governor branstad told me superintendent paul gausman played a role in the governor's plan to extend for another 20 years the one- cent sales tax that funds frastucture imprprements for schools. and it would also raise an estimated 4 - point 7 billion dollars over that time for water quality efforts.
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school infrastructure. but then i put together the idea of what if we do that and address the issue of water quality... and we could do it in a way that doesn't require a tax increase."the governor adds this proposal would also provide a long term... stable source of funding for both programs. 3 3 still to come tonight at nine... if you're on the hunt for a job... listen up. why the first five minutes of an interview are the most important, coming up in the fox means business report. 3 3 but first... even as isis launches another major terror attack on a major city, the group is *losing* ground in its home base.what this means for the fight *against* isis, coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 3 3 life returning to normal in the indonesian capital of jakarta tonight... after five islamic militants attacked a heavily- trafficked area of the city this morning.two of the attackers detonated suicide belts... while three others were killed in a shootout with police. authorities believe the group was hohong to replicate the deadly attacks last year in paris.two civilians were killed in the attack... and nearly 2 dozen were wounded. isis has taken credit for the attack. 3 despite capturing headlines and carrying-out recent bloody campaigns... experts say *isis* has *lost* a good deal of its conquered tonight's safe and secure report, national correspondent jeff barnd examines *what* isis actually lost... 3 and what one expert says is needed *now*... to defeat the islamic state. 3 /nat/ recent strikes worldwide by isis keeps them highly-visible... but terror
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*lost* nearly 15% of its land holdings in 2015 to coalitions forces/sot/paul salem "definitely it is good news. anytime they lose territory /butt/paul salem "the more that can be closed down, the better that is" /helptrac map/ areas lost by isis a large chunk of syria's northern border with turkey, where isis smuggled jihadists and supplies over the turkish border the iraqi city of tikrit and a stretch of highway between raqqa and mosul *the* main pipeline for transferring isis soldiers and supplies./sot/paul salem"but when you're talking about such a dangerous and heinous group like isis, containing it while it's continuing to survive, is in and of itself not good news. that's bad news 1/bridge/ bad news in the sense that *despite* losing territory, experts say isis will still take some time to defeat and *one* reason for this according to the heritage foundation, the lack of u.s. advisers on the ground in iraq and syria. /sot/phillips "the u.s. needs to embed advisors with those groups to get closer to the battlefront ..
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/vo/ that intelligence according to phillips is *also* needed.. to cut off foreign fighters from joining isis ranks./sot/ phillips - "more than 25,000 have flowed there to join isis. so the quicker isis is defeated militarily, the sooner that flow of foreign fighters will dry up."/vo/ this loss of isis terrority may come as gogo news but there's still *much* to o /sot/paul salem -they're still around, they're still powerful, and they are not about to be defeated unfortunately anytime soon." /vo/ in washington im jeff barnd reporting. 3 despite isis losing *some* territory, it made some significant gains as well. last summer, isis seized several strongholds in syria 3 3 3 taking a live look out over downtown sioux city tonight onon our j- c roofing and insulating skywatch camera. 3 the winds are picking up and the temperature is getting ready to drop.chad's got the
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after the break.3 "first alert ather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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things will keep trending colder for the weekend with the coldest air arriving monday morning when we could see morning lows in the 15-20 below zero range with wind chills approaching -40. as far as snow goes we may see a little bit saturday night into
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3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at nine... we're turning n- f- l picking duties over to the dogs!week
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ahead, but first... 3 payne says: "why the first five minutes of that next job interview... are the most impopoant. i'm charles payne with the fox business network.
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3 if you're having money troubles - you might want to head to montana...charles payne tells us why in tonight's "fox means business" report. 3 looking for a new job? you better make a good first impressionon. and make it fast. according to a new survey, half of bosses know within the first five minutes of an job interview if a candidate is good for the position. bosses looking for signs like eye contact and smiles right from the get-go. meantime, it's getting a little cheaper to buy a home. the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage falling this week... we're now just above 3.9 percent, and still at historically low levels. investors breathing a sisi of relief. at least for now. the dow rallying on thursday, up 227 points. and it turns out montana... is money. a new study showing montana residents are the best at managing their cash. the study
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state's average credit score along with its median income. by the way... maryland residents coming in last. that's business. i'm charles 3 pick a winner in this weekend's n- f- c playoff game... coming up after the break.
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seahawks are the defending nfc champions thanks to a historically great defense. we've got a very cute and adoptable puppy from the siouxland humane society here to make the pick. here is diana with more. 3 thanks larry,welcome to this weeks puppy picks, joining us now is roberta along with kevin from the siouxland humane society. and you have some good news to tell us about tammy who was last week's feature.tammy actually got adopted, i think it was the following day, she went home with a little old lady. i saw them at petco the following weekend, she was just shopping up a storm. tammy was followink her new momma right behind her, she seemed very excited.gypsy is still looking so she's got some people to come down and look at her.well that's great news that we were able to find a home for tammy. now tell us about adorable kevin here. kevin is 4 months old, he is a shih tzu chihuahua mix, i
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pretty small the momma was really tiny and kevin does have a little sister down there. his little sister is a little bit darker than he is but this is a little sweet guy. can you tell a little about the adoptation process?the adoptation process, you come down visit with them, if you like them, they like you. they take you to the adoptation room, there's paper work you need to do. kevin is $165, he's current on his vaccinations, he will be microchipped before he leaves, he will needed to be neutered within 30 days of turning 6 months old, that's a state law. alright kevin are ready to make your pick?headed the 3 wrong way... and 20, the 30, the forty. and we have a
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that as a win. because he stuck his nose in there, so we have the seahawks... yes the seahawks is kevin's can watch the seahawks vs. panthers right here on fox 44 at 12:05 on sunday.. back to you guys. 3 3 well you just saw that kevin chose the seattle seahawks, im going with the panthers, chad who are you going with? chad is going with the panthers diana says she's going with the seahawks and so is chris. taking a look at last weeks standings diana and chris are 1 and 0, chad and i 0 and 1.c&k comfort system is going with the panthers. they are 0 and 1.remember kevin is up for adoption at the siouxland humane society. we have the adoption information on our website siouxland news dot com. we will see how everyone did next thursday on the next
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ll go check on your salads. oleg, what's the hold up with the salads? i never made one before.
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