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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 18, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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3 right now at 9..... 3 (saluting mlk)(nats) siouxlanders sing the praises of the te doctor martin luther king junior. 3 (pondering polls)they're the benchmark for politicians and pundits. but how accurate are the polls? our national correspondent investigates. 3 (caucus primer)seems like we've been hearing about the iowa caucuses for months! tonight our jacob heller shows how you can take part in that big night coming up february first. 3 (siouxland's most wanted)u-s marshals need your help tracking down this fugitive who's wanted for drug crimes. 3 (glenn frey)and... he helped make the eagles soar. but now this founding band member has passed away. 3 3 it's been nearly 50 years since his murder in memphis...
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junior's impact continues to be felt in sioux city celebrates the civil right's leader's birth... and works to continue his legacy. 3 3 and tonight that story is first on fox. 3 "i pray for you, you pray for me, i need you to survive " 3 the mount zion baptist church on west 7th street celebrated dr. king's birthday tonight from a local perspective. the sioux city chapter of the n- double- a- c- p highlighted the celebrating local community project and the ulpture park project at the transportation center named for dr. king downtown. they say their wish is to tie in the local heroes and pioneers in civil rights. 3 "we always look out for a nationally or globally for leaders and role models, and forget about our own history and here, right here in siouxland "lee continued to say we need
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that have been made in the siouxland community, and the people that lay their lives on the line to make 3 3 the sioux city mayor's youth commision has new leadership tonight. 3 mayor bob scott swore in the new youth mayor madeline(mad-e- lyn) bertram (ber-tram) from bishop heelan and youth mamar pro tem tayvin (tay-vin) ) schmoll (sh-mall) from west high this evening.he first thanked last year's executive council for their service to the community.the new leaders are excited to get to work... and hope to get more local students involved in community service. 3 "well, the volunteering and the learning about different opportunities and helping the community is really important to come to the meetings and learn about. "after the first meeting of the year, the council immediately volunteered to pack handbags for the homeless. the handbags include soap, tooth brushes, and deoterant. these handbags will be handed out later this week. 3 3
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for areas south of sioux city until 6pm tuesday. overall, our trend is to see temperatures get a little warmer this week. some areas could even see the 40 degree mark by saturday. look for mostly cloudy skies most of the week with flurries possible on thursday, and then expect 3 may a bit of a wintry mix on sunday.>> 3 3 we're two weeks away from the first-in-the-nation caucuses in iowa. they happen february first.since it's been at least four years since anyone's taken part in the process...
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heller has a refresher course on caucusing. 3 on february 1st iowa has a first-in-the-nation chance to tell the rest of the country who we want as our next president.if you've never been to a caucus's how it've got to be a registered republican or *can* register that night.just go to your polling place with a photo i - d and proof of where you live...a utility bill or bank statement will work.and you've got to be 18-years-old by election day... that's november 8th of this if you're only 17 now, but will be 18 by then... you're good to've got to be in that registration line or signed in by 7 o'clock that night.(kevin) "that's the most tedious thing, we want to get people through and get started by 7 pm."that's when the fun starts.the first thing that'll happen is the presidential preference poll. that's just what it sounds'll pick the presidential candidate you support.and it really shows the candidates who you *don't* support.(rick) "the main function of the caucus is to
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won't be able t tput together the combination of supporters and issues and momentum that it takes to win the presidency."republicans and democrats do this a little bit differently.democrats have you stand in a group to show your support.(rick) "you will literally get up and go stand with the other folks that are supporting your candidate and campaign."republicans have sort of a ballot.(kevin) "we'll hand out pens with the ballot, you'll write out the last name of your candidate, and then just turn it in."the results will be figured up... then sent to your party's headquarters in des moines.but the night doesn't end after that.both democrats and republicans will elect members to the local committees and decide what issues...or "platform planks" will be brought to e county convention.that happens lalar this if you *are* going to go out on the first to've also got to remember...republicans and democrats caucus at different places...and it might *not* be in the same place as your voting precinct...the place you normally go to vote.we've got the tools to help you find out where *you* caucus...on
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news dot com. 3 and if you're still undecided who you plan to support on february 1st... several candidates are planning last- minute campaign stops in siouxland.that list includes former arkansas governor and 2008 iowa caucus winner mike huckabee.he will be in northwest iowa on wednesday and thursday of this week.his itenerary includes ststs in cherokee, oux city, le mars, sioux center, rock valley and sheldon.for the full list of times and locations, check this story on our website, siouxland news dot com. 3 polls have been used in politics since the early part of the 20th century...and lately their role has increased even more.but how accurate are they? our national correspondentkristine frazao investigates. 3 the subject has been a favorite for one presidential candidatetrump:"they did the poll and i'm leading in the hispanic vote. i'm 20 points up, i'm way up/this is a cnn poll that just came in. who's
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right at the top."trump has indeed been at the top of polls for months now.but will that translate at the ballot box?distinguished professor of american history allan lichtman worries about polls accuracy.sot allan lichtman "lots of people don't want to talk to pollsters- they hang up on them so you're not necessarily getting a proper sample and it's very very difficult to know who is actually going to vote." technology has also .changed the polling process"lots of folks including old people like me don't have landlines, they only have cell phones." as of 2013 that number was 41 percent.((source:national center for health statistics.)) which means far fewer people to call to survey. stand-up"and yet the significance of polls has vastly grown - determining where candidates stand on the stage and one bad poll could send them from the main event to the undercard debate."the pew resear center has decided to change its strategy - calling 75 percent of
