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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 15, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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leave sioux city for dallas-fort worth at 3:15pm. the 50 seat jet will be operated by the regional carrier "american eagle."... which currently provides daily service between sioux city and chicago. 3 "it's a great felling the main theme of today is the air service in sioux city just got better today. and the whole region won... not just sioux city."won... not just sioux city."dallas - fort worth provides a connecting hub for travelers heading to more than 200 cities in more than 25 countries. 3 "with this new service our customers in sioux city will have direct access two of america's busiest hubs. and access an easy one stop access to flight to dozens of cities across europe, asia, and latin america."tickets can be purchased starting *tomorrow* by visiting the websites of american airlines or the sioux gateway airport. 3 3 the akron, iowa man accused of murdering his mother in the summer of 2014 *is* competent
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3 that's the decision of a plymouth county judge.the attorney for jonathan neunaber argued his client suffers from mental health issues that prevent him from understanding the charges against hi...m and assisting in his own defense. while acknowledging that both experts that examined neunaber diagnosed him with a mental illness... judge steven andreasen ruled it doesn't reach the threshold of being "incompetent." pprosecutors can now move forward with a trial... but no date has been set. 3 the nebraska supreme court has rejected a second appeal from the man convicted twice of a 2010 murder in'aris trice was first convicted in 2013 for stabbing a man to death at a norfolk home... but won a new trial from the state supreme court because of issues with instructions given to the that new trial in 2014... trice was found guilty once again and sentenced to a minimum of 40- years in prison.he says the court was
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of witness statements into evidence... and that the sentence he received was excessive.the supreme court says there's no evidence the trial court acted wrongly. 3 one teenager is dead after a rollover accident in monona county this morning.investigators say a car driven by 15- year- old sidney solberg of moorhead lost control just after 7- 30 when it hit a patch of black ice... and went into a ditch near moorhead.two passengers in the car were 16- year- old shelby montange... was pronounced dead at the scene.the second, 12- year- old braiden solberg, was taken along with sidney solberg to burgess hospital in onawa for treatment. 3 3 meanwhile... an accident in sac county between a pickup and a school bus thursday evening sent three adults to the hospital.the sac county sheriff's office says a bus belonging to east sac county schools hit the pickup while crossing highway 20 north of sac city.the driver of the
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rescue crews.he and his passenger, along with the bus driver were taken to loring hospital in sac city.the 4 studts on the bus were examined at the scene by paramedics and released to their parents.two were later taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. the driver of the bus was cited for failure to yield. 3 get ready for a brutally coco weekend. we will kick ings off with temperatures near 0 on saturd.
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chill warnings will likely be posted for most of the area. after such a cold start sunday morning, it will be hard, despite the sunshine, for temperatures to warm back up above zero. so sunday lookokto the the coldest day we have seen so far this winter. just for good measure temperatures will fall to what i call crazy cold monday morning. look for lows of -15 to -20 and wind chills in excess of -40. from there things moderate a little bit, but watch for another chance of snow on tuesday.>> 3 former us president bill clinton is hitting the trail for the hillary clinton campaign, with a stop here in siouxland.ourjetske wauran has the latest on his visit in sioux city today. 3 a loud welclce from clinton supporters."the most important thing was to see in person, the president of united states.""this is my second time seeing him in person." "let's give alex a hand, isn't he great?"speaking to a packed room at the olson student center at morningside college, the 69-year-old former us president..stumping for his wife hillary clinton."she was the first person to speak out
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billion dollar plan to do something about this opiate heroin epidemic and to build an infrastructurein treatment and mental health, so that it means something."mr. clinton spoke about addiction and the money that is directed toward supporting terrorism."this is very important to us, we have, hillary and i, three friends who lost children to overdoses."the former u.s. president, who served for eight years in oval office, stressed the importance o o restoring broad-shared prosperity and higher income for the middle class."and i would far rather, see more and more money to put in the middle class families and below. now, we can do that. i think she's got the best economic ideas."mr. clinton also spoke about his wife's leadership qualities and made remarks on president obama's handling of gun control legislatioio saying the
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attacking president obama before he even announced his executive actions. clinton said he isn't speaking for hillary's policy plans...but, he's reviewed them."she's got the best plan in terms of the potential to generate a lot of new jobs."in sioux city, i'm jetske wauran, siouxland news. 3 after leaving sioux city... president clinton made a stop in marshalltown before ending the day in coralville. 3 republican presidential candidate rick santorum will spend parts of two days next week in northwest iowa.on tuesday... santorum will wrap up his campaign day with a house party in spirit lake.wednesday... he will make 5 stops in the area... beginning with a stop in sibley, then traveling to rock rapids, sheldon and cherokee before ending the day in rockwell can find titis and locations for all those events in this story on our website, siouxland news dot com.