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2016courtney kennedy/pew research center"it's much easier for us to reach to reach african americans, hispanics and so the profile, the demographic profile of our samples looks more like the actual population than it did." courtney kennedy says despite the decline in participation, the benefits of polls outweigh the limitations "they're a check on people for making claims about what americans think that may or may not be true and they y ve people a voice that often otherwise e don't haveveone." voices that t will be loudest when the ballots are washington i'm kristine frazao reporting. 3 3 we're tracking the latest developments in the war on terror tonight... with new information on last week's deadly attacks in jakarta, indonesia.jonathan elias has that story and more in tonight's terrorism alert desk update. 3 from the terrorism alert desk in washington... i'm jonathan elias.moroccan police have detained a belgian man linked to isis.they say the group had direct ties to the paris
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police say their suspect had traveled to syria with one of the paris suicide bombers.the death toll fromomast week's terror attack in jakarta has risen to four as we get new surviellance video of the attack being carried out.a bomb goes off, a few minutes later, someone starts shooting in the crowd.authorities say a new southeast asian faction of isis carried out the attack. the muslim association of virginia is denouncing two virginia men, charged with supporting isis.joseph farrokh was arrested friday at the richmond airport. the department of justice says he planned to travel to syria to fight with isis.also arrested was mahmoud elhassan, who investigators say helped farrokh, even driving him to the airport.both men are due in court tuesday.from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan eliasas 3 3 another famous entertainer in ththworld of music has s passed away tonight.guitarist and lead singer of the eagles... glenn frey... died of complications from pneumonia and arthritis in his new york home today.the
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eagles in the early 1970s. the band became one of the decade's most popular... selling more than 150- million copies of their albums in the 10- year- span. "hotel california" and the band's greatest hits album are two of the best- selling records of all time. the group was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1998... and was supposed to be honored at last month's kennedy center honors... but frey's poor health prevented the band's attendance. 3 coming up after the break... how you can help u- s marshals located a man wanted for drug possession charges.and... our capture count is on the rise again. we'll let you know who's back off the streets coming up in this week's edition of siouxland's most wanted... plus... 3 asman says: "the state where you're most likely to live paycheck to paycheck. i'm david asman with the fox business network. more coming up." 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted on drug charges. but first we have another addition to our capture count.carlos gomez was featured in august on most wanted. he was wanted by the woodbury county sheriff's office for violating his parole on theft chargeshe was arrested friday in sioux city by members of the northwest iowa fugitive task force. his arrest makes him capture #422 since most wanted on to tonight's featured fugitive.charles matias is wanted by the woodbury county sheriff's office for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver.matias is 26 years old, 3 5 feet 6 inches tall. 3 he weighs 190 pounds... and has tattoos on both of his arms. if you have *any*
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matias... please call the u- s marshal service in sioux city at (712) 252-0211... or send marshals an e-mail at "siouxlands dot most wanted at u- s- d- o- j dot gov".you can also use the marshals' text a tip program. to text a tip, text the keyword "t- e- n (all in uppercase) 9- 9" and your tip to tip411 (847- 411). remember... the information you provide remains confidential and could put this fugitive behind bars. 3 3 3 3
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the
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mark by saturday. look for mostly cloudy skies most of the week with flurries possible on thursday, and then expect may a bit of a wintry
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3 one of the world's most popular locales... also seems to be one of the hardest to financially get by in.david asman explains in tonight's fox means business report.
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report finding people in hawaii are the most likely to live paycheck to paycheck.the study lookinat how much money is leftover after covering bills like housing, food, utilities and healthcare....and in case you're wondering which state has the most cash leftover... well, that's minnesota.stocks in your 401-k getting a "breather" on monday (1/18) after a brutal start to 20-16. wall street... closed in observance of martin luther king junior far this year (2016) -- the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are all down big time.even though financial markets were closed...oil dipping below $29 bucks a barrel in electronic trading on monday (1/18).it hasn't been this low in more than 12 years.and those sliding oil prices mean pump prices keep slipping as well.the national average for regudar gas now under $1.90 a gallon.that's about a dime less than just a month ago.(asman on cam)happy driving everyone...that's a look at business. i'm david asman. 3 3 the needs of the elderly and disabled in siouxland don't go
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3 coming up after the break... how providers and staff at mercy home care work to make
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matter the conditions.3 3 people in siouxland rely on home care year round... and that need doesn'stop when the weather gets bad.siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows us how mercy home care prepares to deal with the elements. 3 weather conditions might get bad, but mercy home care patients still need assistance. "there is a whole list of medical reasons why we see these folks and they are counting on us even when the weatatr is threatening. so our clinitians do all they can to safely get there." home care nurses are placed within a 60 mile radius of mercy medical center to minimize risk and travel to their patients. before stroms, they will prepare their patients for scheduling changes and the
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home care. "basically what our clinicians do is they prepare for our patients like they would prepare for their own families. not only with vehicles and with the salt, but also reminding them, you know, do you have your medications; do you have the supplies that you need? do you have enough food in the home? do you know how to contact people if you did have a problem? " the clinicians will also make sure each patient has enough food in their home and all their communication devices are charged.during storms, clinicians will wear yak-tracks for traction on the ice and salt walkways to the patients home. "many times they get there and they can't get to the door. they have been known to do shoveling and everything else to get to our patients. but the salt is really a nice safety factor because it not only protects our workers but it protects everyone that goes in and out of that home." with safety in mind, mercy home care makes sure their patients are cared for in all weather conditions. kayla novak siouxland news.
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3 chad's back with a final check
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break.3 3
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tuesday. overall, our trend is to see temperatures get a little warmer this week. s se areas could even see the 40 degree mararby saturday. look for mostly cloudy skies most of the week with flurries possible on thursday, and then expect may a bit of a wintry mix on sunday.>>
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