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him or hate him he's leading the pack of gop candidates.our national correspondent jeff barnd sat down with two political analysts... trying to find out if pundits were *wrong* about trump... and if *anyone* can stop him from winning the white house. 3 for months now he has spoken his mind./nat/"i'm gonna build a wall"/vo/*always* controversial/nat/"mexicans rapists"/vo/with the iowa caucus just 2 weeks away gop front-runner donald trump is *still* maintaining his g-o-p lead in most political polls. with thursday's debate under his belt and no damage done in his performance political analysts admit the trump bubble will *not* be bursting anytime soon/sot/simone pathe "pundits are doing their job based on history. one would think that trump would not have endured as long as he has."/sot/john hudak"i don't think we were wrong about donald trump. i think we were wrong about donald trump voters.//but at the end of the day he's speaking to voters
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to."/vo/ experts lay-out two main scenerios that could *still hurt trump one is as e republican field of candidates shrink, the large number ofofndecided voters will gravitate to the *other* gop candidates and level the playing field. *or* the *scores* of trump voters turning out in droves to his rallies will stay home on election day./sot/pathe"they might turn out in droves they might not i think that's what we're all waiting to see. it's the million dollar question." /vo/when it counts, trump's *clearly* savvy in the debate arena/bridge /"in thursday's debate against formidable opponent senator ted cruz , cruz *questioned*d* trump's home town of nyc.. and it's *values* for being too progressive. a somber trump was ready citing 9/11."/sot/ trump"we rebuilt downtown manhatten and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved ny and loved new yorkers. and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made."/vo/experts say donald trump has survived every gaffe that ould've* brought down
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o'donnel3 /sot/hudak"his ability to say what he wants and not be held accountable for it and then very quickly move on to the next bombastic statement is remarkable."/vo/in washington i'm jeff barnd reporting. 3 hudak (hoo-dak) told jeff that trump's surviving his *outlandish* remarks in the past is either the result of a media that's not doing it's job or a politician who is exceptionally savvy. 3 3 iowa lawmakers are preparing for another battle over school funding.most democrats say the governor's proposal for the next fiscal year doesn't provide enough money. the democratically controlled senate wants a 4 percent increase. the republican controlled house calls for 2 percent. the governor says schools are already getting the lion's share of the money. 3 "we are completing the three year phase in of the teacher leadership and compensation program. that's like 53 million dollars, and on top of that i am recommending another 2-point-45 percent of
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total increase of 145 million dollars.... when we only have a little over 200 million available."branstad adds the bird flu... and cuts in the renewable fuel standard... have hurt iowa's farm economy... which puts a squeeze on the amount of f money the state gets.....and thth amount it cacaspend. 3 3 a bad day on the market... and for the world's largest retail many stores walmart says it will *close* this year... coming up in the fox means business report 3 but first... terrorists continue to strike western targets around the world. the latest in the war on terror, coming up after the break in tonight's world wrapap 3 "siouxland news at nini on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 we're getting more information about yesterday's terror attack in indonesia... and a u- s airstrike on an isis *bank*.alison starling has those details in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington... i'm alison starling.three people are in custody for a deadly terrorist attack in jakarta, indonesia yesterday.and now we're learning details about the alleged mastermind. isis is claiming responsibility for the suicide bombs detonated at a starbucks...while gunmen attacked a police station nearby.two people were killed and 24 others were hurt. investigators believe the person who ordered the attack is an indonesian man -- living in syria.and new video shows a u-s air strike on a building in iraq that contained a large amountntf moneneisis was using to pay for its operations.the building was in mosul and u-s officialhope that targeting
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will affect how it functions overall.from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm alison starling. 3 3 another deadly attack in africa to report tonight... this time in the nation of burkina faso. 3 this evening, six gunmen stormed a hotel popular with westerners in the nation's capital, ouga-dou-gou.there are reports of 20 dead so far... and an unknown number of al-qaeda- affiliated group is claiming responsibility for the attack. security forces do not yet have the situation under control.journalists on the scene say burkin-ab-e police are being assisted by american and french soldiers. 3 3 3 taking a live look out over norfolk on ouousquare tire skywatch camera.we're looking at a sub-zero weekend.chad'll tell you when *not* to let the
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3 "firir alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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such a cold start sunday morning, it will be hard, despite the sunshine, for temperatures to warm nack up above zero. so sunday looks to the the coldest day we have seen so far this winter. just for good measure temperatures will fall to what i call crazy cold monday morning. look for lows of -15 to -20 and wind chills in excess of -40. from there things moderate a little bit, but watch for another
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3 3 still to come tonight... what *chipotle* will do next month that will have burrito fans nationwide anxious... but first: 3 payne says: "planning on looking at your 401k today? it might ruin your weekend. i'm charles payne with the fox
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up."3 the markets taking a beating friday as oil prices continue their downward spiral. charles payne has the details in tonight's "fox means business" report. 3 investors... running for cover. stocks taking another beating on friday.but everyone gets a breather on monday. the market is closed for m-l-k day. one of the big reasons for the selloff? oil, which continues to crash and burnwe're now below 30 dollars a barrel... the lowest level in 12 years. but there is one good thing coming from dropping oil prices... less pain at the pump.the national average for regular unleaded gas down again.a gallon will cost you
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saving... doesn't mean you're shopping.retail sales falling in december, with the holiday shopping season going out with a whimper.and it looks like walmart is feeling that pinch. the retail giant closing 154 stores right here in america... including a lolos "express" format stores. overall, walmart closing more than 260 stores worldwide. that's business. i'm charles payne. 3 3 meanwhile... a popular fast- casual restaurant chain is making a surprise move. chipotle... which has been struggling to deal with food- borne illness issues... will close *all* of its u- s restaurants on february 8th. the company says workers will take part in a nationwide staff meeting on food safety... duringnghat meeting, chipotle will address the steps it's taking to prevent the spread of e- coli and norovirus in its restaurants.outbreaks across the country have been traced back to chipotle. 3 3 better business news from south sioux city... coming up
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3 3
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above zero. so sunday looks to the the coldest day we have seen so far this winter. just for good measure temperatures will fall to what i call crazy cold monday morning. look for lows of -15 to -20 and wind d chills in excess of -40. from there things moderate a little bit, but watch for another chance of snow on tuesday.>> 3 3 tonight, the south sioux city area chamber of commerce celebrated their annual banquet at the marina-inn. 3 our larry wentz was the master of ceremonies at tonight's "on the move" event. the biker theme celebrates continued business growth and accomplishments in south sioux city. 3 "the idea is just to come out and relax and enjoy the evening. celebrate with us and really relax is the biggest key word i can stress over and over again because we all have stressful lives and this is a time to come out and enjoy."nce 1992, chamber officicis have beeee recognizing an outstanding teacher, who also receives the golden apple award and a check for 5-hundred dollars. the 20-16 golden apple award recipient was beth (coe-bull)
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have a great girls, need your attention. you also need a booster seat for most places. no, i came out to tell you some big news. you also came out when you wore that sweater to work today. john mayer wore this sweater in details.
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